Trick or Treat

Halloween time is candy time

Halloween time is candy timeYogiko and TommyBuizel are going out for the night on the hunt for candy because it’s Halloween, hehe and will trick or treat.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Yogiko and TommyBuizel

Draw by CuddleHooves


Yes Halloween sure seems to be the candy time for this two babyfur :) But i hope they dont eat to match candy so they end up whit a tummy ache. That sure can happen during this time of the year ;)

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Padded Candy Pirates Yarr

Padded Candy Pirates Yarr
Volly and Maly are pillaging the neighborhood of all the sweet booty they can get their cute claws on, only in their heads things seem a bit more… adventurous. Check out the link if you’re wondering what I mean ^^

Cubs in this drawing belongs to Diaper-and-Dragons and cuddlehooves

Above text belongs to Diaper-and-Dragons

Draw by bunnykisses


Looks like they have a fun time when they are out for the trick or treat :)

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A change of heart

A change of heartLeon was always going to land himself in trouble saying what he can and can’t do; Telling daddy “He can’t go out like this” was a mistake, after all it’s daddies choice what he can and can’t do. In true Halloween spirit daddy weaved his magic through the young adults body, shrinking him too the size of a little cub and with the potty control of a new born.

Another spell cast later and young Leon is now more than ready to show the next-door neighbors his costume, with little eager chants of “Lets go!” However it looks like the magic might of worked a little too well… Someone needs a change before trick or treating.

Leon and text by Leftlion

Draw by Charry


Poor Leon looks like he has to wait a little bit longer before he can go trick or treat. His diaper sure looks to be pretty well used.

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Trick or treat and change

Trick or treat and change sometimes when you’re out for a night of trick or treating…. things can slip your mind…

Order by Shifterintheshadows

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes it sure looks like this two could need a change of diapers now. They both seems to be pretty messy butt right now.

Good thing they are wearing some thick and poofy diaper when they decided to go trick or treat.

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The scared pups!

The scared pups!Those pups think they can scare the boss,wearing masks and saying “boo”!But the boss was ready and he had  a little surprise for them!

The boss:”Look what I have for both of you!Say hello to Mr. Spanky!Which one of you wants to be on my lap?BOOOO!”

When the twins saw the spanking paddle, they  ran  scared!

I think to  hear the boss saying:”Those pups have received the scare of their lives!I’m pretty sure that  Matt will  need to change those pup’s diapers ,I think must be loaded  by the scare!-*giggling*”

***HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE(Be careful when you go out to trick or treat!)***

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by: nelson88


Yes i can understand that the pup get scared when they thought they should get spanked for the the Boo thing.

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Where’s my candy? Part 1 and 2

Where's  my  candy? Part 1
Where’s my candy? Part 1.

As usual, Remi and Sammy  gets lots of candy from their neighbors  on Halloween night!
But also as usual, Remi has been with more candy and leaving his brother Sammy with less!


Where's my candy? Part 2.
Where’s my candy? Part 2.

And as you see, Remi definitely will  going to get  his  painful reward!
There is no escape, Remi!You’re surrounded!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and story  by nelson88.


Yes i agree whit what Sammy have plane to do whit Remi for this. I only hope that he give Rami allot of spanking for this and maybe send out him for some trick or threat when he only wearing a diaper or maybe nothing at all so every one can see what a bad husky he have bean. That is something easy to discover special if you see his toasted but that he is going to have weary soon when Sammy is finish whit it.

naughty baby get a spanking so they learn to behave and that is no exception just because it’s Halloween.

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