Nowi Lily Fwo – Lax Experiment

Nowi Lily Fwo - Lax Experiment

Featuring OverFlo207 NowiGreen (DA) and Flandrescarlet500 (DA)

The theme being the downside of age-regression, the main downside being the inevitable moment when you gotta unload in your pamps…
And if you don’t wanna mess like a good bab, well… >:3
Drink your bottle, we promise theres no laxatives in it, heehee… mischievous Lily loves her students messy.

Draw and other stuff by OverFlo207


Giggles sure laxatives helps allot if someone don’t want to make a mess in there diaper.

Looks like someone finely ended up being a good girl and made a big mess in here diaper. And i bet its going to happen a couple of more times before she is finish.


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Mischiefs!Remi definitely got what he earned (through the seat of his pants-This punishment was allowed by Matt his father!) and then being placed in the window with his red and sore butt in sight of everyone with a purple sign that read:

“School Rule: This (spanking)will happen to every student who does mischief in this school!”

But it seems that Remi does not give a damn, since his little face shows that he will continue to do “mischiefs” in some not too distant future!^^

Lineart by Victor

Colors and text by nelson88


Wow seems like Remi like to be stuck in this windows. Maybe he is happy that this gives him plenty of time to think about the next mischiefs that he is going to do :(

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Babyfur Comic: Afterschool Trouble – Page 6

Babyfur Comic: Afterschool Trouble - Page 6Order by Furlock

Draw by fuzzymcfuzz


Poor thing they really have made him feel pretty humiliated and little right now :( And like i thought that they should not be up for the task of changing that stinky diaper instead force him to be sleeping whit it.

And it seems like it was a good move because it seems like his body decided to make some more use of his diaper during his nap time.

I bet that laxatives still had some effect off his body and bowel.

At lest they are going to live him now. But what is the preschool teachers going to say when they found him like this?

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Babyfur Comic: Afterschool Trouble – Page 2

Babyfur Comic: Afterschool Trouble - Page 2Order by Furlock

Draw by fuzzymcfuzz


Awww poor thing they sure have strip him down naked now :( And if he thought that was a blushing moment then he is in for a big surprise very soon.

Looks like they have found everything that they need to complete his transformation into a preschooler.

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Babyfur Comic: Afterschool Trouble – Page 1

Babyfur Comic: Afterschool Trouble - Page 1This comic is order by Furlock

Draw by fuzzymcfuzz


Yes he sure is missing something very special to fit whit the other preschool kids. Someone sure is in for allot of blushing and embarrassing situation here.

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Donald Duck: Truant Officer

Saturday so time for some more cartoons :)

Poor Donald Duck he sure needs to check when the kids have summer break :(

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Watch Your Step Brandyn

Watch Your Step BrandynBrandyn is so adorable, even when getting ready for wizardry school! Um….where did my wand go?

Brandyn and above text by sands24

Draw by MochaBeans


Yes it sure is good to know where you put your things. I hope he notes that he is about to step on it before its to late.

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The Nurse’s office

The Nurse's officePoor little BandaidRoo was sent to the Nurse’s office again with another soaking wet diaper. It’s a good thing it’s always stocked with all different sizes.

Order by BandaidRoo

Draw and above text by Wen


Awww but it sure is a good thing that the school nurse seems to be well prepared when it comes to diaper in all kind of sizes. Looks like BandaidRoo is not the only one wearing diapers in this school.

So i bet the nurse is a expert in diaper changing routines :)

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