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Danni – My life as a living boy doll Part 5

This story is written by Les Lea

I didn’t see Simon again, the teacher said that his mum was now home-schooling him, which greatly upset me. I still found it difficult to make friends with others in class so I immersed myself in painting and music. I tried to learn to play the recorder, which Julie said was an instrument of torture when I tried to practice in my bedroom. Often, if she was around, she would distract me with one of her games and even though I was getting older, she still had me dressed either in some of her old clothes or in a nappy so she and her friends could practice changing me and in so doing become ‘good mummies’ for when they had babies of their own. My rebellious streak had disappeared as quickly as Simon and my ‘big boy briefs’ and it was back to normal in our household.

Julie redoubled her insistence that at night I was to wear protection. She even doubled the thickness of my nappy and I found bedtime a bit of an ordeal but she wouldn’t let me wear pyjamas; a thick nappy and plastic pants were all I was allowed with an occasional t-shirt if I was lucky. In retrospect I was being punished but of course, all the ‘love’ and ‘attention’ she was lavishing on me was for her benefit. She even told mum that I’d begun to wet the bed again, “No doubt caused by the stress of school”, she added sympathetically, so my dear mother didn’t object to me being put to bed dressed the way I was. She believed anything that Julie said, and why shouldn’t she, her daughter had more of less brought me up so why would she possibly lie.

One night I did wet myself, having been given a huge glass of cola just before I went to bed. Julie had come into my room, checked on my nappy, felt that I was wet and had slipped away pretending she didn’t know. Somehow she’d managed to get mum to check on me so she was able to discover for herself why her son needed to keep his protection on at night. I couldn’t deny I had wet myself, so I couldn’t fight what was coming next.

Mum, Julie and I went shopping for new summer clothes. I was quite excited as I thought I’d get to choose a new outfit and I’d seen some of the boys in class wearing t-shirts with action figures on that I liked. In fact, the film that the characters were from had spawned a huge range of clothing for boys and girls and I hoped that mum would buy me some.

Julie had got me ready and insisted that I now wear a nappy when we were out, as she said, “Just to be on the safe side.” I was relieved that she hadn’t made me wear a dress but there was absolutely no doubt what I had on under my shorts. The bulge and the fact that my shorts were very short so my nappy and plastic pants could easily be seen broadcast to everyone who was interested that I was a seven year-old (almost 8) who still wet himself.

We visited a big, out-of-town mall so that mum could do all her shopping in one place. I stayed with mum as she looked around for clothes to buy for herself and no matter how much I tried to ask for things, the answer was always “Later” or “Maybe” or “Let’s wait for Julie”. Meanwhile, Julie was secretly buying stuff for me. She just filled up the trolley with the items she wanted, no matter what it was, and mum would just pay for it, such was the trust mum had with her. At one point I think mum had got so fed up with me whinging on about a new t-shirt with the film character on it, she relented and bought it for me. I was so excited and grateful I didn’t complain for the rest of the visit.

The mall was quite busy and we were there for a long time. I noticed other kids sniggering and pointing to my nappy hanging down from my shorts but there was nothing I could do about it and I noticed Julie was smiling at every comment. When I asked mum if I could go to the toilet she said it was miles away from where we were so, why didn’t I use the nappy as that’s what it was designed for. I was shocked at such an idea but Julie was in agreement with mum and after trying to keep it in for ages, in the end I just couldn’t any longer. I was waiting in line at the cash register when I felt the first involuntary spurt but once it started I couldn’t hold back and I flooded my nappy, which seemed to swell in my shorts. Thankfully, the plastic pants seemed to act as a barrier and my shorts gave no indication of what I’d done. However, once we’d passed the checkout Julie noticed I was walking differently and without asking, she pulled down my shorts and checked my nappy.

Ughhh, Danni’s wet himself again,” she said. “Don’t worry I’ll change him.”

Mum smiled her thanks and Julie gripped my hand, grabbed one of the bags and dragged me to a toilet opposite where we were. If I’d know I could have easily made it that far but I didn’t and now it was just too convenient for Julie. There was a baby’s changing room attached and there were two or three mothers in their taking care of their young off-spring. They were babies or toddlers and I was by far the eldest but that didn’t stop Julie picking me up, despite my protest, and laying me out on the plastic foam table. I was telling her it could wait until we got home but she was adamant that I was to be changed there and then. Of course, stupidly I had thought that we hadn’t brought any extra nappies with us, and of course we hadn’t, but she had been busy buying and I now found out what was in the bags.

I was acting up and the fact that there was an audience didn’t stop me shouting that I didn’t want to be changed. I saw the sympathy on the faces of the other mother’s as this ‘poor young girl’ had to deal with this objectionable, noisy, belligerent boy… who she was only trying to clean-up and make dry. However, when Julie said that I’d get smacked if I didn’t calm down and let her get on with it, I could tell from the way she was looking at me that I’d better not push her. The defiance left me as her determined face left me in no doubt that any more disruption, argument or noise would result in a smack. The second I gave in she whipped off my shorts, pulled down the plastic pants and released my soaked nappy. The cool air rushing about my boyish ‘willie’ felt peculiar after the warm embrace of my pee-filled protection, however, as she opened a carton of wet-wipes and proceeded to clean me – front and back she was not interested in my obvious humiliation.

Julie realised she had no powder and asked a nearby lady, who was just finishing sprinkling some over her baby girl, if she could spare some. The woman smiled and handed it to her, which was followed by a few of the other women offering help. Lotion, oil and extra padding were all offered and she happily took the lot. Thanking everyone and saying how kind they all were, helping her and her ‘unfortunate incontinent brother’. I didn’t know at the time what the word meant but the women’s look of pity on my sister told me I’d either been very naughty, or they thought she was some kind of martyr.

Some of the mothers had left but one or two hung around just in case she needed any further help. However, she couldn’t have planned it better as she pulled out a huge terry nappy, folded it into a triangle and placed it under my well powdered bottom. Then seeing that she had two thick absorbent pads that had been given to her by the mums still milling around she folded them into the nappy and pulled the entire thing up between my legs. It was huge and spread my legs far apart but she wasn’t finished. The plastic pants were retrieved from the soggy pile and, with some difficulty, pulled into place.

Now she pulled off my top and fed my arms into a new, clean t-shirt she produced from her bag. She pulled it down and only when it was in place did I notice the childish images of animals all over it. I was about to protest but I noticed that look in her eye and held my tongue. Suddenly she was fastening some press-studs between my legs and I was wearing, what looked to me when I saw my reflection in the mirror, like a large baby-grow. This was too much and I started screaming and shouting at her. There was only one mum left and she was exiting as I started acting up. With a look of absolute malice Julie threw my soggy nappy and shorts into the bin, dragged me to my feet, spanked my padded bum and in no uncertain terms told me to behave.

Although it didn’t hurt I was in shock, in all the time we’d been brother and sister she had hardly so much as raised her voice to me. This sudden turn of events cowed me completely and I meekly did what she wanted. She told me to agree with anything she said to mum or she’d spank my bare bottom when we got home. So, there I was, in a mall, in a thick, thick nappy and looking more babyish than I ever remember when I was a baby and my sister was looking pleased with herself. She told my mother that there had been loads of mothers changing their children in the room and things had got misplaced or taken in the confusion. My shorts and top had gone missing but thankfully a couple of the women had helped and offered some items they had… so that was how I ended up looking the way I did.

The way Julie told the tale it all sounded so plausible. I’m not sure how much, or if indeed any of it she believed, but mum said she was just thankful that I’d been dressed in something. However, I was led through the mall, waddling with difficulty in my extremely bulky nappy and wearing baby clothes. Julie was holding tightly onto my hand and occasionally whispering threats to me if I didn’t stop looking so miserable. It was difficult to be cheerful and I suppose, not surprisingly, I started to sob. I think this little touch added to my babyishness and was the cherry on the cake for Julie.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 4

Chapter 6

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Kenny Part 13

This story is written by Les Lea

I woke up first. Kenny was still fast asleep but lying on his back with his thumb in his mouth, he looked wonderful. I can never really get over just how good-looking he is even when he’s asleep, just how innocent and childish he appears. Of course, this image was magnified several times by the fact that the sheet was barely covering him and his bulky protection, pulled tight by the pale yellow onesie, together with the stuffed bear, made him look like a lovely big baby. Here was my friend, in all his immaculate glory, displayed for just my eyes. I can’t tell you how much I prized the fact that he was here, was my friend, who looked beautiful and just how much… I loved him.

I’d woken up a couple of times during the night desperate for a pee but, with the disposables in place and the plastic pants hugging me tightly, I felt happy to just let things go. Kenny seemed to sleep straight through and if he peed, did so quite naturally in his diaper. I’d cuddled and been cuddled by Kenny and having the sound of your best friend’s gentle breathing in your ear is a strange but wonderful experience. Just before we’d dropped off we’d looked into each other’s eyes and appeared to make the same decision at the same time… we kissed each other softly on the lips. It wasn’t like one of those long kisses you see at the movies, or even the ones that get reserved for visiting relations… it was just a soft brush of our lips. However, this was another marvel that had thrilled my entire body and the smile on Kenny’s face, before his eyes drowsily closed, told me he felt the same.

Now, gazing at my best friend, amazed at how fantastic the night had been, and how unexpected it was that auntie had been so supportive and encouraging. I leant in and kissed my sleepy chum again softly on the cheek. I let my hand roam, slowly running my hand down his body and ending up gently stroking his flat tummy. The way the fabric was forced out by the bulk of his diaper was very apparent and I marvelled how brilliant it all looked as I lightly caressed the bulge in his onesie… my onesie. It appeared much thicker than before so I assumed he was wet but had slept on unperturbed by such an occurrence. The cotton fabric slid quietly against the thick rubber pants underneath and I imagined that in his dreams he would know I was there touching him, kissing him and I suppose… worshipping him.


As I touched that soaked mound I began to think again about auntie. She had accepted, and anticipated, many of the things that Kenny had come to take for granted. She had known he liked to be pampered and had taken charge of the situation. When it had happened between just auntie and me she had taken the lead then and… well… I had quickly enjoyed that new situation. I was finding it difficult to know how auntie knew. What sort of signals, if any, I’d sent out and just how much I’d told her that I didn’t remember telling her. I was confused. I was also very glad that Kenny and I had had this experience together, in my house. It was all very well me being treated as Kenny was by his mummy and daddy up at the lake, I suppose it was just accepted, but here, in my own home, this was unexpected. I began to think that auntie must have special powers and that she could read our minds and desires. I had an auntie with superpowers!

Whilst all this was running around my head and my fingers were stroking Kenny’s bare legs, and secretly fondling the rubber pants that were showing, I realised that without any coaxing I’d wet myself again. The only reason I became aware of what I’d done was when I sensed warmness around my penis. I was surprised at how easily it had happened but I was watching as Kenny’s eyes began to flutter and he was slowly drawn from the depths of sleep. My face was right up to his and he smiled and leant forward and kissed me.

“Morning” My hand was still on his bulge and in all truth I didn’t want to move it. “I’m wet,” he reached across and stroked the front of my swelling lump, “are you?”

“Mmm, yes. I think the chocolate milk may have been responsible.” We made no attempt to do anything about our sodden situation as we lay together and chatted about, would you believe, our teddy bears?


It was interesting that he still had all his and rarely did he go to sleep at home without at least one of them being with him. Clarence was his favourite and had been given to him at birth by his grandparents. Over the years he had ‘adopted’ many other stuffed animals and, he said, he liked that they had all found somewhere safe to live… in his bedroom. I told him about Barney, and held him up so he knew who I was talking about and explained how when I was young he was always in my crib or later in my bed. However, at one point, when Jake was being particularly crabby I’d offered my bear to try and stop him from crying. It worked but after that he disappeared from my bed and my baby brother wouldn’t go to sleep without him. So, although he was nearby, he had found another place to sleep and I just had to get used to ‘growing up’

We could hear the rain pattering on the window and a quick look showed that we weren’t going to be playing out much. Even though we were both soaked, and walked with our legs spread wide, neither of us was in a rush to get changed. In fact, I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to change as auntie hadn’t said that we could. She hadn’t said that we couldn’t either so we just played around in my room, laughing and enjoying ourselves until she came to sort things out.

The onesies were keeping everything in place so there was no sagging and the dampness didn’t actually stop us from doing anything, therefore, we just carried on.


Auntie came into my room all smiles and armed with wipes and powder. “How are the two cutest boys in the world today?”

We looked up from what we were doing; playing with a couple of toy cars on the carpet and pretending we were racing them around the room.

“I suspect you both need changing,” she looked from me to Kenny, “so who’s going first?”

Kenny jumped to his feet and, as best as he could, waddled over to the bed where she was waiting. She un-popped the studs between his legs and the onesie instantly sprung back from the diaper and rested on his tummy. She looked at the swollen size of his diaper.

“My, you are wet,” she eased down his rubber pants, “let’s get you clean and dry.”

His diaper was bloated; I suppose that was as a result of the thick extra padding being so absorbent and as auntie unpinned him it flopped down onto the carpet. She’d already spread a plastic cover on the bed and got Kenny to lie out on it as she set about cleaning him up.

“Well boys, the weather isn’t very good today… so going out might not be a good idea.” She carried on wiping and applying lotion to Kenny who was thoroughly enjoying the process, giggling and having fun. “So, what do you want to do?” She waited for a response. “I plan on taking you to the mall for lunch, if you’d like that, and we can do a bit of window shopping, or you can spend some time in the arcade.”

All of this sounded terrific and both Kenny and I were excited at the prospect. I could tell auntie had something else on her mind but she wasn’t telling. Once Kenny was all clean, she tightly fastened him into a disposable and then called me over for my turn. Again he lay next to me as I was cleaned, oiled and powdered and I was also put into a tight fitting disposable.


I was definitely not going to the mall dressed like this and said so. Auntie looked shocked. “No, no,” she laughed, “this is only for you boys to play around in until we get ready for lunch. I didn’t want you both to get a diaper rash and I’m sure you’ll feel more comfortable in your fresh diapers.” Kenny thanked auntie and I could do nothing more than agree as we went to the kitchen for some breakfast.

It was really strange sitting at the table wearing nothing but a diaper but, as usual, Kenny seemed oblivious to it being anything other than normal. Once we’d finished our food we went and cleaned our teeth and returned to the game in my room. Meanwhile, we could hear auntie on her machine working furiously on her latest project.

It is amazing how rapidly ‘strange’ becomes ‘normal’ and the fact that we were only wearing diapers around the house didn’t matter. Partly because seeing Kenny dressed like that was, for me, ‘fantastic’ he looked the part of an eager little kid enjoying his freedom, running around and not caring about what he looked like. His attitude was infectious and pretty soon we were both playing without a care in the world. Every now and then auntie would check in on us or slip her finger under the leg band to see if we needed changing, but all was well. However, just before lunchtime she came in and Kenny was wet. I wasn’t but oddly enough, as soon as I knew he was… I started to pee myself. I could feel I needed to do more but definitely didn’t want to do that in my diaper for auntie to clean up so rushed to the bathroom.


I was in there a few minutes and once I’d flushed I climbed under the shower to clean myself up. When I returned to my bedroom, still drying myself, I noticed that Kenny was just being fastened into a new piece of clothing. It was bright pink, thick and had Velcro at the sides. Auntie was making sure that it covered his fresh, clean disposable as she fastened it firmly around his hips.

Auntie looked over to me. “What do you think?”

I was astonished. It looked like a shiny plastic diaper cover but thicker than a pair of pants. I went over and checked it out as it hung on Kenny’s slim body.

Auntie explained, “It’s layer upon layer of plastic, nylon and padding, all sewn together to make a nice thick quilted area,” She showed me the Velcro tabs, “and these can be moved along this thick band of Velcro.” A piece of Velcro was sewn along the width of the front flap which the flaps attached themselves to. She showed us how to undo and redo it with a ripping sound, “So you can accommodate whatever you want to wear beneath.”

I noticed on one of the Velcro flaps that she’d pulled tightly around to fasten on either side of Kenny’s hips, had his name embroidered. I have to say I was very impressed. They looked completely different to anything I’d worn before and Kenny was saying how ‘fantastic’ they were and how ‘fantastic’ they felt to wear and how he’d never had such a ‘fantastic’ diaper before.


Obviously, this was the thing that she’d been working so hard on. I could see that there was another on the bed so I assumed she’d also made me one. Mine was shiny pale green. It was exactly the same and after fitting me into a clean disposable, auntie fastened me into it. Running my hands over it was quite luxurious; the shiny satiny material was thick but not so thick that it made walking difficult. Indeed, the softness and thickness made it really nice to wear, even if it did crinkle as you walked. The interior of it was plastic so I assumed that was to make them waterproof and when they were secured into place they looked expensive and very appealing. I noticed that she had also embroidered my name on mine and I couldn’t help but feel that Kenny and I were very special boys indeed.

Auntie had us both stand up and walk around a bit to see that it all hung nicely as she tucked and tested her creations.

Auntie beamed at us both, “Something special, for two special friends.”

The quilted softness looked bulky but didn’t actually feel it, and I think Kenny particularly enjoyed the noise they made as he walked about. Auntie wasn’t done. She produced a matching shirt and shorts for each item. Kenny’s was a pink shirt with green shorts and mine was a green shirt with pink shorts, she was keen to tell us we could then ‘mix ‘n’ match’ the look with each other as we wanted.

Kenny was very, very happy and was admiring the new outfit in the mirror. I loved the shininess of the diaper cover reflected on Kenny and he was full of admiration for mine. He was also full of praise for auntie and we both couldn’t stop kissing and thanking her as she told us that it was time to give them their first outing at the mall.


Our shorts and shirt weren’t made out of the same material, just the same color, which was a shame as I really liked the shiny material but perhaps that might have drawn too much attention to our new diapers underneath. The shiny material hugging us tightly didn’t appear so pronounced, although, because we knew, we could tell that we had our wonderful, colorful protection in place.

Auntie seemed really proud that she had two such polite, good-looking, well turned out boys in her charge (he words) and told us later that we were both getting very admiring looks. We felt very proud and I was thinking how incredible auntie had been to go to all that trouble to make something so special for me and my best friend.

We had chicken nuggets and milkshakes for lunch and wandered around the mall for an hour checking out the latest toys. We even got some money to spend in the arcade but all the video games we wanted to play had older, bigger boys using them so after just a few minutes, we returned home.

On the way home it became evident that Kenny had filled his diaper but on this occasion I remained dry. When we got in auntie stripped him out of his clothes and checked to see if the new waterproof cover had done the job it had been designed for… it had. She cleaned him up and again just replaced everything with a thick double disposable and sent him off to play. She checked me and said it would be best for me to take off my ‘special’ outfit so I too was left running around in just my disposable.


As we ran around in our diapers we noticed that the clouds had lifted and the sun was coming out. I grabbed my gumboots and mum’s for Kenny to wear and stood at the kitchen door deciding whether to go out or not. I’m sure we made quite a sight; two ten year-old boys dressed in nothing but gumboots and diapers, wondering if it was a good idea to go out dressed in such a way. In the end Kenny made a dash for a huge puddle in the back garden and immediately started to splash around in it.

He was like a two year-old who had just been allowed out of the house for the very first time and urged me to join him in this wild water fun. We jumped from puddle to puddle, kicking dirty water as we went and laughing at the mess we were making on our clean, white diapers. It probably would have been wiser to have worn some rubber pants but the dirty rainwater just got soaked up into the fabric making them saturated very quickly. We even kicked off our boots and was running and splashing around in our bare feet. Meanwhile, the weight of the water was dragging our disposables down but as the game continued, we just weren’t bothered. I noticed auntie standing at the kitchen window laughing at our antics and I wondered if she wanted to join in.

I’m sure grown-ups aren’t allowed to have this type of fun but she appeared happy that we were. I bet she was also pleased that we’d taken off the special outfits she’d made otherwise they would have been in a real state by the time we calmed down. At one point Kenny tripped over the loose boots and ended up face down in a puddle. He laughed and sat up and splashed himself even more.

There was a small wooden fence that ran along our property and we both bent over it and saw that the rain had formed a little stream. We put blades of grass on it to see whose would go the furthest or the quickest. We dug channels to make even more water drain into our stream to make the water flow faster. This was a terrific game and pretty soon we were watching bigger twigs surge down the rapidly growing river. It never bothered us we were sitting in mud in our diapers until we were called by auntie. She took a long look at us, made us wait at the door before making a decision – a minute later she began hosing us down in the back garden.


We squealed and giggled as the cold water removed most of the mud and our dirty disposables fell apart in a sodden mass before slopping to the ground. It was fun but the water was cold so, when she’d been able to remove most of the dirt auntie wrapped a couple of old towels around us and sent us off to the bathroom. Thankfully, she had anticipated our condition and there was a nice warm, foamy bath to greet our chattering teeth. Naked, we both climbed in and auntie told us to soak for a bit to get our temperature back but, she added, she wanted us both ‘super clean’ when we got out.

The water was lovely and both Kenny and I lay there happy. We’d had a fun time and this was nice and relaxing, it looked like auntie had used some of her lavender bubble bath as it all smelled nice as well. There was a little bit of mud still on Kenny’s face so I got the sponge and gently dabbed it away. After that I did the same to the rest of his body and he did the same to me. All the time I had the tingly feeling running throughout my body but especially in my penis.

I sunk under the water and opened my eyes. It seemed a completely different world. There was nothing but a dull sound, the image was slightly blurry but I was looking at my naked friend. I had seen Kenny with no clothes many times before but for some reason this appeared completely different so I reached out and touched his penis. I softly stroked it for a few seconds before his hands found me and pulled me back to the surface.

“Gosh,” he said smiling and with bubbles forming a white beard, “you can hold your breath for a long time.”

He quickly kissed me but immediately we were having a contest to see who could hold the breath underwater the longest.


I don’t think I’ve ever been so clean the number of washes I’d had that day and it still wasn’t that late. Eventually auntie came back and dried us. However, the clouds had gathered again and she suggested that we all have a nice easy night watching TV. As she rubbed us dry she said that as we weren’t going out, and although it was only about 6pm, we might as well get ready for bed so that we didn’t have to change twice. It seemed a sensible idea and Kenny asked if he could wear his new shiny diaper, which auntie was happy about. So, we ended up back in my room but this time, as she powdered Kenny’s bottom, it was my turn to help out – I rubbed with delight.

It was really nice the way auntie made everything a game and so enjoyable. We were chuckling all the time and pretty soon we were wearing disposables, with thick absorbent pads inside and our fantastic, new, shiny, waterproof diaper cover over it all. I grabbed a couple of white t-shirts from my draw and looking in the mirror at our joint reflection we both thought we looked ‘fantastic’. We hugged each other tightly, jumped up and down in our excitement and again just couldn’t believe how lucky we both were.

Since Kenny had introduced me to diapers and plastic pants I’d had a fondness for wearing the plastic pants more, they gave me a strange feeling and I loved to touch them. As I caressed Kenny’s shiny new pants I decided that there was nothing nicer in the world and I couldn’t wait to be sleeping next to my chum whilst we both wriggled about in this ‘auntie inspired’ quilted luxury.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 12

Chapter 14

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Shopping Trip

Shopping TripJust picking new clothes…

A gift for legandaryhon from yurika400


Looks to me more that they are picking up some more diapers then cloths. Looks like this otter have allot of more diaper wearing days to looking forward to. But from the look of it its going to be allot of blushing and humiliations.

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Renee and Katie’s Mall Time Outting

Renee and Katie's Mall Time OuttingKatie: “And Hey! I wouldn’t look so coy if I were you “Sis”. You’ll probably be in the same position I am in before Kaar comes to pick us up! Knowing you, you’ll probably be eagerly filling your diapers in the next 10 minutes, so Hurmph!”

A drawing for kaar from Kit_Kiama


Looks like someone really needed to use here diaper :) What a good girl that we have here :)

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Pikachu Parade (Pikachu Outbreak!) Yokohama 2018 – Tech Junkie

That sure seems to be pretty crowded inside that shopping center right now. But they sure get to see some cute Pikachus on parade :)

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Easter Shenanigans Part 1

Easter Shenanigans Part 1Caiden and Robby were taken to the mall to get their picture taken with the Easter bunny. Everything was fine until the boys slipped away from their fathers and jumped in the mall fountain. Now their clothes are soaked and father’s upset.

Caiden, Father and text belongs to tugscarebear

Robby and his father belong to NaughtyRobby

Draw by BaltNWolf


This two sure is in big trouble now when they they decided to do something like this. This two cubs sure going to be receiving a couple of spanking before they get put back into some clean and dry diapers.

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Clean up in the Baby Aisle

Clean up in the Baby Aisle‘Running errands with Mommy all day is usually fun, but you’ve needed to mess all afternoon, and you know you can’t hold it much longer…’ and a little line from Mom saying something like ‘I’m not going to stop what I’m doing just to take you to the potty. I keep you in those diapers for a reason. Besides, anyone shopping in this aisle is going to be used to seeing a toddler fill their pants.”

Order by Taki

Draw and text by Wen


Yes i bet they are use to she toddlers filling there diapers. But i guessing this is going to be a new experience for the shoppers to see this big girl messing here diaper.

But at least she is going to get rid of that nasty pain in here tummy now :)

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Babyfur Comic: The Proper Way To Treat A Sissy – Part 2

The Proper Way To Treat A Sissy - Part 2Things have settled down a bit since the dominant ladies caught me being naughty and decided to make me their sissy baby slave. Kept in diapers and dresses 24/7 now and treated like their baby girl whenever they aren’t using me for kinky purposes, I can only try my best to be a good girl and hope they go easy on me.

Today I was bundled into my stroller and taken down to the Adult Boutique where I was told that my new mommies needed to stock up on some things for my “Coming Out” party. I didn’t like the sound of that but a pacifier gag quickly put an end to my complaints. Now I can only sit here in my stroller and helplessly wet my diaper as my mommies slowly find everything on their naughty shopping list. Each check mark fills me with dread because with a list like that, my coming out party is bound to be quite an experience that I am sure to remember.

Furrys in the drawing sicle_family, fauxhammer and muarauder12

Text by muarauder12

Draw by Babystar


I think that someone soon is going to experience his first public diaper change. I think that sure is going to be one blushing moment for him.

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