Bouncy Community Service

Bouncy Community Service

The Community Punishment Program benefits the public on multiple levels; not only does it (supposedly) deter and punish criminals, it also provides entertainment for the general public! Here we see an offender on display in a public park, bouncing away for the amusement of nearby park patrons, and the internet and world at large! You can be sure this miscreant won’t be causing any trouble for Mayor Musuko’s fine city any time soon! Well…at least for a few days anyway!

Draw by Musuko42

Order by ??

A YCH, featuring:


Someone sure seems to be up for a blushing and humiliated couple of days here :(

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A Bunny in Bondage

 A Bunny in Bondage

commission for ruka.bunny of his bun all strapped in for his hospital stay, don’t worry he is well taken care of by the nurses!

Order by ruka.bunny

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot


Yes i sure think the nursers is going to love to take care of this bunny. I sure he is going to be in for some big changed in his life. Or maybe we should say that he going to get a new life. But i sure think its going to get some time for him to get use to all the changes.

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High & Padded in a Padded Cell

High & Padded in a Padded Cellanjunahusky forced to puff on that whacky tobaccy as a part of their treatment, and they even got their chastity device taken off! i bet a few good rubs on that bulge would cause that tenting diaper to leak! come on raffy, help a pup out!

The bondage husky anjunahusky

Draw by jimmy_rumshot


Yes it sure seems like this husky have a pretty big diaper bulge and it sure seems like this furrys penis is close to make a hole in his diaper. It sure look pretty close to that what everyone can clearly see here.

I sure wounder what should happen if someone decided to give this furry a diaper rubbing.

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How to diaper train your teen

How to diaper train your teenCharacters belongs to Anammarbh

Draw by Paddedulf


Yes it sure seems like someone is going to get force to get use to being back and using diapers again. She dont seems to have any choice when she is bondage up like this. Poor girl she sure is in a new kind of road hear back to being depending on diapers again.

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Cursed Pacifier

Cursed PacifierDraw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Awww poor thing it is never good to steal things special not a magic pacifier.

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HofBondage and OverFlo207 – Collab

HofBondage and OverFlo207 - CollabPoor Flo….(poor me)…well actually, poor Laura. She’s stuck in a small sealed padded room with a dumb stinky dog boy like Flo. Hehe…he looks very uncomfortable while trying to do his business, in this pic. ^^ Laura is not making it easy on him…she doesn’t take any crap from Flo. We both love straitjackets, but haven’t drawn many in our art, so it was a perfect opportunity to lock our OCs into such a fun little bondage scenario. :)

In this drawing HofBondage and  OverFlo207

Draw by OverFlo207


Poor thing it sure looks like someone is forced to smell the stinky of a messy diaper close to the face.

It sure looks like someone really needed to go. But i think it should be match worse if the diaper not was there to handle it.

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Bound up pup

Bound up pupso enjoy an nice wiggly wet padded huzker puppers who had to be straight jacketed, caged, and strapped down because the wouldn’t stop pawing at their poof in the doctors office, and pacigagged because they were whimpering to much about the whole deal :3

The bondage husky anjunahusky

Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot


Poor little husky. Wounder how long time he is going to be force to wear diapers now and this Male Chastity Cage? I bet it going to be for a long times so they are sure that he knows how to behave right.

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Calming down Patient 74

Calming down Patient 74
‘Hurry up Sarah, I can’t hold him down like this much longer!’

‘Just a sec Catherine! It seems that one shot wasn’t enough for him this time.’

‘All this fuss over a simple diaper change, every single day!
And look at that grin! I’m more and more convinced, that this son of a *&#@% ‘s enjoying this!

‘Don’t talk like this Catherine, he’s our patient!’

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Poor little diaperfur looks like he is going to get his diaper change after all. He really learn to cooperate when it comes to this.

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