Star’s candies

Star's candies
Baby Star is stuffing his diaper with some of his favorite candies and chocolates that his caregiver just bought from the Candy Land store. He looks really cute but… is what he is doing a good idea?

Draw and everything by ZombiNeko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29404706/

Yes is it a good id to have your candy inside your diaper? Some cubs really seems to love to have there candy or other stuff in the front of there diaper. Its like some sort of pocket for them? But is it a good pocket? I dont think so special after a wetting or a couple of wetting in the diaper :(

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SURPRISE! Soggy butt!

SURPRISE! Soggy butt!Here we have Doux picking on Cody once again…but this time got Cody off guard in the most embarrassing way this time….a diaper check.

Characters in this drawing belongs to CodyOmega and ZombiNeko

Text by CodyOmega

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27584052/

Aww poor Cody looks like Doux have discover that Cody have ended up whit a pretty soggy diaper. Poor thing i think that he soon is going to need to have that soggy diaper changed before it start leaking.

He sure have a big blushing face right now.

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Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry
Caiden was in need of a diaper change, but didn’t want to ask his mommy for help because he was a big boy. He remembered that mommy puts his dirty clothes in a big white machine downstairs so Caiden decided that it would be a good idea to wash his diaper and his mommy would never know. He went downstairs, ripped his dirty diaper off and was about to throw it in there when his mommy caught him. Threatened with a spanking, he backed down and accepted help from his mother.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by ZombiNeko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27208138/

Poor thing i hope that Caiden decide not to drop the dirty messy diaper in the washing machine now when his mother threaten him whit a spanking.

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Family at the park

Family at the park

Oops, seems that someone had a little accident…

Do not worry Wicky! Your mommy has some cute diapers for you. Kila even has a bottle of baby powder!

Little Loupy is very proud of being the “big” brother this time ~

Draw and everything by ZombiNeko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25909665/

Poor thing looks like someone ended up wetting there pants at the park :(


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Curiosity poofed the dog (page 1)

Curiosity poofed the dog (page 1)Silly Nick just spill a drink on his shirt and went to his room for a new one. Even tho his friend are waiting in the living room he get very curious about a diaper bag he never seen before. He just wanted a quick look before he go back to the living room…

He should have read the labels, especially the one thats says “Warning, their power grows with humiliation, do not give to sissies”

German shepherd and text by holz

Art by ZombiNeko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25304806/

Poor Nick it sure is to late to read the labels now when he already have open the package. I sure wounder what the diaper is going to do whit him.

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Babyfur Comic: My Lover the Mouse Part 1 & 2

My Lover the Mouse Part 1It was morning on Valentine’s Day when Jamie Knox was getting ready for this occasion. The mouse wished he had someone to be his valentine. He just could not decide. He busied himself with baking Valentine cookies. The heart-shaped cookies had turned a nice hazel brown and were ready for icing. Using a piping bag, Jamie squeezed Triple Strawberry Cream on the cookies until they were a lovely pink all over. Jamie was pleased with the end result of his cooking and they smelled delicious, maybe these tasty treats would get him his valentine for today.

He was thinking about it in the hallway when he heard his doorbell buzz. He had not expected any visitors today, but he was glad for company. “Who is it?” he asked as he neared the door and straightened his neck collar with a heart charm on it. There was no reply and when he opened the door, he saw nobody here. Jamie was puzzled and looked around. “Is this a joke?” he wondered. Then he looked down and saw a lovely bouquet of flowers wrapped in pretty paper and a label saying “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY FROM”, a couple of hearts and single kiss at the end.

“A Valentine’s Present for me…?” Jamie cried with joy. He wanted to meet this secret valentine. Still he picked up the flowers and gave them a deep and thorough sniff. They were a mixture of roses, daisies, polyanthus and carnations. Suddenly a great sensation of bliss, ecstasy and happiness washed over the mouse from head to foot. His little hairs tingling across his fur and his eyes looking dreamy, sultry and under hypnosis. “My valentine” he said softly and happily.

Jamie didn’t realise that his valentine was waiting quite close by, carrying a rucksack. His secret valentine was a cyborg kitsune named Keaden. This kitsune had admired and grown fond of Jamie, especially when he realised that the lilac, red-haired mouse had one big thing in common with him. That thing was a love for wearing diapers. However Keaden wasn’t sure Jamie would return the feelings, so he had devised a cunning way to get Jamie’s love for him willingly without resistance.

He had powdered the flowers with a magical concoction made from Foxstool Mushrooms to attract a mouse to a kitsune, Mousenip to initiate the bliss, Mousebane to invoke the feeling of ecstasy, a Suggestive Agent to ensure obedience and Tranquilizer to maintain the positive vibes. Now that Jamie had inhaled the stuff, he was firmly Keaden’s for the next week or so.

Story is written by Skippy_Chipskunk

Other stuff by ZombiNeko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22743413/

It sure looks like Jamie is in some sort of big trouble now when she have inhaled this powerful stuff.

My Lover the Mouse Part 1Keaden breathly deeply finding his pluck and marched on to meet his valentine, holding his rucksack. “Hi! Jamie, I’m Keaden” he introduced himself “I am you’re best admirer and valentine”. “Oh! Joy!” Jamie cried happily “I love you, my kitsune strawberry pie. I’d do anything for you. You’re my best mate!”. Keaden smiled and put his left mechanical hand on Jamie’s right shoulder and his left organic hand on the mouse’s torso. “Let’s go inside and have some refreshments” he suggested. “I love refreshments” said Jamie “We’ll have a wonderful time together!”.

Soon both valentines were in the lounge. They had removed their clothes, clad only in their Y-Fronts. Keaden sat down on the armchair, while Jamie lay across the kitsune’s legs, smiling and looking at him. On a side table was a bottle of strawberry brandy, a glass of some of it and the tray of valentine cookies. Keaden took a sip of the brandy every now and then but continuously fed Jamie the cookies. Jamie happily munched and swallowed his fill and he never stopped eating or complained about being full, even when his belly was beginning to ache.

Keaden was amazed but glad that the magic love powder was working more effectively than he’d thought. If Jamie could be his for the week, he would make the best of it and relish every moment of it. He could fulfill his valentine dream and emerge a happy kitsune. He could not know for sure the same would go for Jamie, but the side effects of the love powder would ensure he never forgot how much he loved the kitsune with all his heart.

At last Jamie finished the last cookie and belched loudly. All that triple cream he had consumed was beginning to make his belly buldge outwards. No doubt it would make the rest of his body plumper. “Yummy cookies!” the mouse said licking around his mouth “You’re such an angel kitsune”. “Mmm-hmm” Keaden agreed “Shall we take ourselves upstairs?”. “Wherever you go, I’ll always come with you” Jamie replied “We shall ride together to the ends of the earth and back again”. Keaden was pleased at the chains of compliments he was getting and this turned him on to give Jamie all the works.

Upstairs in Jamie’s bedroom, Keaden carried a lovestruck Jamie in all four arms and sat down on the mouse’s queen-sized bed. Keaden’s rucksack lay near the beside table. “Settle down my mouse tart” said Keaden “Where do you keep your diapers?”. “In the bottom drawer my kitsune casserole” Jamie answered. So, Keaden opened the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers and found it fully stocked with thick, poofy, folded, diapers that came with two large tapes and a Pampers scent. Those diapers varied in patterns and colours.

“That’s quite a stash you’ve got” Keaden commented. “I’ll always wear them for you” Jamie said and he took off his underpants. Keaden also took off his underwear and took out two of the diapers from the drawer; one entirely rose-pink and the other white with lilac spots and purple lining. “Now mousie” Keaden instructed “Lie down on the bed”. “Yes loverkitsune Keaden” replied Jamie as he lay down naked on the bed. Keaden reached for the rucksack, unzipped the top and took out several items. First he produced a mint-green silicone chastity cage with a built in catheter and a cock ring and a jar of lubricant.

“Let’s get you ready for the time of your life” Keaden said. Jamie’s eyes twinkled in anticipation as his unofficial boyfriend touched his crotch and started to feel around his penis and testicles. This filled Jamie with excitement and his penis inflated. “Let’s give this dicky mouse a little R&R” Keaden remarked. So he set to work, getting a glob of lubricant from the jar and rubbing it all over Jamie’s penis and the interior of the chastity cage. Then he brought the catheter tube near the schincter of the mouse’s penis.

“Relax, this won’t sting a bit” he reassured Jamie and he began to push the nozzle of the catheter down the hole of the schincter, slowly threading the lubed tube down the urethra, until it reached the bladder. Jamie made squeaking sounds of ecstasy, twitching his whiskers and puffing his chest. When the catheter was in place, Keaden slid the head of Jamie’s penis right into the chastity cage, put the cock ring around his testicles and fastening it firmly into place. Finally Keaden produced a heart-shaped padlock and after securing the rest of the chastity cage, put the padlock on the top hole and locked it in place.

“Oooh! That felt good!” Jamie moaned with pleasure. “That’s one the first quarter” said Keaden “Second one coming up”. The next item he produced from the rucksack was a large anal tunnel butt-plug, mint-green in colour. He thoroughly lubed the plug, inside and outside with lubricant, gave it two firm squeezes then lay it on the bed. “Turn over” Keaden told Jamie and he did so right away. The kitsune dipped a mechanical finger in the lubricant, then worked that lubed finger on, around and inside Jamie’s butt hole. Jamie’s tail twitched with excitement as he felt the penetration. “This one will really open you up” Keaden remarked.

Now that Jamie’s butt was properly lubricated, Keaden could apply the butt plug. He picked it up from the bed and started to work the head of the plug into the butt hole and up the rectum passage. Jamie’s tail stiffened and froze as the plug went in. Keaden had to push a bit harder to get the plug right in. The mouse squealed as he felt the plug squeeze his insides. Finally the rim of the plug was the only thing sticking out. With a final and firm push, Keaden got the plug all the way in and it settled into place.

“Aaaaaah! What a thrill! Fits like a cork! So nice and tight!” Jamie moaned breathing in and out repeatedly. “And now” said Keaden “We need to get you padded, before the bed gets wet and dirty”. So he got the rose-pink diaper he took out from the drawer and unfolded it. Jamie lay down, awaiting the padding that was coming to him. Keaden slid the diaper under the mouse’s bottom and threaded the tail through the tailhole. “Wait here, I’ll get you smelling pretty” he told Jamie.

Jamie could not stop wiggling around to get a good feel of the plug and cage on his sexual organs as Keaden got talcum powder, baby oil and baby lotion from the dresser. The kitsune opened the bottles and carefully applied generous amounts around Jamie’s diaper area. Jamie took a sniff at the lovely fragrance, while Keaden pulled the front and wings of the diaper to meet in the centre and he securely taped the diaper into place. Keaden also fingered around the frilled legholes and rim of the diaper to check that it was leakproof.

Satisfied that the submissive mouse was all plugged and padded he told him “Now give me some time to get dressed as well. How does my little squeaker feel?”. “Fabulous!” cried Jamie in excitement “It feels…like…like…an Adventure!”. Jamie crawled around the bed enjoying the mixed feel of the tightness in his back and front parts, cushioned by the padding he was wearing, which crinkled loudly and constantly. He grabbed the front of his diaper with his left paw and the back with his right paw and massaged himself. Meanwhile Keaden diapered himself with the patterned diaper and was soon padded like Jamie.

“Now for quarter number three” Keaden said. He reached into his rucksack and took out several mint-green, leather belt-like straps with buckles and holes. “Oh Master Keaden! Spank me will you? I’m so naughty” Jamie pleaded while squirming. Keaden gave Jamie’s diapered butt a playful smack with one belt and said “Not quite what I had in mind. I’ve got somthing special for you. Put your hands on your chest and bend your arms tightly”. Jamie did as he was told and Keaden took one strap, wrapped it around his boyfriend’s right forearm then secured the strap squeezing them together. Keaden took another strap and secured further up the arm together. He repeated the process for the left arm.

Soon Jamie’s forelegs were strapped securely to his thighs. But Keaden had a few other items to complete the bondage. “You’ll make a great pet my mouseling” he said. “I’ll be the best mouseling for you and forever” Jamie agreed. Keaden lay the longest strap across the mouse’s chest, around the front and seat of the diaper, up Jamie’s back and finally both ends were buckled on the front and back of his collar. Keaden pulled the front and back buckles of the long strap and Jamie felt the strap carass the fur on his chest and back, tighten at his collar and squeeze the crotch area of his diaper, producing more crinkles and adding to the tightness already on his penis and rectum. Keader played a little with Jamie’s heart charm.

“Just to make sure you don’t play with those buckles…” Keaden stated and took from the rucksack a pair of thick cotton thumbless mittens, mint-green once again, but with pink frills. He slipped the mittens on to Jamie’s paws and securely them well on with cords at the wrists. “I’m your little cuddly toy now” Jamie said looking sweetly at Keaden. The kitsune knelt beside his prisoner and gave him a big kiss on around his mouth. Jamie sucked and kissed hard as Keaden made contact and moaned for more and more.

When Keaden was tired of the kissing he said “I think we can hold back the kisses for a while”. He took from the sucksack a ball gag, also mint-green with a velcro strap and a muzzle. “Open wide”. Jamie said “Uuuuuh” as he held his mouth open as wide and long as he could. Then the ball gag was right in, wedged between his tongue and roof and keeping his teeth apart. Keaden wrapped the velcro strap around Jamie’s head, the muzzle around his mouth and fastened them both securely. “Mmmmmggghruurur!” Jamie mumbled incomprehisively.

“Babies can’t talk you know” Keaden joked and produced the next item from the rucksack, this time a frilly sleep mask, mint-green as well and with pink frills. “You can now rest easy” the kitsune cooed at Jamie as he slipped the mask around his eyes and securing it. Now Jamie was completely helpless. He was in full bondage, fully plugged, gagged, blinded and firmly in the hands of Keaden to be done with as he liked and saw fit.

“And now for the grand last quarter” Keaden said. The next item he took out of the rucksack was a thick teddy bear suit with a zipper on the back and another one on the mouth. “You just have to see this” Keaden told Jamie “I got this specially for you”. He pulled the sleep mask up a bit, so Jamie could see the teddy bear suit. The mouse’s eyes twinkled and he moaned incoherently with pleasure. This suit was designed for a chubby cub to wear and Jamie would normally be too short to fit in it. However with his legs and arms strapped together, Keaden was going to fit him nicely inside.

Keaden replaced the sleep mask on Jamie’s eyes, lay the teddy bear suit down and opened the back zipper. Jamie was kind of bulky in his tied up position, but Keaden was strong enough to lift Jamie into the suit, on leg at a time. Jamie felt thick padding inside the suit surround his lower limbs. Next Jamie’s arms were fitted into the arms of the suit. Jamie embraced the soft, warmness of against his body as his head was finally fitted into the suit. Keaden closed the back zipper and Jamie was now his favourite Valentine Toy.

“Happy Valentine!” Keaden cried with happiness. He took out another diaper from the drawer, rose-pink with patterns, unfolded it and lay it on the bed, just in case. He took out two things from the front pouch of is rucksack. A box of chocolates and his favourite lilac pacifier from a side pocket on his rucksack. Keadon opened and laid the box of chocolates on the bed, slipped his pacifier in his mouth and jumped on to the bed next to a plushed Jamie. Keaden sucked and sucked his pacifier, while he hugged the teddy and rubbed the front of his diaper against it. Jamie could feel every bit of Keaden’s love as well as the tightness around his body. Then suddenly, a burst of urine streamed out into the front of Jamie’s diaper and a torrent of poop exploded out into the seat of it.

“Mmm! So warm! So snug! So cosy! So much love!” Jamie thought to himself as more bodily waste filled his diaper, now that the cookies he had eaten had taken their course. He was in heaven, he was having the best Valen-time of his life. Jamie hoped it would never end. Keaden put his arms around Jamie and cuddled and hugged some more. Using his left mechanical arm, he slid it round his back and rummaged the front of his diaper to get a good feel inside it. Soon both lovers feel asleep. There were the chocolates, the diaper changes and many more to look forward to.

Keaden intended to keep Jamie inside the suit, until his diaper was nice and fully loaded. He would temporarily open the mouth zipper and take out the ball gag, at feeding times. And by the end of the week, Keaden could always smother Jamie with another dose of love powder to make sure those romantic times would last. At any rate, Jamie would lose his continence from the plugs remaining in his dick and rear. For now Jamie was quite happy where he was. Keaden rolled over in the bed and snuggled up towards Jamie and they continued to sleep soundly.

Story is written by Skippy_Chipskunk

Other stuff by ZombiNeko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22743427/

It sure looks like someone is pretty happy right now.

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Time For A Change

Time For A Change
I can never keep my diapers dry for very long. Luckily the babysitter knows this and has a fresh diaper ready to go.

Text and blushing little wolf by muarauder12

Draw by zombineko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22704431/

Poor little wolf. Yes keeping a diaper dry can be a very difficult task to manage for a little wolf :( Good thing the babysitter have some spare diaper so she could change you when you need a clean and dry diaper :)

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Pantsed At The Park

Pantsed At The ParkSee this is why you should always wear a belt. Now everyone at the park can see my diaper.

Text and wolf muarauder12

Draw by Zombineko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22289338/

Poor little wolf now can everyone see his wet diaper (LittlePawz) butt :( maybe next time he went out he should wear some belt.

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