Zootopia:Daddy,you’re here!

Zootopia:Daddy,you're here!

Every day little Nick was always looking out the window to see if his dad(Mr.Wilde) came to the house!
Nick missed him with all his heart a lot!

Daddy … when are you coming? Daddy … I love you so much!
Nick said to himself, again and again!

But during those days, in which his father came to the house … they were the happiest days of his little life!

And little Nick seeing his father, cried with happiness and ran with his little arms open, saying:

Daddy,you’re here!

Zootopia/Mr.Wilde/Nick Wilde/Disney Enterprises

Draw and everything else by fredvegerano

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31183587/

Awww poor Nick :( But this sure show how match he loves his daddy and want him to be home allot :)

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Its called a Crinkle sweetheart

Its called a Crinkle sweetheartOrder ? chuckybb

Draw by ? chuckybb

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31139847/

Looks like someone going to have three messy diapers to change here.

But it seems like it is only one that is happy whit the current situation.

Nick and Judy sure have some things to get use to here.

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Zootopia:It’s broken!

Zootopia:It's broken!

One afternoon, before the sunset, mrs. Wilde went to the park with her little Nick!
There he loved to play in the sandbox with his bucket and his favorite toy truck!
While Nick was playing, by accident he broke one of the truck wheels! Something that made him very sad!

“Mommy look!My little truck is broken!”
shouted with a little tear on one of his cheeks!

Therefore, Mrs.Wilde replied tenderly:
“Don’t worry my little Nick! When we get home, we’ll fix it together!”

Then Nick’s little face lit up with a big smile!

the sweetness of family love!

Nick Wilde/Zootopia/Disney Enterprises

Draw and above text by fredvegerano

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30756626/

Aww poor Nick looks like his favorite toy got broken :(

Good thing it seems like his mom know how to fix it :)

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Zootopia:The photo session! 2

Zootopia:The photo session! 2

Nick wanted to join the Junior Ranger Scouts,that is his all-time dream!

And when he learned that he was going to wear a Junor ranger Scouts uniform, that day was the best of his life … until his mother said that she would take him to a photo session!
It’s something that Nick doesn’t liked at all!

“But mom! I don’t like to be photographed!”
It seems to say Nick!

Sorry little Nick…as an old saying states, “Where a captain rules, a sailor has no sway”!

And little Nick just settled down putting a little face of pout!

Draw and everything by fredvegerano

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29490609/

Poor Nick he sure dont seems to have a fun time now :(

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Zootopia:The photo session!

Zootopia:The photo session!

When Judy Hopps was barely a little bunny, her parents took her to a photo shoot!
And it seems that since her childhood, she loved being a police officer!
But it happens that when it was time for a photo session, she didn’t like it at all and what she put was a face with a big pout!

I imagined Judy’s parents saying:
“Come on Judy! Smile at the camera my baby bunny!

Judy Hopps/Zootopia/Disney Enterprises

Draw and above text by fredvegerano

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29345954/

Poor Judy Hopps it seems like she dont wont to have here photo taken :( Cubs can sometime be hard to handle special when they have there mind seat on something.

Judy Hopps parents sure needs to come up whit some very good distraction.

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Zootopia: What are you doing, Finnick?

Zootopia: What are you doing, Finnick?

One afternoon, Nick had invited Finnick to play a friendly card game deck!
And Nick decided to get up from the table since someone had knocked on the doorbell!

Upon returning to the game, Nick had no idea where Finnick was!
For now, Nick heard a noise in the kitchen!
Upon entering he found that Finnick had been taking some chocolate cookies without permission!

Nick (trying not to laugh) said:What are you doing, Finnick?

Finnick was so embarrassed (he knew he was in trouble) that he offered Nick a cookie…and he said in a low voice:
Do you want one, my friend?

And Nick replied: Surely, my friend Finnick!

Draw and everything by fredvegerano

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29026639/

Aww looks like someone really want to have some cookie to eat :)

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Wilde night

Wilde night

looks like he could use some company to help him relax with.

Draw and everything by Pakun

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/28811113/

Yes it sure seems like Nick Wilde have a pretty relaxing time here in the bed only wearing his thick and cozy diaper :)

This thick diaper sure going to help him keep the bed dry during his relaxing time :)


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Nick Wilde and thick diaper – foxehhyz

Nick Wilde sure looks worry. Maybe the reason for that is that he dont wont anyone to notes that he is wearing a thick diaper.

But he sure looks cute in that thick diaper :)

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