Stuffed toy

Ben’s Plushie

Ben's PlushieThe cute happy cub belongs to ethan86

Draw by carnival-tricks


Spending time whit your plushy sure is nice and cozy :)

Seems like it is that time for ethan86 and Simba now :)

They sure look happy to be together and i hope that they are going to have some good time together :)

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Wait don’t look

Wait don’t look“Wait no don’t come in here!”

Draw and evertyihng by sharkypaddedbottom


Awww poor thing looks like its already to late to do anything to hide the diaper that he is wearing.

Looks like someone have a little bit off embarrassing situation to deal whit now :(

Wounder if he is going to be able to explain way he is wearing a diaper.

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Powerful Potions

Powerful PotionsSeems like the rules about magic potion effects are seeping into real life. Playing fantasy games with a magical plush taur might have some curious side effects.

Order by Blackwolfdiaper

Draw by Blankie


Yes it sure seems like when you are playing this board game you need to be prepared that some strange side effect can happen.

I bet that is something that he would like to have know before he decide to play this game.

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Kürz’s Favourite Plush

Kürz's Favourite PlushIt’s Kürz cuddled up and cozy in the best two bedtime articles; Peeks and a plush!

Order by KurzAD

Draw and above text by Blankie


Yes a plushy and a thick good diaper sure is the best combination to get some nice and good sleep :)

I hope he is going to have some good and nice dreams now :) Maybe a dream where they are playing together.

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It’s Been A While…

It's Been A While...Draw and everything by Diegesis


Awww looks like Billy`s mother have decide to do something crazy today and use a disposable diaper instead of a cloth diaper.

Wounder what she was thinking about now ;)

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Cuddly Plushie

Cuddly PlushieThis drawing is made for Destinyseraphim and draw by AD-SD-ChibiGirl


Yes hugging and spending time whit your favorite plush sure is the best thing to do :)

That sure is a good friend that is always there for you when you need it.

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Dressing problems

Dressing problems“Well, I told you, Sammy … it’s no big deal. I can do it myself, I’m a big boy!”
Sascha was holding the soft and thick fabric of his fooded PJs in his front paws, trying to put them on for bedtime on his own.
However the little hybrid cub was struggling with it, tongue sticking out in concentration while trying to pull the PJs over his thick, colorful nightime diaper, sporting an astronaut pattern.
He managed to get one foot in correctly, but somehow managed to step onto the second leg, preventing him from getting it right.
“Uhm.. lil help here, Sammy?”
Of course his long-tailed lynx plushie was eager to help his own in getting his PJs on, to show that he is a big boy.
Maybe just a little longer… ^.^’

Sammy and above text belongs to Ghostbear2k

Draw by MarciMcAdam


Yes dressing yourself sure can be difficult. Good thing your nice and friendly plushy is there to help you when you decide that you maybe need a little help.

Its nothing wrong to ask for help when you have a problem :)

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Help....Looks like toyapup wants out of his crib and a change. I don’t think he likes being in that diaper..

The poor wolf belongs to toyapup

Draw and above text by TakOttah


Awww yes it sure is not so match fun to spending the night in a messy stinky diaper :(

Hope his parents manage to here him and come and check whats up whit him. They sure going to notes when they enter the nursery what the problem is.

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