Naughty Pachi

Naughty Pachi

simple reward for PuffyPachi on twitter
kittens that make it the whole day without breaking any rules or causing any trouble get special treatment at the end of the day

they get to spend bottle time laying across a caretaker’s lap getting their very full pamps played with

while extremely enjoyable, this is a double edged sword as it makes them more likely to break the only rule they can still break

if you drop your bottle or aren’t finished with it by the end of bottle time, you lose out on your last change of the day

this generally means that good kittens get put to bed in very stinky, and very very sticky diapers

Draw and text by ludisluteo


I sure think this Pachirisu is going to lose his last change and be force to sleep in a messy sticky diaper. His room sure going to end up smell pretty bad.

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Espeon spanking animation

Espeon spanking animationDraw and everything by Spanking649


Aww poor Espeon looks like she have ended up in some sort of spanking machine here.

Wounder how she ended up in this mess :( Poor thing.

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Bad Pikachu

Bad PikachuDraw and everything by Spanking649


Poor Pikachu wounder what sort of bad stuff he have been up to deserve a spanking like this one? His butt sure is pretty toasted right now :(

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Alolan Raichu

Alolan RaichuDraw and everything by Spanking649


Poor little Raichu it seems like Pikachu decided to give him a spanking using his own tail against his poor hurting butt. It really seems like it is well spanked at this moment :(

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