Red panda


Time-OutIt looks like Sam wasn’t behaving at lunch and got a good spanking from his mommy when they got home. Hope he learned his lesson.

Sam and above text by tugscarebear

Draw by PupTaire


Yes i bet his mother did dent like that one bit. Wounder what kind of bad behaving he was up to during lunch time?

But it sure seems like she have no problem to give this red pands butt some more spanking if he continues to misbehave. Then it sure going to be one red bottom for a long time and maybe the pain going to be more severe then. I bet that is something that he want to avoid now.

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Fennekos secret

 Fennekos secretRetsuko agrees with me and thinks a padded Fenneko is too cute not to look after!

Draw and everything by Sylph_Space


Poor Fenneko looks like someone going to have allot of blushing moment the coming days :(

Before she get use to that someone else handle your diaper change instead of you.

Maybe she even start to like it because sometimes it can be something nice that someone else help you whit this.

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Here comes the usual morning conversation

Here comes the usual morning conversationHere comes the usual morning conversation

“I can’t believe you’re still unable to remain dry!
Look how well your little brother’s progressing,
we’re putting him in training pants today and
we can forget diapers completely in two weeks.
But you! You’re not even trying!”

“Dad it doesn’t work like that,
I’m doing my best but it keeps happening.
Maybe this whole potty-training thing is not for me,
I mean I’m fine with wearing these by the way.“

“Nonsense! Now go to your room and get yourself changed,
and from now on your brother’s helping you as he
turned out to be more mature and responsible than you!”

“Daaad there’s no need I can do it alone.”

“Don’t make me say it again! To your room Now!”

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Awww poor thing looks like his little brother is in charge of him from this point :(

This sure going to lead to allot of blushing situation here.

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Diaperfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 12

Diaperfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 12Draw and everything by cargoweasel


I bet we know what he is going to tell here. I bet he is going to bring up his love for diapers to his girlfriend. And it seems like she did dent like that one bit.

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Smooshy Time

Smooshy TimeDraw and everything by


Awww it seems like this red panda is getting special treatment from caretaker nanny. It sure seems like she love to play whit his squishy messy diaper and to give him some diaper masturbation time. I Sure thing he is going to release some sticky cum son into the messy stinky diaper.

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