Sissy training

Dragon’s captive princess 53 : good girls don’t touch

Dragon's captive princess 53 : good girls don't touch So, for training to be clearer and progress shown, tables and calendars are perfect. So here is one for some little (25 years old) puppy to help see how good he is going and learn about a lot of things because his (kidnapper) daddy wants him to be a perfect little princess. It seems all this training is affecting me quite a bit, especially after so many days with little stimulation… and the milking…. when Lubu does it, Snow and I are tied up and a milking machine get us off without orgasming… it is so humiliating, like we are cow… He learned this from Patches, who do this with his own princess, the calf Dominus.

Draw and everything by Loupylupine ???


Looks like the training is going good for daddy’s new princes. But it sure seems like it still away to go before he get use to all this humiliation stuff. I bet his new special daddy dont like that.

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Punishment diaper part 5

Punishment diaper part 5

Kaz lost his second job in the same year, but that was okay, probably. After he’d changed into a fresh diaper from this month’s brand new shipment he’d just known what he needed to do. It was so obvious he’d wondered why he hadn’t thought of it before! Given how much he loves wearing and using his diapers, and how turned out it made him getting caught, his money problem had such an easy solution! Even a big sissy baby like him could totally figure it out. That’s how he’d ended up here, diapered butt bouncing and squishing around in his mush filled and well used diaper. The webcams he’d set up captured multiple angles as he babbled helplessly and drooled around the pacifier in his mouth. His fans were quite happy to pay for the option to be able to give him commands, commands that oddly he never seemed to be able to disobey for some reason. Even though he’d just messed quite a bit a few minutes ago, like magic, after being commanded to mess a ton and sit down and squish around in his mushy diaper, he found himself instantly filling his diaper even fuller and plopping down onto his mushy butt to obey right away. He looked up to read the next command and immediately set to rubbing himself through his thick well used padding, the vibrations adding to the pleasure and quickly causing his sissy cock to cream his pamps. Gosh this was just so fun! He wondered why he had never thought to do this sooner?

Potty un-training progress: 100%
Kazard is completely incontinent, he no longer has any control or warning about when he uses his diaper. He wakes almost every morning to find that his diaper is both fuller and soggier than it was when he went to bed. Kazard has completely associated pleasure with using his diaper, and unless commanded otherwise, cums almost every time he fills his pamps.

NaughtyPants Punishment Diapers concept used with permission.
The add-ons, DrippyDrooler, BabyBabbler, and DiaperCamStar are all custom add-ons I created. The effects of the first two should be obvious and they are constantly active unless someone commands him to stop doing them for a set time period, maximum of one hour at a time. The last add-on compels the wearer to show off just how much they love using their diaper via webcam with strangers, whether as a hobby or as employment. It’s set up to synergize with the BabySitter add-on and allow commands to be given via text instead of only verbally.

Above text and order by restitution69

Draw by BabyStar


Seems like everything now is completed and it even seems like he have found a new job that is perfect for him. Maybe now he can make enough money to pay the bills :)

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Punishment diaper part 4

Punishment diaper part 4

Kaz’s face was pretty much constantly red ever since he’d paid for his purchases, immediately put them on, and boarded the bus to go back home. It had been months since he last went out in public. Ever since he got banned from the local grocery store, he’d started having groceries delivered and shopping online if he needed something. However today was different. The new shipment of diapers had arrived from wherever they came from, and as soon as he’d finished changing into the first one of the new pack this morning, he’d felt like his clothing was just completely wrong. He’d shopped about online, and when he’d figured out what it was that felt right, he’d blushed nearly as hotly as he was doing now. However even after buying dozens and dozens of new outfits, he’d still felt like he couldn’t wait for them to arrive, he had to do something to fix this RIGHT NOW! And so out on the bus he’d gone, avoiding any major incident on the trip out. He’d been quite lucky to find something that had a physical location near enough for him to buy what he needed. Once he’d changed, he just kinda left his old clothes in the trash and headed home. Everyone was staring, but there was nothing he could do about it, he’d had to do this. At least his diaper wasn’t quite so deafeningly crinkly after how much he’d wet it already? Oh who was he kidding, he was sure everyone could see it! It hung below the hem of his new blue frilly dress, and even then his outfit and the puffy mittens and booties he wore surely drew enough attention that it didn’t matter. Everyone had to know already! With only a second or so of warning, he found himself squatting down, loudly and helplessly filling his sodden diaper. He reflexively reached down to paw off through his padding, when the vibrations that had been gone for so long started up again, instantly bringing him to the edge of release. He whimpered and moaned in embarrassment and need, rubbing faster as he finished filling his pamps. The expected sing song announcement came not long after, “Peeyoo! This soggy princess just filled her pamps full of stinkies!” If it had been possible Kaz’s cheeks would have glowed even brighter, but he was too distracted by the pleasure and vibrating against his member. He was sooooo close! Why wasn’t he cumming? After about 5 minutes the vibrations stopped, and no matter how he tried, he just couldn’t push himself over the edge. Finally looking up he saw everyone on the bus staring, calling out insults, and demanding he get off the bus. Thankfully it was at that moment the bus came to a stop, his stop! He shamefacedly waddled off the bus, and then the short walk home, absentmindedly rubbing himself while he walked, still frustrated and a bit out of breath from coming so close to, but not quite being able to reach climax.

Potty un-training progress: 85%
Kazard has gotten so used to using his diapers he doesn’t even try to head for the bathroom any more. He hardly has any warning at all before he uses his diaper, sometimes he doesn’t even have any warning at all. Once he even woke up with a fully used diaper, without any memory of waking up the night before to go. He’s grown so used to the pleasure associated with using his diaper, that he sometimes thinks he might have also had a wet dream, but it’s hard to tell one wetness from another…

Above text and order by restitution69

Draw by BabyStar


Yes it sure seems like someone is almost completely depending on diapers again very soon and it even seems like some sissy stuff have been added to the mix. how is all this going to end?

Looks like someone maybe is going to get banned from the bus now?

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Birthday Stinker Skunker

Birthday Stinker SkunkerKatie Skunker who apparently is in the middle of some forced skunker training. Maybe once she’s done listening to her special music, she’ll be a much more behaved little stinker.

Katie kitkiama

Draw by Wen


Yes it seems like someone is busy making a stinky to the music.

Looks like the special music was right Katie sure going to be one stinky skunk soon.

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A little time in the dungeon

A little time in the dungeon
i wonder what you did to earn such a tormenting punishment : o or maybe its some kind of reward hehe.

The cute blushing furry The_Char_Char

Draw and text by Charry


Poor diaperfur it seems like he is up for a couple of blushing moment in the dungeon.

I bet the vibrators on the floor make it feels kind of weird and maybe make him a little bit of horny to.

His face sure is blushing red right now.

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Good sissy attitude adjustment

Good sissy attitude adjustmentDraw and everything by Charry


Poor boy it seems like he have ended up in some special sissy training here.

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Welcome to Toy Town

Welcome to Toy TownAgumonofalchemy and Grimminhiscrib get caught up in the machinery of Toy town, and well…

Cubs: Agumonofalchemy and Grimminhiscrib

Draw by tato


Looks like this boys have end up in some bad situation on this conveyor belt where the machine have turn them into some sissy boys now and have force them wearing this skirt.

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Princess Sissy Diaper wolf!

Princess Sissy Diaper wolf!Looks like nullifyme got into some trouble after sneaking into a sorority in the late night, to bad for the poor wolf these girls like to punish their victims. soon finding himself held down on a changing table, out numbered, they striped him, gagged him, picked out some rather girly sissy clothes, with matching mitts and muzzle, then made sure the wolf was fitted a permanent chastity cage and a rather snug plug up the bum and a Poofy diaper to complete the transformation, before being securely placed in a crib for all the girls to laugh at what a sissy they made of the trespasser.

Wolf: muarauder12

Draw and story by: jimmy_rumshot


Poor nullifyme it look like he have end up in a weary bad situation now when he decided to trespass and it dont look like the girl is going to release him anytime soon and the diaper that he is force to wear look to be weary well use now.

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