Just being my normal stinky squishy boy self – PrinceofPoof

Yes it sure is kind of easy to notes that you sure have been a good boy and put your diaper to some very good use here :) We sure dont need to check the diaper to see if you are dry ;)

A diaper as big and heavy as this one sure cannot be mistaken for a clean and dry one.

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One heavy diaper butt – PrinceofPoof

Yes someone sure is interesting in showing how heavy his diaper butt is :) Good thing this seems to be a very good diaper that can handle the heavy load from this boy :)

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Heavy soggy and messy Tykables Overnights – PrinceofPoof

Someone sure seems to have been a very good baby here and use the diaper to its maximum capacity. It sure seems to be pretty heavy and squishy right now.

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Something crazy happen – PrinceofPoof

Giggle i think we all know what have happen here :) Someone sure seems to have been a very good boy here in using his diaper :)

It sure is kind of amazing that it have manage to handle this heavy load.

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Stinky boy doing stinky things – PrinceofPoof

Yes someone sure seems to have ended up whit a pretty heavy and well used diaper here. Good thing it seems to have been able to handle everything :)

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