A brother and a high school student of a college student – Satuki_rabbit

Looks like someone have been naughty here and going to be ended up whit a well spanked butt here :(

I sure wish i could understand chines or what language it is so i could understand what they are saying.

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Poor health and diapers – Satuki_rabbit

Aww looks like someone is sick here :( Maybe he should go for some thicker diaper during the time he is sick. The diaper he is wearing now seems to have start leaking pretty bad :(

Its no fun to be dealing whit a leaking diaper and it is even worse when you dont feel so god and only wont to go back to bed and resting. I hope he have someone that can help him deal whit this kind of blushing situation.

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It is the third piece of Dr. Singh? – Satuki_rabbit

I sure think it is time for someone to start thinking about a diaper change here? This sure seems to be one pretty well used diaper that we can see here. It is kind of amazing that it is manage to handle everything. It sure most be pretty squishy right now. Special the diaper front :)

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Back to diapers for this dragon – Satuki_rabbit

But at least now you dont need to wake up whit a wet bed anymore now when you are wearing diapers.

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Bedwetting dragon – Satuki_rabbit

Aww poor dragon it seems like he have ended up whit a pretty big wet spot in his bed. Poor thing looks like its maybe its time to put him back into diapers?

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Time for a new dry diaper – Satuki_rabbit

Aww poor furry looks like its time for this furry to be changing his use diaper. Its look to be pretty well used but it sure was a good thing that he was wearing it.

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Time for diaper change break – Satuki_rabbit

Aww looks like someone dont have time for a simple diaper change during his most most intensive gameplay time ;)

I hope the diaper dont start leaking.

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Three soggy diaper furry – Satuki_rabbi

This three furry sure seems to be in need of a good diaper change. There diapers sure seems to be pretty wet and soggy right now. At least they are wearing some good protection for there bedwetting problems.

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