Babyfur Comic: Catching a Duck

Catching a DuckOrder by Rogeykun and draw by tato


Wounder what type of thing this duck decide to steal at this diaper factory? That sure should be nice to know.

It cannot be diapers because he is sure not happy when Sylveon decide to put him back into some good diapers and pacifier.

The only one happy here in this comic is Sylveon to finely find someone to put back in diapers.

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Diaperfur Comic: Kazooie Vs. Diapers

Kazooie Vs. DiapersCan Kazooie handle the thick baby undies or will bird brain flunk preschool?

Order, above text, inked and colored by Rogeykun

Original sketch by tato


Poor Kazooie it sure seems like he have been force to wear one very strong diaper here that cannot be destroy.

But i think someone is going to be even more desperate to get it off when he feel the urge of his bladder.

And who is going to be there and change his diaper when he needs a new one?

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Babyfur Comic: Bad Websites

Babyfur Comic: Bad WebsitesCommissioned by artiecanvas Original Comic sketch done by tato

Inked and Colored by Rogeykun


Awww someone seems to have found a strange website here. Wounder how long the effect is going to last? And who is going to handle there care in the meantime?

A cute little age regression comic that they have created here :)

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Regressed Chocobo

Regressed ChocoboColoring and order by Rogeykun

Sketch by tato


Here we have a happy crawling Chocobo in his newly changed diaper crawling around exploring and sucking his thumb for some nice comfort :)

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Distracted Change

Distracted ChangeOrder and coloring by Rogeykun

Original sketch by tato


Always easier to handle the diaper change if the baby is calm and focus on something else. Seems like that work for Altaria during Chocobo diaper change :)

He sure seems to be calm and thinking about something else then the diaper change.

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Chocobo’s Mystery Daycare 4

Chocobo's Mystery Daycare 4Order and coloring by Rogeykun

Draw by tato


Awww looks like someone have calm down even more. But it still dont seems like he have a fun time yet :(

But he sure seems to love that pacifier that he is sucking on :)

I only hope that he is going to learn to love his situation soon because i dont think he is going to be able to escape Chocobo love and care anytime soon.

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Chocobo’s Mystery Daycare 3

Chocobo's Mystery Daycare 3Order by Rogeykun and draw by tato


Awww poor baby boy but it seems like Chocobo is trying to cheer him up. But it dont seems to be working so good :(

But at lest it seems like the pacifier have help him to calm down a little :) Pacifier sure can be a very good mute button when it comes to make a stop to fuzzing and crying.

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Chocobo’s Mystery Daycare 2

Chocobo's Mystery Daycare 2Order and coloring by Rogeykun

Draw by tato


Awww poor boy looks like Chocobo have a little fun time teasing him about his thick diaper that Chocobo have force him to wear.

That sure is not a very nice thing to do :(

But it sure look comfy and snug on his body :) And it seems to be pretty thick to. So this diaper is going to keep things dry even if he end up wetting it a couple of time.

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