Babies can’t call others babies

Babies can't call others babies“Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten mad and called your little sister childish. Mommy didn’t seem too happy about that. But she seems happy now. Perhaps it’s because you’re being such a good baby for her.”

In other words: No u

Order and above text by DuskShadowBrony

Draw by cuddlehooves


Someone sure seems to like his new stage :)

I bet we dont need to wait long before someone have use his thick diaper but for the time being his thick diaper sure seems to be all dry and clean.

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Riolu release

Riolu releaseWell that’s what a diapers for after all…

Riolu and text Datahazard64

Draw by Silvrsterlng


Giggle it sure is right. Way not starting to messing the diaper now when it is already wet :) Riolu sure decided to putting his diaper to some really good use now. But he still seems to be little unsure embarrassed over the situation.

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Riolu relief

Riolu reliefSeems this riolu clearly ain’t house broken and can’t help but loose a flood, least he had protection.

Riolu and text Datahazard64

Draw by Silvrsterlng


Awww poor Riolu looks like he did dent manage to keep his diaper dry any more now. Poor thing at least it is good that he is wearing some good protection :)

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Riolu reflex

 Riolu reflexSeems this riolu ain’t quite house broken and feels something coming!

Riolu and text Datahazard64

Draw by Silvrsterlng


Yes Riolu sure look worry about something here. He sure feels like something is going to be happen pretty soon here. I think he starting to feel the pressure building up inside his bladder and he know that he soon is going to be force to wet his diaper.

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Snow day!

Snow day!Jaega and Aechi going outside to enjoy some fun in the snow. Thankfully their caretaker will have hot drinks and a meal once they get done!

Jaega and text belongs to RenChu

Aechi belongs to Rasile

Draw by sir-Dancalot


It sure seems like this two is going to have some fun time out in the snow and i bet they also going to be needing a diaper change when they get back inside.

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Blushing Charmander and Riolu

This two is sure two cute blushing Pokemons :) Charamnder sure looks cute in diapers :)

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Battle Encounter

Battle EncounterYou’ve been challenged to a Pokemon battle!

Order by thecharchar

Draw and text by poofy-shark


Yes it sure seems like we are going to have one Pokemon battle against this two padded furry :)

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The Littlest Artist

The Littlest ArtistCecil’s taking a shot at drawing for the first time in his life!
I think we might have a new little artist in the making!! :D

Draw and everything by GrimmInHisCrib


Yes it sure seems like Cecil have found something that he really loves to do :)

Wounder what he have decide to draw?

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