Checking inmate 127

Checking inmate 127
“This is what you get for disobeying the law.
Yet another day tied down like a lunatic in a high security prison.
Here come the ladies to check if I’m escaped,
that is in my current position pretty unlikely.
Not with all these high tech gadgets attached on me.
They take my security seriously, I’ll give them that.
So far all my attempts to free myself failed miserably.
I learned that even the slightest tampering with my straps
would automatically trigger my collar to go off.
Not only it’s quite an unpleasant feeling,
but it’s guaranteed that I’ll need a diaper change right after.
At this point my best option is to stay put and behave,
I wouldn’t want to upset the ladies after all.”

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Someone sure seems to have been a very bad boy here. I sure wounder what sort of bad stuff he has been up to?

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Night in the Pamps

Night in the Pamps

Order by ??

Draw by ludisluteo


Aww this sure looks to be one special prison this cat have ended up in. He sure have been forced to use his thick diaper pretty good. I bet he wish it was morning already so he could end this nightmare and get ride of this messy diaper.

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The Solitary Crib, Scared Heart Nursery Prison

The Solitary Crib, Scared Heart Nursery Prison putting those poor little boys in their place and not letting them use the real restroom like daddy does!

Source for the photo and the text:

Yes if a Boy is bondage in this special crib he have no chance to use the restroom like daddy do. He will be force to use his diaper instead like a real baby boy do and he can dont do any thing to avoid it now when he is bondage in the crib.

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