My first review on the new Race Car Diaper

This is my first review about the new Boy’s 2X-Large Race car Diaper from


The size on the Race Car Diaper is very good. The wing of the diaper is wide and good you st like it should be on a diaper. So it is no problem to get a really nice and good fit. I compare the size to the regular adult diaper medium. So if you can wear medium adult diaper then you can even were the new Race Car diaper whit no problem. You get a nice and cozy diaper that goes up high on both front and back like a diaper should do.

Even more then Bambino and ABUniverse diaper do. You can compare it like the diaper give you a big hug around the waist.


I dont have match to say about this subject more then the diaper feel comfort to wear special around the waist like i have mention early. But it needs some improvement to get a  more secures feeling around the legs special around the butt.


Dont seams like it can handle thats match wetting. Easy leak when you you sit down. Special if you have wet the diaper standing. The diaper get very saggy fast and leak in the back. Seams to have problem to handle if you wet to match in the same time. One possitiv thing is it that it dont feels so wet against the skin. I have only try one diaper so it is hard
to say yet. Can be that i need to put it on in another way. But it is kind of thin so it can be good to have some booster pads to help the diaper absorb.

I dont know whats more i can say about this diapers right now more then it needs to make some big improvement on the absorbing part. Special if i should bought this diaper again. The diaper can handle small wetting but seams to have big problems when it comes to big wetting or flooding. So i dont recommend this diaper special if you need something that can handle allot of wetting. This diaper maybe work good for children whit bed wetting problem. But i dont think this is a diaper for adults that wets more.

I hope this review get you some good information about how this diaper works.

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Receive my first order from Qualitydiapers

Like the topic say today i receive my first order from and that is something that i have bean waiting for a long time to try have a chance to try this diapers and this was only possible because they recently release there Race Car Diaper in a bigger size that i have blog about before. This should really be something nice to try them for the first time.


Like you can see on the picture it is hard to tell from this neutral package that you have order diaper. So this company is really discrete about what in the package.

Diaper Package

It is match that you can say about the diaper package more then it is transparent like the package are from

Race Car Diaper

I know the focus of this picture is little bad  but you can clearly see the front design of the diaper.

I have not have a chance to try this diaper yet because i recently get the order and decide that i would like to do this blog post. I maybe going to try it tomorrow i am not sure yet.

I would like to send a special thanks to that help me forward this package from US. The shipping price was very nice and that because of the nice discount they have whit DHL. The shipping was send from on Tuesday and i receive it today (Friday) That is a very nice and good delivery time. Maybe because that i pick and pay for the Express delivery and that was only possible because of the nice and good discount that the company have.

If you wont to learn more about how you can use this service to? Maybe you should watch there commercial or visit there website. My ABDL Life rely recommend this company if you need a international package forwarding service. I am going to use this company if i need to order something else from US that not ship to Sweden or when the shipping price is to high. Then this company is going to be something that i can use.

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Race Car Diaper In New Bigger Size

The have post on there blog today that the have release a new size on the Race Car Diaper. The new size is going to be 2x-large and going to be available in the store  June 1. Before that time is it only available to some special customers.

Information from the company’s blog about this new release:


QualityDiapers.Net is pleased to announce the expansion of the Race Car Diaper line to include a new, larger size—The Boy’s 2X-Large.  Designed for older teen and young man, this diaper is identical in design and construction as the existing Large and X-Large Race Car design, just sized bigger!  The Boy’s 2X-Large will fit a young man comfortably that has a waist size between 38″ to 46″ or weighs between 175 and 225 pounds.

So what do you say are you going to order the diaper? Have you try it before? What do you think of this new size? Is it something that you have bean waiting for a long time?

I have bean waiting for this for some time. Maybe i can get the chance to try this diapers now. I only needs to check out how match it cost to get it send to me before i decide.

If you like you can read some Absorbency Test on the Race Car Diaper that maybe help you decide if it is something that you would like to try.

Race Car Diaper
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