Subliminal Baby Part 1

This story is written by Elfy

“But mum, everyone is going on this trip.” Steven whined. He stomped his foot on the floor like a child much younger than himself, at 18-years-old he was a little too old to be having a tantrum but he couldn’t help himself. He was sick and tired of being told no when his older brother, Ritchie, was always told yes.

“Steven, a skiing trip sounds very dangerous. I don’t think it would be a good idea for you.” Karen, Steven and Ritchie’s mother was sitting with her children at the dinner table. The three of them had just finished eating and Steven was telling her how much he wanted to go on this school trip, it had been the same every evening for the last week.

“Mum, I’m not a baby!” Steven said throwing up his arms in frustration, “All my friends are going. I’m the only one who hasn’t handed in the permission slip.”

“If you aren’t a baby then maybe you should stop acting like one.” Karen shot back.

Ritchie, who had otherwise been sitting quietly, let out a bark of a laugh. He knew that his mum was overprotective of Steven and he found his little brother’s frustrations very amusing to watch. Ritchie was everything that Steven wasn’t. Steven was small and unassuming, Ritchie was bigger and had much more sporting ability which made him very popular around town. Steven, on the other hand, was much more at home alone in his room working on his computer.

“Shut up, Ritchie!” Steven yelled across the table.

“Steven! Don’t shout at your brother.” Karen said warningly.

“Tell him not to laugh at me then.” Steven said banging his hands against the table and causing the cutlery to rattle.

“If you are going to keep having a tantrum like a baby, I’ll give you a spanking just like one.” Karen warned.

Steven was dumbfounded at the injustice. Ritchie was trying to keep a straight face but his shoulders moving up and down betrayed how funny he found the situation. When Steven saw this he felt his anger rising again.

When Karen looked away for a moment, Ritchie mouth the word “baby” at Steven. Steven lost control of his emotions, he reached back and went to swing at his older brother but as he tried to bring his arm forward he felt someone grab him tightly. Caught off-balance he was pulled around the table and into the lap of his mother.

To Steven’s shock and horror, his mother easily held him in place with one hand whilst with the other she started spanking hard. Ritchie stared across the table wide-eyed and open mouthed as his younger brother was spanked at the dinner table, he could barely contain the laughter that he felt bubbling up inside.

Steven willed himself not to cry as his mother rained down blow after blow on her son. He was in shock as much as anything else, the spanking wasn’t too hard and it didn’t hurt a lot but the surprise of suddenly finding himself in this position stopped him from trying to stop what was happening before it was too late and his mother had gained a firm grip of him.

“You do not hit your brother!” Karen said through gritted teeth, each word was punctuated by another smack. She didn’t seem to see the irony in punishing her son with spanking as a way to tell him not to hit others.

Through eyes clouded with tears, Steven caught the eyes of his brother and could see the amusement in his face at the predicament Steven found himself in. Steven balled his hands into fists as he fought to keep himself from crying openly. The spanking wasn’t particularly painful but it was very embarrassing, especially when he was trying to argue that he wasn’t a baby.

Just as Steven felt his composure slipping the spanking ended and he gingerly picked himself up. Without a word he turned and headed away from the kitchen, he was upset and filled with anger at the injustice of being punished when his brother got away completely free. He didn’t want to stay in the dining room with his family because he was sure he would do or say something to get him in even more trouble.

He stomped straight out of the room and to the stairs. Halfway up he paused when he heard a sound from the kitchen. He heard his brother laughing.

He had half a mind to run back down stairs and go for him again but he just about controlled his emotions and instead would look for a subtler way for revenge. With tears in his eyes he and a face red from the humiliation of the scene in the dining room Steven stamped up to his room and slammed the door closed.

Steven’s room was dominated by the large computer against the far wall. Steven had always been very interested in technology and was very well versed in both software and hardware, he spent most of his time fiddling with his computer in one way or another and was known at school as being rather nerdy. To the sides of the computer were shelves full of books and magazines, most of them technology related but also some fiction books as well.

Steven walked over to his bed and gingerly sat down. His stinging rear end caused him to wince slightly as he reached to his bedside table and grabbed a can of coke which he opened and drank from. Steven was generally quite healthy but his one vice was coke, he couldn’t resist the sugary drinks.

Placing the half-empty can back down he picked up the computing magazine that he had been reading before going down for dinner and he started reading again. It provided a good distraction from all the problems he was dealing with and he felt himself slowly relaxing as he read about various graphics cards and processors.

As Steven read through the magazine he came across an unusual advert on the back cover. It was an advert for something called “Covert Subliminal Software.” Steven read the page with interest, he assumed it was a scam but something about the advert kept attracting his attention. He started to form an idea in his head, about using the software on his brother, what better way for revenge than making a message that forced Ritchie to do something embarrassing? Only a little thing though, he wasn’t cruel, he just wanted to teach Ritchie a lesson.

Steven was broken from his ponderings by a knock on the door. He walked over and swung the door open to reveal Ritchie, he stood several inches taller than Steven and had a very self-satisfied smirk on his face.

“What do you want?” Steven asked coldly.

“I was just wondering if you needed tucking in tonight? Maybe have someone feed you a bottle?” Ritchie said in a mocking voice, he could barely stop himself from cracking up.

“Get lost!” Steven growled through gritted teeth as he slammed the door.

“Don’t throw a tantrum, baby!” Ritchie called through the door before laughing to himself on the way to his bedroom.

“We’ll see who is a baby…” Steven whispered to himself.

He walked over to his computer, went online and visited the website for “Covert Subliminal Software.” After hesitating for just a second he clicked “buy now” and was told the software was on its way. Steven smiled evilly to himself as he came up with the perfect plan for revenge, as soon as the package arrived he would show his family who the baby was.

For a few days afterwards nothing of note happened. Steven kept mostly to himself as usual and made sure to wake up early enough to be the first to check the post every single day in the hope of seeing his package. Time did not diminish his want for revenge, if anything his need to get back at his brother only increased as his brother kept making thinly veiled comments, Steven simply kept his cool and waited.

It was five days later when Steven looked through the mail as it was pushed through the letterbox and found the package he had been waiting for. It was instantly recognisable and Steven was glad to have got to the package first otherwise awkward questions may have come his way, the picture on the box showing a person in a chair and someone swinging a watch in front of them certainly would have caught the eye of Steven’s family.

Steven had done a lot of research on the power of suggestion in the last few days. He knew the stereotypical picture of someone swinging a pocket watch and saying “you are feeling sleepy” was not how this stuff worked.

Steven rushed back to his room with his parcel and ripped it open as soon as the door closed. Taking a drink of his cola he quickly read the pages of the instruction booklet and found that setting up these secret messages would actually be surprisingly simple.

The instruction manual said to keep the messages short and easy to understand, shorter phrases resonate in the brain much easier and would be planted a lot quicker. Steven was still quite sceptical of the whole idea of subliminal messaging but the software was surprisingly cheap and it was worth the risk of investment because if it did work it would be the best revenge he could possibly get.

Steven waited, he did some brief setup of the software on his own computer, it was surprisingly easy to set up and Steven suspected that even if he knew nothing about computers that he would be able to get it to work. He waited for his brother to leave, he waited for an opportunity to sneak into Ritchie’s room and set up the software. He was very impatient, he had a new toy to play with and having to wait before he could use it was almost intolerable.

Finally, a few hours later, Steven saw Ritchie walk past his door with his coat on and a bag slung over his shoulders. As Ritchie walked past he saw Steven watching him and Ritchie paused briefly to give his younger brother the middle finger.

“Going out?” Steven asked. He ignored the rude gesture and hurried over to the doorway as his brother walked away.

“Unlike you, I have a social life, so yes I am.” Ritchie replied.

Steven just nodded but as soon as Ritchie turned his back, Steven let out a devilish smile and ran back into his room to grab the USB stick that contained the subliminal software. Listening out for the sound of the front door closing he hopped from one foot to the other almost unable to contain his excitement.

As soon as Steven heard the door close he practically ran to his older brother’s bedroom and straight over to his computer. Ritchie’s computer was not as powerful as Steven’s but it was just good enough to run Ritchie’s favourite online game, a first person shooter that he spent a lot of his free time on.

Steven quickly logged in to the machine, he had guessed Ritchie’s password quite easily months ago, rather predictably it was his girlfriend’s name Linda.

Steven logged in and immediately booted up the new software. He looked through the menus and adjusted a few things to his specifications. He clicked on the box that said “Message:” and after a moment of thinking Steven typed in “You are very thirsty for cola.”

Steven chose an innocuous message at first, he wanted to test the software with something that wouldn’t cause any damage if it went wrong. Steven knew his more athletic brother never drank sugary drinks, but it was well known that Steven loved them. It would be a good test of the program’s power.

He pressed enter and moved the software into the correct folder so that when Ritchie played his game that message would be flashed at him at quick intervals. It would be so fast that Ritchie wouldn’t notice it, but it would leave an imprint in his brain.

Steven quickly turned the computer off, took his USB stick and retreated back to his bedroom. Now it was a case of waiting, he had to wait for Ritchie to come home and play his game. Steven, knowing it would be a while before that happened, loaded up his own game and began playing. Steven paused only to drink from his large cola supply as he passed the hours. He was impatient and hopped from one game to another, nothing could sustain his interest for long.

Eventually he heard the front door open and close before hearing loud footsteps coming up the stairs, past Steven’s bedroom and to Ritchie’s own bedroom.

Steven felt so excited, he was nervous as well as he sat in his room waiting to see what was going to happen. He wanted to run to Ritchie’s room and watch, to see if it was working, but he knew he had to act as normally as possible. If Steven started hanging around Ritchie’s room, then Ritchie would realise something was up.

It was a full two hours, just when Steven was preparing to give up on the software working when there was a sudden knock on his bedroom door. Steven’s heart skipped a beat as he walked over to the door.

“Yes?” Steven said as he opened the door to his brother. Ritchie had strangely wide eyes and he was salivating quite a bit.

“Yo, this is a bit weird but do you still have that big stash of cola in here?” Ritchie asked. He was not acting like he normally did, there definitely seemed to be something weird going on.

Steven was secretly elated. This was incredible! An act that was totally out of character for his big brother, an act that can only possibly have come from the suggestion of Steven’s subliminal software.

“Yeah.” Steven said as he fought to keep his internal smile from showing.

“Could I have some?” Ritchie asked. He smiled slightly but Steven got the impression that if he said no Ritchie would push his way in and take a drink anyway, he had a look in his eyes that suggested nothing would keep him away from the drink.

Steven leaned over to where his bottles of cola were and picked up one of the smaller ones. He handed it to Ritchie who quickly unscrewed the lid and started drinking deeply from the bottle.

Steven was shocked as he watched his brother, who didn’t like sugary drinks, drink the whole bottle in one go.

When Ritchie was done he lowered the bottle from his mouth and let out an incredibly loud belch. Ritchie looked strangely content, a little trickle of cola had spilled out the side of his mouth but otherwise he looked normal and happy. Steven was quite unnerved by what he saw.

“Boys! Dinner time.” Mother shouted from downstairs. It broke the awkward silence that was developing.

Steven took the initiative and handed another bottle of cola to his brother before they headed downstairs.

Dinner was quiet that evening. Steven spent a lot of his time watching Ritchie who took multiple liberal gulps of the cola. He had become like a fiend for the stuff, it was as if he couldn’t get enough.

“Cola? That’s not like you.” Karen said to her older son.

“I’m just really thirsty for it.” Ritchie said as he took another drink.

That night Steven took a little while to get to sleep, he was thinking about what to do next. The subliminal software clearly worked, Ritchie had taken yet another bottle of cola with him to bed. There was no answer as to why that was happening other than Ritchie was successfully being manipulated.

Steven decided that tomorrow he would change the message. The next day he would put his actual plan into action. It was time for revenge on his older brother, not to mention he didn’t want Ritchie drinking all of his cola!

This story is written by Elfy

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Chapter 2

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Auntie Joan Part 11

This story is written by Les Lea

Strange to say but Rainbow and the private school in the UK had more in common than I thought. It certainly wasn’t the uniform (ha-ha) but attitude; neither tolerated bullying to take place.
At Rainbow, if there was an argument or some conflict (usually over a toddler wanting to play with a toy someone else was already enjoying) it was frowned upon by the adults who would settle the disagreement by speaking with the aggressive party and not condone such behaviour. Often the dispute would end with a “Sowwy” and both parties would end up playing happily together.
At the school in England a similar tactic was enforced (apart from the “Sowwy”), bullying was efficiently discouraged, with the older students taking it as part of their function not to allow such behaviour to go unchallenged. As a result, bullying in both institutions was not prevalent and if it happened, was quickly neutralised.


School settled down fairly quickly. I had my early morning checks with Nurse Jefferson and she would call the principal to confirm I was well-padded so, once she got the “OK” from him I was allowed to go to class.
My new, self-imposed uniform of long pants and un-tucked in shirt or long jumper, more or less hid the bulkiness from view so wasn’t a source of comment. I did smell sweet from the baby powder but I suppose everyone had their own ‘smell’ so mine wasn’t thought of as anything in particular. The crinkle and creak of my plastic pants was there but nobody appeared to be that concerned. All in all I thought I was fitting in surprisingly OK.


As I’ve mentioned, wearing diapers doesn’t worry me in the least and even after I’d told Oliver the reason he was still my friend. In fact, the more I told him the closer we became. Over those first few days, after auntie had explained that I might actually enjoy sharing with a friend, I never shut up.
Oliver was keen to hear everything and was a terrific listener and a guy who didn’t hide his own emotions. When I told him about my parent’s dramatic death he appeared more upset than I’d been. Oddly enough, his reaction set me off and I think for the first time I cried for my parents and not for myself.
This, I realised too late, was a mistake because emotionally at least, my bladder was in complete sympathy and let flow. My diaper gave me that warming glow and Oli wondered why I’d gone quiet but for some reason this felt different. I looked at Oli and realised that he was the first person I’d ever really shared such a deep moment with. Of course there was auntie but Oli was… a… friend, my first real friend, and I wasn’t sure how to react. Why I should have been nervous I have no idea but he gave me a gentle hug and smiled so I knew all was well.
I didn’t visit the nurse immediately but knew eventually I’d have to go and get changed. Despite the lotions and powder she applied, auntie had warned me about wearing a wet diaper for too long so a quick change was advised.


Oliver did say something that I found arresting. After hearing that my wetting apparently increased after my parent’s deaths, perhaps, he thought, I’d been affected more than I understood, maybe even subconsciously. Now where a fourteen year-old could get such an insight from I do not know but it certainly set me thinking.


My new best friend was a constant amazement. Because of his working class background I had assumed, very wrongly as it turned out, that he’d struggle in class. Not a bit of it. Like me he was way ahead of just about everyone else in the 9th Grade. However, unlike me his was a natural intelligence, whereas mine was bought and paid for at special private learning facilities. In those first few days he was a constant surprise and I began to rely on his friendship pretty heavily as I negotiated my way through an unfamiliar educational system.
For those first few days wearing my protection I managed to remain almost dry, what little trickled out was easily soaked up so wasn’t noticeable. However, after that emotional discussion involving the death of my parents, and Oliver’s comment, the deluge was intense and I was really glad that auntie had made sure I wore some very strong rubber leak-proof pants that day. I don’t know if she gets a sixth sense about this type of thing but she had me well protected when I needed it most.


Nurse Jefferson I think still regarded me as a little ‘special’ and treated me as such. On the few occasions I had to visit her she was all smiles and cheerfulness and definitely talked down to me but not in a patronising way. Now, you may have thought I resented this but in fact, it made me laugh. She certainly wasn’t like auntie when she changed me but she was nothing like the other ‘nurses’ who had tended to my wet diapers in the past. She was fun, helpful and sympathetic… if on a slightly different level.
She would often engulf me in powder.
“Just to keep you smelling sweet.”

And take some delight making sure I was well tucked in and my plastic pants didn’t inflate too much as she pulled them over the disposable. She was keen that I wasn’t embarrassed by anything she did. However, sometimes she added a separate thick layer of padding if I’d had a particularly thorough soaking.
“Just to be on the safe side.”

She’d say with a final pat to my cushioned bottom. I’d thank her for all the attention (my English public school politeness coming to the fore again) and she would say, “Thank you your Lordship” and chuckle to herself.


Thanks to Oliver (I hardly had much contact with Yoosuf, who, as suspected, had become a prime target for a lot of girls, which he loved), I was able to integrate a lot easier than I’d originally thought I would. A few of the other students had also been to Rainbow Rooms Nursery as kids so auntie was well known and despite my unorthodox first few months in town, once folk knew I was her nephew other people started to talk to me.
I had been noticed around town in my ‘childish’ clothes and some of my peers (and others) let their thoughts be known. They assumed I was a “retard”, or at least that was then impression I’d given. “A f*cking freak” was another observation from a tenth and eleventh Grade groups of kids. Others thought I must be a foreign exchange student because of my accent (and politeness), whilst a few appeared to know of my dramatic story and offered sympathetic looks and the occasional sigh (although that was mainly from girls). The boys tried to get me involved in their games but I was still having difficulty in applying myself to this new situation, thankfully Oliver smoothed the way and under his guiding hand I mixed relatively well.
When one boy questioned me about the short shorts he’d seen me wearing out and about in town with auntie I was a bit stuck for an answer until Oliver came to the rescue.
“Oh, yes, I need to get myself some of those,” he smiled as if he was in the know. “They are trending in Europe as the next big fashion…”
He let me add my piece.
“MTV Europe is all over it.”
I couldn’t believe I was saying this in an overly emphasised British manner.
“I may be the first to bring this style to this fair town but I doubt I’ll be the last.”
There were a few nods of approval, or at least understanding, although a few other boys sniggered, joyfully ridiculed me and said they’d never wear something that babyish. At least Oliver’s quick mind had dug me out of a hole I could so easily have slipped into… perhaps never to return?

I sighed with relief.


To begin with, after each new day of school I couldn’t wait to return to 46 Glendew Lane and resume my toddler life. I’d rush up to the nursery and pull off my school clothes and wait for auntie’s return to properly fit me in my diaper. The intimacy was all part of my happy journey back to the place I liked the best and, bless her heart, auntie was happy to oblige.
However, once I’d got to know Oliver better I’d arrive home and wasn’t quite as quick to change. In fact I’d go into the ‘other room’ and turn on the computer (something I hadn’t done for absolutely ages) and either play games or catch up on the loads of stuff that had accumulated there since I’d arrived at auntie’s house. Before I knew it auntie would be calling me down for the evening meal and I’d be still dressed as if I’d just gotten in.
She never said anything about this only asking me about the day and how teachers and other kids were treating me. I couldn’t complain. She seemed OK with this news and didn’t push for further details. After the meal, and I’d helped with some chores, I returned to the ‘other room’ to finish my homework.


I’d slept in there a few times but still regarded the nursery as my main bedroom however, as I stripped down to get ready for bed the urge to stay there was strong. I stood in front of the mirror wearing just my protection, which was bunched up but only slightly damp, and wondered if I wanted this as much anymore.
There was little doubt that, as I ran my hands over the glossy, slippery plastic surface, the bulkiness under my pants felt as wonderful as ever. The tremble of comfort they offered was there but… I wasn’t sure why but I thought, well, I didn’t know what I thought… but there was certainly some doubt in my mind. Perhaps wearing a diaper for ‘big school’ (I giggled at the very idea of that name) was not what I really wanted.

I wriggled out of my protection and slipped into the shower. When I returned I was expecting auntie to be there to make sure I was well diapered for the night but she wasn’t. With a white towel wrapped around my waist I wandered into the nursery and checked out all the things I liked so much. Touching the pile of diapers and running my fingers over the smooth array of plastic pants I caught sight of myself in the full-length mirror and saw that the towel still made it look like I was wearing a diaper. I smiled to myself… but it was decision time.


I moved over from the nursery into ‘my room’ and searched through the draws to find suitable PJs. Yes, I was giving this whole – being fourteen – a real good go and pulled on the type of nightwear I’d not worn since I’d arrived at aunties. Without the bulk of the diaper the pale blue cotton pyjama pants slipped around my waist with ease. It felt a bit strange and it didn’t seem right but, I was determined to be fourteen for the night.
I pulled the covers up and for once wasn’t surrounded by cartoon characters or stuffed toys. My thumb waivered in front of my mouth for a second but I felt really tired and was about to go to sleep when auntie came in to say goodnight.
“Are you OK Doodle?” She ran her hand through my short hair.
“Yes auntie. I’m at High School now so…”
She seemed to understand and gently kissed my head.
“Sleep tight sweetheart.”
She turned the light off and closed the door.


I didn’t remember dreaming but I must have slept very heavily because auntie was there rousing me for school.
“C’mon Doodle; you’re going to be late if you don’t get a move on.”
I lay there trying to get my slightly fuddled senses in order. Normally auntie has checked if I’m wet or not, but not this morning. She was drawing the blinds and letting in a rather grey looking morning. Gone was the sun that had been a feature of every day since I’d arrived and the clouds had gathered making the place appear very dull.
Waking up like this, in my new bedroom, which wasn’t as bright or cheery as when I woke up in the nursery, left me feeling a little down. In fact, it took me longer than usual to motivate myself to get up but then my reflexes kicked in when I realised I was soaked.
The sigh that left my throat unbidden attracted auntie’s attention. She saw the look of pained anguish on my face and rightly assumed what was wrong.
“Doodle, don’t worry.”
She was already coming over to hug and comfort me.
“We can sort it out… no worries.”
She knew I must have wet the bed but I was annoyed at trying to be a teenager without at least taking some precautions.
“But auntie,” I sobbed, “I’ve ruined a new bed. I’m sowwy”
The “sowwy” was unintentional but at that moment I felt like a silly little bedwetting kid, even though I’d done it hundreds of times, at that moment I felt I’d let auntie down.
“Don’t worry sweetheart. There’s a waterproof cover over the mattress,” she let that info sink in. “So it’s only a few sheets and your PJs,” she smiled and ruffled my hair, “so no great disaster.”


I felt useless but auntie helped me up and out of bed, stripped it and me, then sent me off to shower. When I returned, auntie had changed and remade the bed and had my school protection ready. The changing mat and all the creams and powders were waiting so I just lay out and let her get on with it.
“I suppose it’s back to the nursery for me?” I looked guiltily at her.
“It’s up to you sweetheart. I think you have to try this room and give the nursery a miss for a while… but only if you want.”
She smiled.
“We can always wrap you up safely in here.”
Her eyes darted around the room.
“Perhaps a pull-up… or two… to begin with?”
Her eyes raised to question if that would be acceptable.
As she finished shuffling the plastic pants into place I nodded my agreement.
“OK then, that’s what we’ll do. Come on, time’s running out and you’ll miss the school bus if you don’t get a move on.”


The first few weeks passed quickly although I was aware that it was a school enmeshed in a tense atmosphere. Unlike Rainbow and my English school, there were many cliques and divisions that appeared to flourish in such a huge and diverse environment. The school was the only High School in the region so had an enormous number of students, who were garnered from not only the town but all the smaller outlying areas. This produced a diversity of strange allegiances to various factions including; fashion, sport, clubs, family and rivalries between previous other schools.
In the senior aspect of the school it was the ‘jocks’ that appeared to reign supreme. Unlike at the school in England, there was a lot of flaunting their success, no matter how local and parochial that success was. A great deal of fuss was made about even being on a team never mind if they actually won anything (which they hadn’t). I was amazed at the attitude of these people – their strutting and self-belief was, to my mind at least, undeserved and I couldn’t help but point that out to anyone who might listen to my view.
Oliver suggested that, for the moment at least, as we were in an easily targeted age group (with absolutely no influence) I should curtail any negative opinions on the High School Broncos, or any of the other sports teams that infested the place. The football team were big and fearsome with apparently an absolute right to lord it over timid students, which was mainly everyone else.
I hated to say it but the school in the UK just would not put up with such behaviour, where modesty in achievements was thought of in a positive manner. I remembered one of the ‘Old Boys’ from that school returning with an Olympic Gold medal, which we all (yes even me) were keen to touch. I’d never met a nicer, more unassuming man (in fact he must have only been a teenager) who had thanked and praised his peers, and school, for the encouragement they’d given him.
Meanwhile… well… words failed me because I just couldn’t (without swearing) say what I thought of these unworthy, loud-mouthed bullies.


Meanwhile, at home I temporarily put the nursery ‘off limits’ on school days so my nights were spent in ‘my room’ wearing new PJs under which I wore a pair or two of pull-ups as a safety net (so to speak). A couple more times I flooded them and wet the bed but in general they seemed to work reasonably well. However, I did miss not having my slinky plastic pants on as stroking them before I dropped off both relaxed me, if I was feeling that way out, or made me hard, if my mind was working in a different direction. The thickness of the padding denying me access, which was frustrating but in a gloriously wonderful way, making the smooth outer coating seem all the more sensual.
There is something quite special about certain vinyl pants. Some can be smooth, yet unyielding, thick and offer support but little comfort. However, some of the soft, opaque pants that I wore were so slinky and pliable that I sometimes couldn’t imagine not wearing them for the sheer emotional thrill their touch gave. I looked at myself many times in the mirror and was overjoyed to see the well-padded seat of my diaper enclosed in that smooth ductile material; the elastic legs gripping and holding everything tightly in place before I slipped on a pair of shorts or trousers. The thought of what I had on under those clothes had me in a constant state of secure pleasure.


Although my wetting at school was less than what I used to do at Rainbow, I still had some accidents. The principal was adamant that I’d not be allowed out of my protection until we’d seen the second psychologist and he’d had a report that I was ‘safe’ and in fairness, although I had no intention of messing all over the school, I still was having peeing problems.
It was unfortunate that sometimes I got no warning of my bladder leaking until I was already in the process of flooding my diaper and of course by then any attempt to stop the flow was a useless act. On these occasions I’d visit Nurse Jefferson in the break and she would sort me out fairly promptly. Because it had become such a relaxed operation, and I was usually the only patient, it never occurred to me that others might use the facility.

As I lay naked from the waist down an injured jock, straight from the playing fields, came bursting in holding a bloody rag to his equally bloody nose. He was a very big senior and I’m sure it was only because he’d been told to see the nurse that he hadn’t just carried on playing, blood or no blood.
He saw this 9th Grader, me, lying out, buck naked and getting lotion rubbed into my hairless groin (I was still using the creams that auntie used in those first few days to prevent hair growth). He did a double-take as he saw the huge disposable being readied and the plastic pants waiting to be slipped up.
It was as if all his prayers had been answered to make this journey to the nurse’s office worthwhile.
He burst out laughing
“Oh sorry nurse I didn’t know you were on baby-sitting duty.”
He guffawed at his clever comment.
“I’ll wait until his diapee is all snuggly-wuggly… I’m sure my bloody dripping nose can wait until after such an emergency.”
“Now Kyle,” Nurse Jefferson responded. “I’ll only be a few more seconds so why not wait in the office and then I’ll see to you?”
“Sure, sure.”

He slowly backed out but not without taking in the final act of being taped into my disposable.
“Get the kindergarteners sorted first… I’m sure nap time isn’t far off.”
He was mumbling but making sure I heard every word.
I was a bit embarrassed to say the least that my diaper change had been witnessed by one of the football fraternity and although I wished otherwise, I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be the last I heard about it.


Nurse Jefferson didn’t seem to be worried, or even acknowledge the disruption and happily carried on making sure my protection was in place.
As I left the room the huge bloody hulking frame of Kyle was waiting just outside the door.
“Well aren’t you just precious,”
He delivered his words with both sarcasm and venom.
“I’m sure I’ll be seeing a great deal of my sweet little baby girlie…”
He patted my padded bottom.
“That’s thick, thick padding for a thick, thick baby. Oh yes… she’s just right to be a playmate.”
His voice was a mocking and threatening growl.
I was angry at his words and that he’d feminised me but at that precise moment I was just too humiliated to come back with a witty reply. His bulk was very intimidating and as he entered the room I’d just exited he blew me a kiss and smeared more blood on his already bloody face.
As the door slammed shut I shivered, wondering what hell I could expect from then on.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 10

Chapter 12

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The Balto family Road-Trip Part 1

The Balto family Road-Trip Part 1

The story opens with a 17 year old Kodiack waking up in his room to a very familiar feeling:

Kodi hears is alarm going off as he slowly opens his eyes to check the time as well as turn his alarm clock off. He looks around and hears his parents moving around in the hallway outside his room as he decides to sit up and wake himself up before getting out of bed. As he sit’s up, a very familiar crinkling can be heard as he feels a very familiar warm damp sensation around his waist.

Kodi removes his covers to reveal a very wet nighttime diaper where he shrugs and thinks to himself “Well, good thing I wear these things at night. I would hate to clean my sheets again because I have already done that WAY to much already. However they do feel pretty nice and are very fun to wear >3>”
Ever since his baby sister Aleu was born, while happy to be a big brother, Kodi himself has been quite jealous of the attention his sister was getting from his parents, especially his dad. This had caused Kodi to try some things to get their attention back such as letting his parents bathe him with Aleu or having Jenna or Balto read him bedtime story to tucking him in at night to other puppy like behaviors.

The biggest on of these behaviors is something that has been an ongoing problem with Kodi for years, ever since he was 7 Kodi has been a very heavy bed-wetter and wets the bed almost every night. This means that Kodi has to wear diapers to bed, as his parents usually diaper him and his sister together before bed. However Alue being the new baby of the house, she is only 3 and is still very young and she herself does nit understand anything different from seeing her older brother wearing a diaper.

Just as Kodi was about to leave his bed to get up, his door opened to his father walking into the room saying:

Balto: Morning Bud, so you all packed?

Kodi: Packed for what? *I still groggy kodi replied to his father as Balto went over to his blinds and open them, letting light poor into the room very rapidly*

Balto: Well you remember what today is right, we are heading to the grand canyon today!

Kodi’s eyes lit up as it came back to his that this was the big annual family road trip day as he started to wag his tail to some familiar crinkling and replied:

Kodi: Oh yeah, yeah it is! *Kodi sprung out of bed and went to grab his suitcase to start packing when he felt something start to hold him back and tug at his diaper. He looked back to see his father checking his diaper to which Balto replied:

Balto: Hold up there kiddo, looks like someone is going to need to a diaper change before we leave! *Balto proclaimed as he smiled at kodi who just blushed a bit as Balto said: Lets go ahead and get you out of this soggy diaper so you can get all ready for the big trip.

Kodi: Ok dad, sounds good *Kodi said wiggling a bit as Balto laid him down and removed his diaper to which kodi smiled as he rushed to the bathroom very excited as Balto shouted after him:

Balto: Don’t forget to come down for breakfast after your done in there, we don’t leave for another hour!

Kodi: I won’t dad, thanks for the heads up! ^^

Kodi then proceeded to rush to the bathroom with a towel around his waist as he entered the family bathroom rather quickly, only to see his mother Jenna changing his baby sister into a fresh diaper after she just finished bathing her for the trip.

Jenna: Whoa there Kodi whats the rush? You nearly ran into your sister and me! *Jenna teased her son as she taped up the final tape on Aleus new diaper as Kodi replied:

Kodi: Sorry mom, I am just excited about our vacation and dad though it would be a good idea if I get all cleaned up because…you know…

Jenna: Hey you don’t need to tell me, so I am assuming your father already got you all changed then huh *Jenna said taking a peak under Kodi’s towel.

Kodi: Oh yeah I am fine, I am just going to shower and get dressed before breakfast is all ^^

Jenna: Ok well breakfast is almost ready so come on down when you are done *Jenna said with a smile as she picked up Aleu and took them both downstairs to eat*

Kodi then proceeded to get all cleaned up and got all dressed in a while t-shirt with a greenish over-shirt that he liked to wear sometimes on nice summer days. He then got on some shorts and headed on down to breakfast where he and his parents as well as Aleu proceeded to eat. After breakfast was done Kodi went upstairs to finish packing as Jenna and Balto took Alue and everything else to the car to pack it up.

Just as Kodi finished packing up his things Balto came into his room as he held a bag from the store and said:

Balto: Hey you all ready to go kiddo?

Kodi: Yeah I think I am about ready dad, I just need to grab wolfy and I should be all set *Kodi smiled as he zipped up his duffel bag full of stuff (Wolfy is the name of Kodi’s favorite wolf plush).

Balto: Great! However there is one last thing.

Kodi: What’s that dad? *Kodi said looking at his father with a head-tilt as Balto placed the bag down on his bed and pull out a package of teen sized Pawpaers and set them on the bed*

Balto: Well Kodi me and your mother have decided to do a little experiment this trip. As you know Aleu is incontinent and as she grows up will be in diapers for the rest of her life. Well right now she of coarse does not know the difference between a pup herself wearing diapers and someone your age wearing diapers. Well she only knows this at night since you and her are diapered together.
Because of this, we decided that it might be best if you wear diapers along with your sister to show her that you wear them “all the time” as well like her might make her feel a bit better when she grows up knowing that her big brother was just like her in many ways. So what we were going to ask is if you would be ok with wearing a diaper in the car along with your sister that might make things a lot better on this trip this year. You can always say no if this is something that you don’t want to do:p *Balto said looking at his son patting his bed and the packing of pawpers.

Kodi just looked at his father in a very surprised as he has been waiting for something like this to happen for a LONG time. However while very happy he could not show it so he replied:

Kodi: Well I don’t know what to say dad except yeah that sounds perfectly fine to me! I don’t mind helping Aleu out like that at all. Plus it might not be a bad idea because I suppose I did have that accident in the car on the way to Colorado and if I do pass out in the car I don’t have to worry about anything hehe ^^ *Kodi said wagging a bit to which he tried to hide from his father*

Balto: *Balto notices Kodi wagging his tail as he laughs to himself as he says: Well those are pretty fair points as well and because you had a accident on last years trip this is also why we think this would be a good idea, now lets go ahead and get you all diapered up! *Balto said patting his bed as Kodi came over and laid down very excited.

Balto then proceeded to remove Kodi’s shorts and boxers as he cleaned up his area a bit more while pulling a fresh pawpers from the package as he unfolded it and a very nice new diaper smell hit Kodi’s nose as he got even more excited and wagged his tail some.
Balto then proceeds to slide the new diaper underneath Kodi as he makes sure the tail-hole is all good. He then begins to power Kodi up with some of Aleu’s baby powder as he then pulls the front of the diaper up through his legs and places the diaper on Kodi while tapping up one side and then the other.

Balto: There all done! So how does that feel Kodi, you feeling good?

Kodi: Oh yeah dad I am feeling great! So do I get my pants back or not though?

Balto: Well like your sister, it would be easier for me and your mother to check you to see when you need a diaper change so you are better of without your pants. Now go grab wolfy and we can head on out! *Balto said to kodi who crinkled away to grab wolfy as Balto grabbed his bag and they both headed to the car.

As they left the house, Balto and Kodi get things all finalized and packed as then Balto got into the drivers seat and Kodi got into the back seat. Alue instantly noticed her big brothers special padding, just like her and her puppy mind could not help but just start laughing

Alue: hahahahahahahahehe Kodi you wook funny hehe XD

Kodi: Hey c-come on Aleu, its not funny its convenient and practical *Kody began to pout and look out the window as Balto said to Alue:

Balto: Aleu, stop laughing at your brother. You wear diapers to remember >3> *Balto said as he starts to pull out of the driveway while Jenna replies:

Jenna: Aww come on Kodi, she is just having some fun with her Big Brother. Besides I think you look adorable like that. Your just like my little puppy Kodiack again hehe

Kodi: Mom! N-not in front of Aleu *Kodi said as he keep pouting and Alue keeps laughing at her diapered older brother as they depart on their first leg of there journey to the Grand Canyon on the Great Balto family road trip! :3

Order and above story by aerospacerocks840

Draw by TailBiter


It sure seems going to be a pretty special trip here.

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Baby Bunny Puppies

Baby Bunny Puppies

So pooofy cute and squishy together.
Fwo’s little sister Lilac is already in training pants, so Fwo, being the naughty pup that he is, decides to un-pottytrain her, so that she can join the blue and red pup in using their diapeys to their fullest.

A gift to KingCrazy and LittleLilac95

Draw and text by OverFlo207


Yes they sure belongs in thick baby diapers and what i can see the un-pottytrain is working pretty well.

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Game night with the girls

Game night with the girlsLooks like Stars been betting again and being sore loser blaming the mittens she had to wear in the last round, Abbey and Paisley seem to be having fun at her expense.

A trade whit MonsterBunny draw and above text by BabyStar


Aww poor Stars looks like she have lost the game again and is now force to be wetting here diaper like a little baby. Is she going to put here diaper to some good use?

I sure think they are going to making sure of that.

But it make me wounder way is Stars being force to wear mittens?

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Babyfur Comic: Halloween Babies: Page 1

Babyfur Comic: Halloween Babies: Page 1Draw by Tato and Rogeykun


Aww it seems that the bully really good what he deserved. A big and long spanking and being putt back into some thick and clean diaper. Now he sure is going to be pretty embarrass to waddling around whit that thick package between his legs.

It sure looking forward to the next page of this comic to see what is going to happen whit him.

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Not So Big Kitty

Not So Big KittyThis drawing is related to this drawing: Tests and Tinkles

Draw and everything by Erin-Cloverfox


This teddy bear sure know how to make this cat blushing big time :( But it sure can be good to be wearing some good protection that can handle your accidents :)

Controlling the bladder sure can be hard stuff sometimes :( And having a wet accident at school sure is not fun.

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Babyfur Comic: Rogey and Picaduck’s Playground Humiliation, Page 2

Babyfur Comic: Rogey and Picaduck's Playground Humiliation, Page 2

The kids tease the two characters for wearing diapers, but not in a mean way, and make them suck on pacifiers.

The comic is order by Rogeykun

Draw and above text by warpwarp1929


Yes kids can sure be so mean at each other and this sure show it :(

It sure seems like it have been a pretty rough day for this two :( At least they have each other. That sure should be something :)

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