Subliminal Baby 2 Part 6

This story is written by Elfy

It felt like hours, but eventually Steven heard the front door open and close. He felt a surge of relief and started to head back into the house immediately.

“Mom!” Ritchie yelled as he turned to see Karen walk through the door. He ran over and wrapped his arms around her.

“Hello Ritchie!” Karen replied as she struggled into the house with some bags, “I have a big surprise for you.”

Ritchie clapped his hands with glee and released his mother so that the pair of them could walk into the living room. Linda gave Karen a quick hug and welcomed her home. Karen looked around the room and frowned, she sniffed the air and then realised she was missing a son.

“Mommy!” Steven came awkwardly waddling through the house as fast as he could.

“Oh my…” Karen whispered as she saw her younger son moving towards her. Even from across the room she could already smell that Steven had a very messy diaper.

Steven almost fell over in his haste to reach Karen. When he finally got to her, he lurched forward and wrapped his arms around his Mom. He was snivelling a little from embarrassment but also because he really, really wanted his diaper changed. He had thrown his pride out of the window, he didn’t care how infantile he looked right now, he just wanted a new diaper!

“Linda?” Karen asked as she prised her stinky son off of her, “Why is Steven’s diaper in such a bad way?”

“Oh, he was being very naughty today.” Linda said with a stern face causing Steven to look shocked, “He was playing up ever since you left and when Ritchie asked to use the potty he stood in front of us and deliberately filled his pants. He could have asked for the potty but he wanted to make a huge mess for us to deal with.”

“That’s not true!” Steven shouted.

Sure, Steven had used his diaper but it hadn’t been a choice! It wasn’t malicious. He just really needed to go.

“Ritchie?” Karen asked, “Is this true? Was Steven a bad boy?”

Ritchie looked from Linda to Steven and then to his Mom. He looked like he was mulling something over in his head before he passed his verdict. Steven watched him and frowned. Why wasn’t he debunking the lie that Steven had been bad?

“Steven…” Ritchie slowly said, “Was bad… He laughed at me for using the potty and then messed himself and told Linda to clean him up.”

Steven’s mouth dropped open. That wasn’t true! None of this was true. Despite the hugely uncomfortable and itchy feeling in his diaper, Steven was now completely distracted by the outright lies being told by the people around him.

“Mom, it isn’t true!” Steven shouted. He could feel himself tearing up at the injustice.

Karen had a face like thunder as she grabbed Steven’s wrist and pulled him roughly towards the stairs. Steven spun around and he got one look at both Linda and Ritchie who were silently laughing with each other as Steven was practically dragged up the steps. They had planned this!

Karen practically threw Steven into the nursery. As Steven stumbled towards the centre of the room he could feel his heavy diaper rubbing against both of his thighs. Whatever was going to happen next, he really just wished that his Mom would change him out of this underwear.

Karen grabbed Steven again and pulled him towards the crib. Steven was compelled to bend over the mattress and found that his mother had placed a hand on his back preventing him from standing up.

“Mom wait! They were lying!” Steven yelled as he winced knowing what would happen next.

Steven felt a large heavy whack on his butt. The padding and the mess within did nothing to cushion the very heavy blow, if anything it made it feel even worse.

The first spank was followed by a second and then a third. It continued and Steven lost count of the number of spanks he received, soon the stinging pain made it hard to tell when one spank ended and the next began. Steven began wailing as the pain and grossness plus the inescapability of his situation moulded into one big ball of misery.

Steven’s day was only made worse when he watched Linda and Ritchie enter the room and quietly stand to the side to watch the humiliating punishment. Steven kicked out his legs and cried out as he had a full tantrum. Even after Karen had stopped spanking he didn’t calm down. The pain and humiliation was only amplified by the smug looks on Ritchie and Linda’s faces.

Steven hadn’t stopped crying when he felt his Mom grab his wrist again. He was a blubbering wreck and could offer no resistance as he was dragged out of the room and into the bathroom. He felt the bottom of his onesie getting unclipped and his heavy diaper sagged a little lower. The tapes were roughly pulled away and the diaper fell to the floor in a splat. The mess was all contained but the humiliation of seeing what he had done was intense.

Karen ordered Steven into the bathtub as she balled up the wasteland that was Steven’s diaper.

“Take this to the trash cans outside please.” Karen asked Linda.

Linda looked sorry to be missing the show and even sorrier that she had to handle the diaper but she dutifully took it and headed downstairs with it. She kept the diaper as far from her face as possible and turned her nose away from it.

Karen wasted no time in turning on the shower, unhooking the shower head and pointing it at her naked son. She hosed him off as much as she could, demanding he turn this way and that as she sought to blast off the excrement that had collected on him.

Steven, still crying, followed instructions and despite the humiliation and punishment he was receiving, he was ecstatic that he was being finally cleaned. The warm water even soothed Steven’s stinging rear end which was very welcome.

Karen had started roughly scrubbing Steve’s rear end when Linda came back upstairs. Linda took Ritchie’s hand and took him into the nursery.

When Steven was finally washed and dried, Karen ordered him into the nursery. Steven had finally stopped crying and he nodded his head and went where he was told. He was completely naked but felt almost no shame when Linda and Ritchie saw him in such a state. He had no shame left, they had already seen him at the lowest he could possibly go. He just walked over to the changing table and waited in silence for his mother to come in.

Steven didn’t have to wait long. Karen walked into the room and wordlessly lifted Steven up on to the changing table and laid him down whilst Linda and Ritchie watched from the crib.

Looking up to the ceiling, Steven just let his Mom roll his legs over his head and slide a brand new diaper underneath him. He didn’t react at all as it was pulled up and taped closed, leaving him safely padded once again. He was exhausted from the last few minutes and his red, stinging eyes were begging for a rest. Steven could hardly believe he was thinking this but he was sincerely looking forward to nap time.

Steven was lifted off of the table and he slowly waddled his crinkling butt over to the crib and climbed in. Ritchie and Linda had both moved out of the way beforehand.

“I have a special surprise for you my big boy!” Karen said excitedly as she turned to her other son.

Ritchie looked curiously from his Mom to Linda but the latter clearly didn’t know what the surprise was going to be.

Karen disappeared out of the room briefly and returned carrying a plastic bag with a fairly weighty product in it. Steven, though very tired from his hard day, rolled over to the bars of his crib and looked out at his brother who was looking at the bag perplexed.

“You have been such a good boy.” Karen paused her praise to throw a sharp look at Steven before continuing to Ritchie, “You have been using the potty so well that I think it is time we graduated you to these!”

Karen pulled the item out of the bag with a “ta-da” and Ritchie almost immediately started jumping up and down. His crinkling excitement would have made Steven laugh a week or so ago, now it was just a reminder of his situation.

“Oh wow, Ritchie!” Linda exclaimed as she saw the packet, “Pull-ups!”

Ritchie quickly started fumbling with the poppers on his onesie and then ripped the tapes off of his diaper. Steven watched from the crib semi-interestedly. He was rather embarrassed to still be in thick diapers whilst Ritchie was moving up to more modest underwear, but at the same time he was pleased because he knew Ritchie had to finish potty training before his Mom would consider letting him out of his diapers.

Ritchie grabbed one of the pull-ups from his Mom’s hands and eagerly stepped into it. He pulled it up between his legs and marvelled at how grown up it felt.

Steven noticed that he no longer crinkled when he walked and that it would be indistinguishable under regular clothes.

The two women and Ritchie were all laughing and smiling as they stepped out of the room leaving Steven alone in the closed crib. He heard them all joyfully playing and talking as they headed downstairs. Steven on the other hand, laid in his crib in sadness. He closed his eyes and fell into a restful sleep.

Steven didn’t know how long he slept for but he was woken up by the sound of the nursery door opening. He assumed Mom was coming to wake him up for dinner or something, he moaned tiredly and rolled over on top of his cover so he was facing the wall. After everything that had happened that day Steven just wanted to curl up into a ball in his crib and never move.

With his eyes still closed, Steven felt a poking and a prodding on his diaper. Steven murmured sleepily and tried to shift away but found that the examination of his diaper was very persistent.

“Oh wow, your diaper is wet!” Came the voice from the person poking Steven. A very masculine voice…

Steven’s eyes flew open as he realised it wasn’t his Mom at all!

“Ritchie!” Steven almost yelled, “Get off me!”

“Mom told me to get you up for dinner and she told me to check you.” Ritchie replied. Steven noticed a lot of his brother’s cocky swagger had returned, “Good thing I did as well. You need a change!”

“What? No I don’t!” Steven retorted, “This was put on right before I went to sleep. It must still be… Oh no…”

Steven looked down to his bare diaper and clearly saw the wetness indicator, usually a blue strip, had gone a light green. The whole strip that Steven could see had changed colour. Steven poked and prodded his diaper in a mixture of disbelief and fear. Had he really done it? Had he really…

“Wet the bed!” Ritchie almost shouted in excitement. Steven’s older brother couldn’t contain his joy, “You didn’t know you were wet! You wet the bed!”

“N-No… I can’t have…” Steven started gasping desperately.

“You did! You did!” Ritchie jumped clapping and shouting.

“What’s going on up there?” Steven and Ritchie both turned to face the door as they heard Karen calling to them. The next thing they heard were her footsteps on the stairs.

“Don’t tell Mom.” Steven desperately pleaded, “W-We could say I wet the diaper before going to sleep or after you woke me up.”

“Hmm…” Ritchie made exaggerated gestures of thinking about his brother’s suggestion even though he had no plan helping his brother out.

“Please!?” Steven whispered as he heard Mom rounding the top of the stairs and opening the door.

“What’s all the commotion about?” Karen asked as she stepped into the room.

“Mom… Before I fell asleep I…” Steven began.

“Steven wet the bed!” Ritchie yelled as he pointed at Steven’s diaper, “He didn’t know he was wet until I told him.”

“Is this true, Steven?” Karen asked. She was actually pretty shocked that her son had possibly lost such control so quickly.

“I… I…” Steven felt his composure slipping as has Mom stared a hole through him. He wanted to deny, he wanted to lie convincingly. The tears that started filling his eyes and the lump in his throat was betraying him before he had a chance to say anything.

Steven started sniffing, then he felt the first tears rolling down his cheeks. A couple of shuddering breaths later and he started sobbing openly. He didn’t need to say anything, it wasn’t necessary, the tears and the crying said everything that Karen needed to hear.

She pursed her lips and shook her head slightly as she lowered the side of the crib. Lifting her son out she fretted slightly as she carried him over to the changing table. Her son losing control like this wasn’t part of the plan…

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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Subliminal Baby 2 Part 2

This story is written by Elfy

“What you wanna play?” Ritchie asked his brother as he walked over to Steven who was still stood next to the door looking miserable.

“I don’t want to play.” Steven replied shortly as he folded his arms across his chest. He didn’t look unlike a toddler having a tantrum.

“But Mommy said to play.” Ritchie said. He walked over to his toy box and pulled out a few little race cars.

“I know Mom said that. But I’m not a baby like you. I don’t just do what I’m told.” Steven said accusingly. This was all so stupid, how had he allowed himself to get stuck in this position?

“You look like a baby like me.” Ritchie giggled as he lined up all the cars in a line on the carpet, “You were in the high chair, you wear a diapie… You wet your diapie…”

“I didn’t have a choice!” Steven half-yelled. He unfolded his arms and held them out to the side as if to ask what else he could have done.

“Neither did I.” Ritchie said. He stopped playing with the cars and looked up to Steven, the smile was gone and instead he had a more hardened face.

There was silence for a little bit. Ritchie turned back to his cars and start pushing them, he was racing them around the room. Steven just sat down by the door, he brought his legs up to his chest and hugged his knees. His wet diaper was providing a nice cushion to sit on but the warm and wet feeling was a constant reminder to what Steven had done.

It felt like an hour passed. It was impossible to say for sure because there was no clock in the nursery, Steven was getting increasingly restless and the constant babbling and car noises form Ritchie was starting to grate on Steven’s nerves.

“Could you shut up?” Steven eventually hissed through clenched teeth.

“I’m playing!” Ritchie responded. He stuck his tongue out at Nick, “You should play.”

“Over my dead body.” Steven said quietly before adding with frustration, “Can you just grow up already… How long can that messaging possibly last?”

Both boys fell silent. Ritchie’s pushing of cars slowed down and he stopped making noises. His face was completely neutral and he seemed to be staring into the middle distance. He let out a long and loud sigh.

“Why did you do this?” Ritchie asked sadly. There was an edge of bitterness in his voice. Ritchie clearly hadn’t forgiven Steven for what the younger boy did.

“I… You bullied me. You made me feel terrible.” Steven explained looking down. He couldn’t look Ritchie in the face, “I just wanted to get even.”

There was more silence.

“You shouldn’t have done it.” Ritchie said bitterly. He didn’t sound much like the toddler he had become now.

“You deserved it.” Steven replied. He didn’t appreciate being told what he should and shouldn’t do. Even if he regretted getting caught, he did not regret what he had done, “I would do it again.”

Ritchie stood up uncertainly. His face was contorted into a mixture of anger and sadness. He let out this low rumbling growl and awkwardly moved forward towards his brother. He looked incredibly angry, and despite his regressed brain and lack of coordination he still posed a threat. Maybe, without the adult brain, he was even more of a threat.

“Hey, whoa… Ritchie, calm down!” Steven said as he clambered to his feet as well. He held out his hands in a pacifying gesture.

Ritchie had a face of thunder and just marched at Steven. Steven had a moment where he realised that Ritchie was walking a little more confidently, despite what was about to happen, he was happy that it looked like the messaging maybe wearing off slightly.

Raising his fist back it looked for all the world that Ritchie was about to punch Steven.

“Ritchie, No!” Steven yelled and he leaned forward and pushed Ritchie extra hard.

Ritchie stumbled backwards, his questionable amount of coordination caused him to fall backwards and he hit the bottom of the changing table with a thump. The diapers and supplies fell off the shelves on and around Ritchie.

Immediately Ritchie started loudly crying. It was clear he wasn’t hurt, but he started crying the same way a toddler does when they take a fall.

A few seconds later the nursery door flew open and Karen came inside. She immediately saw Steven standing close to the door looking across at Ritchie who was surrounded by debris.

“He… He pushed me!” Ritchie wailed pointing at Nick.

“No… Wait!” Steven wanted to plead his case of self-defence but his mother just grabbed his arm.

Dragging Steven to the bed, Karen sat down and pulled her youngest son over her lap. Steven’s big diaper presented an easy target as it puffed out behind him. The soaked padding may as well have had a target drawn on it.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

The blows rained down on Steven’s rear end. The padding did a little to soften the blows but it wasn’t long before he burst into tears. It wasn’t helped Steven when he looked to the side and saw Ritchie smiling with satisfaction. He realised that Ritchie was enjoying seeing Steven getting punished.

The spanking ended up lasting a long time. It felt like minutes passed and by the time Karen finished swatting her son’s rear end she was out of breath and Steven was exhausted from his crying.

Pushing her son roughly off of her lap, Karen then instructed him to climb into the crib. He clearly didn’t dare argue back as he meekly clambered into the toddler bed.

Karen marched across the room to where Ritchie was still sitting, he was no longer crying but was still sniffing and looked tearful.

“Are you OK?” Karen asked as she crouched down next to her son.

Ritchie didn’t speak, he just nodded and climbed slowly to his feet.

“Alright then, let’s get you to bed. I have a special surprise for you in the morning.” Karen said with a smile, “But first let’s get you changed.”

Karen lifted Ritchie on to the changing table and made short work of removing his diaper, cleaning him up and putting him in a fresh disposable. Steven watched enviously from the crib, he was rubbing his sore rear end and wishing he could be changed out of his soggy diaper.

“When you wake up tomorrow I will have a nice surprise for you.” Karen hinted with a smile. She gave her older son a wink as she lifted him down from the table.

Ritchie looked curious and grabbed his mom’s hand. Together they walked to the crib and Ritchie climbed in. He sat at the opposite end of the bed to Steven and looked over rather tensely.

“Time for you both to get some sleep. Now listen, I expect you both to behave yourselves, any violence from either of you and you will both regret it.” Karen warned both of her kids as she lifted the bars.

Both boys were naked except for their respective diapers. Steven was upset that they were going to have to sleep in the same crib but there was plenty of room for both of them.

“Mom… Mommy.” Steven said trying to garner favour with his mother. He was still sniffing back tears, the tears weren’t helped by the embarrassing request he had to make. He went very red as he asked, “Could… Could you change my diaper?”

“No.” Karen replied coldly, “Maybe a night in a cold, wet diaper will help you adapt to your new position, baby.”

Steven flinched and felt almost compelled to complain. You wouldn’t treat a real baby like that, he thought. But he thought better of talking back and stayed silent.

Ritchie laid down straight away whilst Steven slowly lowered himself down at the opposite end so that they were lying head-to-feet. Steven watched as his mom dropped a sippy cup to Ritchie and a bottle of juice for Steven. She then headed to the exit, turned the light off and left the room.

In the darkness and silence Steven heard a little voice at the other end of the bed giggle slightly. His burning butt was a reminder to not respond and he closed his eyes to try and sleep. He was still in his soaked diaper and it was beginning to get really uncomfortable, he knew he would have to wait till morning for a change and tried to find a comfortable position.

Steven spent most the night tossing and turning as his wet diaper became more and more uncomfortable. He heard Ritchie snoring from the other end of the bed and spent most of the night trying to ignore the itchiness in his diaper and just fall asleep. Eventually he was able to close his eyes and not open them again.

When Steven did eventually open his eyes the next morning it was very reluctantly. He had spent the night tossing and turning and trying to find the sleep that was constantly evading him, when the nursery door opened and Karen walked in he was still feeling very tired.

“Wakey wakey, boys.” Karen said as she threw the curtains open and bathed the room in light, “We have another wonderful day ahead of us.”

Ritchie woke up as Karen spoke and he sat up whilst rubbing his eyes. He was much more awake than Steven who had laid back down, covered himself up with the blanket and tried to get more sleep. It had been very hard to sleep in his soaked diaper, and Steven felt just as tired now as he did before going to bed.

The side of the crib came clattering down as Karen helped Ritchie step out. He was very wet which didn’t surprise anyone. He was lifted up on to the changing table and changed without much hassle. As he was lifted down, Karen gave Ritchie a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt to wear for the day. They hid his diaper well and unless you paid extra close attention, looking at Ritchie you would assume he was like any other man in his very early twenties.

Ritchie looked a little confused at his rather adult state of dress but he seemed happy enough.

“Come on Steven.” Karen said softly as she walked back over to the crib, “Let’s get you out of that diaper. You have a big day today.”

Steven wanted to sleep but the feeling around his crotch was unbearable. The cold dampness was intolerable and it forced Steven to drag himself to the edge of the crib and flop down on his tired feet. He walked across the room and hopped up on to the changing table.

The cool air that he felt as the front of his used diaper was pulled down was divine. Despite his humiliating position, he smiled slightly as he was wiped, it felt so good to be out of that diaper that being placed into a new one almost didn’t matter at that moment. He knew his opinion would change later but for these few minutes at least, just being out of the previous diaper was the best feeling.

After Steven was taped up in a new diaper, he was lifted down from the table and dressed for the day. Unlike Ritchie’s fairly grown up clothes, Steven was given a pair of very small shorts and a very colourful t-shirt that screamed juvenile.

Steven was most concerned by the shorts though. Short and tight, they left nothing to the imagination. The bulge of the diaper underneath was very obvious and he found that every time he twisted his body or stretched slightly, his shirt was pulled up and the waistband of his infantile underwear was on display for everyone.

With a lot of yawning, mostly from Steven, the three of them headed downstairs and to the breakfast table.

Breakfast went much the same way that the previous evenings dinner did. Steven was fed by his mother again, she made a show and dance of every spoonful of cereal and he had to endure waiting between each bit of food as his mom fed herself and also helped Ritchie out.

If there was one positive to come from the breakfast, Steven noticed that Ritchie was feeding himself rather competently. A little food was spilled but Ritchie seemed more coordinated, perhaps it wasn’t going to be so bad, perhaps Ritchie would be back to normal sooner than Steven had thought.

As Steven watched Ritchie eating, the doorbell rang causing everyone’s heads to swivel towards the front door. Steven felt a bolt of anxiety shoot down his spine as he realised that someone may be on the way in. Being seen like this would be Steven’s worst nightmare.

Karen stood up from her seat and headed to the front door. Ritchie went right back to eating as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Steven, on the other hand, was stretching over the tray as he tried to see who the visitor was. No matter how much he stretched he could not see who was at the door.

“Oh, hello!” Steven heard his mom say from the door, “Come on in!”

Steven’s eyes flew wide as dinner plates. He pulled and pushed against the high chair in desperation to not be seen. It was no use though, the chair had been designed to keep people in, nothing Stephen could do would have any effect.

Steven slumped low in his seat as he heard the footsteps approaching. He waited to see who was going to see his humiliation with baited breath.

“LINDA!” Ritchie yelled from behind Steven.

Ritchie practically fell off of his chair in his rush to get up and almost knocked Steven’s high chair over as he ran over to his girlfriend.

“Hello Ritchie!” Linda held out her arms and Ritchie nearly bowled her over as he ran into them.

“I’m so glad you could look after Ritchie today. I really need to get to the shop and it wouldn’t be fair on him, you know?” Karen explained.

“I understand completely.” Linda said before adding with a look of disgust, “What about… Him.”

“Steven?” Karen clarified, “Oh, he will be coming with me. It would be unfair to make Ritchie go out before he has recovered, but Steven… Well, he is still learning his lesson.”

Steven’s mouth dropped open as he considered the implications, the possibilities for humiliation when taken out in public like this. He uselessly shook his head.

“Don’t shake your head at me.” Karen warned, “We both know you have no choice in the matter.”

“Did he really do what you said on the phone?” Linda asked Karen whilst she stared at Steven with malice.

“The messaging?” Karen replied, “Yes he did. I could hardly believe it. An eye for an eye seems fair though. He will soon see that being made to act like a baby isn’t very funny.”

Steven looked down at his tray. He already knew it wasn’t funny, he was already regretting what he had done. But he had already begged for a reprieve, he knew he wasn’t getting one.

“OK Steven, time to go.” Karen said with a big smile. Steven couldn’t tell if it was a malicious smile or a friendly one.

Steven was let out of his high chair, his diaper still dry. His mom helped Steven put his shoes on and then handed him a backpack with diaper supplies in it for any changes that might be required. Steven shuddered at the possibilities of a diaper change in public but took the bag anyway. He followed his mother out of the house to the car.

When his mom opened the door, she instructed Steven to sit in the baby seat that had originally been installed for his older brother. Initially, Steven was disgusted by that idea and thought about complaining but just as he opened his mouth to say something he saw one of his neighbours looking out their window at him. They had a curious frown on their face that seemed to suggest they could see something was wrong even if they couldn’t put their finger on what.

Realising he was in the public’s view, Steven turned around and quickly sat in the infant seat without hesitation, he did not want his neighbours to know what was happening. His mom took her time strapping in him until he was tightly held down. The seat caused Steven to recline slightly and stuck his diapered crotch out in front of him a little. A humiliating position that he was unable to move from.

The journey to the supermarket was a dull one. The only thing Steven had to occupy his mind was the worry of getting out the car and being led around the shop in his toddler clothes. It was an appalling prospect but also one which he had no defence against. He could only hope he was less noticeable than he thought he was.

As the car neared the shops Steven felt his bladder, that had been protesting for a long time finally reached bursting point. He felt himself go red in the face as he slowly relaxed his bladder muscles and allowed a hot stream of urine to soak into his diaper. Steven felt the warm stream run down between his legs and into the seat of his padding where it was finally absorbed. He shuddered at the tickling feeling and hoped that his mom hadn’t noticed what he was doing.

When they finally pulled up in the car park, Steven’s tummy felt full of butterflies and he felt nauseous about what was about to happen. He prayed that no one he knew would be at the shops.

“Oh, sweetie, before I forget.” Karen said as she undid the straps that were holding Steven down.

Karen pulled a small chain out of her pocket. On the chain was a very large pacifier. Karen reached forwards and placed the necklace around Steven’s neck and then she tucked it under his shirt so it was mostly hidden.

“Just in case you need it.” Karen said with a devilish smile.

Not finished with her torment, Karen then reached down and felt the padding around Steven’s crotch. She smiled knowingly at her younger son as she felt the warm and swelled padding. Steven could only blush and look away under her knowing glare.

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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Chapter 3

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Never Too Old for a Timeout

Never Too Old for a Timeout

Uh oh, someone’s been a naughty bear. I’m not sure which is worst – the spanking, having to stand in the corner for my timeout, or all the people looking at me. Even my socks were taken way until timeout is over.

I have no idea how long I need to stay like this, Ember knows but is forbidden to tell me.

The poor bear and above text belongs to SnowtheBear

Art by babystar
This was a Patreon reward


This poor bear sure most have done something very bad to have earn himself both a spanking and some time in the time out corner. I sure wounder what type of bad thing he could have done?

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Subliminal Baby Part 3

This story is written by Elfy

“What on Earth happened?” Karen said as she walked into Ritchie’s room.

Steven and his mom had driven home as soon as possible. As soon as they pulled into the drive Karen had hurried straight up to Ritchie’s room and Steven followed behind her. He pretended to walk into his bedroom but instead creeped up to his brother’s door and pushed his ear against it to hear what was going on.

“I was just playing… It was just like every other game…” Steven could hear Ritchie taking big shuddering breaths in between words, it was clear he was still crying, “And… And… I wet myself.”

They talked for a little longer with Steven eavesdropping on the whole conversation. Ritchie talked about how he had no control, how he didn’t know what was about to happen and about how scared he was.

“Do… Do you think Linda saw what happened?” He asked haltingly, his face going red.

“Honey, everyone saw what happened. If your girlfriend was in the crowd, then she must have seen it.” Karen said gently. This made Ritchie moan loudly followed by the sound of his desk being hit.

When Steven heard his mom say she was heading to the shop and she was going to bring home some heavier protection, Steven knew it was time to scurry back to his own room. Events had escalated almost beyond Steven’s control. He hadn’t expected things to go this far but Steven couldn’t stop himself from wanting to push it further. He was astounded that the subliminal messages were having such a profound effect, now more than ever he wondered how far he could push it.

Steven saw Ritchie walk past his door and head downstairs. Taking a huge risk Steven quickly ran into his brother’s bedroom. The computer was already logged in and Steven quickly found the folder containing the subliminal files. He deleted the message that was already there, hopefully fully implanted permanently, and changed it to a new message.

“Wearing diapers will sexually excite you.”

Steven typed the new message and quickly left the room whilst giggling to himself. Hearing his brother on the stairs he darted into the bathroom and pretended to be using the toilet, he did this because he knew Ritchie would be suspicious if he was around his room for another reason. Steven smiled to himself as he considered the irony of pretending to use the toilet as his brother headed into his room with ever decreasing toilet control.

As Steven walked back past Ritchie’s bedroom on the way back to his own room he saw his brother was already playing his game. The new message already being flashed imperceptibly and absorbed by Ritchie’s brain.

“Go away!” Ritchie yelled when he saw Stephen looking in. Stephen flashed a large toothy smile and sauntered back to his room.

Dinner that night was another quiet affair. Steven was pleasantly surprised that since Ritchie had become so withdrawn that his mom now spent more time talking to him. He didn’t know if it was a conscious decision or not but Steven noticed his mom had started treating him like a much more respectable adult recently.

“I bought you some proper diapers today, Ritchie.” Karen said offhandedly as they were eating. Steven, who hadn’t been expecting such a comment almost choked on the food he was chewing!

“MOM!” Ritchie shouted as he turned red and looked at his brother pointedly as if to say not to talk about it in front of Steven.

“Relax Ritchie. Everyone saw you wet yourself at the game earlier, it’s OK, nothing to be ashamed about.” The boy’s mom said, “There is nothing wrong with getting a little help.”

“I don’t need diapers…” Ritchie almost whispered. He sniffed loudly and looked down at his plate. Ritchie wondered whether he was ever going to be able to show his face around the football club again, he had humiliated himself so badly in front of everyone he knew. He still hadn’t got a text from Linda, he didn’t even know if she was at the match but she wasn’t normally this quiet for this long.

“Looked like you could have used them earlier.” Steven muttered to his brother.

Ritchie stood up suddenly with a face red from the accusation, even if it was true it was certainly not something he wanted to hear over dinner.

“Sit down and finish your dinner Ritchie.” Karen said warningly.

“But he-” Ritchie started before he was cut off.

“Sit.” Karen said.

Ritchie did as he was told and sat back down and started eating again. Steven could see his brother was blinking back tears and his face was still red.

Steven found it very cathartic to be on the other end of the taunting for once. He just wondered how far he could push things, as they ate their dinners silence fell over the table again. All three of them ate quietly for a few minutes before some food that Ritchie had on his fork suddenly fell off and rolled down his shirt.

“Do you need a bib as well?” Steven said in a quiet voice that only his brother, who was sitting next to him, could hear.

Ritchie, with emotions that were all over the place and always threatening to erupt recently, jumped to his feet again. This time he grabbed Steven by the collar of his shirt.

“Ritchie. What do you think you are doing!?” Karen had stood up too.

“He is taunting me.” Ritchie whined with a red face and a voice that suggested he was trying to hold back the tears.

Karen reached around the table and grabbed her oldest son’s wrist. She pulled with strength that it didn’t look like she had and forced Ritchie to stand in front of her.

Steven, who was now free after his brother was pulled away, stared open mouthed as he watched a scene that seemed so familiar to him. Last time he had been an unwilling participant, now it seemed he would be an interested observer.

“Mom don’t… please!” Ritchie cried as his mother pulled him down over her lap.

Without a word the boy’s mother began spanking Ritchie repeatedly. The sound of her hand hitting Ritchie’s pants was the only sound in the room for a while as both the boys were too stunned to really respond in any appreciable manner.

Then the sobbing started. As the spanking continued, Ritchie started kicking out his legs and Steven could hear sobbing as his brother lost control of his emotions. He did his best to hide the satisfaction he was getting from this turnaround from a few days ago.

“You. Do. Not. Bully. Your. Brother.” Karen said. Each word was followed by another spank that seemed harder than the one before.

“Mom please… I… I… Oh no…” Ritchie moaned from his mother’s lap.

Steven couldn’t immediately see what was happening, all he saw was his mother slow down and suddenly stop spanking. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open.

“Are you…” Karen started saying, “Oh Ritchie, No!”

Ritchie scrambled off of his mother’s lap and with horrified eyes he looked down at a wet patch that covered the front of his trousers, a long streak of the wet patch extended to the floor where a small puddle already began to form. He reached down and grabbed his crotch as if he could stop anything that was happening and ran through the living room and headed upstairs.

Steven had to work hard to keep a straight face at what he just witnessed. But he did sense an opportunity.

“Don’t move mum. I’ll get a towel.” Stephen got up and headed to a cupboard in the kitchen. Returning with a towel he began wiping some of his brother’s urine that had ended up on the floor.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” Karen said with a weariness that suggested she was at the end of her rope.

“Maybe he just doesn’t want to grow up.” Steven suggested. Steven felt like now was a good time to stir the pot a little bit.

“What do you mean?” Karen asked as she wiped herself with some paper towels that were nearby.

“Well, you have treated him like the man of the house since dad left.” Steven said as he stood up, a soaking wet towel in hand, “Maybe he is rebelling against it. Maybe it is subconscious… He can’t handle the responsibility and wants to be a kid again. He has certainly been acting like that.”

Steven watched as his mother stopped cleaning herself and looked into the middle distance. He could tell she was giving what he had said some serious thought.

That night Steven watched as, yet again, his mother walked along the landing and to his brother’s room. She was carrying another plastic bag in one hand and in the other hand was a large packet of adult diapers!

Steven snuck out to the landing and watched his mum walk into Ritchie’s room. Steven couldn’t watch this change as he heard the door slam shut and, rather disappointedly, he was forced to go back to his computer whilst all the excitement happened next door.

“Now Ritchie… After that little scene downstairs I don’t want you arguing with me, OK?” Karen said as she set her packages down next to Ritchie’s bed.

Ritchie nodded and looked at the floor, he had been playing his games but turned to his mother as soon as she came in. He felt defeated, wetting his pants like he had twice in one day. How could he deny that he needed heavier protection after his lack of control today.

“I… I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Ritchie said quietly as he walked over to his bed. The tears that never seemed far away these days threatened to overwhelm him again.

“It’s OK honey, we will take you to a doctor to get you checked up.” Karen said with a reassuring smile and a pat on the back, “But first we need to make sure you don’t leave puddles everywhere.”

Ritchie nodded meekly and laid down on the bed. He allowed his mother to remove his clothes and lay the diaper under him. He winced slightly as he lowered his butt on to the fluffy padding underneath him. After the spanking and the multiple wetting accidents Ritchie didn’t have the energy or mentality to resist, he just laid back and allowed his mother to diaper him like she did when he was a baby.

Ritchie felt a strange sensation as the front of the diaper was pulled up between his legs. To his horror he felt himself becoming excited and it was a relief when his mother covered up his crotch and taped the diaper closed. Ritchie was already embarrassed that his mother was diapering him at his age but getting an erection during the process was even worse, thankfully the diaper was closed before he had got significantly excited and his mom didn’t notice anything amiss.

When Karen left the room Ritchie examined his new underwear. He poked it a couple of times and heard a loud crinkling which caused him to wince again. Even when he rolled over to fall asleep every movement he made was accompanied by more crinkling. It would be impossible to forget about what he was wearing.

It took a long time for Ritchie to drift off that night. The diaper between his legs made it very uncomfortable for him and he woke several times through the night. It seemed like every movement he made caused him to either feel or hear his diaper and it would disturb his sleep every time.

When he finally woke up the next morning he did not feel rested in the slightest. The bed was dry again but this time Ritchie knew not to get excited and instead prodded his diaper. His heart sank, although he wasn’t surprised, as he felt the padding and realised it was soaked.

He started getting ready to pull the tapes off when he had a strange compulsion. His hand went back to the front of the diaper with the soft plastic over his crotch, it felt so smooth and nice. Ritchie moved his hand backwards and forwards slowly. Electricity shot through his body as the touching caused him to feel intense pleasure, his nerves seemed ultra-sensitive and it wasn’t long until he felt himself become very hard within his diaper.

His rational mind was telling him to stop, to remove the diaper and go about his day. His body was screaming to continue touching himself. The wet padding rubbing against him was overriding his brain. He became desperate for pleasure and soon the slow rubbing of the front of the diaper just wasn’t cutting it.

Ritchie looked around for some way to increase the sensations before he realised the pillows behind his head would be perfect. Ritchie sat up, now the crinkling was only increasing his feelings of pleasure rather than embarrassment. He positioned the pillows lengthways on the middle of the bed and straddled them.

Steven was sitting at his computer browsing the internet. He was bored but interested in what the day would bring. After quite a few of his fizzy drinks he felt the need to empty his bladder. He smiled to himself as he did a lot when he used the bathroom these days, his brother’s problems were always brought to the forefront of Steven’s mind at these times and it never failed to amuse him.

As he walked down the landing towards the bathroom he was stopped by a strange sound. As he passed his brother’s bedroom he heard a lot of crinkling.

Steven was unable to contain his curiosity and he carefully pushed the door open slightly, just enough to stick his head in. What Steven saw stunned him and made his eyes fly wide open.

Ritchie, naked except for his obviously soaked diaper, was on top of his pillows and quickly rubbing himself against them. Steven watched in fascination and amusement, he was very relieved that Ritchie was facing the other way and wouldn’t see Steven watching him.

Ritchie was humping his pillows like a man possessed. He was sweating and grunting and seemed to have no idea how loud his crinkling was and how he was being watched by his younger brother. Steven couldn’t pull himself away from the bizarre scene of passion in front of him, a scene that Steven knew he had caused with his subliminal messaging.

Ritchie started speeding up and grunting even louder as he grew closer to completion. His entire mind and body were consumed by the need to orgasm. He humped faster and pressed into the pillows harder.

With a loud moan and a grunt Ritchie thrusted himself forward and pushed himself over the edge. He twitched and jerked as he emptied himself into the front of his diaper.

Steven quickly ducked out of the room realising that Ritchie would soon notice if he stayed around. He headed to the bathroom and then back to his room, although the sights and sounds kept replaying in his mind, Steven was determined to not let anyone know what he had seen.

Ritchie slowly came down from his post climax high. He started feeling a lot of shame for what he had done, he didn’t know what had come over him and suddenly he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the diaper.

Tearing the tapes of the diaper Ritchie released himself from its wet and sticky confines. The surprisingly heavy diaper fell to the floor with a heavy thud and Ritchie, grimacing from the sight, cleaned himself up with some tissues and folded the diaper up. He promised himself that he would never do anything like that again, he was disgusted that he had allowed himself to do what he had just done in his diaper. He hated the diapers, the last thing he wanted to do was have fun in them.

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 2

Chapter 4

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Punishment diaper part 2

Punishment diaper part 2

Kaz squirmed uncomfortably in his padded prison. He was sure his diaper was completely obvious to all of his co-workers, but there was nothing he could do about it, he’d used up years of hoarded vacation time, and he’d been back to work for a couple of months now. His tummy gurgled, ominously. It felt like he’d been needing to go more frequently lately, and it had been getting harder to hold it lately. So far he’d at least been able to make it to the bathroom so he could hide the embarrassing consequences that came with using his diaper, but he’d just gotten caught up in his work he hadn’t noticed the signals his body was sending until it hit a crisis point. He just had to finish soldering this one bit and he could put the tool away safely and hide this extra shameful ordeal inside a bathroom stall. He worked quickly, wincing as the cramps grew stronger. As he grasped the iron trying desperately to finish without burning anything, he felt something give and knew he was too late. A loud wet fart drew several of his nearby co-workers glances as he leaned forward, gritting his teeth as the backside of his diaper began to fill. That would have been bad enough, but apparently whoever had done this to him, wanted to make sure he would never be able to live this down. As the back of his diaper filled, the front began to buzz furiously, grasping and stroking his cock through some sort of magic, and almost instantly forcing him into a body shaking orgasm. His vision slowly cleared as he stood there, gasping for breath, cheeks burning bright red. As he finished gathering his bearings, he was left looking up at the face of his boss, a look of disgust and contempt on their face.

Potty un-training progress: 30%
Kazard is having trouble holding back when nature calls and his body is starting to go more frequently as there is less reason to hold back when at home.

Above text and order by restitution69

Draw by BabyStar


Yes i sure wounder what his boss had to say about this? Maybe he is going to get fired now? But one thing for sure he sure have allot of explaining to do now.

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Punishment diaper part 1

Punishment diaper part 1


Looks like Kaz got on someone’s bad side and they decided he needed at least a full year of “NaughtyPants Punishment Diapers” to make sure he learns his lesson. For those unfamiliar, NaughtyPants Punishment Diapers are designed to be extra embarrassing, and these enchanted disposables can come with special extra Punishment features.
Of course the most important extra feature is the DiaperTraining add-on. This one will make sure that no matter what he’ll be compelled to only change himself once per day, with about 10 minutes to clean up before putting himself in the next diaper automatically.
The other 2 add-ons are pretty humiliating too of course. Though the main difference from those listed on the website is that DiaperSlut, is set to force him to orgasm every time he uses his diaper.

Order by restitution69

Draw and above text by BabyStar


It seems like someone is going to have one special year here. The strange thing about this that it dont seems to bother him match that he is binge force back to diapers again.

Have he already accept his fate?


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Bedtime means Bedtime

Bedtime means Bedtime

The boys were told to go to bed 5 hours ago but it seems that video games were the plan for the night. Guess they were a little too loud and dad doesn’t pleased.

Furrys and above text belongs to island

Draw by DizziMorhlis


I sure think this two boys regret there decision now to stay up and play video games. And i sure think there poor butts agree to that.

I sure hope they think twice next time they decide to not go to bed when daddy say it is time for that.

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Let it… flow (Nothing to do with Frozen)

This story is written by Les Lea

I was looking at some old photographs the other day and one of them was of my dad holding me outside our terraced (and somewhat dilapidated) old house.
The caption, obviously written by my father, read – 9 month old Popsi and me taking the morning air.
Apparently, my nickname as a baby was Popsi and, from the image at least, my sex indeterminate, which I suppose is OK for a baby, as it really doesn’t matter. As it was, I was dressed in a grey looking smock but my large white nappy was clearly visible resting on dad’s arm. I was giggling about something, and dad was smiling, so it must have been a fun occasion for all concerned but the thing was, I never remembered ever being called Popsi.

Now you may be wondering why I’m telling you about this. In fact, I have no idea why I’m sharing this little titbit of my life except as a reminder of the things you forget or aren’t aware of. I’m sure I was called Popsi (by my parents at least) for quite some time although as far as I know, I’ve never had a nickname at school or throughout my adult life.
So, although that early part of my life has been forgotten, there is one thing I do remember because in one way or another it continues to this day.
Like I remember, I must have been about six years old and having a bath on my own. I was enjoying playing with my little plastic boats and suddenly I needed a pee. Of course I was already in the bath so it seemed silly to get out and then pee in a different ‘bowl’ of water so I just relaxed and let it flow. I was completely transfixed by the small yellow plume that emerged from my little ‘pidge’ and found that it was something I ended up doing every time I had a bath. Quite simply it was fun and felt good to do.
The problem was, even though my potty training had lasted until I was four and I hadn’t wet the bed for over two years, I suddenly started again. These days I can see a link between the two incidents but at the time, well I was only a kid and it never occurred to me.

The warmth of the bath and the warmth of my bed both perhaps working on my brain to give me a similar feeling of relaxation; the two experiences were becoming one and the same.
However, the connection between the two wasn’t made because no one knew I peed in the bath, all mum saw was that one morning I woke up to a soaked bed. That was followed by further wet bedding and jammies so after a week of such accidents, mum said that I had to return to nappies until I was “over it”.
To say I wasn’t happy about this announcement was a bit of an understatement as I threw a tantrum and became very angry. The very idea of being returned to a ‘baby’ had me screaming the house down in protest, which didn’t help my case.

Now mum had never been a fan of disposables, I’m not sure if that was a result of worrying about the environment or because of the expense, either way, she never had them in the house. As babies we were always put in thick cloth nappies covered in a rather milky white pair of rubber or plastic pants. I have to say they seemed to do the job remarkably efficiently and mum never seemed bothered about colour or fashion.

She is also a no nonsense type of woman. She’s very loving but once her mind is set on a course of action nothing is going to change it. I think dad liked that spark in mum and that’s why he married her (also my oldest brother was on the way).

So, once she’d decided on what needed to be done to protect my bed and bedding, her damp little son was going to be well-wrapped at night whether I liked it or not and, as I said, I did not.
Besides, I had two older brothers and they would just take the piss (so to speak).
They did – as soon as they saw the plastic under-sheet being fastened over my mattress. I was now fair game being referred to as the ‘baby of the family’ and spoken to as if I was still a toddler. My brothers didn’t tire of ‘diddum’s this’ and ‘diddum’s that’ or be constantly checking my padded night time nappy and telling me it was time all babies should be in bed… at 6.30 or earlier.
Anyway, it wasn’t something you could talk to a six year old about so my parents just assumed I was being lazy, which may have been part of it, or that I’d probably grow out of my bed-wetting problem soon enough. In the meantime, nappies were the most obvious solution.
On that first night mum put me in them I was furious but had no option, both mum and dad said it was for my own good and that the sooner I stopped wetting the bed the sooner I could return to my normal PJs.

That initial night was hell, I couldn’t get used to them. They were hot, bulky, uncomfortable and sweaty, which made me squirm around in bed until they were so loose they ‘accidently’ wriggled off. This was a bad move on my part as in the morning my bed was soaked but not the nappy so it was obvious to mum that I hadn’t been wearing it. I got a couple of quick swats to my bare bottom for both lying to her about how it came off and for wetting once again.
The following night she pinned me in, added plastic pants over them and made sure I was under no illusions that if everything wasn’t exactly as she had left it (I.e. me in my protection) I’d be feeling more than the little ‘taps’ I’d received as punishment earlier. She had also made it very clear that I wasn’t to take it off, only she and dad were allowed to do that, so I was to stay in my nappy until told otherwise.

It was still a damned uncomfortable night but I dare not wriggle free of them this time. My crinkly plastic pants and under-sheet adding to my awkwardness but in the end sleep did visit and so did the pee fairy because in the morning my nappy was soaked. Thankfully, as mum saw it, everything else was dry so her precautions had been a huge success.
It felt really awful sitting at the breakfast table with my brother’s giggling at my bloated nappy and plastic pants. Mum said she’d change me when it was time for school. This really worried me because I thought she meant I’d have to wear a nappy to class but in the end she didn’t mean that at all and I went to school in my normal undies … and uniform. What a relief.
I didn’t have accidents during the day it was only when I was asleep or in the bath… but then the ones in the bath weren’t accidents… I really liked the feeling and watching the almost invisible pale yellow trails disappear into the rest of the water. I also discovered that if I peed near the surface, and my boats were somewhere near the flow, I could get the current to make them sail in a particular direction. I got pretty good at keeping a load of pee for when I was scheduled for a bath so I could spend more time on this incredible discovery.
However, protection at night became a regular feature of my bedtime and eventually my brothers got used to seeing me being wrapped in terry cloth and fitted into rubber pants before I went to bed

I shared a room with my two brothers, Leo, the eldest was nine and Gary who was eight shared a big double bed, whilst mine was a small single bed pushed up against the far wall. When all three of us were up or in the room at the same time, like when getting ready for school, it was a very cramped space. With draws, a wardrobe and of course the beds, we had no room for play, it was strictly a place for sleep and changing. This meant that when mum changed me into my night time protection, this was dealt with on my bed and became a bit of a ritual before my brothers needed to get ready. Otherwise there simply wouldn’t have been the room for us all to be changing at the same time and the bathroom was quite small, so there wasn’t much space in there either. We coped but it had to be done to mother’s precision organisation.
She liked to apply the various oils and powders and though I resented being put into nappies, that resentment was getting less and less every time. The thing was I was enjoying peeing in my nappy. On more than one occasion I’d woken up and could quite easily have made it to the toilet in time but enjoyed the warm surge. My nappy, like the bath, became the place to let it flow.
Mum was slightly annoyed that her washing line was once again filled with my flapping nappies and rubber pants; she thought she was over all that, but as the alternative was fluttering bed sheets and jammies, she let it go.

My night time toilet arrangements became quite a topic of conversation between mum and the neighbours who commiserated with her on my immature return to nappies. As far as I knew, and certainly mum never led me to believe otherwise, I was the only six year-old on the estate still needing night time protection.
Mum made sure if I was staying up to watch TV or we were doing something else, she always wanted to make sure I was in my protection well before bedtime. She dreaded that I might nod off when not in protection and shame myself by leaving a pool of pee that someone else might notice. I couldn’t understand this as I never arrived home from school in wet pants so why she thought I couldn’t be trusted I wasn’t so sure. Although I suspected it was just the normal amount of gossiping and conclusions drawn that went on between ‘concerned’ neighbours.
If mum or dad were going to be busy, on more than one occasion I’d arrive home from school or from playing out and I’d be taken upstairs and made ready for an early night. So, quite often I’d be in my nappy for ages before actual bedtime. So seeing me totter around the house wearing just a t-shirt and nappy was not unusual. I’d try and disguise my padding by choosing a brightly coloured t-shirt, which to me at least, drew attention away from the bulky material between my legs.
However, the urge to fill it then was strong, but I was sure that if they knew I could’ve made it to the bathroom and yet didn’t, then I would be in a great deal of trouble. If they thought it was accidental, and I did it in my sleep, that was acceptable.

Sometimes I’d have an early night just so I could pee in my nappy as soon as I got into bed. The feeling was wonderful and I’d often fall asleep almost immediately after the event. Mum once or twice checked me when she came to bed and, finding me wet would change me into a clean and dry one only for that to be soaked by morning.
There was no doubt I was peeing in my nappy more and more and both Leo and Gary started to complain about the overpowering odour of these ‘mishaps’. As I didn’t seem to be in the process of stopping (and there was nowhere else for me to sleep) her solution was thicker nappies, thicker soak pads and very robust rubber pants. Mum claimed that nothing would get out of this fortified prison and all my changes were to be performed in the bathroom from then on. It was far more cramped and uncomfortable but I couldn’t complain (although I did a little bit).
Mum was giving me more and more responsibility for my own changes. I was left to put it on myself, after suitable instruction and supervision from her, and I got quite adept at pinning myself into multiple folds of soft white (now slightly yellowing) fabric.
The doctor I went to see told dad there was nothing wrong with me and after giving him the third degree about how I was punished, and satisfying himself I wasn’t being abused, said that I’d probably grow out of it pretty soon.

Dad was annoyed that the doctor assumed it was his fault I wet and as a result, I was constantly under dad’s scrutiny and encouraged to improve my night time toilet habits. I did try. I hated that dad was so upset with the disgusting insinuation he was abusing me, so I did get dry for a week or so. Eventually, the strain of staying dry gave way to the pleasure of being wet so nothing changed. Although the outcome of all this was, because of his inquisition dad refused to let me see a doctor again regarding my nightly ‘accidents’.
Even when I reached my seventh, eighth and ninth birthdays I was still wearing my night time armour (as I’d jokingly come to call it) but that changed when dad got promoted and transferred to a different town. A change of house, school and friends suddenly had me more interested in that than my wet habits and miraculously (as mum and dad called it) I suddenly found I was dry and the toilet was not an alien place for me to visit at night. Pretty soon, after almost three years I was back to proper nightwear and a dry bed.
From then on I hardly ever thought about my ‘golden flow’ and certainly didn’t miss the thick nappy.


Here I’m going to do a potted history of my life then until now, simply because what happened during these years from when I stopped has no bearing on what I want to tell you about (well I don’t think so).

I had been working since I left school at eighteen though I never went to college, but found myself at a new firm that had ambition and a workforce that functioned very well together. I was one of their go-getters and the firm was in the right place at the right time for the technical facilities it offered. It was a great place to be and we all did fairly well sharing in the company’s successes.
At twenty-one I inherited money that my grandparents had put in trust for me. It was quite a considerable amount and enabled me to put the deposit down on a place of my own.
By twenty-four I was married to a nice girl but my sex drive, which had never been prolific, eventually drove her into the arms of another man (a workmate) and I was divorced by the time I reached twenty-seven.

During in all that time, I never thought about nappies or wetting and those two thoughts have only just recently surfaced, and that has taken me to a place I wished I’d found earlier.
Let me explain.


It’s several months since my divorce and I now live alone. Recently I was taking a shower – don’t get me wrong, I’d taken many showers since the decree absolute, it was just this one was sort of a turning point.

It was early morning and as I let the warm jets pulsate against my head and back I let my night time bladder build-up go in the cubicle. Now I’m sure I’d done this more times than I remembered but on this occasion something actually happened.
As the stream of bright yellow pee joined the river of warm water I watched in wonder and my mind was immediately transferred back to the moment when I was six and peed in the bath for the very first time. Then it was pale yellow and in volume hardly much at all but now I witnessed a yellow torrent mixing and mingling with a clear water flow and disappear in a swirl down the plughole.
It was magical.

It brought back that instant over twenty years earlier, when a shiver of excitement, wonder and sheer pleasure led to that most joyful of discoveries – peeing was fun… and not only in the bath.
I’d been in a little bit of self despair because I felt useless and it wasn’t just because of the break up. The divorce hadn’t hit me hard because I more or less knew it was coming from the moment I married Penny. We were more friends than lovers and we’d let ourselves fall into the trap that friends could be lovers. Alas, after just a few short, frustrated years (for Penny) it was over.
Since then my self-imposed depression meant I wasn’t the bundle of fun I used to be and quite a few of my ‘friends’ took the opportunity to let our friendship slide. I can’t blame them I wasn’t much company but it was all a mask for something… though at the time I hadn’t realised what that might be. However, a stream of pee and a delightful memory had had the most amazing effect and I bounced into work a new man.

For the first time in absolutely ages I felt happy. There was energy to my attitude and a zing in my step. I was, to put it mildly, amazingly focused on ME. Not in a depressed state of mind, not self-destructive, not in a negative way at all. In fact, I was all the things I used to be before I got tangled up in growing up. It was surprising how liberated I felt. I could do my job, I could function around others, and the divorce I realised meant a great weight of a lifetime of responsibility had been lifted from my shoulders. THANK YOU GOD… or whoever is in charge of such things.
Now, as I live on my own, I saw no reason not to indulge once again in a physical reminisce and went out to purchase a bag of Abena Abri-Form M4 disposables and a couple of pairs of thick shiny plastic pants (they were in packs of two).
This was an incredible, life-changing decision.

From now on, when not at work (and occasionally when I was, though not as thickly) nappies, disposables and plastic pants would be my underwear of choice. I have once again begun to appreciate that soft rustling sound of a slick pair of vinyl pants, the bulk between my legs, the smooth rounded front to my genital area and wondered why had I let these feelings go?
Powder, lotion and a return of baby pins that help make my fabric nappies fit tightly and look so special was like finding old and much missed friends.
Now I was older peeing in the bath had more force. I watched the few suds being swept into the current and being destroyed, much to my juvenile enjoyment. I began to drink more liquid in the hope that my bloated bladder made the length of pee last much longer. I now try to hold off from going to the toilet wanting to keep it for my bath time ritual… or later. When bed time comes I just let nature take its course and I find filling my disposable immensely satisfying.

I don’t want my complete childhood back but there are things I do that make me giggle like the little kid I once was. The little kid who peed in the bath and enjoyed the sensation of letting go… and letting it flow… a newly warm wet nappy is a thing of immense pleasure.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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