Subliminal Baby 2 Part 1

This story is written by Elfy

“Please! Mom, please!” Steven pleaded as he was pushed down and held there by Karen.

Steven had turned into a babbling mess. His tears and snot mixed together on his face as he breathed deep, shuddering breathes. He watched with fearful eyes as his mom effortlessly held the scrawny boy down whilst reaching over for the supplies that had so often been used on Ritchie.

Looking to the side in between tears, Steven could see Ritchie sat on the floor in obvious confusion. His messy diaper was stinking up the whole room now and he looked decidedly uncomfortable, his discomfort was definitely taking second place behind his confusion though as he frowned and watched his brother on the changing table.

“It’s a bit too late for pleading, boy.” Karen said dispassionately. Her face had hardened and it showed no emotion as she got all the needed supplies and placed them on the changing table.

Steven struggled and pulled against his mother’s strong grip. This had to be a nightmare, he thought, there is no way this could possibly be happening to him. He started hammering his fists and feet against the table. The loud noises and struggling seemed to be upsetting Ritchie who, still very confused, started crying as well.

“Oh, for Heaven’s sake…” Karen said in response to her two boy’s wailing, “Steven, you had better settle down right now if you don’t want to stay in this nursery for good. Don’t forget, those files on your computer is enough to tell the police about.”

Steven’s eyes flew wide open and he shook his head but immediately stopped trying to fight back. He laid still and got his crying under control, he just sobbed rather than wailed as Steven felt his mom undo his pants and pull them down. She followed that up with Steven’s underpants and left Steven naked from the waist down.

The heat in the room seemed to rise as Steven felt himself getting sweaty and red in the face. He felt intense embarrassment at being left exposed on the table like this, the only good part was that Ritchie couldn’t see anything whilst sitting on the floor and his mom had no reaction to seeing her son’s private area.

As his mom unfolded one of Ritchie’s disposable diapers, Steven felt himself cringe. The reality of the situation was still dawning on Steven; he couldn’t believe that the diaper he was looking at would be put on him. It seemed impossible that this could possibly happen.

Steven felt his legs lifted up and ben over his head. It was uncomfortable but he was only in that position briefly as the diaper was placed underneath him. Once the diaper was in place, Steven’s legs were lowered on to the diaper and Steven immediately noticed the difference between the soft padding of the diaper and the table underneath it.

Forcing himself to lay still he felt the front of the diaper pulled up between his legs. Everything about this situation was horrible and made Steven want to run away but he knew that if he moved a muscle it would be very bad for him.

As the tapes were placed on the diaper, making sure it was tight around his waist, Steven knew the battle was over. After so much work to get Ritchie into diapers, Steven was now in them through no other reason than he got greedy and wanted to make his brother suffer more.

All of a sudden, all that effort and work that Steven had put in to making Ritchie a baby seemed like the worst decision he had ever made. Karma was hitting Steven in the ass extremely hard.

Karen lifted her younger son off of the table and placed him on the floor. Steven stumbled slightly, he wasn’t used to being lifted like that, before he tumbled down on to his thickly padded rear. He was still sniffing and sobbing as his mom threw a teddy bear to him to comfort him. Her face still betrayed the negative feelings she felt for Steven at that moment. Steven knew that he had destroyed the trust they once shared, he felt awful but he felt worse for himself. Steven wasn’t sorry for what he had done to Ritchie; he was sorry he had been caught. Despite himself, he took hold of the fluffy teddy bear for comfort.

Karen reached down and lifted her older son on to the table. Her hard face softened with sorrow as she laid the messy boy down and started removing his heavily used diaper.

Ritchie babbled happily as Karen took a handful of wipes and began to clean her son’s extremely dirty diaper area.

“Why Steven in diapie?” Ritchie asked his mother confused as he was thoroughly cleaned. He couldn’t see from the table that his words caused his older brother to noticeably flinch.

“Honey…” Karen tried to think how she could explain everything that was happening to his brother in terms Ritchie could understand, “Steven made this happen to you. He made you need diapers, and until you get out of them, he will be in them with you.”

“He… made this happen?” Ritchie asked confused. There was a small tremor in his voice that betrayed how hurt he felt.

“Yes, sweetie.” Karen said as she continued to deal with Ritchie’s messy rear, “But I promise. We are going to get you better, OK?”

Ritchie seemed lost in thought but gave a small nod. Karen flashed a smile that faltered very quickly as she lowered Ritchie’s legs back to the table on top of a new diaper. Her smile had faltered because Ritchie’s overexcited tool had quickly grown to full size. She scowled slightly and looked at Steven who was still sobbing to himself on the floor and staring at his new diaper. Karen knew that these reactions were a result of the messaging.

With a sigh Karen covered Ritchie’s manhood with the front of the diaper and taped it on tightly. She smiled as Ritchie sucked his thumb and smiled back. Karen had to admit that she missed these moments, there was an intimacy in a mother changing their baby’s diaper that she wasn’t sorry to be able to have again. The situation was far from ideal of course, but she couldn’t help her motherly feelings flaring up.

“Mom, I’m… I’m sorry. Please, I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t make me live like this.” Steven was still tearfully sobbing as he looked up and made his desperate plea.

“Don’t make you live like this?” Karen repeated incredulously, “If you didn’t want to live like this, you shouldn’t have made someone else live like this. You may have learned your lesson but your punishment is only just beginning.”

Steven shuddered and his sobs got a little harder as his mom rounded on him.

“I’m not going to use any kind of subliminal messaging, I’m not going to hypnotise you, I’m not going to use any of the despicable tricks you used…” Karen said with venom in her voice, “But when all this is over you will be in Ritchie’s place. When Ritchie is back to normal… We will revisit your position.”

Steven couldn’t respond to this. He just started bawling again whilst Karen shook her head in disgust. She was sure Steven would have plenty to cry about before all this was through.

Once Ritchie’s diaper was securely placed, Karen lifted the boy down and pulled a pair of shorts up his legs. The shorts were not particularly concealing but it didn’t seem like Ritchie particularly cared. He seemed more interested in Steven whom he clearly now felt like an equal to.

Karen threw Steven a t-shirt and told him to put it on. It was baby blue in colour and looked like a larger replica of something a toddler might wear.

“Right, let’s go sort out dinner.” Karen said to her two sons. She reached out her hands, one to each boy. Ritchie eagerly grabbed the hand offered to him with a smile. Steven just looked at his mom without moving.

“Aren’t… Aren’t you going to give me something to cover my… My… Oh, you know.” Steven said in exasperation. He really didn’t want this diaper to be on display to the whole world but he couldn’t quite force himself to say the word.

“It’s your diaper.” Karen explained to her younger son as if he didn’t know what it was really called, “And no. You don’t need to cover it; it will make it easier for Mommy to see when you need changing.”

Steven shuddered about the possibility of both using his diaper and being changed but he accepted his mom’s hand all the same.

Together, the three of them traipsed down the stairs and into the dining room. Steven automatically started moving towards his usual seat but was stopped by his mom. Steven turned to look at her in confusion and saw her pointing to the high chair next to her seat.

“No way! This is stupid.” Steven decided that enough was enough, he had learned his lesson, it was time to put a stop to this. He put his hands on the tapes of his crinkling underwear.

“Stop.” Karen said very quickly, “If you pull that diaper off I will be straight on the phone to the cops. Don’t try me, I have all the evidence of what you did.”

Steven removed his hands slowly and, with a bowed head, he walked to and climbed into the high chair. He knew he couldn’t argue, and there was no way he was going to call his mom’s bluff on something like this.

With a satisfied smile, Karen walked over and snapped the tray into place. The tray’s release was in the back of the seat and Karen was fairly certain that without someone releasing him, Steven would be stuck.

The seats at the table were set up with Karen’s seat in the middle and the two boy’s seats either side of it.

“I will be back with dinner shortly, you two play nice.” Karen warned them as she departed into the kitchen. She gave Stephen an extra hard stare before leaving as if to emphasise what she said.

Steven couldn’t get over the padding around his crotch. He was despondent to be sat in this baby seat like this. He noticed that Ritchie, someone who was a baby mentally got a regular chair, it said a lot about Steven’s place in the family. He subconsciously stuck his bottom lip out in an annoyed pout.

Perhaps even worse than the chair, Steven could feel his bladder starting to ache. The prospect of what that meant made him shudder. Despite everything Steven felt like he still had his dignity, using his diaper would be a quick way of losing it. He hadn’t lost hope that he could talk his mom around, however it was looking increasingly unlikely with every fresh humiliation.

Ritchie meanwhile was looking at Steven with a strange look. Steven started to wonder just how long lasting the effects of the messaging would be. Steven hoped it was less effective than he had previously thought, the sooner Ritchie got back to normal the sooner Steven could get out of these diapers. On the other hand, Steven knew his brother would make his life hell when the effects wore off. He didn’t even want to consider the possibility that the effects may be permanent. Steven again wondered why he had got so greedy. Why hadn’t he stopped at bedwetting? Why had he been so stupid!?

“Here we go.” Karen re-entered the room with a tray full of plates and glasses. She had been gone for some time and both boys were getting a little restless, especially Steven whose bladder was starting to ache more and more.

Karen placed the tray on the table in front of her seat. She picked up a plate full of fries and burgers that made Steven salivate wildly and placed it in front of Ritchie. She took a similar plate for herself which was when Steven realised there was no plate for him. Karen also had a glass of water for herself and a sippy cup full of apple juice for Ritchie.

Leaving the room again, Karen returned a couple of minutes later. As soon as she came into view of Steven he felt his stomach drop.

Steven watched as his mom placed on the highchair tray a small bowl for of an unappetising mush. Steven didn’t know for sure but he was fairly certain it was baby food. Next to the bowl was a baby’s bottle full of milk.

“Come on, Mom…” Steven whined, “You can’t expect me to eat this!”

“I can, and I do.” Karen replied. She sat down in her own seat and munched on a few chips.

“Ritchie, I want you to be a big boy here, OK?” Karen said with a smile to her older son, “Do you think you can try feeding yourself?”

Ritchie looked a little concerned at the task ahead of him but he nodded and smiled. Grabbing a handful of fries and shoving them into his mouth, Ritchie made a bit of a mess as half the fries tumbled out of his mouth. Ritchie gave his mom a big grin.

“Good enough…” Karen said to herself as she turned to Steven.

Taking the spoon, she had brought in with her, she dipped it into the baby food and raised it to Steven’s lips.

“Open up for the choo-choo train!” Karen said excitedly.

Steven didn’t move a muscle, instead he just scowled at his mom. Even if he wasn’t getting the same dinner as the others, he didn’t need to be spoon fed.

“Come on now, Stephen.” Karen said warningly, “The harder you make this, the harder this will all be for you.”

Reluctantly, and against his better instincts, Steven opened his mouth and allowed his mom to shovel in the tasteless mush. He had to fight against gagging as he swallowed it as quickly as possible, the longer it stayed on his tongue the worse the taste got.

Ritchie grabbed the sippy cup and with a look of intense concentration he slowly raised it to his face. He managed to successfully drink from the toddler cup even though some of the juice escaped from the side of his mouth. He looked very proud of his accomplishment when he lowered the cup.

One spoonful was followed by another, and then another. It just kept going as Steven desperately tried to swallow down the horrible, lumpy food. It was only made worse when his mom paused in the feeding and Steven saw her and his brother eating such a tasty meal.

“All done!” Karen eventually said when the bowl was empty, “What a good boy.”

Stephen wasn’t listening, he just grabbed the baby bottle and without even hesitating he shoved the teat into his mouth. He didn’t care how much he looked like a baby with the bottle, he just wanted that disgusting taste out of his mouth.

About halfway through the bottle, Steven’s aching bladder finally started losing its battle. Steven twitched slightly as he felt a jet of hot liquid squirt out of his body and into the thick padding. Trying to squeeze his bladder muscles proved fruitless and the floodgates opened. With little control, Steven began soaking his diaper. As the milk was sucked in at one end, hot urine was shooting out of him at the other.

Blushing a deep red when he saw the others watching him, his primary concern was just to get the horrible taste away. He downed the whole bottle in one go with ease as he really was desperately thirsty. The other two could not see him wetting himself but he still presented quite the sight with the bottle.

Finally, Steven’s bladder finished emptying itself and Steven felt the very curious sensation of warm wetness spreading all throughout the diaper. It wasn’t as unpleasant as Steven thought it might have been but it was humiliating in the extreme. Even worse, he knew that his accident would soon be discovered, as soon as his mom and brother saw what he had done he couldn’t hope to convince them he didn’t need this treatment.

When all three had finished eating and drinking, Karen lifted Ritchie off of his seat and down to the floor. She slipped a finger inside the waistband of his diaper and felt a little dampness but nothing that needed attention right away.

Next, she turned to Steven. She turned the high chair around so that instead of facing the table it was facing her. Immediately she was presented with Steven’s wet diaper directly in her face. She raised her eyebrows and looked up to Steven who couldn’t maintain eye contact. She knew he was wet; couldn’t she just get on with it.

Steven looked away from his mom’s knowing smile. It was too humiliating. Being fed was one thing but when he openly flooded his diaper it made it feel like giving up, like proving his mom right. What better way to show you belong in diapers than using them?

“Let’s get you both upstairs.” Karen said with a smile, “You two can play together.”

Karen unlocked Steven’s tray and lifted him down from the high chair. She didn’t bother checking his diaper since it was clearly wet. Taking both her son’s hands she led them back upstairs and into the nursery. The air was full of crinkles as both boy’s underwear reacted to each and every step. It was music to Karen’s ears as she reminisced over when her sons were still babies and she knew the sound would be embarrassing Steven greatly.

Karen couldn’t help but smile when she saw Steven’s forlorn expression. He looked out at the toys on display without interest and then looked at Karen with a look that just begged to be allowed to go back to his bedroom, to forget all this had happened.

“You boys play nice.” Karen warned as she let go of her kid’s hands, “Look after each other.”

“Wait!” Steven called out as Karen was about to close the door, “Aren’t you going to… Change me?”

Karen smiled as Steven winced and looked at the floor. She could tell how hard it was for Steven to ask that question.

“I think that diaper can last until bedtime.” Karen answered, “You will be fine.”

Karen stepped out and closed the door. Heading downstairs, Karen started to do some cleaning. She suddenly had an idea for the next day, an idea to show Steven his place, an embarrassing punishment to help “break” Steven and regress him. She grabbed the phone, rang a number on her speed dial and held it to her ear with a malicious grin.

This story is written by Elfy

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Chapter 2

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Subliminal Baby Part 8

This story is written by Elfy

Steven was suddenly in his brother’s room. Steven looked around and blinked in confusion as he tried to work out how he had got there. This was weird, he was actually inside the crib he had made for Ritchie earlier. He turned his body to the side and as he did so he heard a crinkling from around his waist.

With trepidation he looked down and found himself in a diaper!

“What the fu-” Steven began to say.

“Aww, is wittle baby wet?” Came a very familiar voice from the doorway. It was his mom advancing towards him with a fresh diaper in her hand. It was only now that Steven recognised the aroma of stale urine that was coming from his own used diaper.

Steven tried to respond, to ask what was happening when he suddenly realised he couldn’t speak. He threw his hands up to his face and felt a pacifier that felt like it was glued to his mouth. It had suddenly appeared and Steven seemed totally incapable of removing it.

“I know what you’ve done.” Came a very familiar voice behind Steven.

Steven wheeled around to see Ritchie standing at the other end of the crib glaring at him.

“Ritchie… I…” Steven started saying before being abruptly cut off.

Ritchie lunged forward. Steven felt his diaper grow suddenly warm as his older brother jumped at him. Just as contact was about to be made Steven suddenly woke up and sat bolt upright.

It took Steven a few moments to realise he had been dreaming and as the sunlight came streaming into the room he took a few moments to catch his breath. He was still in his computer chair, though had nearly fallen out of it, and a blinking icon on his taskbar told him that the process of changing the message from Ritchie’s computer to the mobile had been completed.

Steven looked at the time to see it was already 11am. The late night had meant Steven had slept a lot of the day away already. He could hear banging coming from his brother’s bedroom and reasoned that the renovations to Ritchie’s room was continuing.

Rubbing his eyes and leaving the mobile hooked up to his computer, Steven traipsed down the landing to Ritchie’s bedroom. He opened the door to find Ritchie sitting on the edge of his bed, the rails to his makeshift crib were down, and he was playing with a small toy that was covered in animals, whenever Ritchie pressed a button next to one of the animals the small toy would make that animal’s sound. Very simple stuff but it seemed to be amusing Ritchie.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Karen said when she spotted Steven.

Ritchie turned to see Steven and he quickly threw the toy he was playing with aside and went deep red as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn’t.

“What are you up to?” Steven asked his mother as he walked into the room.

“Just some more work on the new room.” Karen said. She was tightening some screws on the changing table that they had set up the day before.

Steven bent down and helped his mom with some of the screws. He was facing the opposite way from his mother and could see Ritchie in his peripheral vision. As he tightened screws and checked things were all in the correct place he was distracted by watching his brother. Ritchie was swinging his legs and sucking his thumb as he looked around the new room. He looked a little depressed about things but he no longer looked like an adult who was embarrassed to be treated like this, he looked like a child who thought he was too old for all the baby things that he still needed.

As Steven watch he saw Ritchie suddenly look down with a look of shock followed by one of hopeless resignation. Steven watched as the clean white front of the Ritchie’s padding suddenly turned darker.

“Where is the mobile?” Karen suddenly asked. She had followed Steven’s gaze and assumed Steven was looking at the crib because something was missing.

“The mobile? I, erm, I took it into my room last night.” Stephen could feel his heart racing a little bit. He really should’ve put the mobile back earlier.

“Why?” Karen asked suspiciously.

“I was making some modifications… Just custom tunes on it, things I thought Ritchie would like.” Steven said, thinking fast to try and hide his true intentions.

There was a pause where Karen looked at Steven rather intently before looking up at Ritchie.

“That is very nice of you.” Karen slowly smiled, “I’m sure Ritchie will love it!”

They worked together for a few hours that day as they made sure everything was safe and set-up correctly. At some point in the early afternoon Karen suggested Steven take Ritchie downstairs for lunch, there were already some sandwiches in the fridge, Steven just needed to cut them up and feed them to his older brother. Steven agreed, he didn’t like manual labour and a chance to get away from this room for a little bit would be welcome.

“Come on, baby brother.” Steven said with a malicious smile. He held out his hand for Ritchie to grab.

Ritchie grabbed the hand reluctantly after looking at his mom and deciding he would rather go with Steven quietly than cause a scene and risk punishment. Ritchie scowled as he followed Steven out of the room. When they reached the top of the stairs Steven stopped suddenly and turned to Ritchie.

“To be safe you should bump down the stairs.” Steven said with a grin. It was impossible to hide that he was enjoying this.

“Bump?” Ritchie asked.

“Yeah. Just sit down on the step and go down one step at a time. Bumping down the stairs on you bottom.” Steven explained.

“I don’t ne-” Ritchie began.

“Do you want me to tell mommy that you aren’t cooperating?” Steven asked in a tone full of warning.

Ritchie opened his mouth to protest but then closed it again without a sound. He sat down on the top step and slowly bumped his way down the stairs. If there was one positive for Ritchie to take out of this situation it was that his padded rear lessened the impact on the steps.

When they reached the bottom a giggling Steven took Ritchie’s hand and lead him to the dining room table. However, before Ritchie could sit down he felt a hand suddenly groping his diaper. Ritchie was already getting used to this and just allowed it to happen. He even spread his feet a little to allow Steven easier access.

“You can last until after lunch.” Steven said as he appraised how used the diaper was.

Ritchie scowled again and went to sit in his usual chair.

“Hold on a second, little guy.” Steven said and he pointed to a chair in the corner of the room that Ritchie hadn’t seen till now. Ritchie half-expected it but his stomach still dropped when he saw it.

Steven walked over and grabbed the large high chair that had arrived the day before and dragged it to the table. Ritchie wanted to resist with all his being but when Steven helped him climb into the chair he stayed as quiet as possible to not give Steven the satisfaction of getting upset.

“Now I will be right back with lunch.” Stephen said as he clicked the tray into place and locked Ritchie into his infantile seat.

Ritchie frowned and sighed in impotent frustration. Ritchie relaxed himself and allowed his bladder to empty into his diaper. He felt the warmth splash around his groin and felt strangely comforted. Something about the spreading heat and tickling liquid made him relax.

Karen stood back up shortly after the two boys had left the room and admired her handiwork. She was proud that they had turned the bedroom of a young adult into that of a young child in such a short amount of time. The bars on the bed would do as a crib, the changing table was solid and it already felt like a room for an infant.

As Karen surveyed the room, she noticed something was still missing. The mobile that played such sweet tunes was still in Steven’s bedroom. It was the last thing the room needed to tie everything together, the last piece of the puzzle that was her new toddler’s bedroom.

Karen walked out on to the landing and looked towards Steven’s bedroom. She knew Steven didn’t like when people tinkered around in his room but she just wanted to retrieve the mobile. What harm could that possibly do?

Quickly walking down the landing she entered Steven’s neat bedroom and immediately saw the colourful mobile sitting on his desk. She quickly picked it up and began to leave the room again before she suddenly paused. Her eye was caught by what she saw on the computer screen. She didn’t really know how computers worked but when she saw the text “Ritchie – Subliminal Messaging” she thought something seemed wrong.

Placing the mobile back on the table she slowly sat down in Steven’s chair and looked at the screen. Putting her hand on the mouse she started clicking around on the various buttons.

“Open wide!” Steven exclaimed with mock enthusiasm.

Ritchie clamped his mouth tightly shut. He had told Steven that he could feed himself but it had made no difference, Steven expected him to just open and close his mouth like a baby not trusted to hold their own food.

“Come on, baby.” Steven said encouragingly, “You can do it!”

Ritchie remained steadfast in his refusal to eat the small bit of cut up sandwich. This whole situation was humiliating and Ritchie was certain that Steven was making it as embarrassing as possible. He resented the fact that his brother was so involved in all of this. It was so unfair!

“Fine… Maybe it will help if I put some medicine in your food.” Steven said as he reached into his pocket.

He made a big display of pulling out a little container of pills. He knew Ritchie would recognise the bottle as being full of laxatives, it was clearly labelled as such. As soon as he popped open the lid he saw Ritchie’s eyes fly wide and he immediately opened his mouth.

Ritchie knew he would be forced to eat the sandwiches eventually. It made little sense for him to make things worse for himself so he decided to swallow what little pride he had left and just opened up to be fed lunch.

What Ritchie didn’t know, and what gave Steven immense satisfaction, is that the sandwiches were already laced with laxatives that Steven had put in the sandwiches whilst still in the kitchen. Steven watched Ritchie accept the first bite of sandwich with a big smile on his face, he was looking forward to the show that the extra strong laxatives would produce.

Karen was increasingly worried about what she saw on the screen. “Subliminal Messaging”, “Manipulate”, “Take Control”. Everything she clicked on seemed to worry her even more. What was going on here? Why was Ritchie’s name on everything?

She clicked on a folder marked “Messages for Ritchie” and finally everything clicked together. Karen covered her mouth with her free hand and felt her stomach drop.

“Oh my God…” She muttered as she suddenly became flooded with emotions and a lot of things became very clear.

Ritchie chewed through the sandwiches as fast as he could. If he was going to be forced to eat like this, then he might as well get it over quickly. As he finished the first sandwich and started the second he already could feel his stomach and intestines begin to protest. He hadn’t messed his diaper that day, even without the laxatives he had unknowingly ingested he would probably need to poop sooner rather than later. Even so it was far from a pleasant thought and he couldn’t help but try to stop it from happening. Despite the regression, uncontrollably pooping his diaper was still something Ritchie wanted to avoid at all costs.

When Ritchie had finally eaten the last bite of the sandwiches he expected to be let out. He was frustrated when Steven left the room to go back to the kitchen and then returned with a big bottle of milk. Ritchie wanted to take the bottle and get it over with but Steven insisted on holding the bottle himself and, humiliatingly, Ritchie was forced to drink from the bottle as Steven held it as if Ritchie was a useless infant unable to hold his own drink.

Halfway through the bottle, Ritchie felt his stomach suddenly lurch. His intestines started cramping up and he realised that he was soon going to be in a very unpleasant diaper. His eyes went wide and he started mumbling around the bottle and flailing his hands until Steven pulled the bottle form his mouth.

“Poopy! Need potty!” Ritchie desperately exclaimed as he spluttered milk all over himself. He tried to extract himself from his infantile seat but to no avail, the suit was designed to keep the person in place. His desperation made finding the correct adult words hard, Ritchie’s mind was defaulting to a young child’s vocabulary.

“Not now, baby. Finish your bottle and we will take you up to the toilet, OK?” Steven reasoned and before Ritchie could respond he shoved the bottle back into his brother’s mouth.

Ritchie mumbled but realised that Steven wasn’t going to let him out until he finished the bottle. He started greedily sucking down the milk as he became increasingly desperate to get out of the chair and taken to the bathroom.

When the bottle was finally drained Steven slowly set it down on the table. He began getting Ritchie out of the chair and as he did so he saw Ritchie’s red face grimace as he rode out another wave of strong cramps. Steven took delight in telling Ritchie to wait in the centre of the room as he moved the high chair into the corner of the room again. He could see that every second was pushing Ritchie’s tenuous control closer to the edge. Steven slowly took Ritchie’s hand and walked towards the stairs.

Karen’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates and she couldn’t take them off of the screen. She could hardly believe that one of her son’s was capable of this.

Karen had found the folder with all the previous subliminal messages. She saw the dates on them and realised how they corresponded with Ritchie’s slow descent into babyhood. She realised that these files had been somehow used to influence her oldest son’s thinking. Her confusion slowly turned to anger, a towering anger pointed at Steven.

Footsteps on the stairs alerted her to the fact that her sons were coming back upstairs. Whereas she had been initially worried of being found in Steven’s bedroom, she now sat in wait.

“If you need the potty you had better hurry up!” Steven taunted as the boys were halfway up the stairs.

Ritchie was going as fast as he could but the thickness between his legs slowed him down, as did his increasingly poor coordination. He was finding walking to be increasingly tricky. What was slowing him down the most though, was the massive pressure in his bowels that was quickly becoming unbearable.

As they rounded the top of the stairs Ritchie was now seconds from losing control, he could barely even think straight as he reached around with one hand and held the back of his diaper. Ritchie could see the toilet but without someone to pull his diaper off he knew he would never be able to use it himself.

“Stevie… Potty…” Ritchie mumbled. He tugged on Steven’s shirt but found that Steven was completely distracted.

Steven had looked into Ritchie’s bedroom and realised that their mom wasn’t in there. His heart started beating a mile a minute as he slowly walked along the hallway away from the bedroom towards his own room. He heard Ritchie moaning behind him but Steven, on shaky legs, left him at the top of the stairs and slowly walked to his own room.

He looked into the doorway of his room and it felt like time froze. He saw his mom sitting in his computer chair staring at him with fire in her eyes. Steven could see the subliminal program open on the computer next to her. His mouth went dry and he felt himself shaking as he realised his devious plot had been uncovered.

The silence was unbearable as mother and son stared at each other. Steven felt absolute horror that he had been found out, he could hardly believe this was happening. He felt sweat on his forehead and he half thought he was going to collapse from shock.

“Stevie! Mommy!” Ritchie started waddling down the landing, his crinkling was audible to everyone in the icy silence, “Poopy! Poopy!”

Halfway to where Steven was standing Ritchie fell on to his hands and knees and started crawling, he found it a lot easier to move on all fours.. His red face contorted as he crawled towards his brother’s room. A long wet fart escaped from Ritchie’s tortured body, it was quickly followed by several hot sticky lumps that exploded against the back of his diaper. Almost simultaneously Ritchie felt his bladder begin to empty as he started fully using his padding.

By the time he reached Steven he had lost control. He pulled on Steven’s leg as both Steven and Karen watched the young man climb back to his feet before immediately squatting and pushing out a huge wet load into his diaper. He grunted in effort as he pushed down, the back of the diaper bulged out as the poop surged out of Ritchie’s body.

Ritchie was rooted in place as he grunted and forced out several more logs into his infant pants. The soft but firm turds pushed against the padding before curling up and searching for more room in the full diaper. With each new lump, Ritchie could feel the mess spread further up his back and around towards the front.

After several humiliating seconds it finally ended and Ritchie fell on to his hands and knees. The smell started to escape the diaper now and Ritchie began quietly sobbing like a baby who needed a new diaper.

“Mom, I-” Steven began to say as he ignored the infantile scene next to him, he didn’t know how to explain this all away but he had to try.

“Stop.” Karen said shortly, “The game is up. I know what you have been doing and I cannot believe my own son could be capable of this.”

Steven felt his eyes watering. He realised that what he had done was illegal. To damage his brother like this was unforgiveable, it may even be permanent. He couldn’t go to prison though; he would never survive in prison!

“Mom… He bullied me. I… I just wanted to get even.” Steven said as a single tear rolled down his cheek.

“You think this is getting even?” Karen, her voice barely controlled as the apocalyptic fury bubbled under the surface, pointed at Ritchie who was looking confused, “Look what you have done to Ritchie!”

“I got carried away…” Steven said quietly. He looked at the ground unable to face his mom or the product of his experiments.

“Can you undo it?” Karen asked quietly. As angry as she was at her youngest son, she was equally worried for Ritchie.

“I… I don’t know.” Steven said as he started sobbing, “I think that if I stop reinforcing the message he should slowly start growing back to normal.”

“You think!?” Karen stood up now and started walking towards her two children, her anger now too much to contain, “You had better hope so.”

“You… You aren’t going to tell the police, are you?” Steven asked as he snivelled and shrunk in front of his mother’s advance. If his mom told the police he didn’t know what he would do, he would surely have to run away from home and go into hiding. Steven’s mind raced as he faced the prospect of losing his freedom. Suddenly, everything he had done no longer seemed worth the trouble he now faced. This had been like a game to Steven, he had never considered the damage he might be doing.

“The police?” Karen thought for a few seconds as she looked at the pathetic sight of the two boys. One in a dirty diaper and the other snivelling and crying, “No… An eye for an eye seems appropriate in this scenario.”

“Huh?” Steven said looking up through eyes that shimmered behind tears.

Karen didn’t say a word but instead grabbed Steven’s hand and started marching him towards the nursery.

“You had better hope this wears off.” She hissed at him as she pulled him roughly through the nursery door, “Because until he is back to 100% you will be babied right alongside him. Once he recovers maybe we will let you grow up too… Maybe.”

The flood gates now opened and Steven began openly and loudly crying as he was dragged towards the changing table. He turned to look down the landing just before he entered the nursery to see a confused Ritchie following the pair of them in. Steven begged loudly to be allowed a reprieve, to find a different way to make it up to his family but his pleading fell on deaf ears. As Karen advanced towards him with a thick diaper, Steven realised that the tables had well and truly turned.

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 7

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Subliminal Baby Part 5

This story is written by Elfy

Ritchie stood up and walked over towards his open packet of diapers by his bed. His gait was more wide-legged than usual as the thick diaper forced his legs further apart and made his walk more like a waddle, this waddle was only made more pronounced by the swelling of the padding.

When Ritchie’s trousers came down he stared down at his diaper and paused. His face screwed up in concentration as he prepared to change himself. But he didn’t know where to begin, he knew that he should be able to do this himself but his brain couldn’t seem to work out how to start. The situation was made even more complex by the growing hardness within the diaper as Ritchie found himself inexplicably swelling in excitement. Ritchie put his hands to his head as he tried to shake some sense into it and change his diaper but no matter what he did he just couldn’t work it out. This was absurd!

Realising that he was in desperate need for a new diaper and knowing that he could no longer trust himself to not use his current diaper he walked out of the room to search for his mom for some assistance.

“I need mommy.” Ritchie thought before realising what his internal monologue said and correcting himself, “Wait, no! I need mom.”

Ritchie walked around the house looking for his mom but found no one there. He didn’t even consider that walking around with his diaper exposed looked a little strange, he didn’t care if someone saw him right now, he just really wanted his diaper changed.

After a few minutes Ritchie came back upstairs in his crinkling underwear. He bit his lip, this time in apprehension, as he realised that if he couldn’t get his diaper changed that he would leak and then he would be in even more trouble!

As Ritchie walked back towards his room he passed his younger brother’s bedroom. He could hear tapping on a keyboard which meant that Steven must be at home. After a second of hesitation he knocked on the door.

“Hello?” Steven opened the door and did a double-take as he looked into the hallway at his older brother standing openly in front of him in a soaked diaper and looking both embarrassed and nervous.

“Hi…” Ritchie replied looking at the ground.

“Can I help you?” Steven asked. He was secretly feeling extremely thrilled that his brother looked so helpless in front of him. To be just walking around in an uncovered diaper showed Ritchie was really starting to accept it.

“I… I need…” Ritchie was struggling to get the right words out. A combination of his mind going blank and the humiliation of having to ask his younger brother for such a humiliating request.

Steven just stood there. He waved his hand to signal that Ritchie should continue, he smiled to encourage him to admit why he was there.

“I need my diaper changed.” Ritchie said. He stared at his feet again and went as red as a tomato.

“OK?” Steven replied not sure as to why Ritchie was telling him, “Can’t you do it?”

Ritchie shook his head sadly as he admitted he couldn’t work out how to change his own underwear.

“Oh.” Steven was more shocked than ever before that already his brother seemed to be forgetting how to do simple things. This subliminal messaging program was more powerful than he ever imagined.

“Mommy…” Ritchie stopped himself and flushed even redder before correcting what he said, “Mom isn’t here. I… Could… Could you change my diaper?”

Ritchie went a little teary eyed at the humiliation he felt. This request was surely his most humiliating moment, there was no way it could get worse.

“Me? Oh, erm, I don’t know…” Steven replied. He also felt embarrassed, this wasn’t something he had thought about having to do.

“Pwease Steven.” Ritchie seemed to not notice the slight impediment to his speech, “If I leak I will get in trouble!”

Steven couldn’t ignore the desperation in his brother’s voice. It wasn’t something he was particularly interested in seeing but his brother’s pathetic and desperate look was something Steven couldn’t ignore, especially considering Steven had caused all of this in the first place. He was starting to feel a little guilty even though he loved all the trust his mother now gave him.

Steven nodded and the two of them headed back to Ritchie’s room. Steven followed Ritchie and couldn’t take his eyes off of the crinkling mass that engulfed his brother’s butt. Things had changed so much in the recent past and Steven could barely believe how quickly his cocky, popular and domineering brother had become withdrawn and pathetic.

Ritchie lowered himself on to the bed and pulled his shirt up to give Steven complete access to his diaper. He looked straight up at the ceiling as he was completely unable to look his brother in the eye. Without even realising it Ritchie brought his thumb up to his mouth. Steven’s eyes went as wide as dishes as he saw his brother begin to suck his thumb whilst getting his diaper changed!

Steven was determined that if this was going to happen that it would happen quickly. He pulled the tapes off of the diaper with no delay and lowered the front revealing the very damp conditions within. Steven quickly grabbed a bunch of wipes and began cleaning his brother up, he took every precaution to avoid touching his brother on anything embarrassing, it was bad enough seeing all this.

Steven saw his conditioning at work as he pulled the heavy, used diaper out from under Ritchie. He replaced it wait a new and clean diaper under his brother he found Ritchie becoming excited even though it was obvious Ritchie didn’t want it to happen.

Steven quickly brought the front of the new diaper up and taped it tightly around his brother’s waist. He tried to ignore the tenting front of the diaper as he took a step back from the bed and headed towards the door.

This was all far too awkward, Stephen wanted nothing to do with this aspect of Ritchie’s regression. He much preferred to watch this regression from a distance.

As Steven left and Ritchie wished the world would open up and swallow him he heard his phone vibrating. He picked it up welcoming the distraction from his embarrassment just now.

“Hey, will be at the park in ten minutes. You coming?”

It was from Linda. Ritchie bit his bottom lip as he sat up, he felt his still hard dick rubbing on the inside of his diaper as he did so. Was he going to go to the park? Meeting Linda was a terrifying prospect but he couldn’t avoid her forever, sooner or later she was going to find out about his issues. It either came from him or she would hear it from one of the many people who had witnessed his embarrassing accident at the football game.

“See you there.” Ritchie texted back. He found himself fat-fingering the buttons and it took him a surprisingly long time to send the text but as soon as it was done he put on some fresh clothes, checked the mirror to see how hidden his diaper was, and left the house.

It was a daunting walk to the park. He was very much not used to walking in public in his diaper and he was keenly aware of his slight waddle as the thick diaper forced his legs apart. Just as he was about to enter the park perimeter itself he felt a small trickle of urine enter his diaper. He knew it was useless to try and stop it so he just kept walking as a slight dampness spread over the front of his diaper. In comparison to other accidents, Ritchie was pleased at how small this one had been. He felt his excitable tool twitching as he finished wetting and cursed it, why his penis had started reacting this way to diapers was a mystery to him, it only served to heighten his embarrassment.

“There you are!” Linda saw Ritchie coming from a distance and ran over to hug him.

Ritchie tried to stop her but as she jumped on him he winced and just prayed that she wouldn’t feel his humiliating underwear.

“Hi.” Ritchie said quietly as he practically pushed her off him. He was very clearly nervous and his shifty eyes made Linda frown at the rather frosty reception.

“Everything OK?” Linda asked.

“Y-Yeah.” Ritchie said. He was finding it hard to concentrate right now. A mixture of his extreme nervousness and something he couldn’t put his finger on. He was finding it very difficult to take his mind off of his diaper.

“Do you want to go sit at the benches?” Linda asked as she tried to work out what was bothering her boyfriend.

Ritchie didn’t say anything, he just nodded and started walking towards the secluded benches. Linda watched him walk past her frowning and then followed, this was not the Ritchie she had known for the last couple of years.

Ritchie sat down and without thinking about it he brought his thumb up to his mouth. At the very last second he realised he was about to suck his thumb and he adjusted so that he was biting his nails instead. Ritchie knew what the doctor had said about not knowing how far this regression would go but he didn’t expect things to be getting so out of control. Not knowing how to change his diaper, sucking his thumb… This was getting bad and Ritchie felt like he was going crazy. It was like a snowball, it had started small but now this regression stuff was getting bigger and faster.

“What the hell is wrong?” Linda asked as she looked at Ritchie’s face. It was clear as day that Ritchie had a lot on his mind, Linda wondered if he was about to break up with her.

Ritchie stayed quiet but he was clearly agitated. He looked worried, confused and like a lost little boy.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Now it was Linda’s turn to start getting upset as her boyfriend acted like he barely even knew her.

“No!” Ritchie almost yelled out. He realised that the person he cared about most in the world was about to leave him. He had to come clean, “I… I have developed a… Problem.”

“A problem?” Linda asked, “Are you sick?”

“Sort of… Look, this is really hard for me to say.” Ritchie was rocking slightly and the urge to put his thumb into his mouth, to soothe himself, was getting very strong. This was horrible, why was this happening to him?

“Ritchie, I love you, you can tell me anything.” Linda took one of Ritchie’s hands in hers.

“I know.” Ritchie was still hesitant, this was a major thing going on and how does someone go about actually telling their girlfriend that they are seemingly turning into a baby? Just the thought of it made Ritchie’s throat constrict.

“So tell me.” Linda said earnestly.

“Linda I… A week or so ago I started wetting the bed.” Ritchie immediately went a deep red and looked at the table, he couldn’t look at his girlfriend whilst admitting such shameful things.

“Is that it? That’s not too bad.” Linda responded. She was a little shocked but it didn’t seem too serious.

“No. These accidents started getting worse, they started happening in the day.” Ritchie felt like now he had revealed a part of the problem that it was easier to reveal everything else that was happening, “I went to a doctor with mommy.”

Linda eyebrows furrowed. That was an odd thing for an adult to say.

“They ran loads of tests.” Ritchie felt himself begin to sob, “But found nothing wrong.”

“Isn’t that good?” Linda asked. She was so confused at what was happening. This was not the confident and assertive Ritchie she knew.

“The doctor said it might be an emotional problem.” Ritchie wiped his eyes, “Something about too much stress or responsibility. He said… He said I’m regressing.”

“Regressing? What does that mean?” Linda asked after a moment of silent.

“It’s like I’m getting younger. First I started wetting, then on the way back from the doctor’s I… Didn’t make it to a bathroom. Then I forgot how to take off my diapy and then…”

“Diapy?” Linda asked before the penny suddenly dropped, “Oh my God! You mean a diaper?”

“Shh!” Ritchie looked around to make sure no one heard. Even as he was talking he felt his diaper getting warmer again, “I can’t control myself. I need them.”

“Sorry. I’m just. Wow…” Linda was stunned. This was a lot to take in, “How are they going to stop this regression?”

“No one can do anything. The doctor said we just have to wait it out. He has no idea how bad it will get or how long it will take to recover.” Ritchie felt humiliated and yet slightly relieved to have got it all out. That said, he could see Linda was very confused and shocked, “Look… If you want to leave me I understand. You didn’t sign up for this.”

Linda was silent for a few seconds before she stood up and walked around to the other side of the bench and sat down next to Ritchie. She put her arm around him.

“Ritchie…” Linda began.

“I’m scared. I don’t know what is happening, I’m losing my damn mind!” Ritchie said getting emotional.

“Ritchie…” Linda repeated trying to cut Ritchie off.

“Where does it stop? Am I going to forget how to speak? How to walk?” Ritchie felt himself getting panicky, “I’m supposed to be a damn adult! I’m supposed to grow up, get a job, marry you, have kids…”

Linda was touched that he was talking about marrying her but she didn’t think this was the correct time to draw attention to it.

“But I’m going backwards… I’m in diapers! My speech is slipping, I’m going to need people taking care of me and I don’t even know how long it will last. I could be better in a week; I could still be having trouble in years…” Ritchie lapsed into silence.

“I love you. We can get through this together.” Linda kissed Ritchie on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “Why don’t we go back to your place.”

Ritchie was still upset but being told he was loved calmed him down a little bit and the prospect of alone time with Linda was very enticing, especially considering he wasn’t sure if he would be able to much longer. He had no idea how this stuff would affect him sexually. The pair of them headed back to Ritchie’s house. Linda tried to ignore the loud crinkling that her boyfriend was making with every step.

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 4

Chapter 6

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Auntie Joan Part 7

This story is written by Les Lea

The prospect of losing my status as auntie’s little boy was more than I could bear. She consoled me as I wept long after our visitors had departed. Her reassuring words lost as all I could hear were my own heartfelt sobs.

Although my return to a lively teenager wasn’t planned to happen for a couple of months I’d really got into being a little boy with no thoughts other than to play and please auntie. Of course auntie had been as good as her word and had bought me a suit like the ones Gordon and Colin had worn in their photograph. I know it may sound strange but the fact that I was dressed like Colin when he was eight (even though I’m a lot taller than he was) and wearing a nappy underneath those shorts, pleased me no end.
I looked so dapper and I have to say, absolutely no other kids, anywhere we went, were wearing anything even resembling what I was dressed in. I got many looks, some nods of approval from older citizens and some anything but, however, I may have looked like I should be in elementary school but inside I still felt like a toddler desperately playing at looking grown up (and of course to a toddler anyone over eight looks grown up).

Meanwhile, the elastic on my plastic pants, just an inch from the hem of my short shorts (which no doubt could be noticed by anyone who showed an interest), gripped the top of my leg tightly, holding my disposable in place and keeping my desired juvenile experience going. Auntie was all praise. She thought I’d chosen the outfit well and that I looked the handsomest, most stylish boy around and that made me glow with pride when we went anywhere.
However, with the scheduled return of my teenage years, together with the thought of losing that special bond which both of us enjoyed, left me feeling very distressed indeed.


Since I’d taken to wearing protection all the time auntie had developed a routine that I found wonderful. It was the same for when I got up or went to bed.
Clean up – the applying of various ointments and powders to protect my skin thus prevent any irritation, rashes or reappearance of my pubic hair.
Fresh diaper – sometimes a disposable, sometime fabric that was left to auntie to decide, I happily went along with whatever she thought most appropriate.
Then it was a pair of plastic pants either pulled up or snapped into position. Again auntie made the choice about thickness, colour, pattern, size – often she just liked the clear pull-up style so she could see the diaper underneath.

This was my favourite moment, standing in front of the mirror, or even just laying out, wearing my newly fitted diaper and clear plastic pants. It was a joy to see the fluffy white material contained under the slippery, glossy vinyl and, to me at least (and I’m sure to auntie as well), this was the basis for me becoming her ‘special little boy’. It was like the first block on the Lego board and the start of whatever else was made… and what was being made… was me.

Once that was done then, depending on whether I was going out or going to sleep, she chose what, if anything was to go over it all. She loved choosing my outfits and although I liked that I didn’t have to make a decision I also felt I was giving her something back as a result.


I picked up from the way auntie sometimes spoke, reminisced or simply cared for me that this action, this dressing me as a child, meant something to her as well. I hoped that it brought back happy memories of when she and Bill were together; perhaps looking after Gordon and Colin as they began to grow, though needing that stabilising influence which they offered. They had no kids of their own but auntie had spent a great deal of her life devoted to looking after and nurturing the young of the town. I’m sure she saw me as another soul in need of such cherishing and I was certainly appreciative of all that she did for me. Some might have felt smothered by such attention but to me, it was something I’d missed all my life and simply couldn’t get enough of her love.


Sometimes, if auntie was working in the den on reports or assessments for Rainbow I’d check out the photo albums again and again. I loved that one picture of Gordon and Colin with their parents and often thought about where the photo might have been taken as it didn’t look like anywhere local. I’d fantasize about an eight year-old Colin wriggling in his diaper and plastic pants under those smart shorts and think… that’s what I do.

The smiles on the boy’s faces were genuine and even at that young age they did look incredibly handsome. Although I couldn’t see, because the photo was cropped at the knee, I imagined they wore leather sandals and little white ankle socks to complete the outfit. That one image from when they were so happy fed into my brain and I mentally produced a thousand and one scenarios that included me wearing my suit and joining them in some adventure or other.

There were a few other snaps of the boys but they were when they were that bit older and had fallen under the spell of Uncle Bill and Auntie Joan. There were shots of them working alongside Bill, looking at the camera and pleased at some completed project. The two boys in their ‘uniform’ of khaki shorts and t-shirts also showed how they had filled out and developed in the time since that early ‘wedding’ photograph. However, every time I saw Colin in one of the poses I’d let my mind wander and think about perhaps him wearing the same protection as me. There were no shots even hinting that he had a diaper on, but that still didn’t stop my imagination from working overtime and supplying him, like me, with a whole array of thick protection.


I’d see the boys occasionally. They had the maintenance contract at Rainbow so kept the lawns mowed and the garden trimmed. They also repaired anything that needed doing and removed the large oddly shaped graffiti penis that had been spray-painted on one of the exterior walls. I only caught sight of them for a few moments but was transfixed at how they worked so easily together. Gordon in his paint speckled brown overalls and Colin in his similarly paint streaked brown shorts and t-shirt. To me they looked a powerful couple and wondered what it would be like to join their small firm.

I wished auntie would invite them to the house for dinner or something but, they were a busy little company (remember: no job too small) so their services were always in demand. The other probability of course was that I was often in bed and fast asleep by the time they finished their day’s work. If they happened to notice auntie and I when we were out and about, they always tooted their horn and waved. This simple action had an unexpected effect and my bladder would give way with some kind of excited surge and I’d spend the rest of the day, until auntie noticed, wandering around in a GorCol Services inspired soaked diaper.


Since I’d been in auntie’s care I’d never once thought our relationship was odd. In fact, quite the opposite, I’d never known a more loving, understanding, empathetic person whose soul aim was to give other people all the encouragement they might need. In my case she’d provided me with the options of what I wanted and what was needed. I had the one life I was happily living; yet, on the horizon was the life I’d soon have to return to. Auntie was prepared. She’d said it might happen and wanted the trauma of such an event to impact as little as possible. So, to ease me back into teenagedom, sometimes, when we went to a restaurant or shopping, I was encouraged to dress in my ‘normal’ clothes.
Of course, ‘normal’ for me now meant my diaper and such stuff not the teen apparel hung up in the ‘other room’. Together we went through all my clothes and sorted what still fit and useful, what was awful and decided I’d need a few more things for when I went back to school. I had no desire to be trendy but auntie thought I should look like I fit in so that’s how I ended up with an almost entirely new ‘teenage’ wardrobe. In the changing rooms trying on various items seemed strange attempting to drag a pair of chinos over my thick diaper. Still, when I went to school perhaps I wouldn’t be wearing protection?

A problem auntie encountered was my reluctance to wear trousers or jeans because I was more than content in my shorts. I still had my diaper under whatever I wore because I didn’t feel confident about not peeing myself. I’d gotten out of that particular discipline and realised it was something, when I resumed senior school I was going to have to be more aware of. However, since being put in diapers after that first time I wet myself at the mall I’d never wanted to wear my boxers or briefs. I saw they were neatly folded away in one of the draws in the ‘other room’ but I’d had no desire to swap them for my diaper.

There is just something so comforting about a diaper – the way it hugs you all the time. If I’m crouching or sitting and I get up, I like the way you can feel the weight readjust its position – underpants don’t do that. If I’m watching TV I like the way I can stroke the plastic mound knowing that I’m protected and safe. I love the feel of a fresh diaper as it’s taped tightly into place and love when I pee and that warm, clammy flush fills the front and acts like a huge, spontaneous indirect smile… a smile that then stays with you until it’s time for a change and the entire happy process starts all over again.


I had another problem and that was, I wasn’t a very sociable person. Back at school in the UK I had tried to avoid mixing and went out of my way not to have ‘best friends’. I don’t know precisely what my thought process in those days was but my general dislike of authority, the people, the situation and the UK, in truth, I just hated everything about everything. However, one thing about the stuffy uniform was that every boy was dressed the same. There were no fashion shows going on there and education was what the school was all about, even if you did look like a reject from the nineteenth century.

Because I was just so resentful of the position I was in it never occurred to me that friends might help me through it all. Over the many years I’d been away from my parents some kids had sought a friendship but I’d been unapproachable and a loner. When I got to England, I despised and was bitter about my life – I hated the inevitability that I’d end up in this grotesque ancient institution even though I’d had to sit an exam to enter its hallowed halls.

Yes, another quandary. I was so mixed up I wanted to do my best at all times, because I thought that was for me, I didn’t want to be reliant on anyone else. If my parents felt they could do without me, then I would show them I didn’t need them. I may have been the least friendly person at school but I was diligent in my work.


Oh, the contradictory thoughts and feelings which go through your mind when you hit puberty. Still, I had to mix at some level but kept myself as detached as possible from my ‘house’ mates. It wasn’t always possible and that was how I came to be the recipient of a small trophy for my contribution to a ‘house’ quiz night. For some reason it was like in Slumdog Millionaire, I just knew all the answers. I didn’t know why but I did and my knowledge meant we won by a considerable margin. For two minutes I glowed in the praise of others and then returned to my uncommunicative self.
There is no doubt about it – I was a mess.


The chance auntie offered to start again had been some kind of salve because, although I was only mixing with toddlers, at least I was mixing. I no longer hated everyone. My parents were gone so there was no point in hating them and, I know this sounds terrible, but I had rarely thought about mom and dad since I’d arrived in Kansas. I no longer only thought of myself now I had auntie and the rest of Rainbow to think about. The kids at Rainbow had, despite my obvious size difference, accepted me completely and I was grateful to them for that. They were a great crowd who just wanted me to play and have as much fun as they did. I discovered early on that when I stopped fighting my jumbled ‘big boy’ thoughts and gave myself over completely to enjoying my life, even if that was as a diaper-clad toddler, I could… and did.


As the time approached for my return to senior education at the town’s High School I got to think that maybe I could reinvent myself. No one knew me here; I’d be just a new boy from Out-of-State who for some reason had to relocate. I could be who I wanted and do what I wanted. I could…
At times I’d get carried away with my thoughts but then look down and see my fluffy white diaper under the see-thru plastic pants and know I didn’t really want to change from where I was, or who I was, at all. I loved being aunties ‘good little boy’ and didn’t want to change. However, the impending visit to the education department’s child psychiatrist had me worried.


Auntie tried to prepare me. I’d immersed myself so deeply in being a toddler that the thought of ‘growing up’ made me anxious. However, as I say, auntie was there to help and guide and reaffirm my status. It was unfortunate that my appointment with the psychiatrist was on the same day that I turned fourteen. It was a date I couldn’t change, the psychiatrist was always well booked up so you took the appointment when they said and it wasn’t open to discussion. Birthday or no birthday I was going to be assessed for High School.
The education department was being pretty tough on auntie and I saw the welter of papers she had to fill out for school on my behalf. However, the one thing she did say about attending High School was that they didn’t have a uniform, students could, within reason, wear what they liked. After the formal regalia I’d had to wear at my last school I was quite pleased about that but wondered if I’d be allowed to wear my preferred shorts and t-shirt. Auntie suggested that, when the time came, I should check out what the other students wore and then make a decision. She encouraged me to think positive about it but I still couldn’t get over that I’d be away from my friends at Rainbow and the thought of mixing with ‘big kids’ actually scared me.


As I couldn’t be there to celebrate, a few days before my birthday auntie and I made cookies for all the folk at Rainbow. I spent a wonderful evening in the kitchen covering them in colourful frosting. I got a bit messy, which I really enjoyed, standing there next to auntie as she supervised and read off the names of all the boys and girls and staff as I carefully (well not that carefully) piped each name across some weirdly shaped cookie. I was dressed only in my diaper, nursery print plastic pants and a matching bib, which was just as well as I think I tasted more cookies than I should (they were delicious) and frosting ended up all over me and in to some weird places.

On the morning of my birthday I was surprised to see I had more than just a card from auntie. The staff at Rainbow had sent one and a huge, handmade one ‘signed’ by all my friends took pride of place. Auntie had bought me enough since I’d been with her and the only thing I’d hinted I might like was a huge castle I’d seen advertised on TV (aimed at children 5 and over), which had loads of dragons, knights and monsters you could add. Since I’d seen the advert, me and a couple of the boys at Rainbow who had also seen it, had been building our own imaginary castle out of boxes and foam squares. I may have been the biggest boy there but I was just like the others in my excitement of the TV programme that the castle was licensed to.
The day following each TV show, we’d all re-enact what had happened, adding our own interpretation and screaming with delight as Mikey, who was the dragon, pretended to swoop down breathing imaginary fire. It was wonderful.
I got what I wanted for my birthday.


I wanted to wear shorts and t-shirt to go and see the psychiatrist but, as I’d been practicing being a teenager again, it was thought jeans and a polo shirt might be more appropriate. However, as I‘d not had a dry day since I put on my first diaper, auntie made sure I still had my protection on under my jeans. Crammed against the tight denim they didn’t crinkle quite so much but I felt slightly more confident knowing I was wearing them.

The psychiatrist saw auntie first and she was in his office for well over an hour. She’d told me before we went in (I was still holding her hand when we were first greeted by Doctor Gomez) to answer honestly. After being with pre-schoolers for so long I wasn’t sure I was capable of being anything but honest, kids may lie but you can tell immediately so I wasn’t going to chance it. So, whilst Auntie Joan was interviewed by the doctor, I found myself on the carpeted floor playing with some toys aimed at the under-fives. I knew the receptionist was watching but pretty soon I forgot about her and just let my imagination run wild as I played with cars and bricks to keep myself amused. I also accidentally wet myself before being called into his office.


Eventually auntie swapped places with me in the reception area and I went in alone to see the doctor. It was strange because I was very nervous and yet, when I sat the exam and had the interview for school in the UK, I wasn’t in the least bit bothered, perhaps that was due to the fact I didn’t care. However, now I was confronted by the doctor and with an absolutely soaked diaper hanging between my legs, I was very tense. I wished I still had auntie’s hand to hold but Doctor Gomez tried in his way to put me at ease.
The doctor was a man younger than auntie but certainly didn’t look it. His receding hairline made his face appear long and horse-like, with thin lips that when he smiled seemed more of an evil smirk than amusement. His suit had seen better days but the office itself was bright and tidy with one wall covered by framed diplomas and photographs. I’d expected to see a black leather couch but instead I was offered a seat on a pale beige three seater sofa, which matched the pale beige swivel chair where he sat. There was a desk behind him, with an expensive looking leather chair, a phone and a small recording devise. He appeared pleasant enough but I was too nervous to speak and all I could think about was my wet diaper squashed under my denim jeans. It all seemed so tight and I wanted the looseness of my shorts back as soon as possible.


He had a pile of notes in front of him so I gathered he already knew most of my history. I didn’t realise he’d also have a copy of a final report that the UK school had compiled on my academic worth but he had because I could see the school emblem on the front of it.
He asked me about my parent’s death, how it had affected me. He burrowed into my younger life living away from home and how I felt about that. School in the UK and the discipline it offered (I’m not sure what he imagined went on there but corporal punishment just didn’t happen). For over an hour he cross-examined me (or that was what it felt like) about everything since I’d arrived in Kansas but I had a problem, I was getting angry, and I knew I shouldn’t. It seemed to me he wanted to hear negative things about auntie, to somehow blame her for my retreat back to childhood. For the first time since I’d been with auntie I had to think as an adult, I didn’t want to but knew I hated this doctor and what I saw as his snide, nasty insinuations.
I hated people prying or knowing too much about me, (although that huge sheaf of papers meant he already knew a great deal) and, as if sensing my predicament, my bladder just opened up and I felt the warming sensation fill my already soaked diaper. Any thoughts of being an adult vanished in that moment and I did what I thought I had to do to get out of there. So, to emphasise my toddler status, I filled my diaper with as much poo as I could force out. I was grateful that auntie had made sure the plastic pants she’d put me in had been well tucked around my diaper to prevent any leaks. But now I could feel my full and messy diaper squished up in my jeans and wanted to make sure he knew what I’d done.


I pulled at my jeans, yanked down my plastic pants and said. “Gone poo poo.”
The smell was horrendous and I saw the doctor back away as I crawled on all-fours towards him.
I wrinkled my nose and grabbed his leg.

I didn’t get any request out before he shrugged me off and called for auntie to come and attend to me.
I followed him and tried to grab his leg again but when auntie came in she looked down at me and I immediately sat back on my haunches with a sad expression and pet lip.
“Auntie I done a poo…” I confessed.

Auntie didn’t quite know what was going on but took her cue wonderfully.
“What have you been saying to him?” Her accusation was fierce and direct.
The doctor seemed stunned that he was under attack and could only stammer some kind of defence.
“I’ve only recently got him to engage with other teenagers and you, you quazi-psychiatrist…”
She was on top form and her anger seemed to seep into every word she uttered,
“Have set him back to his…”

Her rant went on for quite some time as I sucked my thumb, sat in my own poo rubbing the front of my engorged diaper looking sorry, weepy and scared.
Doctor Gomez was none too happy about this turn of events and tried to escape into the reception area and hide behind his secretary. She seemed horrified as a smelly fourteen year-old followed him and crawled around her office. With jeans and plastic pants around my ankles I leaked, dripping wet stinking turds onto her lovely beige carpet.
Meanwhile, not only was she not pleased but the doctor’s next patients looked on bemused and shocked in equal amounts.


Auntie saw the sign for the bathroom and dragged me in, she was pretending to look annoyed but I could see a slight smirk on her face.
“What were you thinking?”
She whispered as she ripped at the tapes and let my sagging diaper slosh onto the floor.
“I have no idea.” I had to admit.

As always she was prepared and her bag was full of wipes, lotion, powder and spare disposables.
“I just didn’t like him… he was trying to cause trouble…” I whispered back.
I was still wondering to myself just what great plan had formulated in my head but in truth, there was nothing.
“Sorry auntie,” I really was sorry if I’d done something that might reflect badly on her, “but he really was a complete…”
“Now now, no name calling.” She interrupted. “Good boys don’t say naughty words.”
She picked up the messy diaper and deftly rolled it up before shoving it in a rather small and inappropriate pedal bin.
“Well, I’m not sure what his report will say now but I think between us we probably haven’t done ourselves any favours.”
She said and opened a bright green canister.
I giggled as the first cooling wet wipe scraped across my bottom.
“I don’t care.”

I was angry and giggly all at the same time, those wipes really tickled.
“I’m not having him blame you for my wanting a childhood back… not even back. I never had one in the first place so… who is he to deny me one?”
I’m sure there was a tantrum brewing as I thought about screaming these simple facts at him.


She could see I was getting agitated and speedily sponged me clean, quickly powdered and slipped a fresh diaper into place. She noticed that because I’d crawled around on the floor with my jeans and plastic pants pulled down some of my mess had managed to stick to the rest of my clothes.
My aunt was more prepared than I would have thought because when we eventually emerged from the bathroom I had a clean t-shirt, fresh protection and a pair of elasticated pale green shorts any five year-old would be proud of.

She looked over at Doctor Gomez who was trying to placate his next patients.
“I don’t know what you said,” she accused, “but I can’t get him to wear anything else.”
She held my hand as I sucked my thumb.

“I shall be making a full report to your superiors about your… methods.”
She left the threat hanging in the air as we waltzed out of his office and climbed into the car.
“Oh Dean, I don’t know what is going to happen now but I have to tell you I felt the same. I didn’t like that man at all.”
She gently pulled my thumb out of my mouth and popped in my dummy.
“However, I think it’s time to give you the birthday you really want.”
She put the car into drive and set off.
It was just after nap time when we arrived at Rainbow so I could happily celebrate my fourteenth (or was that my fourth?), with the people I actually liked.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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Babyfur Comic: Make a Wish

Babyfur Comic: Make a WishOrder by toyapup

Draw by tato


Support tato on Patreon

I sure wounder what the original wish was?

But the adult in the last square sure dont going to be able to find any parents for this two cubs. I sure wounder what is going to happen when he relies that? Is he going to be this two new cubs daddy?

It sure is allot of questions here. But i dont think we are going to get any answer here so it is up to us to fantasize about what is happening next :)

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Babies can’t call others babies

Babies can't call others babies“Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten mad and called your little sister childish. Mommy didn’t seem too happy about that. But she seems happy now. Perhaps it’s because you’re being such a good baby for her.”

In other words: No u

Order and above text by DuskShadowBrony

Draw by cuddlehooves


Someone sure seems to like his new stage :)

I bet we dont need to wait long before someone have use his thick diaper but for the time being his thick diaper sure seems to be all dry and clean.

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Why’d you stop reading? – ABBaxxter

Awww looks like someone dont have notes that he have ended up messy his diaper here. But his daddy sure notes that stinky smell start filling the room.

Looks like they need to take a brake for a diaper change before continue the reading.

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I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want a race-car bed – BlankiePlush

Yes a race-car bed it sure every little boys dream to be sleeping in :)

And it seems like this boy have getting his wish come thru :) I only hope that he have some good and amazing dreams :)

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