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Kenny Part 19

This story is written by Les Lea

The dark damp patch was spreading down my jogging pants and I felt miserable and, just as mum turned to look at me, I burst into tears.

“Oh Si… come here,” I could tell she was sorry that I’d overheard her but she wasn’t angry, she just wanted to comfort me. “Come on sweetie… come and sit with me.”

Her arms were outstretched and though part of me was angry, another part was desperate to be held. I was still crying when mum folded her arms around me and gently pulled me into her bosom. I was wet, crying and feeling like a silly little kid but because mum was hugging me tightly I felt I could let out all my anxieties in an explosion of tears. I heard her ask auntie to go and fetch Jake so I was left with mum as she stroked my hair and made reassuring noises.

As I calmed down I became more aware of my soaked pants. My briefs had not stopped the flood in anyway and I felt the dampness was more shameful because I was in a public place.

“I’m sorry mummy.” I heard the word as soon as I’d said it, ‘mummy’, and thought that w,and we’ll chat about what has happened recently.”

Jake arrived with auntie and noticed, but didn’t make any comment, about my wet patch. It would have been so easy for him to get one-up on his big brother but, and this is how he was now continually amazing me, he actually had a look of sympathy on his face.

Back in the room the first thing was to get changed. It was getting late so we both shrugged off our clothes and got ready for bed. Jake was in his racing car pajamas that auntie had made for him, whilst mum and me were in her bathroom getting wiped and powdered. Despite feeling stupid and childish having mum clean me up and fit me into a night time diaper felt really nice. Being taken care off was lovely and although auntie was very good at it, I’d missed this closeness with mum.

Once I was powdered and padded and we’d climbed into bed mum began to explain what had been happening over the last few months. Apparently, her system for the bank had gone global and the firm were now making more and more demands on her time. Her bosses had been desperate for her to relocate again but this time here in the capital and had offered her a tremendous increase in salary and ‘benefits’. Two of those benefits were that they would pay for Jake and my schooling, at the city’s best (and private) academy, there would also be a huge house (with pool) but they wanted mum close by, should she be needed, as she was too important to be halfway across the country.

Mum wasn’t boasting, she was just telling us the facts and, if truth be told, I was getting a huge feeling of pride that she was so important to the company. She said that it had come down to the point where the travelling, and more importantly, missing us, had made the decision for her… we were definitely moving.


Just hearing those words ‘definitely moving’ stabbed me in the stomach. I knew we’d been expecting it but it still sort of hurt and I wasn’t only thinking of Kenny at that point. I was about to say something when Jake got up out of bed and hugged mum.

“We hate not having you around mum. We love auntie…” He had a brief thought, “Is auntie coming with us too?”

“I’ve asked her but,” she quietly replied, “Auntie Rose has her own life… but I hope so.”

After a few seconds he went on, “We want to be with you mum…” There were hugs and kisses all round while mum explained a few more things. In the morning she was going to show us the academy, which was to be our new place of learning and the proposed new home. By the time she’d finished talking to us, we were getting quite excited about… everything.

When Jake and I were left alone we chatted about all the changes that might be about to happen. There was no doubt that he was handling the information far better than I was but I was trying to keep positive for him, and more especially for myself, I didn’t want to get anxious and pee my pants in public ever again.


At ten the following morning a company limo came and picked the four of us up and took us on a quick tour around the city before heading off into the outskirts. It was a pleasantly sunny day but a bit chillier than what we’d come to expect in Oakwood. However, as the day progressed so did the temperature and the trip proved very pleasurable.

The house was fantastic. Each of our bedrooms was at least twice the size of the ones back home, in fact, everything was bigger and we had loads of space. The one thing missing though was that it didn’t have the empty space out back like Oakwood, although it did have a pool, which unfortunately was covered when we went to look. We all thought the house was impressive and I even noticed auntie ‘earmarking’ one of the backrooms as a possible work space for her sewing.

We spent quite some time at the new place and even had a meal in the garden, well it was half in the garden and half in the kitchen as it all opened out into one another. Sliding glass frames made access to different parts of the house easy and at times you felt you were outside when in fact you were inside. It was all fantastic and even better because we had a chef to make us our lunch and she provided some very yummy things Jake and I had never eaten before.


As we were tucking in to another tasty little tartlet auntie’s phone pinged. She flipped it open and smiled as she read something on her text. She then showed me the screen and I saw Kenny wearing a kilt standing next to his daddy wearing his… they both looked brilliant.

Auntie read out the message and adopted a terrible Scottish accent. “A wee laddie and his daddy in Highland pose”, which had us all laughing. They were standing in front of some historic castle and really looked the part but, despite my happiness at seeing Kenny again, I suddenly realised that being without him hadn’t set me off crying. Of course I missed him but there was just too much going on here and the pang of… er… sadness that he wasn’t here soon passed as we were whisked off to check out the academy.

To my eyes the building was like a castle. The drive up to the main hall took forever but the grounds were beautifully kept. We saw a few boys wondering around in their uniforms, which were very smart and… none of them were wearing shorts. Then I wondered why they were there, were they not on break as well?

We met the principal, who apparently was reading our reports from Oakwood and was saying that we were just the kind of students the Academy was built for. He asked one of the ‘House Supervisors’ to show us around the campus and it quickly became apparent it was a place where you could easily get lost. I mentioned the boys we’d seen in the grounds and he said that they were borders and were staying on over the break because they couldn’t go home for “…one reason or another.”

I panicked and a sudden chill ran down my back as I meekly asked mum if we were going to be borders as well. She hugged both Jake and me together. “As if I wouldn’t want my boys with me all the time.” I felt relieved but still had a doubt about this place.

“Is the uniform the same for everybody?” I asked the House Supervisor.

“Yes. From the age of 7, which are our youngest students, until 18, the uniform stays much the same… mainly it’s the tie that differs, but that shouldn’t worry you just yet.” He smiled pleasantly at both Jake and myself and nodded reassuringly to mum and auntie.

Jake piped up, “Do we were short trousers…?”

“Not in class. You can wear shorts for certain sports of course but we have a very strict dress code here and everyone follows it.” He seemed very proud of that fact.

Mum and auntie nodded as we continued our tour, which took forever.


After the tour the limo dropped us back at the hotel and we sat in the coffee shop discussing what we’d seen. The new big house definitely got the thumbs up but I was less than excited about the prospect of the Academy. Having said that, at least schoolboy grey shorts weren’t part of the uniform so, I suppose, on that count, it was good.

I hadn’t been wearing a diaper or pull-ups all day and was pleased that I’d got through all the excitement without any accidents and my briefs were still dry. However, I wanted to get all wet, and as we couldn’t use the swimming pool at the house, mum let Jake and me go for a swim in the hotels large heated pool. We didn’t even have to go back to the room to collect our things because auntie had packed them in her bag as a precaution, just in case we could have gone in the pool at the new house.

Mum and auntie watched as we boys joined a group of other kids in some very wet and splashy games. I think mum looked relieved that we hadn’t rejected her plan and in the quiet moments when it was just me and Jake, we had decided mum was more important than Oakland. Not that we had a choice but we thought we should be grown up about it.


The rest of the week was spent sightseeing, sometimes just with auntie (if mum had to go into work), and other times all of us, which was really good fun. I was surprised there was so much to see and do in the city and even liked the huge monuments to our country’s heroes. Jake particularly liked the dinosaur exhibition in one of the museums, whilst I liked the old aircraft in another.

By the end of the week were all exhausted but it had been a fun and exciting few days. We were returning to Oakland on the Sunday but we had one more social function to attend before that. Mum’s CEO was having a garden party for some of the bank’s ‘elite’ staff at his home. She’d laughed when she said ‘elite’ as if dismissing the idea but I was very proud that mum was among those who were chosen to attend.

The night before we were due to go to the party I was lying in bed thinking about what we’d seen and done and I thought of Kenny. I wished I’d had auntie’s cell there and then so I could look at the photo of him in his kilt but then I got to thinking about other things to do with me and him. At the Academy I’d been pleased that the school uniform hadn’t included grey shorts, or indeed any colored shorts, but now that depressed me. Wasn’t it the fact that Kenny couldn’t conceal his diapers and plastic pants under his shorts that had drawn us together? Wasn’t my fascination with, and his openness about, his problem the reason we’d become best friends? As I gave more and more thought to my mental images of Kenny in his padded protection I found myself, for the first time in ages, gently rubbing myself up against the bedding. I wasn’t aware whether Jake was asleep in the opposite bed or not I just found my thoughts, the movement and the happiness I always felt about Kenny, quickly giving me that wonderful sensation that electrified my body. My boxers were messy but I slept like a… like a… like a contented cat.


As we were getting ready to go to the garden party we were wondering what to wear. Auntie had made some fantastic new clothes but, after the night thinking about Kenny, I wanted to feel near to him so I choose the pink shorts. Not only that, but I put on a disposable and plastic pants just so I felt even closer to him. I was hoping that at some point on his visit to Scotland he’d worn my green shorts but then thought about him running around in a kilt and that made me smile. I also wondered if he’d wear a diaper under it… or even if it was allowed… as Kenny had mentioned in an earlier chat about Scotland that nothing was worn under the kilt. Still, as I pulled the shorts over my padding I felt happy and comfortable. Auntie had knitted us jumpers, so Jake had a navy blue one to go with his pale blue shorts whereas mine was pale blue and white hoops. Both mum and auntie whistled in appreciation when we presented ourselves to them in their room.

A limo came to collect us and Brian the driver also commented on how smart we both looked, which pleased us boys tremendously and I’m sure I detected some pride in mum’s and auntie’s eyes.


Mum’s CEO Marcus Hetherington’s home was huge and when we arrived the garden party was already underway. We were greeted by Mr Hetherington and his wife Martha who quickly whisked mum off to meet some important guests. There were a few other kids there and, as it was such a pleasantly hot day, the magnificent pool looked blue and most inviting. However, with my protection in place I wasn’t planning on doing any swimming. Mrs Hetherington insisted that we meet her son Marcus Junior, who was twelve, and we’d be going to the same academy as he attended. She was full of praise for the place and auntie nodded in agreement.

Jake and I were presented to a group of three boys, all older than us, but Marcus was undoubtedly the leader. They were dressed in the latest designer brands and I thought he looked like, and dressed like, a photograph I’d seen of a rap star recently; very trendy, loads of bangles and a bit of a sneer as he spoke. He obviously didn’t want anything to do with the other kids who appeared to be enjoying the pool and was more interested looking at his messages on his cell.

Mum wouldn’t let Jake and me have cell phones yet, she thought they were more of a problem than a help to kids our age. In fact, the school wouldn’t allow them to be used in their grounds and certainly, anybody who brought one risked the prospect of having it confiscated and not returned until the end of the year. Because his mum had insisted he speak and ‘play’ with us he begrudgingly said “Hi” but eventually, when his mother had gone, he just turned nasty.


He and his friends thought we looked like little babies dressed as we were, not even wearing one designer brand but ‘homemade clothes’. He and his mates laughed at us and jeered that, if we were going to be at the Academy, we’d have to change. He said how he’d take great delight in telling everyone about our childish clothes and that we would be his ‘bitches’.

I had no idea what he meant by that but it sounded awful however, Jake had got a bit annoyed by his attitude and, despite mum telling us to be on our best behaviour, he told Marcus that he looked like a reject from a New York ghetto. I don’t know where he got the information, or the nerve, from but Marcus and his mates got very angry. They crowded around my little brother and started pushing him around. I stepped between them and told them to “back off” but Marcus snarled as he pushed Jake to the ground. My little brother is no coward but I think even he thought better of getting up straight away. I bent down to make sure he was OK, he was but I could see anger in his eyes. I looked up at the three bullies and they all had smirks on their faces. In fact Marcus lifted my jumper with his foot, I thought he was about to kick me, but smiled even more and called his mates off. I saw him whispering to them as I pulled Jake to his feet and we went off to simply put some distance between them and us.


For the next hour or so it was all very nice. We had some barbequed food and found other kids to play with. Mum and auntie were both chatting with various people and she seemed much in demand. If we were around she would introduce us to her work colleagues and they would chat about… well… I’m not sure but I’m sure it was important.

At one point I was crouched down by the pool talking to one of the other kids when I noticed his expression change. A shadow had blocked out the sun and I turned and looked up to see Marcus and his friends standing behind me. I got up and I saw a huge evil grin split his face. He grabbed my shorts and yanked them down revealing my padded protection.

“Look here, we have a baby with us. Just a big big baby.”

After the incident on the bus with the bully I had vowed that I’d never let anyone embarrass me again so perhaps strangely, I wasn’t horrified at being exposed in this way. I just looked at him with contempt on my face and went to pull my shorts up.

“No,” he said preventing me, “babies only wear diapers.” He shouted and pleased that he thought he was humiliating me in front of all the kids in the pool and all the adults who were suddenly aware of what was going on. However, he hadn’t bargained on swift action. From nowhere Jake ran up to him and with all the effort he could muster shoved the smug Marcus, fully clothed, into the sparkling pool.

“My brother may occasionally wet his pants.” He screamed at the surprised floundering boy, “But you’re wet all over.”

It was surprising how a fierce little boy can scare anyone and Marcus’s friend snuck awkwardly away as a sudden round of applause became apparent. I’d never been more proud of my little bro but as he watched Marcus struggle in the water, I could see the way he was looking at him. It was a ‘don’t mess with me or my brother’ challenge and I think everyone got the message.

Suddenly I had auntie next to me pulling up my shorts and scooping Jake into her warm embrace. Mum arrived seconds later wondering what had gone on. Auntie explained and I suddenly found my own voice.

“He goes to the Academy.” I pointed to the soaked boy struggling out of the pool. “I don’t think I want to go to a school full of bullies.”


People rallied around mum and I overheard some members of the banking staff say that it was something young Marcus needed. He was such a spoilt little…. I didn’t quite get what the man said but the inference was that no one liked the little jerk (that was one of the words I did hear). I saw mum was embarrassed at such a commotion, and that her children were at the center of it all, and she went off to apologise to our hosts.

Mrs Hetherington was drying her son down and obviously very angry with what had happened. Mum wanted us to apologise for our behaviour but Jake just stared at the sobbing Marcus in an act of defiance. Mrs Hetherington wasn’t happy but begrudgingly accepted mum’s apology. When we returned to the party Mr Hetherington slapped Jake on the back, winked and told him in a very conspiratorially way that he could work for him anytime. He seemed overjoyed with what had just happened and the mood at the party was soon lifted as more drink and food were served and a DJ started up and got us all dancing.


Back at the hotel mum was subdued and obviously had some things on her mind. Jake and I had both said ‘sorry’ to her for causing a scene but that wasn’t what was bothering her. She said that she’d been talking to the ‘tech people’ at the bank and they had said that she could have new, up-to-the- minute technology set up at home so she could be instantly, and more securely, in touch with head office. She wasn’t sure why she hadn’t thought of this before (possibly because no one had offered her this option), but now it looked like we had an alternative to the move.

She’d said that she’d agreed the plans with her CEO, who, after the son in the pool incident, had a new respect for mum and her family and had even offered to find a newer, bigger house for us to move to in Oakland. The upshot was… we were not going anywhere… well not for the foreseeable future, or not until we finished school in Oakland. She would commute to the city when absolutely necessary but the rest of the time she would use what technology could provide. Even auntie had agreed to stay on and she was even thinking of setting up a small business.

That night I climbed into bed with Jake and hugged him. I was still happily wearing my padding as I tickled him and cuddled up as he giggled. I told him how brave I thought he was and how proud I was of my little brother… and we both agreed that Oakland was a far better place than the capital… even if the capital had dinosaurs and monuments.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 18

Chapter 20

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It’s Better in My Diaper Part 2

It's Better in My Diaper Part 2
There’s something a little different about Jabber recently… Not that Starbuck minds, of course! To him, it’s only natural to fill your pants when you’ve gotta go~

Granted, Starbuck’s pants are a little poofier and absorbent than Jabber’s…

Meanwhile, Jabber thinks this is all perfectly normal. Starbuck sees no need to correct him~

 Furrys in this drawing belongs to GibsonScratch and jabberdragon

Order and above text by GibsonScratch

Draw by CatMonkShiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31729969/

I Sure think someone needs to get back to wearing diapers again. Special during video gaming time :)

At least Starbuck is a good boy and where his thick poofy diaper during game time :)

They sure having one big clean up ahead here.

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Kenny Part 17

This story is written by Les Lea

Although Mrs Morrison had seen me naked, and changed me, on several occasions and Kenny had done the same, I wasn’t too sure if it was acceptable for her to see that we did this together. I was nervous and unsure as to whether she might see this as something best friends should not do to one and other.

“I’m changing Simon…” he replied without missing a beat, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do, “he’s had a bit of an accident in his onesie.”

As Mrs Morrison came down the stairs I tried to cover my naked awkwardness with my hand but Kenny said it was getting in the way as he folded a thick diaper under my bottom. I could see her getting closer and then I noticed a smile on her face.

“Does your onesie need a wash Simon? I was red in the face, and it felt like my entire body was flushing a bright red with embarrassment but I suppose the lotion and the baby powder hid the tell-tale glow. I nodded as Kenny pulled the diaper tight around my waist and pinned me in.

He stood up, “Oh mummy,” he said as he unzipped his own dinosaur skin, “can you please do mine as well?”

She took it and ruffled his fine blond hair. “No more monsters versus super-bunnies for today then?”

“No, we’ll find another game to play…” He continued to make sure the diaper fitted me well but left unsaid exactly what that would be.

As she climbed back up the stairs to do her latest batch of washing she appeared not to notice that he was standing in his own soaked pull-ups.


I watched as she went up the stairs, slightly relieved that she hadn’t said anything but at the top she turned, looked at me and said. “Will you take care of Kenny or do you want me to?”

Kenny was sorting through the pile of items that he’d brought down to the basement. I looked across at him and thought the whole idea of this weekend was that we’d do things together and suddenly realised that it was OK to look after my friend anyway that was needed.

“No, it’s OK Mrs Morrison… I’ll sort him out.” I smiled to myself suddenly comprehending I had this unwritten, but totally acceptable, permission by the family to look after their son as they did. Such a revelation made me very happy and I wriggled in my nice, clean, thick diaper and felt even more warm and fuzzy towards the Morrisons.


Kenny returned and presented several different options for me to wear but I suggested that before we start our new game of ‘dressing-up’, it might be a good idea for me to get him out of his wet pull-ups and into something clean and fresh like I was wearing. He said he was in no rush to change as he quite liked the full and damp feeling but I stated in no uncertain terms that I didn’t want him to get a diaper rash and be uncomfortable. So, as it was something I wanted, he let me go to it.

There is no doubt that the sensation of having a thick diaper between your legs and tightly pinned in place is very comforting. I know that there are many (Jake I’m sure being one of them) who wouldn’t see it that way but, I’d be happy just to wear nothing but that all day. I liked it even more when I’d got Kenny all cleaned up and wrapped up in a nice thick terry diaper and nothing else, it made me feel we were starting our childhood together all over again and wearing only our diapers… I liked that.


When I was laid out on the floor being changed I’d seen a ping pong ball lying under the sofa so suggested a game of table tennis. We hadn’t played much because we’d lost the ball but now I’d found it, we started our match. Running around in just our diapers was fun and even though they were pinned into position fairly tightly, they kept slipping down a bit with our efforts. He was loads better than I was and beat me very easily, so I suggested that on the next match we play he had to have some kind of handicap. I put on a pair of tight-fitting rubber pants, which I hoped would hold up my diaper better, whilst I altered the pins on his diaper so they were a lot looser. We were both laughing as he served and had to quickly tug up his falling diaper, so he ended up playing the entire game one-handed, trying to hold it in place. In the last few points he let it slip, kicked it to the side and finished the game naked… he still won.

I hugged the victor and he hugged me back, his naked flesh coming into contact with my ample cushioned safeguard. He held me for a few extra seconds, rubbing against my rubber pants and said how much he liked the feel of me, and how fantastic I looked charging around returning his plays. I smiled and stroked his bare bottom and suggested that perhaps we should get him in something, maybe there was something in the pile of stuff he’d brought down.


First thing I did was put him in a disposable and once I was happy with that checked on what else was on offer. Of course I should have known that the clothes that auntie had made for us both were there and I could tell that he was keen to wear them again. I slipped my green quilted diaper cover on him and pulled the Velcro tight. He looked fine just like that but I finished dressing him in the green shirt and shorts. I’m sure, if we’d had it (and it hadn’t been a dream), he’d have liked to see me in the pink quilted onesie, however, there were his pink clothes and I think we both wanted to see me in all of those.

There’s no doubt about it, we did look like a couple of toddlers ready for a special event but the fact that we saw our outfits as complimentary, made us feel… joyful. Again, Kenny and I had this special intuition between us and often things weren’t said, just sort of… understood. It was a lot later than I thought and I heard auntie, who’d arrived to take me home, at the door.

“Simon, your auntie’s here.” Mrs Morrison called down the stairs. “No rush… but just make sure you have everything.”

We emerged from the basement and I think auntie was shocked but delighted to see us dressed in her creations. Both she and Mrs Morrison were all smiles of approval and both thought we looked ‘special’, and, as the lady’s made a fuss, we felt ‘special’.


“Oh, you two look adorable.” Mrs Morrison said and insisted on taking a photo of us with her cell phone.

Once again Kenny’s mummy was very complimentary about what auntie had done and asked if she did it for a living. On finding out she only did it for fun, and for her family, she was astounded that such creativity was not available to everyone. She was of the opinion that auntie would have loads of customers if she ever decided to set up in business. I think this pleased auntie, who was sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and some of the cookies that we’d baked earlier, and appeared to be blushing slightly under such praise.

Meanwhile, as they talked, we returned to Kenny’s room to get my things together. I wondered about my white onesie but he said that if it wasn’t dry, he’d bring it in to school in the morning. As I was packing I noticed our reflection in the mirror; two young lads, in matching shirt and shorts, one dark and one blond and an electrify thrill ran down my spine as I just wanted everything to stay the same. Me and Kenny, together, wearing our ‘special’ outfits, padded and unbelievably happy… I didn’t think it could get any better. He meant the world to me and I hoped I meant the same to him, and, from the sweet kiss he gave me before we headed to the kitchen, I guess I did.


After exchanging cell phone numbers Mrs Morrison sent the photo of us together direct to auntie, which seemed like the cue to leave. Under my pink shorts I was wearing the thick diaper and pink quilted cover that belonged to Kenny, whilst he was wearing my things and it just seemed right. Mrs Morrison gave me a bag with some of my homemade cookies (and I suspect some of hers and Kenny’s) and a plastic bag which contained my onesie (she said it was still slightly damp that’s why she’d wrapped it separately).

As we had to collect Jake on the way home, and we were already running late, I hugged Mrs Morrison my thanks for such an entertaining weekend. The awareness of my Kenny inspired, bulky protection, squeezing me back felt fantastic, which of course she patted several times before she released me from her embrace. Before I clambered into auntie’s car Kenny gave me a last hug and said he’d see me in class in the morning. He also giving my bum a final pat and whispered how much he’d loved playing with ‘Monster Easter Bunny’ and couldn’t wait to have more adventures with him.


When we arrived Jake was waiting at the gate with Adam and I was suddenly struck by the possibility of those two having the same kind of relationship Kenny and I had. They did look fantastic together and if by choice or by accident they both appeared to be wearing complimentary outfits. As we got closer I realised that the ‘complimentary’ outfits were the same, they were supporting the same soccer team so of course they wore matching jerseys. I felt silly for letting my imagination run wild and strangely got very protective of what Kenny and I had and didn’t want to share that ‘special’ closeness… even with my brother and Adam.

This feeling quickly passed as Jake demanded to sit in the front passenger seat on the way home (it was his turn to ride shotgun) and I had to get out and get in the back, though not before I’d said ‘Hello’ to Adam and, acknowledging the soccer kit, ask him who won. He shyly said that they were on the same side but that their team had scored ten, Jake having scored six of them. He didn’t say what his contribution was but that bashful look down and finding interest in his trainers was a very winning aspect. He did look gorgeous but I noticed that there was no hugging, and certainly no kissing or patting of bums, as Jake said his farewell, climbed into his seat and, with a little wave, we set off home.

I couldn’t wait to show everybody the fabulous DVD that Mrs Morrison had made of our weekend at the lake and hoped that they would be as proud as I was of her fantastic commentary. They all loved it and the sighs as mum and auntie saw each photograph of Kenny and I together made me feel proud. There was even a more audible, emotional sound when the image of us in our thick rubber pants appeared on the screen but Jake just asked why we wearing ‘space pants’? I jokingly told him that they were special pajamas boys had to wear at the lake in case they sleepwalked and fell in. That made mum and auntie laugh, although I could tell that Jake wasn’t too sure but as we were quickly on to a different image of the boy scouts, his questions turned to be about them.

We laughed at Mrs Morrison’s very funny script and auntie said that it was lovely that people had such hidden talent. Mum agreed and we all watched the DVD a second time. The scenery was breath-taking and we all agreed that at the earliest opportunity we should all go up to the lake on our next break, perhaps spending more than just a weekend there. Jake wanted to go to the scout’s jamboree but I told him I didn’t think that it was on all the time, or the fireworks but that I’m sure we’d have a brilliant time no matter.

When we’d finished it was time for bed and I took the DVD back to my room. My thoughts were really about Kenny and me in our thick rubber protection and just how much I’d enjoyed that particular experience. That night I slept in a couple of pairs of pull-ups covered with a pair of plastic pants and they were topped by the rubber ones I had in my collection. It was huge but it didn’t feel the same and I wondered if it was because of the company and the closeness that Kenny and I had enjoyed.


However, that week I only wore briefs to school because Kenny was dry and didn’t feel the need to pad up anymore. He did say that he occasionally put on pull-ups or a diaper to sleep in because he found it comforting, so of course, I did the same. Mind you, these days I would have done that anyway as I’d found that I felt the same when I was getting ready for bed… that padding, even slight padding, made me feel safe and secure.

One night, as he was playing on the Xbox, Jake had fallen asleep on my bed. He’d got himself half ready as he was only wearing his little Thomas the Tank Engine briefs but the game must have dragged him in and he just couldn’t stop trying for those extra levels. Unfortunately, this little gamer had been too tired and just fell asleep. I didn’t want to disturb him as he looked so peaceful but, feeling a bit naughty, I slipped him into a pair of pull-ups like I was wearing. After all, both Kenny and I found them nice to sleep in. He hardly noticed what was going on, just twitching slightly as I manoeuvred him into position, and I happily pulled the blanket over us both and dozed off hugging his warm, slightly padded, bottom.

In the morning I was up and in the bathroom first and had really forgotten all about what I’d done when a bleary-eyed Jake wandered in. He suddenly realised what he was wearing and, having no idea I’d put them on him, wondered how and why he was wearing pull-ups. I pretended not to notice but I could tell he was more than a little confused but didn’t know who to ask about it. He knew he’d slept in my bed but didn’t know whether it was me, mum or auntie who’d added that finishing padded touch… or why… had he wet himself?

Eventually, I explained, rather deviously I thought, that he’d fallen asleep but I’d notice the empty glass, which I assumed he’d drunk, and as a precaution against ‘aaaccidents’ (I stressed the word) had slipped the pants on because he looked so peaceful I didn’t want to wake him and make him return to his own room.


Although he seemed to accept my explanation, when I thought about what I’d done I saw that there may have been another factor to my actions. I had seen Adam and Jake together and thought of them as a younger version of Kenny and myself… and… as I’d already seen Adam wearing a diaper (and being fascinated by others who did) I wondered if I was doing it to help the friendship between him and my brother. After all, hadn’t Kenny said that it was that very action of me wearing a diaper in sympathy with him that had led to us becoming best friends?

Once I thought a bit more I realised that I didn’t know whether Jake was even aware of Adam’s wetting problem and even if he did whether he’d be the type of friend to show such understanding. No, the truth of the matter was I just wanted to see my growing younger brother wearing pull-ups as I doubted very much if I’d ever get him into any kind of diaper. He may have gotten used to me wearing them about the house, to school or under my pajamas but I doubted he had any inclination towards that at all. However, I noticed that he hadn’t ripped them off in disgust and that, after washing, he was still wearing them as he padded back to his own room to get ready for school.

Nonetheless, as we sat down for breakfast I could tell that he wasn’t wearing them anymore and, for some silly reason, it saddened me. I had obviously hoped that I would kindle some kind of desire in him for diapers and such things but he wasn’t interested.


Mum seemed to be flying back and forth to her head office more and more and, although auntie was staying with us, I began to wonder if the decision to stay in Oakland had been the right one. We were seeing less and less of her and it appeared to be getting her down a bit, even though she was trying hard not to show it. I was alarmed when, with a break from school coming up, Mum announced that we’d all be spending part of our vacation in the capital. Again I began to worry and, as a result, my night time wetting got worse. I asked mum if this ‘trip’ was actually just that or were we all scouting for a new place to live and go to school. Although she denied it, I wasn’t convinced by her answer and her pleading eyes told me there was something else going on… or at least I thought so.

Mum was tired so I didn’t press the point although I did sort of suggest that we, meaning Jake and me, thought we’d be going up to the lake this time but she just shook her head and with a half-smile ruffled my hair and said “Another time”.

That night I had a nightmare where I was stranded alone in an empty space. I was calling out names but nobody answered or came to help and I was scared because the place was so strange. I was furtively creeping about and kept standing in pools of water but didn’t know where they were springing from. The room was getting darker and more ominous and there were unexpected noises that made me shudder. My feet were splashing with each step when suddenly I was grabbed from behind, something was wrapped around my throat and I began to choke.


I woke up gasping for air as I’d somehow got caught up in my sheet. I was shaking in fear as I untangled myself and turned on the bedside light. Good heavens, my bed was in a right state with the sheet, blanket and pillows thrown all over the place and I could tell that I really had wet my bed pretty badly… perhaps the splashing in puddles had been a warning. I sat on the edge of the bed still trembling in my soaked pull-ups trying to calm myself before continuing. I wasn’t sure what to do.

No one came. Part of me was sad about that as I really could have done with some comforting and a hug from mum would have been reassuring. However, I was pleased that on this occasion at least I hadn’t made too much noise and woken up the house due to my night terrors. Eventually I got up and stripped the bed. I was glad of the waterproof sheet that mum had covered my mattress in after my last accident so wiping up the excess puddles with a towel was easy. The pull-ups sagged and working in them was a strange experience because they were still warm. Eventually, once the bed was stripped and as dry as I could make it I shrugged my soggy pants down, wiped myself dry and applied some lotion before finishing off with a generous sprinkling of powder. I realised this wasn’t a time for minor changes (I was afraid it might happen again), so, I got out the thickest diaper I had and, with some difficulty, pinned myself in. I sorted through my closet and also found a thick pair of rubber pants and pulled them over the enormous mound… but at least I felt protected. I pulled on a clean t-shirt, found my sleeping bag, spread it out on my water-proofed bed and zipped myself in. I’d sort everything else out in the morning.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 16

Chapter 18

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Kenny Part 15

This story is written by Les Lea

It seems strange that only a few months ago I could never remember any of my dreams but now, well, they were occupying my day as well as night. My imagination was making things real whether I was awake or asleep and it was happening more and more. After my very realistic, explosive but imagined experience with Adam earlier in the evening, I was suffering another frustrating dream featuring him as I slept.

We were at school and he was wearing his padded protection, except he was complaining to anyone who’d listen that it was me who was forcing him to wear it. I was desperately trying to tell him he could wear what he liked and explaining that I only wore stuff from time to time. The confusing thing was this, although I knew I was wearing my protection, every time I opened my shorts to show him I was padded, there was no padding just a normal pair of briefs. Adam was surrounded by his school friends, who were all looking at his bulky pants, commenting and mocking him. The fact that I couldn’t prove he wasn’t alone in wearing diapers to school was making him feel vulnerable.

Kenny wasn’t in this dream. In fact, everyone but him was there and all watching Adam who was trying to hide away in embarrassment. I was trying to tell him it was OK and that he wasn’t alone but, that was proving a problem, it was as if I wasn’t there. The trouble with dreams is that they seem so true. I was convinced I only wanted to help but appeared to be making it worse. Adam began crying as his class mates began to pick on him even more and, although I felt his pain, I could do nothing. His pitiful weeping woke me up a little, and as I was coming round I realised I was in bed and only dreaming so, relieved, I fell back to sleep. The only thing was… the dream would start all over again… and this was for the third or fourth time.


Although still fairly dozy, hearing my bedroom door close had woken me up but I could still hear sobbing and voices. I got up and opened my door and there was auntie just checking in on Jake. She saw me and looked at my bedraggled state and came over to hug me.

“I thought I heard voices. Is mum home?” I babbled sleepily. “I heard someone crying.”

“It’s OK Si,” Auntie was soothing as always. “Shh, shhhh, your mum is having a bath… and you my little sweetheart were having a bad dream.”

She guided me back to my bed, even though I wanted to see and talk to mum. “You can speak to her in the morning. Now let’s get you all tucked…”

She paused when she realised that my bed was wet through. “Oh Si, seems like it was more of a nightmare than a dream.” She sat me on the chair next to my desk. “Wait there and let me fix this.”

I was still very drowsy but auntie soon had my bed stripped, mattress turned and it all remade in moments as I was trying to work out what was happening. Once the bed was done auntie turned her attention to me. My sodden t-shirt and boxers were removed, I was wiped clean, powdered and put into a very thick terry cloth diaper, which she pinned into place.

“OK young man, now you’re all clean and tidy, lift up your legs.” I sleepily lifted them up and she slipped a pair of thick plastic pants into place. “There, all done. You should be OK now.”

I slowly wondered back to bed and auntie tucked me in, ran her hand through my hair and wished me ‘night-night’ once again.

Before she went I asked her, “Is mum OK? I heard crying.”

She came back to my bed and again ran her hand through my hair. “Oh sweetheart. It was you who was crying. Your mum just popped her head in because she heard you… but you stopped once she’d kissed and tucked you in.”

I didn’t understand. It was Adam who was crying in my dream not me and I definitely heard crying when I woke up. Surely it wasn’t me who was in tears?

“I’ll tell your mum to come and talk to you when she’s finished her bath. You’re obviously worried about… something. In the meantime, you’re well-padded, your mum’s home… and we all love you so, try and go back to sleep… everything will be alright.”

I don’t know if mum came back to chat because the diaper was so comforting I fell asleep almost immediately and didn’t wake up until I had to get up for school.


As I pulled back the covers and saw my thick protection the events of the night came back to me and for some reason, I felt tears in my eyes once again. I wasn’t sure why, perhaps I was just upset at Adam being upset. Maybe it was wetting the bed and having auntie come to clean me up. Then I remembered that auntie had said it was me who was crying, and crying loud enough to bring mum to check in on me. I wasn’t sure why I should suddenly be so tearful but, whatever the reason I was a bit nervous about getting dressed and seeing everyone at breakfast. In the end I stripped out of my night ‘defence’, washed and, with a reassuring pair of pull-ups in place, ventured downstairs.

“Morning sweetie,” Mum said as she held out her arms for me to give her a hug. “Are you alright now… you had a bit of a rough night.”

I hugged mum tightly. “I missed you mum.” She held me in a tight embrace and then gently patted my slightly padded bottom to signify it was time for release.

“I missed you as well.” Jake was eating his breakfast so I suppose he’d already done all his hugging. “It’s been a busy time for us all… what with Jake at Jeremy’s, you and Kenny, and Auntie Rose having to…” she left it unsaid but I knew what she was referring to.

Like Jake I was dressed in my uniform and ready for school but I wanted to know about mum’s trip and if she had made a decision… were we moving?

“Is that what’s been worrying you?” She looked sympathetically at me. She spread her arms again and invited both Jake and me into her embrace. “No, for the moment anyway, we aren’t going anywhere.” I was so relieved and cried with happiness, and so did my brother.

A huge cloud had been lifted and even if it was overcast outside, at least it was sunny for us two.


I was full of smiles when I met Kenny. “We’re not moving.”

The huge grin that appeared on his face told me he was happy with the news before he came over and gave me a big hug.

“That’s fantastic.”

“Mum says we are staying here. I’m so pleased. I was worried I might lose…” Once again Kenny supplied the rest of my sentence by hugging me even tighter and whispering in my ear.

“I’d hate it if you weren’t here… and my friend,” then sighed a little as he secretly kissed my ear.

A thrill ran through my body. My best friend was hugging and kissing me in public and I was wriggling happily in his embrace enjoying every second.

“Do you want to come over to my house this weekend?” He murmured so no one else would hear.

Our bare legs were brushing up against each other and I didn’t want the feeling to stop. The tightness in my pull-ups I hoped was matched by a similar sensation for Kenny but eventually we pulled away. I nodded yes… then realised that this would be the first time I’d stayed at his place. I’d visited his home when we’d gone up to the lake but I’d never been inside, on that occasion we were in just too much of a hurry to set off. So, for the rest of the week I was imagining what his room would be like.


Kenny lived at the opposite end of town to where we were so it wasn’t a place where I could just nip over to play with him when I wanted. Lifts had to be organised, and although I had a bike, and the streets were fairly safe, mum was never keen for either Jake or me cycling too far away from home. So, believe it or not, we didn’t socialise much out of school because of the distance. So, a trip to Kenny’s house was going to be quite an event, well at least that’s how I built it up in my mind.

Because of the way Kenny always spoke I had this image in my mind just what his bedroom would look like. It would be colourful, possibly pink, there would be cartoon posters or wall paper, soft lighting, a little table and chair like I had and the room would be full of soft toys and kid’s games… there’d also be a mobile hanging down over a crib… not a bed. For some reason I just assumed he would have taken the whole ‘babyish’ thing to the limit and his mummy and daddy would let him sleep in a nursery and be more than happy to go along with it.


Mum was needed back at head office for the weekend so, once she’d dropped me off Friday night and handed me my backpack, auntie had Jake all to herself. Kenny had said that he hoped we could spend the entire weekend in our onesies but I wasn’t sure if that would happen. I had my blue and yellow shortie and my white (like a rabbit) long one, neither of which I thought appropriate for such a length of time. I also brought the ‘special’ outfit that matched with Kenny’s and hoped we’d get the opportunity to do as auntie had suggested – ‘mix’n’match’.

At the door auntie had a few words with Mrs Morrison and I overheard her say that Kenny had been very excited about his time spent at our house and how much he’d loved the things she’d made for him and me. Mrs Morrison seemed genuinely pleased to meet mum’s sister and complimented her on her design and sewing prowess. I think the conversation, which auntie seemed delighted about, would have gone on longer except that Jake was with her and she’d promised him a visit to the movies.

As we waved auntie and Jake off Mrs Morrison beamed her friendliest smile and said that she hoped I’d enjoy what was planned. Kenny was, as usual, all enthusiasm and smiles, so I eagerly joined in the general feeling of happiness that his mummy seemed to radiate.


For some reason I was sad that Mr Morrison was on duty for the entire weekend and it was down to his wife to keep us boys entertained. He’d been a lively and inventive ‘games’ organiser up at the lake and I also liked his relaxed attitude to being naked. Actually, when I thought about it, none of the Morrison family were shy about how they dressed (or not), and up at the lake it was often the bare minimum to wander around in. Unlike so many of the other boys Kenny was not fazed when changing in the locker room, it just never occurred to him to be anything other than relaxed when it came to dressing or undressing. I know me and Jake are fairly casual about being naked in front of each other, but we’re brothers so I don’t suppose that counts.

Kenny led me to his room to stow my backpack and I was truly amazed at what I saw. Apart from the array of stuffed animals it was nothing like I had pictured it would be. The walls were painted a dark blue, his little bed was black with a blue two-tone duvet, the black wooden floor was shiny and there wasn’t a thing out of place. His clothes were stored in two big black closets and he had a huge set of draws, also in black. It was across the top of this where his collection of teddy bears and animals sat. On his desk were a collection of framed photographs; one of his mummy and daddy, one of the family and seven of Kenny and me together… one of which was the image of him and me in our thick protection up at the lake… we did look silly, innocent… and cute. I wanted to get a copy.


He opened one of his closets and it contained his onesies and piles of diapers and stuff, not unlike my own, except his were beautifully arranged. In the second closet were all his other clothes; school uniform, Sunday best, suits, shirts and shorts. I thought his mummy must have been very well organised but he told me it was he who had sorted everything to how he wanted it. He emptied my backpack and hung my clothes up in a little space he had left just for my clothes. There was no computer or TV around, just a clock radio on his nightstand and again, another photo of me and him, which I didn’t know had been taken, talking to one of the scouts. I could see why he wanted that particular image as the boy in the uniform looked stunning.

Kenny told me to make myself at home but his room was just so tidy that I felt a bit nervous of doing anything that would spoil the look of the place. I asked him if it was always this clean and he giggled nervously as he told me he loved dusting, polishing and sweeping the entire house. He said that as both his mummy and daddy had busy jobs he’d learned early on to help out. He could do these little tasks, which were appreciated, and the more praise he got, again he giggled, the more pride he took in keeping up his good work. I wondered if Jake and me would ever be that thoughtful but remembered that Kenny is nothing less than an angel so it was quite fitting he should think of others.


As he showed me around, Kenny was dressed in his soccer kit; just shorts and team jersey, and didn’t appear to be padded at all. As usual I was wearing shorts and t-shirt and I had my pull-ups on, which I have to say, I was wearing more often than my briefs these days. Unlike our house Kenny’s was all on one floor, although he did say they had a basement, which I hadn’t seen yet. But like us, they had a huge back garden although in it they had a little ‘summer house’ painted pink and pale blue, that Mr Morrison had built himself. It looked like it was straight from the pages of a cartoon book and I imagined three little pigs or Snow White living there. It was really very nice and Kenny was very proud of it, telling me that he often came there to read or write. He said that in the summer months the family spent nearly all their time in the garden and using the little house. I asked him where the three little pigs and Snow White went when that happened and he looked at me strangely. I then realised I’d only thought about those characters I hadn’t said it out loud. I felt rather silly.

Once I explained my ‘joke’ he laughed and we went inside where he showed me some paintings and drawings he’d done over the past few months. He was particularly proud of one he’d done of me sitting on a fence wearing my, sorry, his old blue checked shorts. I even remembered the incident because I was exhausted with all the running around and had just stopped to pull up my diaper. I think I could even make out the bulge under the shorts. Still, I was quite delighted that he’d used me as a subject and the job he’d done wasn’t bad at all. I think you could definitely tell who it was… if you knew me.


My best friend had even more talent than I realised and he said he wanted to paint me again sometime during the visit. I got quite excited at the prospect and wondered if he wanted me to dress up as a cowboy, a gladiator (we’d been learning about them in class) a soccer player or maybe his favourite pop star. Then I realised that he’d asked me to bring my onesie, so I assumed that would be how I was to be captured for eternity.

When it began to get colder we went in and he showed me their basement – it was like a sports center.
The area was huge and had a pool table, table-tennis table, weight training equipment, a running and rowing machine, a TV, sofas and chairs and at the far end there was a screened off part that Kenny said was a bedroom for guests. I was a bit stunned and wondered if this is where I’d be sleeping but Kenny quickly allayed my fears when he said that usually his grandparents used it on their visits.

“Oooh good,” I let out a relieved sigh, “I thought it was where I might be sleeping.”

Kenny shook his head. “No way.” He placed a hand on my shoulder and looked at me through his long thick lashes. “I don’t think I could sleep knowing you were nearby… but not with me.”

“Does you father like to workout?” I said surveying all the equipment.

“Yes, he’s a bit conscious of keeping fit for his job. In fact mummy and daddy both use this stuff regularly.” I was about to ask if he did as well but he continued. “Daddy won it, well most of it, in a competition.” He pointed to various bits of heavy training machinery. “But daddy thinks that most of it might be too much for me… he only lets me use some of it.”

He sat at the rowing machine and gave a few pulls, then got up and let me try. As I stretched my shorts rode up showing him my pull-ups and he could see the cartoon character on the front.

“I’ve got some like those,” he smiled, “mummy thinks they look cute.” I nodded as I tried to make the ‘rowing’ look easy but I soon tired of that game.

We snuggled up on one of the sofas and turned on the TV, it was tuned into a sports channel and was showing some European soccer. Kenny was interested so, even though I wasn’t, I curled up close to him and we watched until we were called to dinner.


After the meal Mrs Morrison turned on the computer, they had it hooked up to the TV in their living room and started to show me some of the fantastic photographs that were taken on our trip to the lake. Mrs Morrison was very funny with some of her comments and we had to keep going back to certain shots because we’d missed them with laughing so much. I wanted copies of everything, yes even the ones of us in our diapers and rubber pants – Mrs Morrison called us ‘The Protection Boys’ and had done a sequence of images and short video clips, which she’d made up a story for – we were investigating ‘The Disappearance of… the Fish.” The way Kenny was laughing, hiding in embarrassment, and squealing with delight I guessed he hadn’t seen this version before and I was so happy to be included in the Morrison family photo album.

We watched it twice more and were in equal fits of laughter each time, it was very funny and loads better than the DVD we’d had at my house. Mrs Morrison was giggling as much as we were and I marvelled at how inventive she was to come up with such a fantastic idea.

Time just seemed to shoot by and before we knew it it was time for bed. I could have sat and watched it again but as I got up Mrs Morrison handed me a silver disc. She’d written on it in marker pen; ‘The Lake and the Strange Case of the Disappearing Fish’ starring Simon Hudson… I held it for a few seconds in wonder, not really believing I had a copy of my own… then excitedly hugged her tightly in thanks.


After we’d washed and brushed our teeth we returned to Kenny’s bedroom. I was half expecting to see his bed festooned with diapers and stuff, or at least his mother there to make sure we were well padded for the night but… no. Kenny stripped off down to his briefs, so I stripped off down to my pull-ups and we stood looking at each other. Kenny said that he thought I looked really good in the rubber pants at the lake and wondered if I liked them as well. I nodded.

His mother tapped on the door and asked quietly if we boys needed any help? “No thanks mummy… we can do it ourselves.” He said as he looked straight into my eyes.

“OK then, good night boys.” We chorused a return good night. “Don’t stay up too long and I’ll check on you when I go to bed.”

“Thanks mummy… good night.” He moved over to his closet and pulled out two disposable diapers. He nodded at my pull-ups as if to say it was time to lose them and I slowly shimmied them down. He lay out a waterproof mat and indicated for me to lie out, which I did. He got some oils and lotions and, as if I was a baby, rubbed everything in and around my penis. It reacted but Kenny took no notice and continued making sure I was well moisturized before applying the powder. Once he was happy, and I was trying not to giggle or be too embarrassed about my slightly stiff penis he fastened me into the double diapers, pulling at the tapes tightly to make sure I was held in a diaper embrace. He then went and collected a couple of pairs of rubber pants. He pushed my feet into the air and fitted me into one of them. I assumed the other was for him but I was wrong. This first pair was small and pulling them up to my waist they gripped me and everything very tightly. He then quickly slid the other pair over them so I was very bulky and snug. Well perhaps snug isn’t the correct word but I certainly wasn’t going to be running anywhere soon.


He stood back and gauged his work before going to the closet and getting out a onesie I hadn’t seen before. It was made of shiny nylon, actually, it was made from the same material auntie had made the ‘special’ quilted diapers from, and it looked very new and glossy. It was pink, Kenny’s favourite color, with blue cuffs. He guided it over my head, fed my arms through and fastened the pop studs between my legs. I thought I looked like a very bulky shiny doll but the look of happiness on Kenny’s face told me he liked what he saw. He bent down and kissed me slightly on the lips and pulled me to my feet.

“Do you like it?” His smile told me even more. “You look fantastic.” He murmured.

I looked in the mirror and, although at first I wasn’t too sure, as Kenny stroked his hand over the silky fabric and across my padded bottom, I began to enjoy the attention and, if I was honest, quite liked the reflection.

Kenny walked over to his closet and said, “Right, your turn.” I looked a bit quizzically at him. “You can use anything in here… you just dress me as you’d like to see me.” And with that he pulled off his briefs, and, ever tidy, placed them in his wash basket, and stood naked waiting for me to make my move.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 14

Chapter 16

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Kolt’s Guilty pleasure

Kolt's Guilty pleasureThe Jock Unicorn Had just finished his last class for the day at college the 21 year old had been holding it in all afternoon and needed to go to the bathroom really bad. But this was his plan all along To hold himself till his bladder just could not hold it any longer. It was a fun little game he would love to play every so often and today was the day he decided to play it. The sophomore Jock walked down the hall and out of the building walking past all the busy students running about campus while he looked around for a privet place to be naughty. He headed down to the gym building quickening his pace as his bladder gave a critical warning a small amount of pee squirted into his paw patrol underoos only worn on days when he doesn’t have football practice and having to change in the locker room.
He stopped for a moment and grabbed himself hopping from one hoof to the other for a moment doing a little potty dance to regain his control. Standing there for a moment with one paw on his crotch gripping his sheath he softly whined a he was desperate now for release. He looked around and there were a couple of furs looking at him to witch he just gave a smile and nod before starting off again barely able to keep himself from releasing right there and then. He rounds the corner of the gym to the more shady side of the building that faced away from campus. He leans himself against the wall and looks down at his crotch his heart was racing and he could feel his bladder muscles already failing the only thing left to do was to let himself go and it would happen. He leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes in his mind repeating the little tease he remembers when he actually did have an accident when he was very young at school.
He let his crotch go and instantly warm Stallion piss splashed the inside of his underoos soaking them completely while the front of his jean shorts started to show a dark patch rapidly grow from his crotch down. A soft whine again escaped his muzzle as the voices in his head repeated ” Oh my gosh guys look Kolts peeing his pants.” the laughter from the kids on the playground from when he was 5 echoed loudly ” WOW he really is I guess he’s just a pee pants baby. BABY COLT! BABY COLT!.” the kids teased him for months afterwards asking if his mommy put him back in diapers. Then a sigh escaped his muzzle as half his bladder had emptied into his pants and the relief washed over himself like a wave while a puddle of shame formed at his pink hooves.
He continued to pee himself completely till his bladder was empty only then did he look down and let out a childish Giggle followed by a sarcastic “oopsie” as he stared at his soaked pants. His muzzle flush with embarrassment of the thought that he would now have to walk back to his Frat house in completely soaked shorts and childish underoos. Hope no one sees?! or maybe Hope someone sees!

Draw and everything by babylevithan

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31496751/

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Kenny Part 10

This story is written by Les Lea

Kenny led me to the nurse’s office. I felt silly, as well as wet, and I didn’t understand why it had happened but my shorts and underwear was soaked and I definitely needed a change of clothes. Nurse Gibbs was an elderly, no-nonsense type of lady who had, according to Kenny, been at the school from before it was built. She knew who most of the kids in her care were but this was my first visit.

“Hello Kenny,” she said on recognising him but immediately realised it wasn’t him that needed attention. “Who have you brought to see me today?”

“Hello Miss Gibbs… erm… this is my friend Simon… erm… he’s had a bit of an accident…”

“He certainly has,” she smiled, “let’s get you out of those and into something … drier.”

Although I would have liked for him to have stayed, she dismissed Kenny as class had started so he had to get back.

“OK Simon, take off your pants.” She was standing right in front of me and I hesitated for a second. “Don’t worry, lots of boys have accidents… I’ll have you fixed and back in class in seconds.”

She moved forwards and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and, together with my wet briefs, pulled them to the floor. I thought it was all a bit embarrassing but I had little choice and Nurse Gibbs didn’t seem a lady to mess about. She grabbed some paper towels and roughly dried me down then said that she could see I was getting the beginnings of a rash. She grabbed some lotion and rubbed it in between my legs, around my penis and across my bottom, then took me over to a small table and told me to lie out.


I knew it was a changing table but had no option but to do as I was told and after the thorough way she had applied the lotion, she also made sure that I was amply powdered before she put me in a very tight-fitting disposable. When I stood up she could tell that it only just fit and decided, to be on the safe side, that I needed a bit more protection for the rest of the day. She searched through a draw and produced a pair of cream-colored plastic pants that had pop studs up the sides. She fastened me in them and they were also tight but she was happy that they would keep everything in place. I liked them and the fit… they seemed different to what I’d worn before. Next she searched in a nearby cupboard and produced three pairs of grey shorts for me to try on. The first two were way too small. She said that usually she only deals with smaller children who have accidents so didn’t have a selection for boys my size. It didn’t seem that she was telling me off for being older and wetting myself, just as a sort of apology for not having shorts that fit. However, the third pair, although very tight and very short, I could at least get over my diaper… between us we settled on them.

She put my wet clothes in a plastic bag and, along with them, gave me a note to take home for my mother to read and another to give to my teacher. As I wandered back to class, thankfully I was dry, but everything felt very tight. I hadn’t realised just how short my emergency school shorts were and my plastic pants and diaper could easily be seen bulging out and hanging down at the back. It was too late to do anything about it so I returned to my class, handed Miss Pendle the nurse’s note and took my seat. No one was in any doubt as to what had happened, because, those who hadn’t been there could at least see the diapered proof as I moved around. For a few minutes I was very self-conscious but once we started to do things I forgot all about it and nothing was said.


On the bus home Jake wondered why I’d changed shorts and I told him about having an accident at lunchtime in the cafeteria and I had to go to the nurse to get cleaned up. He thought I must have spilled something and I didn’t correct him… although he thought the bulging diaper was a bit much. A few of the other kids on the bus who didn’t go to our school commented but, I was so used to wearing them by then, their snide comments didn’t worry me. However, one much older boy kept going on and on and I saw that Jake was getting a bit worried. I turned and said something to the bully… in fact I called him a c…. I know it’s a naughty word but I’d heard older kids say it, even though I didn’t know what it meant.
He angrily came charging down the bus aisle and dragged me to my feet. He was very big and I realised I’d better apologise as quickly as possible but before I had chance he began mocking me for using such a word and said:

“The big baby thinks it’s grown up.”

He must have been about 14 or 15 and very large. I was terrified that he might hit me but he ripped down my shorts and jeered at my plastic pants and diaper in front of the entire bus.

“Look,” he screamed to all the kids who were watching, “the baby has already wet itself… no doubt it’s crapping itself as well.”

I could see Jake was crying and I didn’t know what to do. I was very, very scared and to make things worse, I actually had filled my entire diaper.

I just stared at the bully. I couldn’t do anything as I was paralyzed with fear but the driver pulled the bus over and ordered the kid to get off. It was only once the bus had set off again and I’d pulled my damaged shorts up that I could feel that my diaper was very warm… and very messy. I didn’t tell anyone I just hoped that the plastic pants would contain the problem but, the smell became overpowering and some of the kids were complaining… and pointing at ‘Stinky Hudson’. I tried to hug Jake but he just pulled away and I felt terrible. It got worse, because of all the complaints, about half a mile from home the bus driver pulled over and ordered me off as well. Poor Jake also had to get off and as the bus drove away, we could see some of the kids laughing, holding their noses and pulling faces. The long walk home was awful. I was trying to keep my shorts up as the zip had been broken by the bully, Jake wouldn’t speak and I could feel the mess squishing around in my diaper with each step.


Once home, Jake told the story to Auntie Rose, while I went straight to my room. I could hear that she was annoyed that such things happen on a school bus but because of my dejected manner must have known that something else had gone on. I stood in front of my mirror and looked at my reflected image and became very angry. There was such a pain in the pit of my stomach that I didn’t know if I was about to fill my diaper again or that my entire body would explode. The mirror showed me just what the bully had seen, a stupid kid, in a stupid uniform, in stupid shorts, wearing a stupid diaper… I looked like a little kid… no wonder he thought of me as a ‘Big Baby’.

I furiously pulled off my jacket, tie and shirt. My damaged shorts fell to the floor and I angrily kicked them away. The reflection of me showed I was just a Big Baby… wearing a diaper and plastic pants… what else could I be?

Suddenly, I wanted to reject all the things that had plotted to make me that way. I hated my school uniform. I hated the short shorts. I didn’t want to wear diapers again. I didn’t want to go near a pair of plastic pants. I hated the fact that we’d moved to this awful town. I hated mum for not being here and auntie for encouraging me. I hated the onesie and the easy way I’d let auntie feed me with a bottle….uuuurgggg. I hated my recent dreams and, in my head, I blamed Kenny for involving me in all these baby things. It was all Kenny’s fault and I didn’t want to have anything to do with him again. The photo of us at the lake with an arm around each other’s shoulders and smiling just seemed to be mocking me, I swept it off the table and it smashed to the floor. He was no longer my friend. I hated him and his babyish ways.

I was angry and upset. My best friend had betrayed me… making me something I wasn’t… my world was spinning out of control and I didn’t know what to do. Still wearing just my messy diaper and plastic pants I threw myself down onto my bed and cried into my pillow.


I’d only been weeping for a little while when there was a gentle knock on my door and auntie came in. She saw how upset I was but told me I couldn’t lie around in a full diaper and led me towards the bathroom. I didn’t really want to move and I was angry at her as well, but she was correct… even for me the smell was getting too much.

She guided me to the bathroom and started to un-pop the plastic diaper but I pulled away and angrily shouted that ‘I’ll do it… I’m not a baby’.

She looked shocked at my outburst but left me to deal with it. My plastic pants fell to the floor and the full disaster in my diaper was revealed. The mess, the smell, the unpleasantness suddenly made me feel sick and I rushed to the toilet to vomit. I was clinging on to the side of the bowl crying and being sick all at the same time feeling totally dejected.

I was crying for my ‘mummy’. Not something I had called mum for a long time but now I wanted my ‘mummy’ and became inconsolable that she wasn’t here with me. Auntie did her best by stroking my hair and trying to make me feel better but it just wasn’t working and if anything, I was getting more and more hysterical about… everything. The tears were flowing hard and I was screaming incomprehensible things through my huge sobs. I was acting like a baby but had no way to control the desperate feeling that had overtaken me. I sat on the floor, with my head resting against the cool toilet bowl and wept.


Auntie eventually coaxed me into the shower where she sprayed and sponged me until I was clean. My belly was still feeling like it was going to burst but at least the sobbing had stopped. She dried me off and steered me back to my bedroom where she went to my cupboard and started sorting through my pull-ups and diapers. She’d just grabbed a pair of pull-ups, which she didn’t realise made me very angry, and I shouted ‘No’ at her. I strode over to my drawer, pulled out a pair of tightie-whities and put them on, determined that my days of diapers, pull-ups and all the things that Kenny loved now had no place in my life. For the past few months, because it was so hot, I’d lived most of my time in just shorts but now I made a determined effort to find my jeans and wear those from that moment on.

The evening meal was a very bad-tempered affair. When auntie tried to bring up the subject of the bully I screamed at her, which upset Jake but I wasn’t bothered, I was too angry to think about anyone but me. I didn’t even thank auntie before I left the table and returned to my room. I turned on the Xbox and was determined to get to a high level before bed time but I kept making stupid mistakes. I angrily threw the controller down in frustration and tried to find something else to occupy my mind. My school backpack was the next to feel my anger because when I opened it I found the plastic bag with my shorts and briefs, which just reminded me of what a terrible day it had been. I threw them and the note at the ripped shorts that were already in a heap in the corner, then noticed the ‘baby’ stuff in my cupboard and dragged all that to the floor.


It was morning when I woke up and auntie was gently shaking my shoulder and telling me to get ready for school. I told her I didn’t want to go but she very firmly told me it wasn’t an option and to get myself ready immediately. A great deal of the anger had left me and I knew that auntie wouldn’t let me get away with being rude a second time so I meekly began to change out of the clothes, which I had apparently slept in. At some point in the night auntie must have come in, tidied up all the mess, and got my stuff ready for the day ahead. My jacket was spotless and pressed, a new, freshly ironed shirt hung over the chair, my shorts were all clean and dry and a pair of my white briefs topped the pile. I really didn’t want to get dressed but auntie was shouting we were late, and with the memory of my shouting at her last night, I felt a little guilty and knew I had no alternative.

I pulled on my briefs and wandered to the bathroom where Jake was just finishing his morning routine. He was already dressed but looked worried as he asked if I was OK. I nodded that I was and gave him a half smile, which was greeted by an even bigger one from him as he rushed past me to breakfast. I looked in the mirror and saw dark circles under my eyes… I looked awful but a quick dunk under the cold water tap and a cold-water wash instantly relieved my pastiness.


Auntie had repaired the broken zip on the shorts, washed and dried the plastic pants and gave them to me to return, ‘with thanks’, to the nurse. As we were running a little late she said that she would drive us to school to make it a bit easier but I really think it was to make sure I went. I really wished I could have worn my jeans I just wasn’t comfortable in shorts any more but school rules meant that all students, certainly of my year, had no option. However, throughout the day I kept avoiding Kenny and any conversation about my ordeal on the bus and just wished I could get home soon and change into something more ‘age appropriate’ and less childish.

At lunchtime, when Kenny suggested we go up to the playing fields to eat, I made some excuse and went off to speak to someone else. In fact, every time he came near me I tried to ignore him or moved away or found something I just had to get on with. His usually smiling face and bright eyes changed throughout the day and I could see he was getting a bit worried about my attitude. I was glad I was hurting him. It was his fault I was bullied and his fault I had so easily slipped into being a big baby… yes my problems were the result of him being my friend. No more would I be fascinated by his diapers… in fact… if I never saw another diaper again, it would be too soon. My interest in them was now zero and my interest in Kenny was the same.


The following day the pattern was repeated as I went out of my way to make it clear I was totally ignoring him. There was a sad look in his eyes and at recess I saw him talking to Jake. I wanted to go over and break that up but that would have meant talking, or at least, being in Kenny’s company and I wanted to avoid that. In gym I had noticed that Kenny was back to wearing briefs and there had been no hint of padding for a couple of days but, he had told me he wanted to be a baby, so, I didn’t want him as a friend.

He tried several times to talk to me about the bully but I moved away or talked about something else. I was doing my best to ignore him but in a class of 20 it was impossible to not be close at some point. In one lesson we were paired up by the teacher for a project and Kenny kept asking… what he had done to upset me.

Through clenched teeth I told him: “You… and your baby thing… are ruining my life.” He looked bewildered. “You’ve made me like stuff… and I don’t want to any more… I don’t want to be your friend.”

The last comment really hit home and I saw the concern in his eyes change to real hurt. He was looking at the ground when, after a few seconds, he replied “I’d be your friend even if you didn’t like those things…”

I didn’t let him finish, I got up and told the teacher I felt ill and needed to see the nurse. I left Kenny looking very sad and confused.


That night mum arrived back from her trip to the capital very tired but with some ‘special news’. Both Jake and I made a huge fuss of her and I think auntie was pleased she had someone else to share my moodiness with. Over our evening meal mum told us that the conference and the meetings had all gone well but that there was something she needed to discuss with us.

“Would you boys like to live in the capital?” She said with a hint of worried excitement.

Both Jake and I looked at her and wondered what she meant. “Permanently?” I asked.

“I suppose. They’ve offered me a promotion to Head Office… so we’d have a nice big place…”

Jake was concerned. “What about my friends?”

In the time we’d been at Oakland he’d proved to be very popular. For much of the time we’d only see him for meals and bedtime as he’d be out on his bike, skateboard or playing some game with his group of other 3rd and 4th Graders.

“Well,” mum started to say “you’ll be able to make new friends… you did when we came here… and they…”

“But I don’t want to leave,” Jake whined. “I like it here.”

Mum looked over at me to add something. “I don’t care. Here, there… where ever…” and shrugged my shoulders.

“What about your friends? Kenny…?”

“I don’t have any friends here so…” I made a face trying to show I was disinterested.

Mum looked across at her sister for some kind of explanation but auntie just made a face of resignation.

Jake was getting more upset and started to sob. “… but… I don’t want to go anywhere. It’s not fair.”

Mum tried to console him but he burst into tears. “It’s not fair. It’s not…”

I suppose mum knew this might happen so looked at me for some kind of response but I just sat there totally unsympathetic to Jake’s pain. She told him that it was a great opportunity for her and that we’d be in a lovely area… and at a new school, which was a lot larger than Oakland so there would be more kids his age to meet and make friends with. It was having no effect on Jake who ran off to his room and slammed the door.

I asked if I’d have to wear shorts at this new school but she looked annoyed at my question and said she didn’t know but why did it matter? I was silent and just looked down at my empty plate as my reply. Mum knew that there was something going on and as I wasn’t very forthcoming asked me to go to my room as she wanted to talk to auntie in private. I shrugged and went to play on my Xbox.


Mum and auntie were talking for a long time and as it was late I got myself ready for bed, the onesies and pull-ups forgotten as I put on my t-shirt and boxers. I think mum came in at some point as I felt her kiss my head but I was too drowsy to say anything. However, that night I had the worst dream I ever had and it concerned Jake and Kenny. There were both in trouble and I just watched, deciding to do nothing rather than help. When, in my dream, they were being dragged to their deaths, I screamed out in terror as I knew I could have prevented it.

Mum and auntie both came in to my room roused by my shriek of horror, I was crying, very agitated and my bed was wet through. Mum held me as I tried to settle down but I was overcome with emotion because of what I did… or didn’t do. Eventually mum got me settled but decided that both the bed and I needed changing. As auntie stripped the bed and put on new bedding, mum took me to the bathroom to help me change. I wasn’t in a state of mind to be worried as mum stripped me, dried me off, powdered me and was about to put me in pull-ups when I screamed “NO” at her.


“Simon.” She said sternly. “You can stop that now.” She looked determined. “You’ve wet the bed and this is just a precaution… and whether you like it or not… this is what you are going to wear.”

I kicked and squirmed and screamed my defiance. “Stop that now.” She must have told me loads of times but I wasn’t going to be put into diapers or pull-ups ever again so I fought and made more noise. Mum warned me several times that if I continued I’d be punished but I still wouldn‘t let her put me in the pull-ups. Eventually, and out of shear frustration she pulled me over her lap and delivered half a dozen swats with her hand to my naked bottom.

I’d never been spanked in my life and was completely shocked by what had happened. My tantrum stopped to be replaced by real tears as the effects of my smacked bum kicked in. I froze, and in those moments mum tugged the pull-ups into place then hugged me tightly. It was strange because although I was crying at my stinging bottom, my defiance had left me and I just wanted to be cuddled by my mum. She held me and rocked gently until I calmed down and then she carried me back to my freshly made bed.

“Simon,” she said as she tucked me in and stroked my hair, “you have had a terrible experience with a bully.” So auntie had told her all about that incident, “but you are a good boy. You’re thoughtful and a good friend. Don’t let a nasty boy change who you are.”

She continued stroking my hair and speaking in a very quiet voice. “I was worried when we came to Oakland that it would all be too much of a disruption for you and Jake but, you have both thrived here. You’ve both made terrific friends and you’ve both improved at school and I couldn’t be more proud of the way you’ve turned out.”

Mum’s soothing words were lodging in my head… it was the same as auntie had said; “Don’t change… be a free spirit”, that’s when it hit me and I realised that the bully had made me ‘change’. It wasn’t about being a baby or anything else for that matter, it was about me being who I was… and I liked who I was. With mum back and in charge and, despite my sore bottom, I felt safe. I forgot she’d put me back into pull-ups because I was feeling relaxed, comfortable and padded so soon fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up wet. Not very wet but my pull-up was more than a little damp and I was glad I’d worn it to soak up my leaking. After I’d showered and returned to my room all my school clothes were arranged on the chair as usual except my underwear. Mum was letting me decide what I wanted to wear to school and for the first time in a few days, I wasn’t anxious about it. I went to my underwear draw and saw that the plastic pants were there as well as my usual briefs and boxers. I looked in my cupboard and, although I’d chucked them all over the floor earlier, the pull-ups, diapers and assorted other things were neatly stacked up. Even the cloth diapers were all washed and arranged ready for use, if and when, they might be needed… or wanted. I decided, since I had wet twice overnight that a little bit of protection might be a good idea so I pulled on two pairs of pull-ups and my plastic pants. It felt really good to be padded and snug as I pulled on my shorts.

At breakfast I wasn’t checked and nothing was said about my antics the night before, apparently Jake had slept right through it all, and auntie offered to drive us to school again. Jake looked across at me but I said that I’d rather catch the bus if it was alright by everyone. Both mum and auntie smiled, while Jake gave a little worried grimace. Oddly enough, when some of the other kids mentioned the stink from last time I made a joke about it and, with everyone laughing, the problem seemed to have passed. The bully wasn’t a passenger so that made it a bit easier and we arrived at school none the worse for the journey.

Next I noticed Kenny wearing a rather thick and obvious diaper under his shorts. As I approached he looked half scared but I pulled up the leg of my shorts to show him my plastic protection and shouted as loud as I could “Snap.” He giggled his infectious giggle and his face lit up like before.

“Bad night?” he beamed.

“The worst,” I replied returning his smile. “Wet, spanked, cried and diapered.”

“Sounds like a good night to me.” He laughed, then realising exactly what I had said he questioned, “Spanked?”

“Yep…” I said as we were entering the classroom, “I’ll tell you all about it at recess.”

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 9

Chapter 11

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Kenny Part 3

This story is written by Les Lea

Sunday morning was always a big breakfast morning! At the table mum didn’t even notice the switch. If she did she never mentioned it or gave a look of disapproval as we tucked into the filling meal. She hoped that Kenny had had a goodnight’s sleep, I think she was trying to find out if he’d wet or not, but I got a nudge and a smile from Kenny for me to answer, after all, I was now Kenny! Mum was busy and had her back to me as I answered nervously that it was a dry night so… no leaks. She nodded in acknowledgement and carried on with her washing–up or whatever she was doing at the sink. It was a strange feeling being padded at my own table and I had to wriggle in my seat to try and get comfortable, I felt sorry for Kenny if this was how he felt all the time when he was diapered even though he said he was used to it. However, despite that initial feeling, there was something, a connection, that I liked and the special bond we had was growing as I became more at ease in my new underwear.

Throughout breakfast he had a huge grin on his face… bigger than usual… he looked so happy. We managed to answer my mum’s questions and as often as I could I’d answer as Kenny and he answered for me, Jake had no idea what was going on. After breakfast we played outside and had a game of kick about. We had a decent sized garden and we backed onto some fields so had plenty of space. Kenny was a very good soccer player he was even in the school team. Unfortunately, I liked the game but had no skill so it was more kick and run for me and Jake… although he was slightly better at it than me. Some of my brother’s school friends arrived and soon we had a bunch of kids kicking and screaming their heads off as we charged around after the ball. The thickness between my legs was a constant reminder I was wearing something of Kenny’s but it seemed less uncomfortable when I ran about than when I had been sitting down. Kenny (or perhaps that should be Simon) was very attentive and often seemed to be checking and stroking my bottom as we tackled each other or even just coming into contact as we went for the ball. He looked to be enjoying the fact that I was padded and in his worn diaper because, with his wonderful smile, he kept asking me how I was feeling. With all the constant running around I had to keep jerking my shorts up as they kept sliding down the plastic pants. Often the diaper bunched up and needed to be hoisted back into a more comforting position but I just did these things automatically. All the kids must have seen my ‘protection’ but no one reacted; perhaps they were waiting until they were out of earshot before they commented.

Neither mum nor the neighbors seemed to be bothered about the noise as more kids from the estate appeared from nowhere and got involved. We’d never had this many people at our house, even if Jake did seem to know everyone, and it was funny that some of them were calling me Kenny and calling Kenny Simon because that’s what we were shouting to each other. I know it stupid but we laughed every time someone got our name wrong (or should that be right?).


Towards lunchtime the gang began to thin out and even Jake disappeared with a couple of his friends over to a neighbors house. Despite the big breakfast we were both hungry after the hectic game and made our way to the kitchen to see if mum had prepared anything. Just as we got to the door a car pulled up and it was Kenny’s mum coming to collect him. He waved to her and she waved back and within moments she was hugging and kissing her son and asking if he’d been a good boy. I noticed that as they spoke she patted his bottom, to check his diaper I suppose, but he whispered something to her and she smiled and kissed the top of his head. My mum came out to greet her and whilst they chatted we went off to my room to get his things.

Mum had already re-made my bed so the place was pretty tidy consequently, all he had to do was roll up his unused sleeping bag and shove a few of his things away in his backpack. I checked in the bathroom to make sure he hadn’t left anything in there. The only thing was the baby powder was still out from when I’d diapered him the day before so I put it back in the cabinet. I guess mum left it out in case he needed it again and I was thankful that she’d cleaned up the powdery mess we’d made the day before… without telling us both off. Back in my bedroom he made no move to change out of my clothes so I guess I was going to be wearing his in future, which after a morning of activity, I’d gotten used to anyway. His mum had told him she was in a rush so we didn’t have much time for good-byes but he hugged me and said that he would check with his ‘mummy and daddy’ but hoped to have me over to his place before too long. As a ten year-old I found calling his mom ‘mummy’ a bit childish but it didn’t seem to bother Kenny. In some ways he was very young but in others, he was so grown up. We’d had so much fun I was really sorry that he had to go but we’d be seeing each other at school the following morning so it wasn’t that bad.

I was a bit down after Kenny left and riding my bike on my own wasn’t that much fun. In fact, the diaper was really bunched up so I went up to my room to change. I stripped down to just the diaper and plastic pants and looked in the mirror. The plastic pants had moulded themselves to my body and looked shiny and tight but there was no denying that there was a disposable hidden underneath. I turned so I could see my reflection from all different angles and the slightly bulky outline I found I didn’t mind at all. I thought of how Kenny had to wear this type of thing on a regular basis and I could see why he liked doing so. My experience was really only for a few hours but I did like the look, and, I had to admit, as I smoothed my hands over the padded area, that the glossy softness of the plastic was particularly nice.

I was in two minds; should I keep wearing them or change into something else? If I kept wearing them there was a chance that mum would notice and start asking questions I didn’t think I could answer and besides that, I thought I’d be more comfortable wearing a pair of my white gym shorts around the house like I often did when the weather was hot. Alternatively, if I kept the padding on, no one would be in any doubt about the fact I was diapered. So, that decision was made and I slowly peeled down the plastic pants, neatly folded them and put them in the draw near Kenny’s soiled diaper I’d hidden earlier. The disposable I was wearing was a bit far gone to keep. It was lumped together, very wet (although I don’t think I’d peed in it) and I doubted if it could have been worn again, after all Kenny had worn it all night and I’d worn it for most of the day. I pulled on my little white gym shorts and a clean white t-shirt and joined mum and Jake watching TV, though not before I’d hidden the very used diaper deep in a garbage sack and, with a slight regret, thrown it into the bin outside.


Mrs Morrison had left a nice big box of chocolates for my mum as a little ‘thanks’ for coming to her ‘emergency’ rescue. So, later in the evening, as we all sat watching TV, Jake and I helped mum demolish each yummy layer. As it was school the following day, we were both ordered to take a bath and have an early night. Mum got it ready for Jake to go first but once he was in and playing with his toys I thought I might as well get in as well. We hadn’t taken a bath together for quite some time but I suppose, with the closeness I’d experienced with Kenny, I was happy to share with my brother. He didn’t seem bothered as we managed to play a rather convincing war game with his plastic boats and submarines. A lot of noise and splashing later and mum came in to dry Jake off. He looked so sweet as mum wrapped him in a huge towel and dried him down. She had his clean PJs waiting and got him dressed all ready for bed as I still lounged in the tub. She escorted him to his room, tucked him in, kissed him goodnight and I heard her say that it was “straight to sleep… no reading or games”.

I was just about to get out and dry myself when mum came back in. “I like Kenny,” she said with a smile on her face. “He’s very grow-up, despite his slight problem. He seems to be able to manage it very well.”

I didn’t know whether to get out of the bath or stay where I was while mum chatted but she got another huge towel ready and inferred that she was going to dry me the same as she had done Jake. This again was something we hadn’t done for what seemed like ages and I really loved the attention. Mum kept saying that she hoped we’d see more of Kenny and that I could invite him around again sometime if I wanted. She seemed glad of the diversion from her bank work as she went on about what a nice lady his mother was and what a fine looking man his dad was… I couldn’t speak or reply much because I was being jogged up and down as my mum vigorously rubbed me dry. Eventually she stopped and left me wrapped in the towel. She was very enthusiastic about the entire weekend but, she confessed, she was glad it was back to school for us in the morning.


Back in my room and wrapped only in the towel I sat at my desk and got my books ready for class. All the work I’d been assigned (which amounted to keeping a diary of the weekend) was done, my school clothes were pressed and waiting on the chair… when I suddenly thought about Kenny’s used diaper. I nervously went to retrieve it from its hiding place, a little worried that mum might come in and discover it and I still hadn’t thought of a decent excuse to explain how or why I had it. I lost my nerve and decided it could wait until I felt a bit more confident about bringing it out and perhaps, with a bit of time, mum would have forgotten all about it.

I noticed that mum had left my clean PJs on my pillow; a blue t-shirt and blue satin boxers with Disney character all over them. I remembered when I got them, I was so pleased I must have worn them nonstop for a month before I’d wear anything else. They were still up there amongst my favorites, if you can have a favorite pair of boxers that is. I shucked off the towel and slipped into my boxers… they felt soft, silky and wonderful. I pulled back my sheets ready to climb into bed and was surprised to see a couple of pairs of disposable diapers and a pair of clear plastic pants. I don’t know why but a shiver ran up my spine as I picked them up to be examined more carefully. Thankfully they were the same brand that Kenny wore so I assumed they had been left by him as a present and it wasn’t some clever move on my mum’s part to get me back into diapers. I wasn’t sure whether to put them on or not but decided against that for the time being, wishing instead to luxuriate in my satin boxers and think about how nice it had been to be rubbing up against Kenny.


Another thought entered my head and it was of the first time that Jake had appeared by my bedside in the middle of the night crying and scared by a storm. He was carrying his teddy bear, had a little white cotton undershirt on and was wearing a thick diaper. Why he hadn’t gone to my parent’s room, dad was with us in those days, I wasn’t sure. Perhaps, with them arguing all the time…? However, the storm had frightened him so he sought refuge with me. He was 2 and I was a grown-up 4 so I pushed back the blanket as a huge roar of thunder, which seemed to be right next door to us, crashed around the house and he burst into even more tears. I didn’t like to see my baby brother in distress (I still don’t) so he and his teddy climbed in and I held him while he settled down and his sobbing gave way to sleep. His little padded bottom rested comfortably in the hollow of my stomach as I hugged him close. Meanwhile, the flashes and noise slowly moved away and I was eventually able to fall asleep myself clutching his warm little body for comfort and reassurance.


My parents divorced less than a year later because dad went off with a woman from work. Mum found it quite difficult to begin with. Having two youngsters to cope with (I gather dad didn’t want to be bogged down with such responsibilities) must have been hard but we had my Auntie Rose, mum’s sister, staying with us and she helped out. Once she got Jake off to school mum went back to her job at the bank full time and, perhaps surprisingly, came up with a plan that saved it loads of money. She got promoted and was doing very well when head office wanted her to take the lead at a new branch, in another state. Mum said it was going to be an adventure when she told us we were moving but I guess… I didn’t expect it to lead to this.


I lay on my stomach and wriggled my hips against the mattress just as I had snuggled against Kenny. The feeling was awesome. I ran my hands over my satin boxers and the sensation was something I hadn’t expected. My little penis was reacting to something and my whole body shook in a pleasure I didn’t understand. Ohhh, this was something else, what was going on? I had no idea but, and don’t ask me why because I cannot give you a reason, I went to my draw, unfurled Kenny’s plastic pants, put them on, pulled my boxers over the top… and did it again. I kept up this action against my mattress until I fell asleep but I knew it would be something I wanted to try again.


The morning saw Jake and I waiting for the school bus to arrive. He looked like a smaller version of me as we both wore similar clothes; grey shorts, maroon blazer, school tie etc etc. Some of the other kids who went to different schools didn’t have to wear a uniform and we were occasionally the butt of some jokes. To begin with the taunts worried me but, as all the kids at my particular school had the same uniform it was less of a problem. However, on this day a much older boy accused the small group of us sitting together of looking like ‘a bunch of babies in our little short pants’ (if he only knew about my weekend wearing diapers) it did make me feel a little ashamed about my sudden, Kenny inspired, willingness to wear this particular form of protection. So, I squirmed in my seat but glad I had on my briefs under my school shorts, having decided that diapers, and anything else, might be best left to wearing at home and for ‘special occasions’.

The school year appeared to get more intense and class was becoming more difficult. I saw Kenny every day and when we could we’d play together but somehow our weekends never matched up as either he was doing something or I was. Thankfully, I had my disposables and plastic pants (which I am sure is why he gave them to me) as a constant reminder of him, so even when he wasn’t there, he was in some form. Almost every night I’d do the ‘rubbing thing’ that I’d taught myself and fall asleep having experienced a tingling sensation that flowed through my body. I couldn’t explain it, even to Kenny, but I decided that the next time we had a sleepover, I’d show him what to do.


Life in school continued and it appeared that Kenny wasn’t wearing any protection for a good number of weeks. He told me that he’d been dry now for longer than he’d ever been and wondered if his wetting episodes were now over. Night time protection was still there but he woke up every morning to a dry diaper so mummy and daddy (his words) were very pleased with him. He’d even been to the store with his mum and bought new underpants like the ones he got from me when we exchanged clothes. At lunchtime he showed me them, and although I was enthusiastic about them, I was also a little disappointed as I now regularly wore his plastic pants under my boxers to sleep in and he seemed to have moved on.

However, all that changed one morning when I got to class. Kenny was sat on the floor working with a group of other kids on a project and I could see that his shorts were almost bursting with the size of a huge diaper. There was no getting away from it Kenny was back in diapers and what a diaper it was too, every time he moved it could be seen. If he sat down his shorts rode up and the shiny plastic, holding back the thick diaper, was very visible. If he bent over it was on show for all to see but Kenny being Kenny, just carried on as if nothing had changed. I asked him what had happened and he told me that the night before he’d woken up during the early hours with his PJs full of pee and poo. It was the one time he had felt able to try to spend the night with no protection but it had… as he said… ‘explosive consequences’ (I think that must have been a term either his mum or dad had used). His parents assumed he must have eaten something to have caused such a reaction but he confided in me… swearing me to secrecy… as to what had actually happened.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 2

Chapter 4

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Kenny Part 2

This story is written by Les Lea

To begin with I couldn’t get used to wearing the diaper. It felt huge between my legs, the whole thing crinkled if I moved and my boxers, which I wore over them, were just too tight to be comfortable. I tossed and turned as I tried to explain my predicament to Kenny and he came up with a very simple remedy.

“Take off your boxers.”

I was stunned at the suggestion and thought I probably wasn’t allowed to do that with another boy in my bed but Kenny was smiling and convinced this was such an easy way to sort out my problem.

“All this protection might take a bit of getting used to,” he said, “I’ve had plenty of time to get used to them but it’ll probably feel better if you just wear the diaper.”

I cautiously pulled at the waistband of my boxers and eased them off. Kenny was correct as I immediately felt less restricted, although I was still nervous of being all-but naked in bed with my friend. In the darkness we spoke some more and he told me that when the weather was warm he often just wore a diaper to sleep in… especially if his parents were worried about his periods of wetting. I nodded in agreement now that I felt a little less uncomfortable. He then said that as a youngster, he often fell asleep in front of the TV and his dad would scoop him up, carry him to his little bed, undress him, put him in his diaper, kiss him goodnight and leave him to sleep peacefully. He looked at me with those big, all embracing eyes and giggled nervously when he added that he wasn’t always asleep.

I asked when his dad stopped doing that but Kenny grinned, shyly turned to one side and admitted he still did it. I was shocked that his dad seemed to be OK with his spells of wetting and having his son still wearing diapers, and if the truth is known, a bit jealous of having a father who would do that for his boy. He said at home he has various lotions, creams and powders rubbed into his diaper area to stop him getting a rash and although now he could do those things himself, he preferred it when his parents did it for him. He said that he loved it when his dad took charge like that… it was like being a baby again. He said that they chuckled a lot and his dad made it into a game but it seemed that both his mum and dad were happy to do what was needed for their little boy.

Again I was stunned but I didn’t doubt a word of what Kenny said; he had a problem and his family were keen to make as little fuss as possible as it was just a part of Kenny’s life and not some huge drama. ‘Drama’ that was another word he emphasised. It wasn’t a ‘drama’. He wet… so what? In the Morrison household it was something that happened, you dealt with it and then got on with life. It was only a drama if you made it one, so why not make it a fun part of life? Kenny said that with his dad’s job as a fire-fighter and his mum’s work as a nurse, both had seen people in really awful situations so they should be thankful for what they had… and, according to them, bed-wetting didn’t represent a trauma or a drama.

Eventually, with all my questions answered, we both drifted off to sleep… him snug in his pink pajamas and protection, whereas I was surprisingly now much more comfy wearing only a disposable covered with a pair of thick plastic pants.


I woke up in the early hours desperate for a pee. I didn’t want to disturb Kenny, who was fast asleep and, although I was wearing my protection, I really didn’t want to wet myself. It still felt a little strange having the diaper fitting me so tightly but I carefully climbed out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. It felt weird standing in there wearing a diaper and plastic pants as I pointed my little penis at the bowl and I wondered what my mother would think if she saw me. The thought of peeing in my diaper had crossed my mind but, even standing at the bowl in full flow, I didn’t think I could have filled my disposable in that manner. However, once I’d finished, that particular thought disappeared and I was glad I had emptied my bladder in the ‘proper’ way and felt grateful for the relief.

As I returned to bed I could just make out Kenny’s outline in the moonlight. He must have moved a little as the sheet had fallen away from him exposing his pajama pants making his padded bottom really evident. The top of his disposable diaper clearly visible somehow made him look younger than he actually was but I was just glad to have my best friend with me. I cautiously climbed in beside him, desperately trying not to wake him up and found myself having to curl up, almost in his arms, to find a space to get comfortable again. Wearing only a diaper and a t-shirt to bed couldn’t have been that bad as once again I soon dropped off to sleep.


I woke up first. My friend, who was still fast asleep, had his arm draped across my waist and was breathing lightly into my face. I took a few moments to appreciate the vision in front of me but I could hear movement downstairs and knew that mum must be busy getting breakfast ready… and the phone was ringing.

As I got up Kenny sleepily stirred, stretching his arms and legs out in a huge morning yawn.

“Morning.” I nodded as I slipped from our bed to look for my clothes.

“Mmymmm…” he responded as he wiped sleep from his eyes.

As I tiptoed to my dresser in search of clean underwear Kenny asked if I was wet? I knew I wasn’t but instinctively felt down the front of my diaper. “No… I’m dry.” I paused then asked, “How about you?”

He looked a bit guilty as he nodded. There were no wet patches on his pajama pants so I suppose the protection had done its job, although I could tell he was a little disappointed that I hadn’t wet myself in the night like he had… and oddly enough, I felt like I’d somehow let him down. I stripped out of my plastic pants and diaper and pulled on a pair of briefs and shorts ready for the day ahead and asked if he wanted to have a shower or anything first. I wasn’t sure what he needed to do or even whether someone needed to come and change him. At that moment there was a knock on my bedroom door and my mum asking to come in. She didn’t wait for answer.

“Ah Kenny… that was your mum on the phone… asking if you could stay with us today and tonight as both your parents are dealing with emergencies. Your dad is at a big blaze so won’t be home today and your mum can’t get anyone at the hospital to change shifts with her.”

He looked at me and I was happy to have him stay another night. We both excitedly nodded.

“Good, I’ll call her back…. I hoped you’d be happy to stay a bit longer…I knew Simon would be.” She was just about to leave when she noticed Kenny’s padding.

“Are you wet?” she asked sympathetically.

“Mmmm… just a bit… but I haven’t leaked.” He defended himself.

“That’s alright Kenny… I know you have…” she didn’t finish that part of her sentence. “Do you need help changing?”

“No thank you Mrs Hudson… I’m all right… mmmm… do you have any baby powder… I think I’ve forgotten mine.”

“Yes, yes, I think we still have some in the bathroom. Show him Si while I get on with your breakfasts and let your mum know you’re happy to be staying with us.” She exited as swiftly as she arrived but I could hear her rousing Jake as she went on her way.


I took Kenny to the bathroom and showed him where everything was. There was all kinds of stuff in the cabinet and I was about to leave him to sort out what he needed to use after he’d had his shower when he asked me to get him a clean disposable from his backpack. By the time I arrived back, he was naked and about to climb into the shower. He asked me to wait until he’d finished and I assumed it was to stop Jake from barging in on him whilst he was busy cleaning himself up.

I sat on the toilet seat clutching a fresh diaper and a clean pair of clear plastic pants waiting for my friend to finish. Lying on the floor was his slightly discoloured diaper and plastic pants and I bent down, lifted them to my nose and inhaled. I’m not sure what I expected. I remember when Jake was a baby that diapers, pee and baby powder were the main smells in the house, so I wasn’t sure if Kenny’s wet diaper would be any different. There was only a very light smell of urine but what really got me was that they were still warm… and for some reason… I found that very exciting as my friend happily splashed under the shower. It didn’t take him long and soon had himself clean and dry. He asked me to spread the disposable out on the bathroom floor, which I did, and he lay out on it.

“OK,” he said, “get the powder and sprinkle it over me.”

I was taken by surprise by the request but like everything else that Kenny asked me to do… I did. I knew roughly the area that needed the powder so I had fun sprinkling loads all over him. We laughed as it seemed to be going everywhere as he rubbed it in. Eventually, after I’d given the container a huge squeeze, which sent a huge powdery cloud over Kenny’s belly, we thought there was enough of a coating to do the job. He then showed me how to pull the disposable tightly up between his legs, pull the sides firmly together and make sure the tapes fitted correctly so as not to let it sag. He stood up and gave me a little show as he paced up and down the bathroom like a model showing me what a good job I’d done… well at least it didn’t fall down. He then pulled on his clean plastic pants and we headed back to my bedroom for him to finish getting dressed. Like me he wore only a t-shirt and shorts ready for another hot day of playing out in the nearby fields.

We went down to breakfast where Jake was already absorbed in a cartoon on the TV as he ate his bowl of cereal. Kenny, who was holding a plastic bag containing his wet diaper, asked my mum where the best place to dispose of it was. She smiled, took it off him and said that she hoped he liked pancakes. They didn’t seem to be a problem as we both wolfed down the entire pile she had made.


Jake was happy with the news that Kenny would be staying with us for another night – I think he was still quite curious about all this diaper-wearing business. As we played I noticed him looking up the leg of Kenny’s baggy blue-checked shorts as we climbed trees, crawled in the grass and generally kept ourselves amused for the day. I have to say that I peeked a few times myself so my friend’s loose-fitting shorts provided another type of entertainment for both me and my brother. If Kenny knew, he didn’t seem to mind… I guess he was used to it… and us… by then.

When we went in for lunch I noticed that mum hadn’t actually got around to getting rid of Kenny’s used diaper, so, while she was dishing out the food I sneaked it up to my room and hid it. I’m not sure what I planned to do with it but I just wanted to keep that little bit of Kenny around for a while longer. I remember thinking how naughty I was being and wondered if I got caught, what mum would do. Would she shout, be ashamed, maybe even disgusted? Would I be punished in some way? I didn’t know… all I did know was that I wanted that diaper.


In the evening, because we knew mum had some catching up to do with work and needed a bit of peace and quiet to get it all done, we all played on my Xbox and watched a DVD in my room before it was time for bed. It had been a hectic day and despite pretending we boys were up for a late night, we were all pretty tired and ready for an early night. Jake had gone off earlier to get ready whilst Kenny and I played a bit more on the Xbox but he arrived back minutes later in his PJs and wanted a last turn. As he played we went off to the bathroom to brush our teeth and wash-up before bed.

Normally Jake is quite good at the games we had but he just wasn’t on the ball this time and kept losing. He got a bit crabby and moody so Kenny decided to tickle him to try and cheer him up. We both attacked him and in moments had the little guy rolling around the floor giggling and thrashing around trying to escape our poking and wiggling fingers. Unfortunately, with Kenny sat astride his chest and tickling under his arms and me tickling his un-socked feet, Jake had a little accident and peed himself… just a bit. I watched as the damp patch on his PJs spread and I told Kenny to hold off his tickle attack.

Kenny turned to see what the problem was and once he noticed looked back at Jake and as he got off him said sorry. Jake looked down at his wet patch and wasn’t sure what to do; tell mum, go to his room or rush to the bathroom. However, Kenny was already on it by offering him one of his disposable diapers if he wanted one. Jake looked horrified at the very idea but didn’t say anything only shook his head and ran off to his room. He must have thought we were going to make him have to wear it. I heard him slam the door.


That brought things to a close for the night and we decided it was bed time for us as well. Again Kenny was first to strip out of his shorts and t-shirt, quickly wrap himself in the disposable he’d offered to Jake, pull on his plastic pants, pajama bottoms and t-shirt and was already in bed before I even got started. I slowly climbed out of my day clothes and as I was doing that, wondered if I should get a diaper myself. I hadn’t been offered one but I knew that Kenny was happy the night before when I’d put one on. However, this time I simply pulled on my boxers and t-shirt and slipped in beside Kenny.

Clambering in behind him gave me the opportunity to draw him into my chest. There was no doubt that Kenny was lovely to cuddle up with and it brought back memories of when my scared little brother used to come and seek protection from the storm. As I put my arm around his waist, Kenny scuttled back and sighed as we were now like a pair of spoons. I cannot tell you how comforting it felt as his padded bum rested against my privates. It was nice to be able to feel the thickness and slippery covering as we lay so close together. In fact, this was loads better than wearing a diaper myself. Feeling my best friend in his cushioned protection slowly rubbing against my thin cotton underwear… well, I was in heaven, although innocent of the fact that this was the start of my own sexual awareness.

After a few minutes Kenny did something totally unexpected. He gently found my hand that was hugging his waist, pulled it up from the sheet that was covering us both and very tenderly kissed it. Then he found my thumb with his mouth and began softly sucking on it. I wasn’t sure what to do but as I was cheerfully pressed up against my best friend’s diapered bum, and every little movement from him gave me a thrill, I fell to sleep content at being his pacifier.

Again I woke up first. My hand was down the front of his pajama pants and I was slowly and unconsciously caressing his thick plastic covering. It felt soft, warm and silky and I snuggled up even more to my friend. I looked over his shoulder and saw that he was now sucking his own thumb and appeared to still be very much asleep. After a few minutes I needed to go to the toilet and thought that perhaps, had I been wearing last night’s protection, I might have just gone in them. However, I was only in my boxers so that wasn’t an option. I didn’t really want to stop gently stroking the front of his plastic pants, it just felt so pleasant, but the need to pee became stronger so I had to make the break.

When I returned Kenny was sat on the bed, he was still half asleep but had a half smile on his face.

“What are you smiling about?” I gently queried.

He pushed his hand inside the plastic protection and smiled again.

“I’m dry… and had the best sleep I’ve ever had.” He yawned. “I think I like sleeping with you… you’re much better than my plushies.”

I nodded in acknowledgement, if I still had my plushies I would be sleeping with them as well. Unfortunately, Jake took them when he was a baby and eventually, everything I had became his, such is having a younger brother. As I looked around for what to wear I noticed that Kenny had already piled some clothes on the bed next to him. I saw his clothes on the chair so knew that those on the bed must be mine.

He looked across at me, stretched and then added. “Can we swap clothes today?”

I wasn’t sure what to say… it was an odd request but he seemed enthusiastic on the idea. Yet, despite my ‘Erms’ and ‘buts and ‘ahhs’, he’d swiftly removed his night time outfit and was immediately pulling on my briefs, t-shirt and shorts. He obviously felt confident enough about having had a dry night that he thought he didn’t need his protection during the day. I just shrugged my shoulders in acceptance and went to get a clean pair of briefs for myself. Before I could do anything he passed me his warm diaper and plastic pants and motioned for me to put them on.

I shook my head but he just smiled that huge smile of his and said: “Go on… you be me today and I’ll be you.” I wasn’t sure about that idea but he was already having me step into the partly open disposable. “It’ll be fun.”

He quickly fastened the loose tapes into place then picked up the clear plastic pants and again assisted me into them. I wasn’t all that keen on this development but he was laughing and having such a good time getting me in to the things… and besides… it was all happening so quickly I had no time to protest. Finally, he finished dressing me by pulling his t-shirt over my head and handing me his loose-fitting blue checked shorts.

We stood in front of the mirror looking at our reflection and I have to say, I liked the two people who were staring back. He had his arm around my shoulder and I thought he looked pretty awesome dressed in my clothes. There was another sensation running through my ten year-old body and it could have been running through Kenny’s as well, we were being a bit naughty, a bit daring and we had this shared secret. I think this brought us even closer together. The thick diaper didn’t appear to show much under his baggy shorts so I wasn’t worried when he patted me on my padded bum, smiled and said.

“Well ‘Kenny’ let’s go down for breakfast.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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