Pokeballs and Pokemon Diaper Cover


I received this two cute diaper cover/plastic pants in the mail yesterday. This two product is order and made bay JayKay Baby. It dont seems like he is able to make some new diaper cover right now of this two prints but if you send him a note and ask him he maybe can find some more fabric of this design or something similar that you like instead.

The pants is very soft and nice to wear and the inside is soft to everything whit this two product is so soft and nice to touche. The quality of this products is very good and i dont regret my order. The products quality is better than I had expected. So i really recommend this shop if you thinking about to order from it.

JayKay Baby make some good quality product for the ABDL community :)

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Maybe too little for Pokemon Go

Maybe too little for Pokemon Go
Foxy have start to play Pokemon Go a couple of months ago but he have only reach level 5 where he choice to join team Valor.

But Foxy is more interesting to cuddling and play whit the Pokeball then to use it. Maybe he is still to little to play the game.

But at least he is a happy little cub.

Draw by ZombiNeko

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Foxy is catching a pikachu!

Foxy is catching a pikachu!Foxy is catching a Pikachu on Pokemon Go! Using his imagination to play as well :) It is no rule against that you can use your imagination during your Pokemon Go playtime. This is something a cub is good at to use.

Look Pikachu is so happy to finely be found :)

Draw by NazzNikoNanuke

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Happy Eevee Day 2015

Eevee Day 2015So here’s a pic of Eevee popping out from a pokeball dancing. Happy late eevee day.

Draw and everything by Coshi-Dragonite

Source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Eevee-Day-2015-577277369

Even if this drawing was made on the last years happy Eevee day you could still feel kind of happy to see it when this cute little Eevee jumps out off his Pokeball.

This was kind of nice Eevee drawing :)

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Pokemon Go! – Foxy

Pokemon Go! - FoxyFinely have Pokemon Go been released in Sweden and Foxy was out playing it right after breakfast and the first Pokemon that he manage to catch after some failed attempt was a Pikachu style=.

So here is Foxy doing his catch pose wearing his Pokemon Go t-shirt and whit his new catch Pikachu style= by his side :)

Draw by Reva_the_Scarf

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Baby Pikachu’s diaper change – Part 3

Baby Pikachu's diaper change - Part 3Story continues from part 2

Pikachu decide to waddle away from the changing blanked that he have been lying down on some cute baby powder cloud get out from the back on his diaper. So now during the waddling he end up whit some cute powder clouds thats his diaper is making :)

whits make him look so cute when he notes and blushing a little about it. Now he really smells like a little baby.

Draw by Veemonsito

I would like to thank Veemonsito for the wonderful work this is really a person that can draw some nice and super cute Pikachu drawings.

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