They’re not for me

They’re not for meNo matter where you buy your diapers, there will always be that one b#tch with the look. lol :D

Oh yes and us bunnies require special diapers designed for bunnies. For anatomical reasons the hole for the tail is smaller and the absorbent core is positioned lower down with regard to the generally smaller willie size.

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Yes buying diapers in the supermarket sure can be one blushing situation here.

I dont think the girl in the counter believe him when he say that they are for someone else.

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Diaperfur Comic: lil raccoons homework II

lil raccoons homework II

After a successful first part, he’s back!
Going number two this time!
I cannot blame him, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity. :D

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Yes way not use the diaper for the other part to :)

Yes i sure wounder what his mother is going to say when she gets home and notes a stinky soggy diaperfur that is in need of a new diaper.

I sure hope we are going to see that pages to :)

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Diaperfur Comic: lil raccoons homework

lil raccoons homeworkDon’t let this little mishap in your diapers distract you from your duties lad!
You still have a lot of homework left to do before bedtime!

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Yes wearing diapers sure have is benefit when you are busy whit the homework from school.

¨He sure have one happy relaxing face when he empty his bladder into the waiting diaper :) And yes it sure feel kind of awesome to do :)

But then you should get back to your homework i bet that diaper can handle a little more before you need to change ;) And you dont want to miss any park of your homework.

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Checking inmate 127

Checking inmate 127
“This is what you get for disobeying the law.
Yet another day tied down like a lunatic in a high security prison.
Here come the ladies to check if I’m escaped,
that is in my current position pretty unlikely.
Not with all these high tech gadgets attached on me.
They take my security seriously, I’ll give them that.
So far all my attempts to free myself failed miserably.
I learned that even the slightest tampering with my straps
would automatically trigger my collar to go off.
Not only it’s quite an unpleasant feeling,
but it’s guaranteed that I’ll need a diaper change right after.
At this point my best option is to stay put and behave,
I wouldn’t want to upset the ladies after all.”

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Someone sure seems to have been a very bad boy here. I sure wounder what sort of bad stuff he has been up to?

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Diaper Pong!

Diaper Pong!

Kody found himself once again wearing just a diaper at a house party, playing beer pong and doing pretty damn good too. This was just an average Saturday night for Kody! Kody has just started new job and very quickly stated to get to know people and make some awesome new friends. He was very stoked to find out that there was a house party being thrown by one of his new work friends the Saturday after finishing up his first week. Now everybody caught on pretty quickly that Kody was incontinent and wore diapers, but that did not phase anybody there as they found the whole thing very amusing, it even nabbed Kody the nickname “Baby” and he already was named “Office baby” of the month.

When saterday came along, Naturally Kody invited his friends, including one of his best friends and current roommate Salvo, along with his good collage friend and now work friend Rocky, along with his girlfriend Sam who all also wore diapers. Once they arrived, they learned that that a beer pong tournament was about to go down being held, and all of them knew they were going to play, however there was one catch to this tournament, it was a strip pong tournament. After making teams for pong, Kody and Salvo, as well as Rocky and Sam quickly worked their way up the bracket until as luck would have it both teams would face each other in the finals! After playing for a intense 30 minutes, stripping off quite a few layers already, one team was close to winning:

“Dude I can’t believe that they are winning this right now, I mean Rocky always dominates at Pong! *one spectator commented to another as the other said, noting that Rocky usually was the one who dominated the pong tournament as Rocky had been at this job for a solid 5 years now*

Yeah I know! its really getting down to the wire and I don’t know if I want to see him strip off that diaper!” *another one commented back as someone else behind them remarks*

“Hey I agree, I don’t want to be the one to change him back into it if that happens!”

The crowd continues to cheer as Kody lines up to take his next shot!

*Salvo stands next to Kody very excitedly, almost spilling the beer that he was holding in his paws as Kody was about to take his shot saying*

“Alright Kody focus, you make this next shot and we have got this game won for sure, Rocky and Sam ain’t got nothing left. Plus I don’t want to do the losers bet!”

*Kody laughs and looks over at Salvo saying* “Don’t worry dude, I will make sure that they are the ones who get a diaper full of keg and not us!” *Kody sticks his tongue out and narrows his eyes as he raises his paw and lines up a shot on a cup*

All the while Sam and Rocky stand off to the side as Sam covers her mouth and Rocky, having missed the shot on the last round had to strip down to just hid diaper just like Kody, while a concerned Sam says*

“Damn it Rocky, why did you take Salvos bet, now I am going to get a diaper full of beer!! You should know by now never to accept one of Salvos bets!”

*Rocky looks over at Sam as he says back, also concerned* “Hey who would have thought that Salvo would sink 5 cups and a row and make it while he was heating up! I have never seen him play this well before! Same with Kody!”

Order an above text by aerospacerocks840

Draw by Skelbely


They sure have come up whit a interesting game here. But what do the other furry`s in the dance hall think about that that 4 furry`s standing there at the table and wearing nothing more then there diapers. Is all the other furrys wearing diapers to?

Otherwise this sure should be one strange situation here. But at lest it seems like they have some fun here playing the Diaper Pong game :)



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Powder? Yes p-please

Powder? Yes p-pleaseDraw and everything by Skelbely


Looks like this little wolf boy get some help when it comes to changing his diaper and during the baby powder episode it seems like his pee pee get some special attention :)

Looks like someone maybe going to have a little hard time to put the diaper on soon. I bet that pee pee have manage to grow big bye then. Or what do you think?

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Here comes the usual morning conversation

Here comes the usual morning conversationHere comes the usual morning conversation

“I can’t believe you’re still unable to remain dry!
Look how well your little brother’s progressing,
we’re putting him in training pants today and
we can forget diapers completely in two weeks.
But you! You’re not even trying!”

“Dad it doesn’t work like that,
I’m doing my best but it keeps happening.
Maybe this whole potty-training thing is not for me,
I mean I’m fine with wearing these by the way.“

“Nonsense! Now go to your room and get yourself changed,
and from now on your brother’s helping you as he
turned out to be more mature and responsible than you!”

“Daaad there’s no need I can do it alone.”

“Don’t make me say it again! To your room Now!”

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Awww poor thing looks like his little brother is in charge of him from this point :(

This sure going to lead to allot of blushing situation here.

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Unusual friendship

Unusual friendshipOtter boy meets deer boy for the first time!

Draw and everything by Skelbely


It seems like this two really become some good and close friend right from the start :)

I bet they are going to have allot of fun playing together :)

If there caretaker allow them to play allot of time together ;)  I bet they are going to do that special if they behave good :)

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