Rocking chair

Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.3

Babyfur Comic: Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.3

After his supper, Wile E is carried by Mom E to a near rocking chair. Mom E tries to feed milk a bottle of milk, but the small genius is very stubborn and reluctant to comply. With his clear defiance shown, the caring mother decides to teach him to behave the hard way by means of spankings. Not long after, Wile E starts shedding tears with Mom E tending to him. The little coyote finally gives in to his mother’s wishes and drinks his bottle.

Wile E Coyote © Warner Bros.
Mom E Coyote © yoshiokaidamasayoshi

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas


Poor Wile E Coyote looks like he have a pretty hard time getting use to being a baby again :(

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Cozy rocking chair

Cozy rocking chairEnjoy that cozy rocking chair dont fall asleep now you may fall off D:

For AvatarSong and harpo

Draw and text by Charry


Yes this sure looks kind of scary should they really be allow to sit on this rocking chair alone? What about if they fall asleep after this nice bottle?

It sure also looks like this two cubs is in need of a diaper change after they little meal. There diaper sure looks to be kind of soggy and well used right now.

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