No Foxy No!

No Foxy No!Now is Foxy receiving a new spanking from his friend Ronald for his naughty of behavior.

Now you maybe wounder what it is for naughty behavior that Foxy have been up to? The thing he have done is that he have take off his diaper without Ronalds permission and the second thing is that he have play whit Ronalds favorite toy whiteout his permission. That is one thing that Ronald dont like when someone play whit his toys whiteout asking. When that sort of things happen he always end up giving that person a massive spanking. Like the spanking that Foxy is receiving now.

Poor Foxy but this time Ronald wont Foxy to learn the hard way.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by: batladie

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Leaking Diaper in Public

Leaking Diaper in PublicThis is a continue image from:

Right now is it one of the worst moment in Foxys life. The diaper that he is wearing have starting to leak so now it has a big wet spot on the front of his pants that he try to hide whit his t-shirt when he and Ronald is waiting outside of the restroom. But the problem is the t-shirt that he is wearing is to short so he cannot use it to cover the wet spot as much as he tries.

But what Foxy is not thinking about is when he try something like this in public it is more easy for people to find out that something is wrong here. But fortunately he have his friend Ronald close bay that can help him change into a clean diaper and some dry pants.

You maybe wondering to way Foxy suddenly is so match smaller then Ronald is? That is weary simple. You dont feel that big when you standing in the center of a big store whit a leaking diaper. That make you feel weary small like a little toddler.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Foxy; abdl86

Draw by: rainydays

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Foxy is not allow to change his own diaper (gift art)

Foxy is not allow to change his own diaper (gift art)Ronald and Foxy were playing video games, when suddenly Foxy needed a diaper change!

Ronald:”Don’t move from here, Foxy!Luckily I’m always ready for any emergency!Luckily I have ready your new and fresh diaper, I just have to go to the bathroom for a moment to look for some baby powder!Remember, don’t do nothing and don’t touch your used diaper! I’ll come in a second!”

But apparently Foxy was disobedient, and he changed his diaper just by himself, without Ronald’s permission!

When Ronald returned, he saw that Foxy was wearing a new diaper!

Ronald was very angry and said:
“I told you that I was going to change your dirty diaper!And look what you’ve done!I’m sorry Foxy, but you will be punished with a good diaper spanking!”

Maybe Foxy’s diaper will protect his little bottom a little, but his punishment was administered very firmly!Next time you need to be a little more patient,Foxy!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Ronald: Ronald_Mc_Coon

Foxy: abdl86

Do you think that Ronald is doing the right thing now when he spank Foxy because he have change his own diaper?

I love the cute diaper butt that i have. It look so cute and babylis.

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Foxy special diaper check

Foxy special diaper check Like i bet you know Foxy and Ronald is the best of friend now. And some time when they play together and Foxy notes a special smell or wont to have some fun whit Ronalds diaper butt he decide to check to see if he is a messy butt.

But the thing is that Foxy have a weary special way to check for messy diaper. Adult always pullback the waistband and look down in the diaper. The Foxy messy diaper check is that he pat his cute diaper butt and see what happens if the diaper smells more or change colors.

He do this kind of diaper check because he love to pat Ronalds poofy diaper butt.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by: kalida

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How do I look?

How do I look?Ronald is wearing a new pajama!But he wanted  the opinion of his dear  friends,the plushies!

Ronald:”Ok, everyone of you will give me a score,10 means that I look  so  cute  wearing  my  pajamas and 5,  I    not look  cool  at  all!Ok, cast  your vote!”

A little later, each plushie got  a punctuation of 10!

Ronald:”Yay!The  perfect  score!I  look  so  cute!”

***But as you can see, little Ronald has a red crayon in his hand … Who in reality wrote those scores?*giggling***

Ronald: RonaldMcCoon

Lineart by Victor/colors by: nelson88


Aww Ronald look so cute in his new pajama and i am happy that all his plushys is giving him 10 points for this cute cloth.

This drawing is so sweet and i wont to hug Ronald right now and pat his diaper butt.

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Come On Foxy

Come On FoxyRonald and his friend/boyfriend was out shopping that they do every weekend together. And it is always the same thing when they come to the diaper section at the store. Foxy dont like to be at that part of the store. It always make him worry allot that someone should notes the diaper that he is wearing under his pants and understand that the diaper is for him. In the beginning Ronald let Foxy go away so he dont need to be at that part of the store when Ronald shop the diaper for both of them.

But Ronald have notes that when he let Foxy be alone he is up to some weary naughty things like visiting the big boys bathroom and trow things on the floor. So Ronald have decide that he always should have Foxy close to him so he can watch over him and make sure that he dont do any things bad.

And like you understand that means that Foxy need to stay in the diaper section now when Ronald is shopping for some new diapers.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by: rainydays

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Surprise kiss

Surprise kissRonald love to surprise his best mate Foxy. And this time he surprise him during the sucking thumb time whit a hug and a kiss on his cheek to show Foxy how match he loves him and car for him.

And you most agree this is something weary cute. And something even more cute is Ronalds big and poofy diaper butt that he have.

When Ronald decided to surprise me like this like he most of the time do it always make me blush allot. And Ronald find this weary cute and sweet so thats is the reason way he do this all the time because he cannot resist it.

Ronald think that i am the best friend in the world

Draw by: xxxchaotickitty

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Foxy be mine

Foxy be mineI want my mate abdl86 to be mine this valentines day.

Cub: Ronald_Mc_Coon

Draw by: icefire


FoxyThis is a nice gift art from my best from Ronald_Mc_Coon and this one is draw by icefire.

I wont to thank him allot for this nice and wonderful drawing that he have order for me. And the one that shows his furryson Ronald whit a valentines heart whit my name on it. That is so sweet of him to do that sort of thing and it make me weary happy to.

I hope you all is going to have a nice valentine to.

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