New diaper checking way – puppy_reese

Looks like someone have found out a new way to check if the diaper is soggy enough to be change. And what we all can see in this short video this diaper sure needs to be change.

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One big soggy diaper butt – puppy_reese

One soggy diaper butt we have here it sure seems to be pretty soggy and well used to :) Its a wounder that the diaper have not start leaking yet but it sure most be kind of nice to be wearing to feel all that squishy between the legs.

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Sagging soggy diaper – puppy_reese

Yes i think we all can agree that this Tykables Overnight diaper sure have done it job perfect here to handle all your accident during your sleep. Good thing you was such a good boy and put it on before you was visiting the dream land :)

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Oh my, my diaper got very swole last night – puppy_reese

Yes it sure seems like someone here have woke up whit one very soggy and squishy Tykables Overnights,

Only hope that his diaper did dent end up leaking that sure is not very fun thing.

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