Stumped at Bruce’s House

Stumped at Bruce's HouseCaiden went over to his friend Bruce’s house for a playdate. Things were fine throughout most of the day until it was naptime. Caiden had no intention of going down for a nap and started misbehaving in hopes that Bruce’s parents would let him have his way. Bruce’s lumberjack dad wasn’t about to be bossed around by a naughty toddler, so he took Caiden to the stump out back, placed him over his knee, and spanked Caiden’s bare hiney red.

Order and above text by tugscarebear

Draw by LittleBearArnold

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31814992/

Yes this sure was a very bad move by Caiden :( I bet he is going to be ready for that naptime when Bruce’s lumberjack dad is finish whit his poor bottom. I bet it`s going to be very difficult to get some nice sleep after this massive punishment and i bet that his butt is going to hurt allot.

I bet that Caiden not going to be fuzzy and naughty cub any time soon when Bruce’s lumberjack dad is around.

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Let’s play with the undies part 2

Let's play with the undies part 2And as the boss catch them both… and their punishment ?…wearing baby clothes,  pacifiers and diapers…all day!

Cubs in this drawing belongs to ShiftyTheB737 and nelson88

Above text by  nelson88

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Shifty Dingo (Blinky Bill) © Yoram Gross Film Studio

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1903572-p2-#pictop

Giggle but i sure think the punishment fit there crime but it think they need to be back to diapers longer then a day. They sure have prove that they are not ready yet to be wearing big boys underwear at this point.

Or what do you think?

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Kenny Part 10

This story is written by Les Lea

Kenny led me to the nurse’s office. I felt silly, as well as wet, and I didn’t understand why it had happened but my shorts and underwear was soaked and I definitely needed a change of clothes. Nurse Gibbs was an elderly, no-nonsense type of lady who had, according to Kenny, been at the school from before it was built. She knew who most of the kids in her care were but this was my first visit.

“Hello Kenny,” she said on recognising him but immediately realised it wasn’t him that needed attention. “Who have you brought to see me today?”

“Hello Miss Gibbs… erm… this is my friend Simon… erm… he’s had a bit of an accident…”

“He certainly has,” she smiled, “let’s get you out of those and into something … drier.”

Although I would have liked for him to have stayed, she dismissed Kenny as class had started so he had to get back.

“OK Simon, take off your pants.” She was standing right in front of me and I hesitated for a second. “Don’t worry, lots of boys have accidents… I’ll have you fixed and back in class in seconds.”

She moved forwards and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and, together with my wet briefs, pulled them to the floor. I thought it was all a bit embarrassing but I had little choice and Nurse Gibbs didn’t seem a lady to mess about. She grabbed some paper towels and roughly dried me down then said that she could see I was getting the beginnings of a rash. She grabbed some lotion and rubbed it in between my legs, around my penis and across my bottom, then took me over to a small table and told me to lie out.


I knew it was a changing table but had no option but to do as I was told and after the thorough way she had applied the lotion, she also made sure that I was amply powdered before she put me in a very tight-fitting disposable. When I stood up she could tell that it only just fit and decided, to be on the safe side, that I needed a bit more protection for the rest of the day. She searched through a draw and produced a pair of cream-colored plastic pants that had pop studs up the sides. She fastened me in them and they were also tight but she was happy that they would keep everything in place. I liked them and the fit… they seemed different to what I’d worn before. Next she searched in a nearby cupboard and produced three pairs of grey shorts for me to try on. The first two were way too small. She said that usually she only deals with smaller children who have accidents so didn’t have a selection for boys my size. It didn’t seem that she was telling me off for being older and wetting myself, just as a sort of apology for not having shorts that fit. However, the third pair, although very tight and very short, I could at least get over my diaper… between us we settled on them.

She put my wet clothes in a plastic bag and, along with them, gave me a note to take home for my mother to read and another to give to my teacher. As I wandered back to class, thankfully I was dry, but everything felt very tight. I hadn’t realised just how short my emergency school shorts were and my plastic pants and diaper could easily be seen bulging out and hanging down at the back. It was too late to do anything about it so I returned to my class, handed Miss Pendle the nurse’s note and took my seat. No one was in any doubt as to what had happened, because, those who hadn’t been there could at least see the diapered proof as I moved around. For a few minutes I was very self-conscious but once we started to do things I forgot all about it and nothing was said.


On the bus home Jake wondered why I’d changed shorts and I told him about having an accident at lunchtime in the cafeteria and I had to go to the nurse to get cleaned up. He thought I must have spilled something and I didn’t correct him… although he thought the bulging diaper was a bit much. A few of the other kids on the bus who didn’t go to our school commented but, I was so used to wearing them by then, their snide comments didn’t worry me. However, one much older boy kept going on and on and I saw that Jake was getting a bit worried. I turned and said something to the bully… in fact I called him a c…. I know it’s a naughty word but I’d heard older kids say it, even though I didn’t know what it meant.
He angrily came charging down the bus aisle and dragged me to my feet. He was very big and I realised I’d better apologise as quickly as possible but before I had chance he began mocking me for using such a word and said:

“The big baby thinks it’s grown up.”

He must have been about 14 or 15 and very large. I was terrified that he might hit me but he ripped down my shorts and jeered at my plastic pants and diaper in front of the entire bus.

“Look,” he screamed to all the kids who were watching, “the baby has already wet itself… no doubt it’s crapping itself as well.”

I could see Jake was crying and I didn’t know what to do. I was very, very scared and to make things worse, I actually had filled my entire diaper.

I just stared at the bully. I couldn’t do anything as I was paralyzed with fear but the driver pulled the bus over and ordered the kid to get off. It was only once the bus had set off again and I’d pulled my damaged shorts up that I could feel that my diaper was very warm… and very messy. I didn’t tell anyone I just hoped that the plastic pants would contain the problem but, the smell became overpowering and some of the kids were complaining… and pointing at ‘Stinky Hudson’. I tried to hug Jake but he just pulled away and I felt terrible. It got worse, because of all the complaints, about half a mile from home the bus driver pulled over and ordered me off as well. Poor Jake also had to get off and as the bus drove away, we could see some of the kids laughing, holding their noses and pulling faces. The long walk home was awful. I was trying to keep my shorts up as the zip had been broken by the bully, Jake wouldn’t speak and I could feel the mess squishing around in my diaper with each step.


Once home, Jake told the story to Auntie Rose, while I went straight to my room. I could hear that she was annoyed that such things happen on a school bus but because of my dejected manner must have known that something else had gone on. I stood in front of my mirror and looked at my reflected image and became very angry. There was such a pain in the pit of my stomach that I didn’t know if I was about to fill my diaper again or that my entire body would explode. The mirror showed me just what the bully had seen, a stupid kid, in a stupid uniform, in stupid shorts, wearing a stupid diaper… I looked like a little kid… no wonder he thought of me as a ‘Big Baby’.

I furiously pulled off my jacket, tie and shirt. My damaged shorts fell to the floor and I angrily kicked them away. The reflection of me showed I was just a Big Baby… wearing a diaper and plastic pants… what else could I be?

Suddenly, I wanted to reject all the things that had plotted to make me that way. I hated my school uniform. I hated the short shorts. I didn’t want to wear diapers again. I didn’t want to go near a pair of plastic pants. I hated the fact that we’d moved to this awful town. I hated mum for not being here and auntie for encouraging me. I hated the onesie and the easy way I’d let auntie feed me with a bottle….uuuurgggg. I hated my recent dreams and, in my head, I blamed Kenny for involving me in all these baby things. It was all Kenny’s fault and I didn’t want to have anything to do with him again. The photo of us at the lake with an arm around each other’s shoulders and smiling just seemed to be mocking me, I swept it off the table and it smashed to the floor. He was no longer my friend. I hated him and his babyish ways.

I was angry and upset. My best friend had betrayed me… making me something I wasn’t… my world was spinning out of control and I didn’t know what to do. Still wearing just my messy diaper and plastic pants I threw myself down onto my bed and cried into my pillow.


I’d only been weeping for a little while when there was a gentle knock on my door and auntie came in. She saw how upset I was but told me I couldn’t lie around in a full diaper and led me towards the bathroom. I didn’t really want to move and I was angry at her as well, but she was correct… even for me the smell was getting too much.

She guided me to the bathroom and started to un-pop the plastic diaper but I pulled away and angrily shouted that ‘I’ll do it… I’m not a baby’.

She looked shocked at my outburst but left me to deal with it. My plastic pants fell to the floor and the full disaster in my diaper was revealed. The mess, the smell, the unpleasantness suddenly made me feel sick and I rushed to the toilet to vomit. I was clinging on to the side of the bowl crying and being sick all at the same time feeling totally dejected.

I was crying for my ‘mummy’. Not something I had called mum for a long time but now I wanted my ‘mummy’ and became inconsolable that she wasn’t here with me. Auntie did her best by stroking my hair and trying to make me feel better but it just wasn’t working and if anything, I was getting more and more hysterical about… everything. The tears were flowing hard and I was screaming incomprehensible things through my huge sobs. I was acting like a baby but had no way to control the desperate feeling that had overtaken me. I sat on the floor, with my head resting against the cool toilet bowl and wept.


Auntie eventually coaxed me into the shower where she sprayed and sponged me until I was clean. My belly was still feeling like it was going to burst but at least the sobbing had stopped. She dried me off and steered me back to my bedroom where she went to my cupboard and started sorting through my pull-ups and diapers. She’d just grabbed a pair of pull-ups, which she didn’t realise made me very angry, and I shouted ‘No’ at her. I strode over to my drawer, pulled out a pair of tightie-whities and put them on, determined that my days of diapers, pull-ups and all the things that Kenny loved now had no place in my life. For the past few months, because it was so hot, I’d lived most of my time in just shorts but now I made a determined effort to find my jeans and wear those from that moment on.

The evening meal was a very bad-tempered affair. When auntie tried to bring up the subject of the bully I screamed at her, which upset Jake but I wasn’t bothered, I was too angry to think about anyone but me. I didn’t even thank auntie before I left the table and returned to my room. I turned on the Xbox and was determined to get to a high level before bed time but I kept making stupid mistakes. I angrily threw the controller down in frustration and tried to find something else to occupy my mind. My school backpack was the next to feel my anger because when I opened it I found the plastic bag with my shorts and briefs, which just reminded me of what a terrible day it had been. I threw them and the note at the ripped shorts that were already in a heap in the corner, then noticed the ‘baby’ stuff in my cupboard and dragged all that to the floor.


It was morning when I woke up and auntie was gently shaking my shoulder and telling me to get ready for school. I told her I didn’t want to go but she very firmly told me it wasn’t an option and to get myself ready immediately. A great deal of the anger had left me and I knew that auntie wouldn’t let me get away with being rude a second time so I meekly began to change out of the clothes, which I had apparently slept in. At some point in the night auntie must have come in, tidied up all the mess, and got my stuff ready for the day ahead. My jacket was spotless and pressed, a new, freshly ironed shirt hung over the chair, my shorts were all clean and dry and a pair of my white briefs topped the pile. I really didn’t want to get dressed but auntie was shouting we were late, and with the memory of my shouting at her last night, I felt a little guilty and knew I had no alternative.

I pulled on my briefs and wandered to the bathroom where Jake was just finishing his morning routine. He was already dressed but looked worried as he asked if I was OK. I nodded that I was and gave him a half smile, which was greeted by an even bigger one from him as he rushed past me to breakfast. I looked in the mirror and saw dark circles under my eyes… I looked awful but a quick dunk under the cold water tap and a cold-water wash instantly relieved my pastiness.


Auntie had repaired the broken zip on the shorts, washed and dried the plastic pants and gave them to me to return, ‘with thanks’, to the nurse. As we were running a little late she said that she would drive us to school to make it a bit easier but I really think it was to make sure I went. I really wished I could have worn my jeans I just wasn’t comfortable in shorts any more but school rules meant that all students, certainly of my year, had no option. However, throughout the day I kept avoiding Kenny and any conversation about my ordeal on the bus and just wished I could get home soon and change into something more ‘age appropriate’ and less childish.

At lunchtime, when Kenny suggested we go up to the playing fields to eat, I made some excuse and went off to speak to someone else. In fact, every time he came near me I tried to ignore him or moved away or found something I just had to get on with. His usually smiling face and bright eyes changed throughout the day and I could see he was getting a bit worried about my attitude. I was glad I was hurting him. It was his fault I was bullied and his fault I had so easily slipped into being a big baby… yes my problems were the result of him being my friend. No more would I be fascinated by his diapers… in fact… if I never saw another diaper again, it would be too soon. My interest in them was now zero and my interest in Kenny was the same.


The following day the pattern was repeated as I went out of my way to make it clear I was totally ignoring him. There was a sad look in his eyes and at recess I saw him talking to Jake. I wanted to go over and break that up but that would have meant talking, or at least, being in Kenny’s company and I wanted to avoid that. In gym I had noticed that Kenny was back to wearing briefs and there had been no hint of padding for a couple of days but, he had told me he wanted to be a baby, so, I didn’t want him as a friend.

He tried several times to talk to me about the bully but I moved away or talked about something else. I was doing my best to ignore him but in a class of 20 it was impossible to not be close at some point. In one lesson we were paired up by the teacher for a project and Kenny kept asking… what he had done to upset me.

Through clenched teeth I told him: “You… and your baby thing… are ruining my life.” He looked bewildered. “You’ve made me like stuff… and I don’t want to any more… I don’t want to be your friend.”

The last comment really hit home and I saw the concern in his eyes change to real hurt. He was looking at the ground when, after a few seconds, he replied “I’d be your friend even if you didn’t like those things…”

I didn’t let him finish, I got up and told the teacher I felt ill and needed to see the nurse. I left Kenny looking very sad and confused.


That night mum arrived back from her trip to the capital very tired but with some ‘special news’. Both Jake and I made a huge fuss of her and I think auntie was pleased she had someone else to share my moodiness with. Over our evening meal mum told us that the conference and the meetings had all gone well but that there was something she needed to discuss with us.

“Would you boys like to live in the capital?” She said with a hint of worried excitement.

Both Jake and I looked at her and wondered what she meant. “Permanently?” I asked.

“I suppose. They’ve offered me a promotion to Head Office… so we’d have a nice big place…”

Jake was concerned. “What about my friends?”

In the time we’d been at Oakland he’d proved to be very popular. For much of the time we’d only see him for meals and bedtime as he’d be out on his bike, skateboard or playing some game with his group of other 3rd and 4th Graders.

“Well,” mum started to say “you’ll be able to make new friends… you did when we came here… and they…”

“But I don’t want to leave,” Jake whined. “I like it here.”

Mum looked over at me to add something. “I don’t care. Here, there… where ever…” and shrugged my shoulders.

“What about your friends? Kenny…?”

“I don’t have any friends here so…” I made a face trying to show I was disinterested.

Mum looked across at her sister for some kind of explanation but auntie just made a face of resignation.

Jake was getting more upset and started to sob. “… but… I don’t want to go anywhere. It’s not fair.”

Mum tried to console him but he burst into tears. “It’s not fair. It’s not…”

I suppose mum knew this might happen so looked at me for some kind of response but I just sat there totally unsympathetic to Jake’s pain. She told him that it was a great opportunity for her and that we’d be in a lovely area… and at a new school, which was a lot larger than Oakland so there would be more kids his age to meet and make friends with. It was having no effect on Jake who ran off to his room and slammed the door.

I asked if I’d have to wear shorts at this new school but she looked annoyed at my question and said she didn’t know but why did it matter? I was silent and just looked down at my empty plate as my reply. Mum knew that there was something going on and as I wasn’t very forthcoming asked me to go to my room as she wanted to talk to auntie in private. I shrugged and went to play on my Xbox.


Mum and auntie were talking for a long time and as it was late I got myself ready for bed, the onesies and pull-ups forgotten as I put on my t-shirt and boxers. I think mum came in at some point as I felt her kiss my head but I was too drowsy to say anything. However, that night I had the worst dream I ever had and it concerned Jake and Kenny. There were both in trouble and I just watched, deciding to do nothing rather than help. When, in my dream, they were being dragged to their deaths, I screamed out in terror as I knew I could have prevented it.

Mum and auntie both came in to my room roused by my shriek of horror, I was crying, very agitated and my bed was wet through. Mum held me as I tried to settle down but I was overcome with emotion because of what I did… or didn’t do. Eventually mum got me settled but decided that both the bed and I needed changing. As auntie stripped the bed and put on new bedding, mum took me to the bathroom to help me change. I wasn’t in a state of mind to be worried as mum stripped me, dried me off, powdered me and was about to put me in pull-ups when I screamed “NO” at her.


“Simon.” She said sternly. “You can stop that now.” She looked determined. “You’ve wet the bed and this is just a precaution… and whether you like it or not… this is what you are going to wear.”

I kicked and squirmed and screamed my defiance. “Stop that now.” She must have told me loads of times but I wasn’t going to be put into diapers or pull-ups ever again so I fought and made more noise. Mum warned me several times that if I continued I’d be punished but I still wouldn‘t let her put me in the pull-ups. Eventually, and out of shear frustration she pulled me over her lap and delivered half a dozen swats with her hand to my naked bottom.

I’d never been spanked in my life and was completely shocked by what had happened. My tantrum stopped to be replaced by real tears as the effects of my smacked bum kicked in. I froze, and in those moments mum tugged the pull-ups into place then hugged me tightly. It was strange because although I was crying at my stinging bottom, my defiance had left me and I just wanted to be cuddled by my mum. She held me and rocked gently until I calmed down and then she carried me back to my freshly made bed.

“Simon,” she said as she tucked me in and stroked my hair, “you have had a terrible experience with a bully.” So auntie had told her all about that incident, “but you are a good boy. You’re thoughtful and a good friend. Don’t let a nasty boy change who you are.”

She continued stroking my hair and speaking in a very quiet voice. “I was worried when we came to Oakland that it would all be too much of a disruption for you and Jake but, you have both thrived here. You’ve both made terrific friends and you’ve both improved at school and I couldn’t be more proud of the way you’ve turned out.”

Mum’s soothing words were lodging in my head… it was the same as auntie had said; “Don’t change… be a free spirit”, that’s when it hit me and I realised that the bully had made me ‘change’. It wasn’t about being a baby or anything else for that matter, it was about me being who I was… and I liked who I was. With mum back and in charge and, despite my sore bottom, I felt safe. I forgot she’d put me back into pull-ups because I was feeling relaxed, comfortable and padded so soon fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up wet. Not very wet but my pull-up was more than a little damp and I was glad I’d worn it to soak up my leaking. After I’d showered and returned to my room all my school clothes were arranged on the chair as usual except my underwear. Mum was letting me decide what I wanted to wear to school and for the first time in a few days, I wasn’t anxious about it. I went to my underwear draw and saw that the plastic pants were there as well as my usual briefs and boxers. I looked in my cupboard and, although I’d chucked them all over the floor earlier, the pull-ups, diapers and assorted other things were neatly stacked up. Even the cloth diapers were all washed and arranged ready for use, if and when, they might be needed… or wanted. I decided, since I had wet twice overnight that a little bit of protection might be a good idea so I pulled on two pairs of pull-ups and my plastic pants. It felt really good to be padded and snug as I pulled on my shorts.

At breakfast I wasn’t checked and nothing was said about my antics the night before, apparently Jake had slept right through it all, and auntie offered to drive us to school again. Jake looked across at me but I said that I’d rather catch the bus if it was alright by everyone. Both mum and auntie smiled, while Jake gave a little worried grimace. Oddly enough, when some of the other kids mentioned the stink from last time I made a joke about it and, with everyone laughing, the problem seemed to have passed. The bully wasn’t a passenger so that made it a bit easier and we arrived at school none the worse for the journey.

Next I noticed Kenny wearing a rather thick and obvious diaper under his shorts. As I approached he looked half scared but I pulled up the leg of my shorts to show him my plastic protection and shouted as loud as I could “Snap.” He giggled his infectious giggle and his face lit up like before.

“Bad night?” he beamed.

“The worst,” I replied returning his smile. “Wet, spanked, cried and diapered.”

“Sounds like a good night to me.” He laughed, then realising exactly what I had said he questioned, “Spanked?”

“Yep…” I said as we were entering the classroom, “I’ll tell you all about it at recess.”

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 9

Chapter 11

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Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.9

Babyfur Comic: Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.9The messy punishment for Wile E continues. As the changes continue, Mom E piles the used diapers in multiple pails while counting away the amount. Thankfully for Wile E, the punishment and counting concludes at 100.

Wile E Coyote © Warner Bros.
Mom E Coyote © yoshiokaidamasayoshi

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31450838/

Wow this sure is allot of diaper change she has been doing here. This sure has been one hard time for his tummy that sure most have been working on overtime now.

I bet he is super hungry now when the system is so clean.

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Kenny Part 6

This story is written by Les Lea

As we ate a troop of scouts came into our camp (I think the smell of food may have enticed them in) who were greeted enthusiastically by almost everyone. A few of the older boys thought they looked ‘uncool’ but to my and Kenny’s eyes, and those of most of the younger kids and parents, they looked very smart. They were given some food and drink and they were besieged by all of us firing questions at them and mums and dads taking photos of their off-spring standing with this particularly smart group of young men.

Mrs Morrison took some shots of us chatting to the scouts and we were riveted at the number of badges (and how you earned them) as well as all the exciting things that you got up to if you wore such a splendid uniform. Kenny and I had decided that we would love to become scouts and planned on finding a local group in our town.

I said to Kenny that I thought he’d win loads of badges and that he’d have an armful in next to no time for his sporting and soccer skills alone. He shyly looked away and then said something that stopped any further conversation in its tracks. “They should make a huge badge that would cover your entire arm…” I was anticipating some kind of joke, “for the best, best friend ever.”

I was at a loss as to what to say but Kenny’s friend Buddy, who we’d been playing with earlier, waved us over to where he was standing.


“Hey you guys…” he said conspiratorially, “you want to try something…” he peered around checking there was no one else listening, “different?”

We nodded and followed him around the back of the cabins to a little hut that stored a small boat and trailers. There were already another couple of boys there, Craig and Olly, both of them were like Buddy, at a different school and in the year above us but Kenny knew them because they all played against each other in inter-school soccer matches. We acknowledged each other with a “Yo” and waited until Buddy let us in on his ‘something different’.

Suddenly Buddy produced a bottle of beer from behind a little ledge and asked if any of us had tried it before. Both Craig and Olly said they had and liked it, whilst I never had and I doubted if Kenny had either but we didn’t mention this to our older friends. Buddy took first sip and passed it to Craig who took a huge gulp. Olly almost fought it out of his grip to get his turn and then it was passed to Kenny who, just as he was about to take his first taste, was interrupted by the door swinging open.

It was Tim, Buddy’s seven year old brother who wasn’t happy being left on his own. His older brother invited him in and calmed the sudden look of panic on everyone’s face. Kenny took a tentative sip, and by the look on his face he wasn’t happy about it. He passed it to me and I did the same… it was awful. As I passed it back to Buddy, pretending it was great, his little brother grabbed the bottle and also took a huge gulp. It didn’t go down well with him either and most of it bubbled back up through his nose and he sprayed the stuff all around. If we weren’t fairly panicked already the situation might have been funny, however, Tim dropped the bottle and it flooded out across the earthen floor. Buddy promised to get more later but in the meantime we found out a bit more about him and his family.

Kenny asked if his dad had let him have the beer (even though I suspect he already knew it must have been stolen), Buddy just shrugged his shoulders and bragged that he did what he wanted. Apparently, his dad wasn’t his, or Tim’s dad, but their step-dad, his mum had remarried after his real father had run off with a girl at work (not unlike my dad had). The lady with the two children in diapers I’d seen on the shoreline was his real mum but the two kids where their half-brother and sister. He missed his real dad but didn’t get on that well with his step-dad, although his mom seemed very happy with her new husband and all her children.

As the guys talked amongst themselves I began to think of my mum, and what if she re-married. I’d never seen another man in our house, nor had mum introduced Jake or myself to any male friend as far as I could remember. I wondered what it would be like – would I be as unhappy as Buddy was? The conversation between the others faded out due to the lack of beer so the suggestion of a swim was met with cheerful agreement and we all went of back down to the lake.

On our arrival Mrs Morrison called us over and said she wanted some more photos of the two of us. Mr Morrison was fishing at the end of the jetty and had already caught some and she wanted a picture of us holding them up as if we’d been the successful fishermen.


She took a few with Mr Morrison and us all together in shot, then she took a few more of just me and Kenny holding them up. For a joke I was given a big five pound fish to hold and Kenny was given a little tiddler and told to look sad but I was to appear proud of my catch. It was a fun idea and one I hoped would come out well, especially as the idea was that we would then change catch and I’d have the small fish. Mrs Morrison took the first photo and then the fish ‘flapped’ in my grasp. I was taken by surprise as I didn’t expect it to react, it flapped again, and I fumbled trying to keep a grip. Unfortunately, the strength of the fish, its sliminess and my wet hands meant the bold fish slipped from my grasp. There are a series of images that Mrs Morrison took of me trying to capture the escaping, and very much alive, fish as it flapped on the jetty and escaped back into the water.

Everyone was in hysterics but I was mortified that I’d lost Mr Morrison’s catch but after he’d stopped laughing he just said, “So much for our supper.”

We spent the next hour on the jetty trying to catch more fish but only had bites from tiny ones that we threw back.


Later we were walking past Buddy’s cabin and heard crying. Tim had just run out of the front door and looked frightened. “Dad caught Buddy stealing more beer,” he said “and he’s getting a spanking.”

As we neared the door we could see Buddy inside the doorway with his jeans and underpants down around his ankles and what looked like a very red bottom. His hands were up rubbing his eyes and we could hear his sobbing from where we were. Suddenly we heard a grown-up’s voice sternly telling Buddy that he shouldn’t ever lie. A man, who I suppose was his step-dad, saw us looking in and for a few seconds made sure we were aware of the naughtiness of the boy who was being told off, and what the results were. Once he’d made sure we saw the redness of Buddy’s bottom he slowly closed the door as he carried on yelling at his ‘son’ for trying to get his little brother drunk. We heard another slap and another burst of crying. We quickly walked away.

We both felt guilty and wondered if he’d told his step-dad that we were there as well and if he had, were we also going to be spanked. I told Kenny that I’d never been spanked in my life, and as it looked painful, wasn’t sure I ever wanted to be either. Kenny was the same but said that he was always getting his bottom smacked when he wore a diaper. He agreed it was more of a playful swipe than a beating but that whenever he wore a diaper people, grown-ups especially, all wanted to pat his padded bottom. Even at school, if he was wearing a diaper, the teachers, and some of the more brave kids, would always find a reason to pat his bum. When his parents diapered him they always finished by patting his tush and sending him on his way. In fact, he reminded me, that was just what had happened the night before; once we were diapered and in our rubber pants, both his parents had patted our bottoms as we went off to bed.

I wondered what it was about diapers that caused such a reaction.


We went off to play and saw Olly with some older boys but didn’t see either Craig or Buddy for the rest of the day. We wondered if Craig’s parents had taken a dim view of their son drinking and grounded him (or worse) but we couldn’t check and was worried in case the same fate, whatever that was, might fall upon us. However, we were soon involved in games with the other kids and we swam in the cool lake, diving and taking turns to swim between each other’s legs. There was loads of laughter and even all the parents, who were sat in the community area drinking wine, beer and coffee, seemed to be having a good time.

Mr Morrison came up with a list of objects that a group of us had to find and bring back to him. The first ones back with everything won a huge bar of chocolate. Soon the small group of eager participants became about 20, so our chances of winning were a lot less… but we had fun anyhow.

I remembered that one of the things on the list we’d seen in the hut and I suspected that no one else would have known about it. So we furtively passed by Buddy’s cabin… not wanting to be discovered in case we were in for trouble. Hanging up on a line outside, getting the slight breeze and sunshine through the trees, were two big squares of diaper material and a couple of pairs of plastic pants all hanging there drying. I half wished that plastic pants were on the list but they weren’t so after a brief scan (and a lot of wishful thinking) we went to collect the object.

We came 5th and didn’t win anything except Mr Morrison’s heartiest congratulations, which I thought was pretty nice as they were accompanied by a hug.


That evening we ate by the lake and under the stars… it was fantastic. Mrs Morrison had made a special kind of picnic, which I enjoyed more than the barbeque if the truth is told, and it was just us four. There were candles set around the area, a blanket of the ground and warm pies and flans, salad and warm chocolate milk for Kenny and me. Mr Morrison had a cool beer and his wife had a cold white wine. I wondered if you had to drink alcohol when you were an adult. I’d only seen my mum sip a glass of wine on special occasions and she never got drunk like I’d seen some people do. Anyway, both Kenny and I had decided, after the beer tasting in the hut, that we would never drink the stuff again, it was really horrible.

Just as the meal was ending the whole area suddenly lit up. Huge bursts of color filled the sky as fireworks exploded in a mass array of light, bangs, sizzles, whistles, cracks and sparkles. The RV camp was celebrating some kind of special award and had organised this superb display that the entire lake could enjoy. It was fantastic. It only lasted a few minutes but we were all spellbound by this colourful exhibition and were sad to see it end, albeit in one massive, final explosion that burst into a million stars.


The final bang of the display had more or less signalled that it was time for bed and I was hopeful that we would be prepared like last night. Indeed, set out on our big double bed were powders and lotions, diaper squares, pins and rubber pants just waiting for our naked bottoms. Seeing as his wife had made the special picnic it was Mr Morrison’s turn to do the honors and he was very thorough. We washed and brushed our teeth first and then came back to find him ready with the first diaper. This time I went first and was happily wiped, creamed, oiled and diapered, which appeared to be more snug than the night before. Then it was Kenny’s turn, and as with me, his dad tickled and pulled faces at him making him giggle as he pinned him into his padded protection. We pulled on our own rubber pants and told to go and wish Mrs Morrison ‘good-night’. As we walked into the main part of the cabin she took a flash photograph of us. Kenny sort of half-heartedly protested but she insisted that we both looked so damn cute she had to have a memory. She took a couple more and then she kissed us both ‘good-night’ – Kenny nodded a knowing nod to me as we both experienced a slight pat on our bottoms from both of them as we waddled off to bed.

This time Kenny got into bed first so that when I climbed in he was behind me. Once more we weren’t wearing a t-shirt so his warm skin against my back as he hugged me felt really nice. We were still a little bit excited about the firework display to immediately fall asleep so we talked some more about the day’s events. The fish ‘escape’ was the funniest episode and it seemed that our fear about being punished for trying some beer was unfounded. I suggested that we try that ‘rubbing’ thing again but Kenny said he liked things as they were. However, he slipped his hand between my pants and diaper and gently stroked my penis. As he did so he rubbed himself up against my bottom and nuzzled the back of my neck. He said it tickled but he liked the feeling, in fact, he said he was enjoying the whole sensation of hugging me. I was also enjoying the feeling down the front of my pants as his warm fingers circled and outlined my penis. This was better than just rubbing against the mattress and I gave myself to happily sighing in pleasure as Kenny took things to a new and much more intimate level.


In the morning Kenny was still clutching me around my rubber pants but I was dying to go to the toilet. I know I could have gone in my diaper but although I didn’t mind if it was an accident I disliked doing anything in them on purpose. He was still fast asleep but the sun was shining in through the window so I knew it wasn’t too early. I slipped from the bed and made my way to the bathroom and wondered in. To my surprise Mr Morrison was there, naked and taking a shower. I gazed at the first completely naked grown man I’d ever seen and was in awe at seeing so many muscles… and hair… all over a person. He saw me standing there and said “Good morning Champ.”

I was still a bit dazed but noticed his t-shirt and shorts on the floor so I guessed he’d been for an early morning run. He looked over his shoulder at me and all I could do was stutter that I had to use the toilet.

“OK, if you gotta go… you gotta go.”

I was really bursting so I thought I’d better do what I said I was going to do yet I struggled trying to get my little penis down the leg from my diaper and rubber pants. He saw me grappling with the problem and turned to suggest I take my pants off first. It was such a simple idea but I was flummoxed by being in his naked presence. However, I managed to slip them down and was able to pee much more easily.

“You know you could have used the diaper… we don’t mind.” He said smiling as he towelled himself dry.

“Mmmm… ok… but…” I stammered as I looked at his bouncing penis, “I don’t like to go…erm… unless I…” I wasn’t sure how to explain it as Kenny had no control when he went in his pants or diaper. “If I can do it properly, in the correct place… erm… it’s better for me.” I eventually mumbled.

“OK, good for you. I hope you rub off on Kenny.”

I was wondering if he knew about last night but I then realised he wanted my way of coping with things to rub off on him. I wasn’t sure if that was ever going to be possible seeing as how Kenny didn’t want to change. Eventually, Mr Morrison pulled the towel around his waist and, giving my hair a gentle ruffle, said I was a good kid and a great influence to have around.


I pulled my rubber pants back up and returned to bed. Kenny had turned over so I was now going to be hugging him. I nuzzled the back of his head and I had to agree, it really was nice to rub my nose up against his fine short white hair. Even though he wasn’t quite yet fully awake he moaned softly at my attention and, as if it was second nature, I slipped my hand down the front of his diaper. It was warm and wet, yet I didn’t pull away I just kept my hand down and slowly played with him. He wriggled contentedly and I wondered if he wanted more.

As I played with him he suddenly sighed and I felt him pee into my hand, filling his diaper once again. I’d never experienced such a sensation and wasn’t sure if I liked it but, as Kenny seemed happy, so was I.
We stayed that way for a while, until has father came in and said we should ‘rise and shine’ as breakfast was almost ready.

“Come on sunshine,” he said shaking his sleepy son, “let’s get you changed.” He already knew that I was dry so he only had one person to worry about.

Still sleepy, Kenny was lifted from the bed and stripped of his rubber pants. His diaper sagged as it had done the day before so his daddy took him into the bathroom and changed him there. He had him showered and dressed in his swim shorts in minutes, whilst I was still searching around for mine as I’d forgotten that Mrs Morrison had taken them away to dry them out. I half wanted to stay in my diaper and I wondered if I could ever get a pair of plastic pants like the young lad had yesterday – the shiny ones with the colourful, cartoon characters all over them. Thankfully, Mr Morrison returned with my dry shorts and we were called through to breakfast.


The morning was fun and we could occasionally hear waves of sound coming down the lake from the scout jamboree. We would have liked to have visited but we didn’t have time, however, as this was our last morning, we decided to make the most of it. We tried our hand, unsuccessfully, at canoeing – we simply couldn’t get the balance right so we abandoned that idea and set to rowing our little boat. There were still many people around but we could see that quite a few families were packing up ready to return home.

After lunch we changed out of our wet shorts and into something a little drier for the journey home. Kenny was wearing (without a diaper this time) his pink shorts with a striped pink and pale blue top. I was dressed in my dark blue shorts and my striped green and blue top, we looked again like we’d been dressed to coordinate but it wasn’t planned.

After a few more photographs it was time to leave but I had this huge paper cup of juice I wanted to finish first. Just as I was raising it to my mouth we could hear a strange sort of rumbling noise that started to get louder. The rumble began to turn into a roar and we suddenly saw two military jets flying at treetop level zooming down from the north of the lake. As they passed overhead the roar was deafening and as they pulled away the scream from their engines was scarily piercing, so much so that I spilled my cup of juice all over myself.

I looked around and the people watching were cheering the jets (Mr Morrison said they were F-22s, which were based at an Air Force Base about 20 miles away) and I suppose the military power that they represented. I just looked down at my soggy, once clean clothes and felt stupid that I’d reacted in that way. Kenny had been equally shocked by the noise and I noticed that he’d had more of an accident than me and his little pink shorts were a mess… front and back.


Mrs Morrison seemed equipped for just such an emergency and she unlocked the cabin for a quick change. Kenny went first, seeing as he was in more dire need of attention. She had him stripped, cleaned, powdered and in a disposable within seconds. She retrieved the rubber pants from her bag that seemed to hold everything, and slipped them over his hips. She found a white t-shirt from somewhere and pulled it over his head. Finally, she fished his thin white soccer shorts from the bottom of her bag and pulled them over the whole thing. He looked clean and bulky so he was happy… then it was my turn.

Mrs Morrison made me step out of all my wet and stained clothes and put them into a plastic bag… she said it was too late to wash them so it would have to be done when I got home. She also noticed that I’d not only spilled my drink I had also wet myself in all the excitement so, I also got wiped and powdered before, without asking, she put me in a disposable and pulled out some more rubber pants. I couldn’t object as I’d used all my clean clothes that mum had packed, and of course I was really quite pleased with the turn of events… I was back in diapers. Unfortunately, apart from another t-shirt she had no more dry shorts so I was hurried into the back seat, fastened in wearing just my diaper and rubber pants.


It felt strange being dressed like that but I was in no position to complain and Kenny immediately engaged me in talking about a future as the pilot of a jet. As we set off our future as scouts was temporarily forgotten as we discussed the merits of two ten year-old getting into the armed forces.

The journey was long and after about an hour we both must have fallen asleep. I only woke up as we pulled up outside my home. Mum was waiting on the porch and as I clambered from the truck I’d forgotten what I was wearing. I hugged mum and she hugged me and held me close as she got an update on what had happened over the weekend. Mrs Morrison handed her my backpack and explained why I was wearing what I was. Mum was happy with the explanation and handed them a bag saying she hoped they liked cookies. It was then I identified the smell that had greeted my homecoming, while we’d been gone mum had been indulging in her favourite past time… baking.

“Thank Mr and Mrs Morrison for looking after you so well and taking you to the lake,” mum suggested

I did as I was told, although I would have done anyway and thanked them for such a special trip I’d had a fantastic time. Kenny was still asleep in the back seat so we didn’t wake him and I waved my thanks again as they drove off.

My mum looked at my sleepy face and said she thought it was time for bed. As she guided me into the house I felt her patting my padded bottom, Kenny was right, grown-ups just can’t leave such a thing alone. I was exhausted and went to my room to change and get ready for a bath but, still in my padded bliss I just lay out on my bed and fell straight to sleep.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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Chapter 7

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Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.8

Babyfur Comic Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.8Mom E. begins Wile E.’s punishment for his use of the diapers moments ago by means of her special bonnet emitting signals to Wile E’s body to immediately mess himself. In doing so, it allows Mom E. to change him, use the bonnet, have him use his diaper, and so on and so on. This continues for a while and even fills the diaper pail in the process.

Wile E Coyote © Warner Bros.
Mom E Coyote © yoshiokaidamasayoshi

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31437327/

Poor Wile E looks like his new mother is forcing him to messy his diaper allot of times whit some special words :(

Poor thing but this sure fills the diaper pail pretty quickly when you use something like this. Looks like his new mother need to empty the pail when she think he have been punish enough for wasting diapers. 

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Out of touch

Out of touchThe boys decided to mimic something they heard on TV. They thought it was funny but it seems dad doesn’t find that exact phrase funny at all. Adults are so out of touch!

The furry and above text belongs to Island

Draw by marinaneira

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31404604/

Aww this sure make the boys learn thats everything you hear on TV is not something that you should mimic.

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Lil brother in big trouble

Lil brother in big troubleLooks like my lil brother ended up breaking my phone, so now hes gunna pay.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Mikey-the-little and NazzNikoNanuke

Draw and above text by NazzNikoNanuke

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31337977/

Awww poor thing but i sure understand way he is angry. It sure is not fun when someone brakes your stuff :( And his bottom sure going to remember this.

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