Pokemon in diapers

View from the 5th floor

View from the 5th floor

This was a funny idea from TailsLuigi from DA. His pikachu in Dynamax form sees a reflection of himself from a nearby building. Little did he know Sparks was in that same building looking at headgear and such. He is distracted by a clever view of his bro x3

That book on evolution – he’s thought the question over and over but there’s a reason he won’t permanently evolve. He just likes reading that subject.

Draw and everything by pichu90

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32173853/

Poor Sparks looks like his new view from his room is a Pikachu`s diaper butt. I can sure understand that he is surprised to suddenly see this out from his window.

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Soggy Braixen

Soggy BraixenDrawing for OttselChu made by BabySteps

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32157403/

Poor Braixen looks like someone is in need of a little help when it comes to changing that diaper.

Someone sure seems to have kind of extensive bladder problems :(

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Miltank loading his diaper

Miltank loading his diaperMiltank drawing for by

Poor Miltank it sure seems like a big explosion have happen inside his diaper :(

It sure going to take a wile to change that diaper. At lest his pacifier can give him some comfort in this hard time :)

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Room for One More

Room for One More

Humming softly to herself Momma did her best to hide the fact she could feel two little eyes watching her as she got her squirming, giggling infant girls dressed for the day. It would have been a struggle given how playful Holly and Carol were being… but having had three kids previously (and dealing with three separate nudist phases) mean the ursaring was having no difficulty. Instead her focus was on her baby boy watching her from the doorway and thinking she didn’t notice. It was a wonder Petie hadn’t realized she could hear him crinkling along from almost any part of the house yet, baby monitor or not.

As for why he was watching her tend to the twins so intently, and had been for some time… she had a decent idea. As his momma and having raised and doted on him (a bit too much she admitted) for 14 years she knew Petie quite well. Most of all she knew he wasn’t used to having to share her attention. He was a little Momma’s baby through and through (and not just cause he still needed her to change his diapers) for good or for ill. So she’d been quick to place the look of longing in his face when she’d snuck glances in his direction (and he’d tried to duck away to hide). He wanted to be the one being doted on, it was plain to see…

Oh course, there wasn’t only longing on her baby boy’s precious little face~ Guilt, embarrassment, shame… she could guess what Petie was thinking “My baby sisters need Momma’s attention more than I do, I gotta be a good big bro and let them have it” or something close to it~ Her little honey pot was a sweetie through and through even if she could tell he still wished he was the one she was doting and cooing over…

So she had a plan to help him with that~

“Petie~? Honey pot~? Could you come here please~?” she called in a sing-song tone… and trying not to give away she could hear him panicking in the hall and trying to make it sound like he was further away as he called back “C-coming Momma!” She just hummed and gently tickled her squirmy baby girls, enjoying their giggles, as she waited for her baby boy to finally waddle into the nursery. Of course, since her little star never misses a cue, he came right in wearing nothing but his diaper and a nervous “I didn’t do nothing I wasn’t supposed to” face that was adorable as it was a fib~

“Y-yes Momma?” he chirped timidly as she smiling to him and with practiced ease knelt down to him, bringing the twins along with her. “Could you watch your sisters for a moment sweetie~? I need to take care of something before I feed them their breakfast~” she asked, not giving him time to argue as she gently placed the infants in his chubby arms. Her smile widened as the twins squealed gleefully and immediately took to cuddling their big brother as Petie giggled (a sound not unlike the twins’ giggles~) happily even as he struggled to hold both of them and not fall down and go boom.

“Okay Momma~” there was no nervous little stutter in his voice this time as she watched him start nuzzling the girls, all three bear cubs as happy as could be. “That’s my big baby boy~” she cooed, gently kissing his head, before getting up and heading to the kitchen. She’d done this so many times before it was almost effortless at this point. Baby bottle, moo moo milk, several tea spoons of honey, give it a swirl, and into the microwave to warm. The only thing that’d really changed over the years was the size of the bottle~ Bigger bear cub bigger appetite after all~

Soon as the microwave dinged and she did a quick wrist check to make sure the temperature was just right she was on her way back to the nursery. Pausing at the door she wasn’t surprised to see Petie down on all fours and making silly faces for the twins, laying on their backs in front of him and making joyful noises at the game. She almost debated waiting a few minutes to let them have their fun… but a hungry cub was a fussy cub so the sooner she fed them the better~

Turning the sign on the nursery door around to “Do Not Disturb” she shut it behind her as quietly as possible. No reason to disturb their playtime till everything was ready, right? Luckily Petie was too busy squishing his face to make the twins giggle to notice her. Setting the baby bottle on the small table next to her chair Momma quickly fetched a pillow from the crib to place next to it before removing her top followed by her bra. She’d gotten tired of trying to find nursing bras in her size well before Petie stopped nursing from the tap, so for the twins she just opted to feed them topless… within the house at least.

By now Petie had finally noticed her and was toddling over to her with the twins in tow. He knew their breakfast time routine by heart after all. Settling into her chair, making sure to rest the pillow on her lap, she patiently watched his approach with a sly smile, which she was certain he didn’t notice thanks to the twins playfully pawing at his face. “Here you go Momma.” he said as he held the babies out to her as best he could. “Thank you honey pot~” she cooed, gently taking them from him, before chuckling as her baby bear turned to go.

“Ah-ah-ah-ah~ Where do you think you’re going my little cubby~?” she cooed, easily holding the twins with one arm as she slipped her other paw under Petie’s bottom and hoisted him up, as he squeaked in surprise, onto her lap “It’s breakfast time after all~” she sing-songed softly. She enjoyed her son’s confused sputters as she moved him to sit on the pillow and leaned him back against her. Just that was enough to silence any protests as Petie, head resting on the pillows of her chest, looked up to her in confusion… up until she popped the baby bottle into his mouth~

His little paws grasping it as he started nursing on reflex the confusion turned to a familiar look of contentment as Momma brought the twins up on either side of him. Her infants immediately latching on as their suckling noises joined Petie’s in a precious little chorus. A familiar chorus to Momma’s ears and coupled with the warmth of her babies pressed against her a relaxing one. Glancing down the big bear was pleased to see the familiar smiling face of her baby boy looking back up at her, freed from his earlier worries as he worked his way through his baba… how little things change over the years~

Now she just had to wait for them all to finish she she could excuse giving Petie a burping and a diaper check, after the twins of course, as a force of habit~

The drawing and above text belongs to The_Lost_One and its made by takinoue

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32014770/

This sure is one happy mother Ursaring now when she have three cute little baby’s to look after.

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Unhappy ashchu

Unhappy ashchuAfter some unfortunate events, ash has been turned into a pikachu and then proceed to be diapered by his friends
And the worst part is, there might not be a solution.

Draw and everything by UselessMan

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31968945/

Poor Ashchu he sure is not happy about the situation :(

But he sure look super cute when he is crying together whit that diaper. Maybe someone should give him a pacifier or a hug? It sure seems like someone is in big need of some good comfort.

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AshachuDraw and everything by Anonymilk

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31960946/

Awww look what we have here a cute little Ashchu that is waddling around whit his thick diaper :)

He sure don’t look to be happy about the situation.

But he sure look super cute.

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Is this necessary?

Is this necessary?Draw and everything by CrumblingCookie

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31959791/

Yes wearing a diaper sure is necessary and sorry this is the only diaper brand in your size the had in the store. But dont worry you sure look super cute in this pink diaper :)

And i bet that we going to find the right boy diaper brand for you in the next city. But for now you have to wear this. We sure wants to be on the safe side here :)

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When the cat caught the mice

When the cat caught the miceSeems Meowth is having too much fun to hand his captures over to the boss.

Draw and everything by Takinoue

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31915427/

Meowth sure seems to have allot of fun whit this two Pikachu. They on the other hand dont seems to have so match fun here :(

But Ashchu sure look kind of cute when he is nursing on that baby bottle. I sure wounder what he is thinking.

Pikachu on the other hand sure seems to be doing everything he can to be able to escape this.

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