Order by theanon

Draw by Small_Circles


Poor Renamon someone seems to have found one special and powerful hacking device here.

But that someone sure needs to make sure that someone is around to be changing diaper diaper.

It sure seems to be pretty heavy and well used right now. But who wants to be in charge of changing this super messy diaper? It sure going to take a wile to get this Digimon all clean up again.

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Work up!

Work up!At this point, I’m just surprised that I can still find attack names that match the picture.

Draw and everything by Small_Circles


Poor Machamp looks like Greninja have found a way do play whit his diaper.

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Bulk up!

Bulk up!Draw and everything by Small_Circles


At least it is something that he is bulking up. The only thing he needs now is a new and clean diaper.

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Fury Swipes!

Fury Swipes!Diapered cat daddy.

Draw and everything by Small_Circles_


Looks like Incineroar is to busy trying to getting the key from Klefki that he dont have notes that he have messy his diaper.

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Strap Down Pampered Pup!

Strap Down Pampered Pup!Folf character getting properly pampered in the ABDL nursery room, from the looks of that side table i think he needs it, sure would be embarrassing if any on lookers walked by the window!

The bondage fox Small_Circles_

Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot


Yes he sure would be embarrassed if someone was walking bay and notes what he is wearing. But he cannot do anything about that now when he is strapped down like this.

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