One messy diaper butt

One messy diaper buttOrder by Raevis

Draw by Diapered-buns


Poor little furry it seems like the t-shirt that he is wearing dont really seems right for him. He still seems to have some big problem when it comes to potty training. Look what a big mess he have made in his diaper.

I can understand that he is sad that he have made a big mess in his diaper. Seems like he still going to be need to wear his diaper for a couple of more weeks.

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New Discovery

New DiscoverySquirrel raevis

Draw by poofy-shark


Looks like this cute little squirrel have discover a cute little frog during his exploring :) But he still dont seems to have learn that this little animal is a frog. Look how confused he is about the thing he have found.

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