Playing with Plushies

Playing with Plushies

What does Sparks’ do other than battling, adventuring and munching on sweets? He plays with his plushie collection!

Here he’s sharing them with Tails the pikachu along with Jolts (dedenne) and Ember (fennekin). Both have slightly changed designs since the first time I’ve drawn them.

Helps relieve stress from all that battling :D

Draw and everything by pichu90


Looks like they all having a fun relaxing time playing whit there plushy`s :)

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Plushies Babyifying A Racoony

Plushies Babyifying A Racoony
He’s being cornered by a group of plushies that see through his attempts to adult and want to help him be the cute lil baby he knows he is =P

Requested by gir-gir

Draw and above text by Erin-Cloverfox


Awww i sure think that the plushies is going to have him back in diapers in no time special when they have him cornered now.

Poor thing looks like he need to get use to the situation from this point?

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The Special drink

The Special drinkCharacters belongs to Dark-paws

Draw by catmonkshiro


Giggle looks like the raccoon finely figure it out what the label mean whit special drink. Looks like the drink included some laxative that he did dent was prepared for. Poor thing maybe he dont is use to messy his diaper yet. But the drink sure going to help him whit that now ;)

Poor thing soon he is going to join his husky friend whit a messy diaper to.

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Plushy Changes

Plushy ChangesHere we have Sapphire in her 5 year old puppy form being a typical soggy stinky farm dog, playfully herding around her sheep plushy when all the sudden the sheep plush decided to herd the herder onto a changing mat for a very much needed change! To make matters even worse the sheep plush decided to get out the doggy’s overnight diapers which were 4 inches thicker also with even skunk baby powder! To top that off a lot of teasing as well~!. What a poor little puppy, all embarrassed and being changed by their own sheep plush!

Sapphire and text belongs to bestsage

Draw by Erin-Cloverfox


Poor Sapphire it sure is not so nice of the sheep plushy to be teasing you like this. You wear your diaper so it can handle your accident when you end up whit one. After all that is what a diaper is made for to handle :)

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Baby Photos – Foxy – Drooling – Baby bottle

Baby Photo - Foxy - Baby bottleWhen you have a little cub at home you love taking allot of different baby photos when you little prince doing stuff. In this photo you can see that Foxy is drinking his bottle whit his Pikachu plush by his side.

Draw by Yookey

Baby Photos - Foxy - Drooling
When you have a little cub at home you love taking allot of different baby photos when you little prince doing stuff. In this photo you can see that Foxy drooling on his teddy bears head. Maybe he wont to have another bottle ?

Draw by Yookey

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fowxy.. make em stop.

fowxy.. make em stop.Draw and everything by Charry


Poor little babyfur it looks like he is watching something scary. Maybe he should use his plush fox style= to cover his face whit. That should be good and maybe all the scary things get away then.

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