Commission featuring ansfordthewolf getting to go for a walk in a full sissy-pup getup. Complete with a big, thick, girly diaper!

The blushing dog belongs to ansfordthewolf

Draw and above text by tehcutepyro


Looks like someone is being force to go on a very sissy walk here :(

He sure going to get allot of blushing comment on his outfit and his thick diaper :( I only hope he dont end up being force to use it. That should be a even more blushing moment then :(

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A day at the beach

 A day at the beachCommission done for stalleques of their characters exploring the fun world of beach shop clothes hunting and finding something properly embarrassing for the lil pony hoss to clop around in.

Order by stalleques

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot


It sure seems like that beach shop had the perfect blushing items. Looks like someone going to have a pretty embarrassing time at the beach today :(

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ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg6

ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg6Order by Cushypen

Draw by carnival-tricks


Now he finely is in the safety on his own room :)

But maybe something special or weird is going to happen inside his room now?

Maybe some robot arms is going to appear in his room now? Who knows :)

But it sure going to be interesting to see what is going to be happen inside his room :)

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ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg4

ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg4Order by Cushypen

Draw by carnival-tricks


Yes i am sure not surprised that the other have been teasing him allot :(

But tacking off this outfit sure seems to be a bad move anyway. I sure think that is going to get him in allot of trouble.

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ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg3

ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg3Order by Cushypen

Draw by carnival-tricks


Awww looks like someone is on his way to do something really stupid now. I sure think someone is going to end up in allot of trouble very soon :( But what is going to happen whit him?

I bet that is something that we are going to see on the next page.

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ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg2

ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg2Order by Cushypen

Draw by carnival-tricks


Looks like someone is forcing him to stay in that sissy outfit :( He sure don’t seems to have a fun time right now. But at lest he have not been force to use his diaper :) But maybe that is somthing that is going to happen soon? You newer know :( Then it going to be a even blushing moment for him to be force to use his diaper.

Maybe that is something we are going to find out in the next page :)

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ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg1

ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg1Order by Cushypen

Draw by carnival-tricks


a quick diaper check sure can help you convince yourself that the diaper you are wearing still is dry and cozy. Even if you are a sissy captain.

I sure wounder how he ended up in this sissy situation?

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Punishment diaper part 5

Punishment diaper part 5

Kaz lost his second job in the same year, but that was okay, probably. After he’d changed into a fresh diaper from this month’s brand new shipment he’d just known what he needed to do. It was so obvious he’d wondered why he hadn’t thought of it before! Given how much he loves wearing and using his diapers, and how turned out it made him getting caught, his money problem had such an easy solution! Even a big sissy baby like him could totally figure it out. That’s how he’d ended up here, diapered butt bouncing and squishing around in his mush filled and well used diaper. The webcams he’d set up captured multiple angles as he babbled helplessly and drooled around the pacifier in his mouth. His fans were quite happy to pay for the option to be able to give him commands, commands that oddly he never seemed to be able to disobey for some reason. Even though he’d just messed quite a bit a few minutes ago, like magic, after being commanded to mess a ton and sit down and squish around in his mushy diaper, he found himself instantly filling his diaper even fuller and plopping down onto his mushy butt to obey right away. He looked up to read the next command and immediately set to rubbing himself through his thick well used padding, the vibrations adding to the pleasure and quickly causing his sissy cock to cream his pamps. Gosh this was just so fun! He wondered why he had never thought to do this sooner?

Potty un-training progress: 100%
Kazard is completely incontinent, he no longer has any control or warning about when he uses his diaper. He wakes almost every morning to find that his diaper is both fuller and soggier than it was when he went to bed. Kazard has completely associated pleasure with using his diaper, and unless commanded otherwise, cums almost every time he fills his pamps.

NaughtyPants Punishment Diapers concept used with permission.
The add-ons, DrippyDrooler, BabyBabbler, and DiaperCamStar are all custom add-ons I created. The effects of the first two should be obvious and they are constantly active unless someone commands him to stop doing them for a set time period, maximum of one hour at a time. The last add-on compels the wearer to show off just how much they love using their diaper via webcam with strangers, whether as a hobby or as employment. It’s set up to synergize with the BabySitter add-on and allow commands to be given via text instead of only verbally.

Above text and order by restitution69

Draw by BabyStar


Seems like everything now is completed and it even seems like he have found a new job that is perfect for him. Maybe now he can make enough money to pay the bills :)

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