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this husky sure seems to have a fun time today visiting the ocean and ruining around in the water. I only hope the diaper he is wearing is a swim diaper :)

But it dont look like one to me :(

But at lest he is having some fun :)

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PokePadded – Mega Garchomp

PokePadded - Mega Garchomp
“Now, why is my favourite Garchomp being such a grump? It’s a such beautiful day at the beach, and the ocean is practically begging you to go for a swim. You’re even wearing your floaties and your new swim nappies I got for you. The water’s not gonna hurt you…oh-ho, is that it? Is my big baby sharky afraid of going into the water? Afraid that a Sharpedo will come up and bite your toes? Awww, don’t be scared, honey. Here, you can hold my hand if you’re feeling scared~”

the–shambles half of the trade whit poofydragon


Aww poor Mega Garchomp it sure seems like he have ended up ine one very blushy situation here at the beach :(

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Draw and everything by Charry


Awww poor babyfur looks like he have found a very scary jellyfish :( I sure hope his daddy is manage to calm him down and explain that its nothing to be scared about.

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Ricky Beach Tag

Ricky Beach TagRicky exploring life beneath the waves.

Ricky Pichuboy

Draw and text by TaviMunk


Yes i sure hope that Ricky find something fun to look at now when he is exploring the life beneath the waves. Good thing he is wearing his cute and cozy swim diaper for this adventure.

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A day at the beach

A day at the beachIt was a nice and sunny day, when Yookey’s daddy asked her if she’d like to go to the beach.
“Can I bring Rex?” Yookey asked her daddy, and he agreed.
So Yookey’s daddy called Rex’s mama, and asked if she’d let Rex come to the beach with them.

Daddy packed the swim toys and picnic basket into the car, and then drove and picked Rex up.
After about 5000 “are we there yet?” they finally got to the beach, where Daddy put down the blanket and took out the bucket and spades for the kids to play with.
He watched as they happily built a sandcastle.

“I’m gonna dig all the way to China!” Yookey exclaimed excitedly to Rex.
“You can’t. You’ll burn first!” Rex said and stuck his tongue out at Yookey
“Yes I can! And everyone will be upside down!”
Rex continued to argue that the middle of the earth was really hot, cause his mama had told him so, but Yookey wouldn’t have it.
After a moment he noticed she wasn’t saying anything. Thinking he had won the argument he went on adding a leaf with a stick to the sandcastle.
“Look, it’s a flag!” Rex said to Yookey.
“Look, it’s a worm!!” shouted Yookey and put it right to Rex’s face.
Rex, who doesn’t like worms, squeaked “Ew!” and stood up on his feet and started backing away.
Yookey who found this funny, decided to chase after him with it.

Soon the teasing was all over with however, cause Daddy yelled at Yookey to stop, and made her apologize to Rex.
Rex quickly forgave her and they built the most amazing sandcastle that beach had ever seen.

Rex belongs to ReXam-1

Yookey, text and drawing belongs to Yookey


Poor Rex looks like the day at the beach turn out to be a difficult and scary time when Yookey find that worm and decide to chase you whit it. Good thing that daddy stop this in time :)

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Brian Tiger Beach Tag

Brian Tiger Beach TagBrian wiimaster306

Draw by TaviMunk


Looks like Brian have a fun day at the beach splashing around on the big sea.

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Reload Beach Donut

Reload Beach DonutCharacter belongs to Yookey and poofy shark

Draw by Zanten94


Sure looks like this two cubs is going to have a nice and fun time at the beach today.

They look so cute and happy together. Wounder way only Poofy shark is eating a ice cream and not Yookey to?

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Cooling off in the Sea

Cooling off in the SeaSwimming break~

Josh/Rex © ReXam-1
art © ReXam-1
Summer © everybody <3


It look like Josh have an awesome and fun time in the water like all cubs have when they visit the beach. And like all other cubs he is not potty trained yet so he need to where swim diapers instead of the diapers he wear when he is not bathing in the sea.

I really love this angle it make Josh to look so cute and happy and i hope his caretaker is going to let him spend many hours at the beach. This seems to be a place where he can have allot of fun and create some good memories.

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