Padded Video Gaming

Padded Video GamingFurrys ScienceDog and Fang_Ride

Draw by Skelbely


Looks like this two soon need to take a break from there video game and thinking about changing there wet and messy diapers before it starting to stink to match or starting to leak.

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Léa’s Discovery

Léa's Discoverymasterleo smells something in her big brother’s diaper. Did she have to annouce it to everyone?

Furrys in the drawing masterleo and ScienceDog.

Text by ScienceDog


Poor ScienceDog did his little sister really announce it to everyone that his big brother have made a stinky in his diaper.

I can sure understand that he is blushing big about that. But i sure that the grown up had starting to smell his stinky accident pretty soon.

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Public Diaper Change

Public Diaper ChangeI was going shopping with fang_ride when he noticed a familiar smell. “Bally?” he said. “Do I smell a stinky diaper?”

“Are you sure it’s not yours?” I replied.

He grabbed my paw and said “Lets get you changed, you silly doggy…”

He found a changing table in the mens’ restroom, but it wasn’t exactly private. He kept teasing me (like he always does) as he changed me into a new LittlePawz diaper (his favorite brand). I’m sure he’ll be on that table soon enough…

Furrys in the drawing fang_ride and ScienceDog

Text by ScienceDog

Draw by kay


Yes i sure bet that you are the one that is doing all the teasing soon when it is time for his diaper to be changed.

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Sciencedog new formula

Sciencedog new formulathat formula may need some tweaking there, Sciencedog

Dog: Sciencedog

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


I think it is safe to say that this super laxative formula seems to be working little to well when the Sciencedog decide to test. Good thing he is wearing some thick diaper when he did this experiment i dont think a thinner diaper could keep up whit the big flood.

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