Public humiliation

Diaperfur Comic: Public Punishment PG 01

Diaperfur Comic: Public Punishment PG 01Order by ?

Draw by sharkypaddedbottom


Awww looks like someone is in for one kind of blushing and embarrassing night :(

But at lest the diaper is there to handle the accident that he ends up having :)

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Diaper Check

Diaper CheckGotta make sure he doesn’t leak in the car!

Draw and everything by sharkypaddedbottom


It sure looks like someone dont need a change right now. That diaper sure look thick enough to make sure the car seat stay`s dry.

Or maybe daddy decide to be on the safe side and change the diaper anyway.

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Let’ss take a walk

Let'ss take a walkIt was evening that day. Misha begged that the humiliation be Dutch, while Mr Rocky pulled his pink pet collar.
With his arms tied behind his back and completely helpless, he felt he was about to explode, about to wet his fluffy diaper. and not necessarily urine.

Draw and everything by Dari-dario


Poor Dutch it sure seems like something is about to happen inside his diaper.

If you look pretty close to his diaper front you can see the little mountain that his stiff pee pee have create.

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Sog Harbor

Sog Harbor

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Yes this sure dont seems to be the right solution for him. But at lest he have a spare dry diaper in that bag :)

He sure making a big fuzz there in the middle of the beach whit that screaming and that soggy wet diapers between his legs.

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A Stinky Tram Ride

A Stinky Tram RideRex’s tram ride took a bit of a turn when his tummy started suddenly cramping. His cheeks turned bright red as without a warning he started helplessly filling the seat of his padding. There was no stopping it, the weight of the mess even pushed down his shorts, exposing his expanding diaper to all the other passengers. Rex blushed deep as everybody was staring at him in shock. This was going to be an embarrassing ride… and a very stinky one.

Art and everything by ReXam-1


I recommend checking out his Telegram channel:

Yes this situation sure is a very blushing one to end up messing your diaper :(

But unfortunately this is a typical situation that your body decide its time to empty your bowel :(

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Muddy kitty Buddy

Muddy kitty Buddycommission for WaitforRain of his fursona experiencing the blush inducing trauma of having your tiny soccer shorts fall around your ankles as you fall in the mud in the field during a soccer match only to have everyone see his wet soggy pamps! he won’t be living this one down anytime soon, poor fella.

Order and furry belongs to WaitforRain

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot


Awww poor thing this sure is one blushing embarrassing situation that he have ended up whit here. The other furry sure going to give him a pretty hard time now when they have found out his biggest secret.

I dont think he is going to be able to be part of the soccer team any more now :(

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Diaperfur Comic: Tickle Bullying

Diaperfur Comic: Tickle Bullying

Hugo, Alan, Luke and Mark were in school. They usually wear pants to hide their diapers. But those pants weren’t fooling bullies.

Those bullies took their pants down so everyone can see their diapers.

Then those bullies tickled them hard, so hard that those diapered babies made messy diapers.

Now those bullies carried them somewhere. Where are they taking them?

Order and above text by robot8

Draw by tato


Yes it sure is not strange that they end up using there diaper when the bullies was tickled them that match :(

But where are they going to be tacking now? It sure most starting to smell pretty bad in that hallway now from this four messy diaper.

But i dont think the bullies are going to carried them to the locker room for a diaper change. It sure going to be some more blushing thing that’s going to happen there :(

I sure hope someone is going to be able to stop them before something else is happening.

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Captured by Fairy’s

Captured by Fairy'sPoor Ashchu, caught by a Sylveon and now trapped on stage, being made to dance thanks to magical puppet strings attached to him. Also in a thick bulky diaper of all things… How humiliating!

Draw and everything by Rogeykun


Poor Ashchu he sure have ended up in one blushing situation here. But it maybe going to even more humiliated when the body decide it is empty bladder or bowel time. Then he is going to be force to be using his diaper on stage in front of everyone. That sure going to be a blushing moment.

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