Soggy diaper

Halftime show

Halftime showThe real show is going on in the locker room, with one specific cheerleader being RenChu of course, guess you get to see it from his view~

Furrys in this drawing belongs to RenChu and Datahazard64

Order and above text by Datahazard64

Draw by xepher777


Yes it sure seems like RenChu getting some very special attention here in the locker room during the break.

But when they are finish it seems like its time to be changing his diaper to.


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Let your inner Star Shine

Let your inner Star ShineChase having the time of his life on stage, so much that they are unaware of the sog between his legs.

Order by The_Char_Char

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot


No point in thinking about the state of your diaper when you having the best time of your life. And the diaper is there for a reason to handle stuff like this ;)

He sure having a awesome time right now.

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Star’a swimming surprise

Star'a swimming surprise

Looks like Star’s visit to the beach didn’t end up so dry for her.

babystar line art

Other stuff Runt


Yes she sure going to have pretty hard time running when she got up from the ocean. The diaper have bay then expended allot and end up pretty heavy.

So someone sure is ready for a change if not the diaper end up pooping when she stand up. That sure is something that can happen and then she is standing there half naked.

She sure should have switch to a swim diaper before headed to the beach.

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oats’d, soak’d, smush’d butt – MishkaStinks

Someone sure have ended up whit a pretty heavy and well used diaper here :) Maybe its time to start thinking about changing that diaper before it leaking. But it sure is nice squishy and mussy right now to play around whit.

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Counting the Horde

Counting the HordeIt takes a while, but it’s necessary. Gotta make sure Starbuck’s diaper fund doesn’t run low…

Furrys in this drawing belongs to ThameStink and GibsonScratch

Above text by GibsonScratch

The drawing is made by Bunanana


Giggle i think Starbuck have the money to buy his own diaper factory :)

That sure is allot of money to be counting.

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No one will ever know!

No one will ever know!Draw and everything by Iakhot


Awww poor thing looks like someone have some problem when it comes to the potty training :( Good thing the diaper is there to handle the accident :)

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Oh no, the toilet is locked!

 Oh no, the toilet is locked!Order by Auggie and Faux!

Draw by Dracky


Awww looks like someone really trough that he could be able to be a big boy and use the potty instead of his comfy thick diaper. Good thing the lock on the potty prevented that :)

He sure have ended up whit a squishy mussy diaper butt now.

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Sog Harbor

Sog Harbor

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Yes this sure dont seems to be the right solution for him. But at lest he have a spare dry diaper in that bag :)

He sure making a big fuzz there in the middle of the beach whit that screaming and that soggy wet diapers between his legs.

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