Scorbun Suit

Scorbun SuitA reward for PaddedPupPrince from ludisluteo


Looks like someone is hiding one very smooshy squishy diaper inside that Pokemon costume.

Looks like he finely have understand how well used the diaper inside the costume is. Special when its make that kind of sound when you squishing it.

Looks like he needs to find someone that can help him change that diaper.

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Sparks’ Easter Egg Hunt

 Sparks' Easter Egg Hunt
This year Bonnett the buneary is the Easter bunny with the job of hiding eggs, chocolate ones at that. Unfortunately, Sparks the sneaky chu was one step behind her collecting those eggs before the other pokemon could get to them. Maybe his friends are onto him though.

Draw and everything by pichu90


Looks like Sparks wants to have all the eggs for himself. Good thing Fennekin seems to have found out what he is up to and can put a end to it.

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Not so rosie

Not so rosieRosie the scorbunny. who seems to have awful timing when it comes to showing off her new padding.

Draw and everything by lilLilly


Poor Rosie looks like she needs to find someone that could change here stinky messy diaper :(

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Dem starters 2019

Dem starters 2019Draw and everything by pichu90


Wow all Pokemon starters butt`s is on display here. It sure it allot of butt`s here.

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Draw and everything by BunnyKisses


Some super cute Scorbunny pose :)

Someone sure have one very poofy diaper here :)

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Joining the Trend

Joining the Trend

Draw and everything by GrimmInHisCrib


Giggle everyone seems to be happy and blushing over the padded situation except Sobble that only seems to be blushing about the situation.

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A Scorbunny Appeared

A Scorbunny AppearedDraw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Giggle it sure seems like we have one super cute Scorbunny that have appeared here.

She sure looks to be one very happy Pokemon right now :)

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