Playing in the Sneezebox

 Playing in the SneezeboxGoodness, that’s quite the sneeze!

Order by Zarrix

Draw and above text by Blankie


Looks like someone maybe starting to get a cold :( Or can it maybe be something else?

But it sure interferes whit his playtime in the sandbox.

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Sandbox Fun

Sandbox FunLexi and Tobi playing together in the sandbox. Lexi is trying to build the perfect sandcastle while Tobi is working a constriction site.

Order and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Looks like this two have a very fun playtime in the sandbox :)

Good thing it seems to be a pretty big sandbox and they seems to playing all kind of different play here :)

At lest they have a fun time together.

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Zootopia:It’s broken!

Zootopia:It's broken!

One afternoon, before the sunset, mrs. Wilde went to the park with her little Nick!
There he loved to play in the sandbox with his bucket and his favorite toy truck!
While Nick was playing, by accident he broke one of the truck wheels! Something that made him very sad!

“Mommy look!My little truck is broken!”
shouted with a little tear on one of his cheeks!

Therefore, Mrs.Wilde replied tenderly:
“Don’t worry my little Nick! When we get home, we’ll fix it together!”

Then Nick’s little face lit up with a big smile!

the sweetness of family love!

Nick Wilde/Zootopia/Disney Enterprises

Draw and above text by fredvegerano


Aww poor Nick looks like his favorite toy got broken :(

Good thing it seems like his mom know how to fix it :)

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Drink all you milk


Drink all you milk

order by zerchves

Draw by Diapered-buns


Yes it sure is important for the baby to finish his or here bottle before some adventures in the sandbox and this even include big babies like this one we have here ;)

She sure have ended up in one kind of blushing situation here.

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Babyfur Comic: Rogey and Picaduck’s Playground Humiliation, Page 1

Babyfur Comic: Rogey and Picaduck's Playground Humiliation, Page 1A Golduck named Phil takes Rogey and Picaduck out to a playground where they find their Rearz Safari diapers are a big bulky to waddle in.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Rogeykun and Picaduck

Draw and text by warpwarp1929


Yes it sure seems like they have a pretty hard time walking whit this thick diaper. But that thick Rearz Safari sure is going to keep them dry during there playtime.

They sure look super cute in the last spot on this comic page :) They look a big confused or worry about something. Maybe it is because of the thick diaper to.

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Babyfur Comic: Little Mishaps Page 3

Babyfur Comic: Little Mishaps Page 3With good friends, you’re never alone.

Furrys belongs to Starbuck and Heinrich!

Text by Starbuck

Draw by Tropicana


Yes it is always good to have some good and close friends :)

Now they are sitting there together whit messy stinky diapers in the sandbox playing whit the sand. I only hope they dont end up whit a diaper rash now for spending to many hours in a messy diaper. That sure should not be so good or fun.

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Its not Fair!

Its not Fair!Being a very nice day out, Salvo and Kody’s babysitter BaltNWolf who is the awosomest babysitter in the world, decided that it would be nice to take them to the local park. Balt thought it would be a good idea to let the pups run around and have some fun. Of course that meant that the boys would not really need any pants of any kind…or shirts…or anything else except for what they usually wear :p.

Once they arrived, the pups and Balt headed straight for the sandbox to play and have some fun. However there is a problem for one of the pups. Salvo’s parents noticed less often they needed to change his diaper as they thought that maybe Salvo was ready for potty training. This means that Salvo is now in pull-ups and has to worry about things like the potty now, which is something that Salvo does not want to bother with at ALL! This is why when Salvo needed to go and saw how lucky Kody was that he did not have to bother with something like that, Salvo decided to go over to Balt and complain about how unfair it was!

Salvo: “It’s not fair, why do I jave to wear pull-ups and Kody does not?!

Which to be fair is a very fair argument after all X3

So this pic was drawn by the very amazing BaltNWolf of Salvo realizing how un-fair potty training can be!

Order and text by aerospacerocks840

Draw by BaltNWolf


Poor Salvo potty training sure can be unfair special if your friends is not ready to take that step yet.

It sure should be nice to see what kind of response Salvo received.

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A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 7

 A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 7

‘Fun at the Park’

Since it was a nice day and both Kyle and Mike were out of the house, Cheryl decided to take Caiden to the park to play before they ran some errands.

Characters and text by tugscarebear

Draw by tato


Looks like someone have a fun playtime in the sandbox playing whit some trucks :)

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