Aty and Spits Christmas

Aty and Spits Christmas

I guess Astus lucked out on his Christmas this year! He god a brand new Xfox one from Santa Paws, Oh mi ! But unfortunately for Spitty, hes not so lucky. It Appear’s Santa Paws felt that he needed another supply a diapers. As you can tell from Spit’s expression and his unhappy comment that this has happened before. And what that means is there will be no hope in using the potty again this year! Maybe next year Santa Paws will feel different. Then again maybe not.

PS. Same thing for Astus too, otherwise he would have gotten a potty instead ;3 Looks like its going to be a soggy new year for both of them.

Order by Astusthefox and Spittybunbun

Draw and above text by cubdrawer


Poor Spitty looks like he not looking forward to spend another year in diapers :( Poor thing i should have guessed that he should have been use to it now.

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