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Babyfur Comic: Coffee Drunk Toddler Part One And Two

Babyfur Comic: Coffee Drunk Toddler Part OneBabyfur Comic: Coffee Drunk Toddler Part Two

There’s nothing quite like a toddler that just chugged a Starbuck’s Venti coffee. Mike left his coffee right next to his toddler’s sippy cup. Once Caiden tasted that delicious roasted bean and the caffeine hit his soul, he was off to the races. By the time Mike found out that he left his coffee in reach of his youngest it was too late. Mike and Cheryl had to ride out Caiden’s caffeine high until he crashed.

This comic was order by tugscarebear and draw by Tato

Above text by tugscarebear

Source part 1:

Source part 2:

It sure is not easy to try a catch a hype toddler that are running around like crazy. But then the kick finely is ending you sure going to have one sleepy cub that is going to need a couple of hours to rest up.

I Sure hope that Mike dont left his coffee in reach for Caiden any more. The Coffee is not something that he should be drinking now.  But he sure ended up having a blast and allot of fun ;)

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After a long day…

After a long day...The sleeping furry belongs to BandaidRoo

Draw by Charry


Someone sure seems to have a nice dream time here in the car seat during a intensive day. It sure seems like he have been doing allot of stuff whit all the plaster on the different part of his body.

Sure seems like it have been some wild games that he have been up to. But i sure hope that he is going to have some nice dreams now after all the excitement from today’s play  :)

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Willy’s Change 1/6

Willy's Change 1/6

Willy’s got his blanket and his sippy cup, though he might have sipped a little too much.

Draw and everything by Blankie


Yes maybe he have sipped a little to match from that sippy cup. But it seems like his diaper easy can handle it :) So it is nothing to worry about here.

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Told You

Told You
Golly, that outfit looks cozy!

Draw and everything by Blankie


Yes wearing a thick and cozy diaper sure is kind of awesome and good :)

And now when you have a sippy cup to drink from it feels even more right to be wearing a diaper :)

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Cozy Kip

Cozy KipKip’s got his sips n’ tunes!

Draw and evertyihng by Blankie


Looks like someone decided to have some relaxing music and some milk in his sippy cup before he is heading to bed :)

It seems like he already is wearing his thick night diaper :)

This sure is one relaxing skunk drawing that we have here.

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It’s a Snug Life for MrRyeGuy

Yes someone sure seems to have a pretty relaxing and fun time here :)

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Post-Thanksgiving Bliss

Post-Thanksgiving BlissLike every good American, Caiden ate twice his body weight in delicious Thanksgiving food. He’s even prepared himself by wearing a comfy hoodie and those stretchy type of diapers. No regrets.

Caiden and text belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by tato


Really seems like Caiden really love his food. Look what a big belly he have now :)

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Krev in thick trouble 3

Krev in thick trouble 3Looks like someone is not have as much fun at the dinner tonight as he thought…

The blushing fox TheKrevFox

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor fox he sure have ended up in one bushy situation. But it seems like he dont have put his thick diaper to some use yet so it is still dry and clean. Wounder how long that is going to last?


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