Diaper pail piggy noxy

Diaper pail piggy noxyLooks like someone’s enjoying my old diaper pail.

The drawing is order by noxy

Draw by yourfur


Yes someone sure seems to enjoy the smell from that diaper pail loaded whit stinky messy diapers. It sure most be one special kind of smell that is hitting this furry`s nose right now.

I sure wounder how long time she is going to have here nose buried in that stinky diaper pail?

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Show mommy your wet diaper!

Show mommy your wet diaper!

Order by Soro Skunk

Draw by Dracky


Awww seems like someone have a little bit of trouble admit that she really needs here diaper to help here when here bladder is failing.

Or maybe the blushing is because mommy is tacking a photo.


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Wrong Undies Part 1

Wrong Undies Part 1“What we have here? oh, i don’t think you’re going to the classroom without protection, lill one. “

“A hah, knew there was something missing… no problem, let’s get these out before they get ruined, and something good for you is coming… Now, no fussy… or we’re going to principal’s after this…

Draw and everything by gus-the-hedgehog


Awww looks like this school have some special rules about what kind of underwear you have to wear and it seems like this poor skunk is wearing the wrong kind.

I bet someone is going to be even more fussy when he see the diaper.

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Stinking up the Place

Stinking up the PlaceSpottyKttn was curious about how it was even possible to get any stinkier while wearing her favourite diapers, so I decided to help her out!

… Actually that’s not true, I just figured it’d be fun for her to be a stinky pamper skunk for a while. She’ll learn to enjoy it. <3

A reward for SpottyKttn from ChocolateKitsune

Above text by ChocolateKitsune


Yes someone sure have made that diaper really messy. Good thing it is there to handle it :)

Wounder if she learn to enjoy being a stinky messy diaper skunk?

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Scentus’s Daycare Stay

Scentus's Daycare StayEventually, the sinister therapist had decided he had had his fun with his ‘pet’ for now and decided to let her return to society and return to her senses. To that end, and to make sure nobody would link her therapy session to what happened to her, he left her, still drooling and giggling with a full diaper, outside of an institution for special needs girls like her. Gradually, over the coming days, her mind slowly returned, but her continence and ability to talk in something besides baby babble did not. It seemed those would require a while longer to return to her, if they did at all. For now, all she could do was sit in the crib in a soaked diaper, able to understand what the orderlies were saying about her but unable to convince them she was anything but an oversized baby skunk.

Draw and above text by Scentus

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor thing she sure have woke up to a nightmare and no clue what have happen. She have lost the skill to talk and to make mater worse here bladder and bowel control.

The caretaker at institution sure have no clue what have happen to this skunk.

Is thing ever going to return to normal for this skunk? Or have all the advance hypnosis therapy session left here permanently damage?

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Scentus’s New Career

Scentus's New CareerHer mind utterly broken by extended training from the therapist, Scentus has been completely transformed from a working adult into a putrid pet skunkgirl. Now instead of answering calls she is content to simply fill diapers and stink up public parks.

Order and above text by Scentus

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes someone sure seems to be very good when it comes to the new job the therapist have fix for here. She sure is one stinky skunk in this public park special whit that kind of very messy diaper.

Looks like someone have one very stinky diaper to change here. It sure going to take a couple of minutes to change this diaper.

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Scentus’s Stinky Therapy

Scentus's Stinky TherapyAfter her earlier workplace accident, Scentus was ordered to go to a stress therapy session before she would be allowed to return to work. Her workplace was even nice enough to pay for the therapist as long as she went to one chosen and paid for by them. Unfortunately, one such therapist with alterior motives caught wind of the offer and asked for a low rate in order to make sure they would get the job. And so it was that Scentus had no idea what she was walking into until long after the therapist had used his advanced hypnosis techniques to make sure she wouldn’t be returning to work any time soon, and that the accident at work would be but the first of many.

The skunk and above text by Scentus

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor Scentus looks like this therapist wont here to be back and using diaper permanently :(

It looks like the therapist have been able to find a new easier job for Scentus against here will.  His advanced hypnosis techniques sure seems to be pretty powerful :(

She at lest seems to be good off putting this diaper to some good use. Even if the hypnosis is helping here achieve that.


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Scentus’s Workplace Accident

Scentus's Workplace AccidentAs if working in a call center isn’t stressful enough, management recently instituted a new break policy that only allows for bathroom breaks at set points during the day. They also, curiously enough, provided diapers for anyone who wasn’t 100% sure they could make it to their next break. Profits were everything to them after all. Of course, this lead to a fair few accidents among those who didn’t have the ridiculous level of bowel and bladder control management expected. As is quite obvious here, Scentus is the latest case of this.

Skunk and above text belongs to Scentus

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes it sure seems like a good thing that they provide diapers for everyone that don’t think they can handle the new policy.

But it sure not fun to end up whit a heavy accident in the middle of a call :(

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