A relaxing massage for the kitten!

A relaxing massage for the kitten!As everyone already knows, Marco is an expert in giving massages as he did very skillfully to Sammy:"A relaxing massage!" [Page 2] by nelson88

And one day in the physical education class, Marco noticed that Yure was somewhat sad and went to him and asked him what was wrong!
Yure only said that he was sad because of a personal situation and that was when Marco decided to offer him something that he was sure  that the kitten would love!

So Marco took Yure to his office to give him a good “butt massage” for a long while!
Something that put the kitten very happy with lots of “cat purrs”!

Be happy, little flea bag!^^

The happy relaxing cat belongs to Reizinho

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Someone sure seems to be in a very happy relaxing state right now :)

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Tv snuggles

Tv snuggles
It was a quiet evening as Draven was watching tv, Allan quietly waddled up to his mommy and tugged on her pajama pants and smiled. Draven looked down seeing her kitten as she picked him up setting him on her lap,her paw placed on his padded butt to check if he needed a change,but he was fine. Allan happily sucked his paci as he snuggled up to me and watched as the tv quietly played as they snuggled sharing a sweet tender moment between mother and son.

Art by BabyPandora

Allan diapersunki

Draven Flare629

Above text by Flare629


Looks like this two have some nice and fun TV time together :)

And yes it sure is kind of nice to sit in front of the TV and have some cozy cuddling time :)

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Cozy Kip

Cozy KipKip’s got his sips n’ tunes!

Draw and evertyihng by Blankie


Looks like someone decided to have some relaxing music and some milk in his sippy cup before he is heading to bed :)

It seems like he already is wearing his thick night diaper :)

This sure is one relaxing skunk drawing that we have here.

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A good boy, in his natural habitat – LittleLiam117

Giggle looks like someone is maybe doing a stinky in his diaper during the playtime? It sure is a little hard to say but i think that is what happening here.

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Wilde night

Wilde night

looks like he could use some company to help him relax with.

Draw and everything by Pakun


Yes it sure seems like Nick Wilde have a pretty relaxing time here in the bed only wearing his thick and cozy diaper :)

This thick diaper sure going to help him keep the bed dry during his relaxing time :)


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Syrus Lying Down

Syrus Lying DownA quick little drawing I did tonight as a gift for Agumonofalchemy showing him lying down wearing only a diaper and just, well, being cute! I mean, it’s what Agumons do best, right?

Agumon belongs to Agumonofalchemy

Draw and text by warpwarp1929


Agumon sure seems to have pretty relaxing time and his thick diaper still seems to be dry. So we should have nothing to worry about that his diaper should end up leaking.

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Grimm’s Reply Part 1

Grimm's Reply Part 1
Grimm replied to Wilhelm’s National Donut Day tweet with a picture he snapped of his big bro in his natural environment. Isn’t he a cutie when he thinks no one is looking? XD

Draw and everything by GrimmInHisCrib


Yes it sure seems like Grimm big bro sure love to eat donuts :)

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