Spanking machine

Fried Fox Flank and Blistered Bunny Buns

Fried Fox Flank and Blistered Bunny BunsOh my, seems Nick and Judy got themselves into quite the pickle this time! And with Judy unable to reach her radio, who knows how long their punishment will go on for?

Order and text by DastardlyCrane

Draw by LoulouVZ


From the look on there very red butts it seems like they have been spanked for quite some time.

It sure most hurt allot more now for every slap there poor toasted butts receive.

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Naru and Motoko – Nursery Nightmare

Naru and Motoko - Nursery NightmareHina being mercilessly pampered, paddled, and thoroughly babied to no end! Naru’s trying to hold out by keeping herself from being placed down in the Crib, because she knows once she’s in, there’s no getting out! Unfortunately for Motoko, she’s much more helpless as she’s paddled and spanked to no end, and is enduring a large bar of soap in her mouth.

Whoever’s doing this, is making sure Naru and Motoko are NOT in for a fun time~!

commission ???

Draw 34Qucker ???

Text 34Qucker


This two girls sure not going to have some fun time the coming days. It going to take them some time to get use tho this baby treatment.

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Babyfur Comic: Mom knows best

Mom knows bestThere is no escape for these cubs who like to take cookies without permission!
And a machine very useful for parents and babysitters!

Isn’t that right, Lupus?*giggles*

I hope i get to keep my undies after this. i dont think they are dry anymore. *blushes* i wasn’t expecting any surprises when i grabbed those cookies. An hope i dont have to be padded though i know my bottoms rl sore now.

Lupus and text by masterlupus

Draw by Victor/nelson


Poor Lupus i hope he learn that it is not a good thing to steal cookies from the cookie jar when your mom own a machine like this. Your poor but sure starting to look pretty sore now.

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Espeon spanking animation

Espeon spanking animationDraw and everything by Spanking649


Aww poor Espeon looks like she have ended up in some sort of spanking machine here.

Wounder how she ended up in this mess :( Poor thing.

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Sandy’s Red Cheeks

Sandy's Red CheeksOrder by DastardlyCrane

Art by LoulouVZ


Poor Squirrel it sure seems that she have been up to some very naughty things to deserve a toasted butt like this one.

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TheDigiSpank R360

TheDigiSpank R360The words ‘DON’T TOUCH’ clearly mean nothing to a certain Vee!

Draw and everything by DastardlyCrane


Poor Veemon it sure looks like he should have read the sign before touching this devise. His butt is going to be even more red and toasted then it is now. Maybe he learn something from this experience.

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The spank machine

The spank machineFoxy have been a very naughty cub this week at the kindergarten. He have been teasing one of the cub allot and the thing he have been up to is that every time he notes a messy stinky diaper smell in the air he runs to the teachers and scream a have found a cub that have mad a stinky diaper could you please change him. He even this sort of thing when he was the stinky furry.

Now have the teachers get tired of this sort of behavior and decide to try something new when nothing else seems to help.

Draw by furrychrome

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Not this time, Caiden!

Not this time, Caiden!
This little wolf thought that the new babysitter(Helen) would be a cinch!And it would be easy for him to go to the kitchen and grab chocolate cookies without anyone’s permission!
NOPE!This babysitter was a genius!

And she brought her school project …a spanking robot!And it seems that he has worked perfectly!^^

Art by Nelson88

Story and Caiden tugscarebear


It looks like Caiden have it weary difficult to stop stealing cookies from the jar. Now he have earn a spanking from this new robot.

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