Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.10

Babyfur Comic: Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.10After Wile E’s messy punishment, Mom E starts a bath for him. To her surprise, the small coyote actually enjoys his time splashing around during his bath time. Shortly after getting clean, Mom E gives him some clean padding and some blue sleepwear.

Wile E Coyote © Warner Bros
Mom E Coyote © yoshiokaidamasayoshi

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas


Yes i bet it felt kind of nice to play around in the bathtub after this messy punishment experience :) And now it seems like she get him ready for some nap time? I bet that going to feel kind of nice after all the stuff that have happen today :)

Going to be nice to see whats going to be happening on the next page :)

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Playing in the Sneezebox

 Playing in the SneezeboxGoodness, that’s quite the sneeze!

Order by Zarrix

Draw and above text by Blankie


Looks like someone maybe starting to get a cold :( Or can it maybe be something else?

But it sure interferes whit his playtime in the sandbox.

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Baby powder

Baby powderPlaying around with the baby powder bottle.

The fox and above text belongs to Pichuboy

Draw by TaviMunk


Awww poor fox :( Playing around whit that powder bottle sure seems to have been a very bad move :(

The powder should be around your diaper area not on your face.

Now i bet that he understand way mom tell him not to play around whit the powder :)

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Kenny Part 5

This story is written by Les Lea

The following day at school I wasn’t sure if I should tell Kenny what had happened. I was aware that I regarded our bond as something special but I didn’t know if I could admit to having messed myself… just yet. He’d introduced me to some new experiences, well, not new exactly as I’d worn diapers and plastic pants as a baby, but they were different now I was older and had a choice. The fact that he’d told me he wanted to be a baby seemed an obvious thing for him to want to be as he loved all that type of stuff. However, I had come to the conclusion, especially after my night time incident, I definitely didn’t want to be a baby again… it was far too unpleasant.

Despite that, I did like wearing diapers; the fullness around my groin, the padded and protected feel under my shorts, the slipperiness of the plastic, it was all fantastic. I suppose for Kenny, as he’d been wearing these items for so long, the fact of being a messy kid with a problem was how he managed to maintain a supply. I told you Kenny was a smart lad. However, as smart as he was, I wasn’t sure if he would let his parents know of his real desire.

As we lined up to go into class I noticed that Kenny was still wearing a diaper, although it wasn’t as thick so it didn’t look like he was bursting out of his shorts. He was smiling and beckoning me as if he had an urgent message to deliver.

“Do you want to come over this weekend?” He was so happy I knew there was something more. “We are off up to the lake and mummy said I could bring you if you want to come.”

He looked expectantly at me but I think he knew that there was no way I would miss out on a trip to the lake (a place I had yet to see) or spend a weekend in his company. “Yes… I’d love to… but I’d better check with mum first. I’ll get her to call your mum tonight.”

I think mum was delighted that the offer had been made. Jake was already planning on spending a weekend with a friend so with me off her hands she could have some time to herself. When I got home from school on the Friday afternoon mum had already packed my bag so there was only time for me to change out of my uniform and dress for the lake. Less than an hour later mum had delivered Jake to his destination and we were arriving at the Morrison’s home. Their pick-up truck looked already loaded so just minutes after my mum drove off we were on our way to the eagerly anticipated lake. Both Mr and Mrs Morrison were dressed for a vacation; Mrs Morrison in a denim shirt and cut-down jeans that hugged her hips and made her look incredibly young, whilst Mr Morrison was in a faded brown button down shirt and matching shorts. They both looked as much like a couple of kids as Kenny and me.

Since I was asked to come on the trip Kenny had not stopped going on about how ‘fantastic’ it was by the lake. He’d been once before when he was 7 and remembered it as being ‘fantastic’. His daddy had borrowed a colleague’s cabin then and now it had been offered again… so everyone was enthusiastic about the place. We would be going swimming, hiking, canoeing and having barbeques… Kenny was just full of excitement and everything was going to be ‘fantastic’. As he filled me in on what to expect I noticed that his loose, white Team America soccer shorts looked as if there was padding underneath. I sneakily gave them a little pat when I didn’t think his parents were looking and received a huge smile, even bigger than usual, from my buddy as we continued on our journey.

It was getting late when we approached the lake and the sun was going down. Mrs Morrison suggested we call in at a chicken restaurant on the main road for dinner as it would save all the trouble of cooking, and eating, at a late hour. We pulled into the parking lot and it was bursting with buses and cars which appeared to be full of Boy Scouts of America on their way to somewhere special. Apparently, further around the lake from where we were staying there was a big scouting jamboree planned so that was why so many kids, in their fantastic smart and colorful uniforms, were scurrying noisily around the place.


The restaurant was busy but we were able to find a table and it was ‘fantastic’ to see so many kids of all ages, excitedly milling around. I went to the restroom for a pee and as I was standing there a scout came and used the stall next to me. He was about 15 years-old and wore his uniform with pride. He had green shorts, and a green shirt with badges all over it… all set off by his blue and yellow scarf. He looked across at me and asked why I was still in ‘civvies’. I had no idea what he was talking about but he asked if I wasn’t going to the jamboree. When I told him I didn’t know anything about it he said I should join the scouts as I’d have a ‘terrific time’. He’d been to one every year since he was ten and said he wouldn’t miss them for the world.

As I found my way back to the table I overheard a group of young hikers talking and they were looking over at Kenny and his family, one said to the others how beautiful the ‘blond boy’ was and there was a murmured chorus of approval. I was delighted at that moment to know that my best friend was regarded as beautiful by others… and I was as proud to be the one with him as the scouts were proud of their uniforms.

The chicken was fantastic.


When we arrived at the cabin it was quite dark and we were unable to take in the full splendour of the location. Mr and Mrs Morrison unloaded everything and we two took our backpacks to the room that had been allocated for us. When we opened the bedroom door I was surprised to see a big double bed and very little else apart from a box of toys and games shoved in the corner. I thought it was going to be fun. The last time I’d slept in such a big bed was with my mum a few years ago, so I was looking forward to sleeping with Kenny as it looked very comfortable.

As it was dark we didn’t get much chance to explore although we did walk the few feet down from the cabin to the lake edge and skipped some stones across it’s glassy surface, Mr Morrison, dressed in his faded brown shirt and shorts, looked as good as the scout masters we’d seen at the restaurant and was brilliant at getting the most ‘skips’ – 12 was the best score before we decided to call it a day. We took a walk along the small wooden jetty to see if we could see any fish swimming around (Kenny had said that on his last visit there had been some huge ones darting about). It was too dark to see much but there was a small boat tied up at the end and in our excitement running towards it I tripped up, which ended up launching both of us into the lake. It was cold.

While laughing at our misfortune, Mr Morrison pulled us to safety but of course we were soaked. He guided us to the cabin to be greeted by a surprised Mrs Morrison who pretended to tell her husband off for not looking after ‘her’ boys. She stripped us both down and told us to go for a shower. My shivering and naked best friend went first as I sat and waited on the toilet for him to finish. His mum came in and told him to be quick and not keep me waiting. I suppose we could have both got in together but it would have been a crush. She stood waiting for him with a towel poised and ready so as Kenny and I swapped places she wrapped it around her son and dried him off.


As the shower was only just warm I didn’t spend a great deal of time under it but at least I’d got the blood circulating again. I finished and found a towel that Mrs Morrison had left on a rail at the side and started to dry myself. As I walked into the bedroom Mrs Morrison was diapering Kenny. He’d just had the lotion and powder applied and she was about to fit a thick piece of material into place. She smiled at me and carried on with her job to a lot of giggling and humor from both of them. Soon he was fastened in and she pulled up a pair of rubber pants, like the ones I’d seen him wear at school, over it all. It looked huge but he had that happy smile on his face that meant all was well. I noticed that there was another piece of material on the bed, though not immediately realising that it was for me.

Mrs Morrison looked at me. “I hope you don’t mind Simon…”

I wasn’t sure what she meant but she carried on.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t brought the double waterproof sheet for the bed and we don’t want any accidents… so…” She indicated the diaper. “Would you mind…?”

I looked across at my happily diapered friend and his smile and animated nodding made it impossible for me to say ‘No’ so I just wondered over to the bed and lay out as Mrs Morrison indicated. I was lotioned, powdered and diapered in seconds. The thick material spreading my legs wider than the disposables I’d worn in the past, all of which was soon covered by a pair of rubber pants similar to those Kenny was wearing. We looked like twin babies in our bulky, night time protection, one blond, one dark but both I suspect very cute.


As it was getting late we both clambered into bed. It wasn’t a cold night, and the warm shower had at least brought back a bit of a glow to us… so neither of us bothered wearing a t-shirt. Mrs Morrison kissed us goodnight, which was nice, she smelled lovely and Mr Morrison came in and did the same. I’m not sure what he smelled like but I liked it. Once they’d left the room we snuggled up close together and I asked him if he’d told his parents about him wanting to be a baby. He said no, he hadn’t wanted things to change, but he had told his mum how much he preferred the cloth diapers. So now on a night, that is what he got to wear, and, if he needed them, the disposables were for school.

There was no escaping the thickness of the diaper and the feel of the rubber pants but I had to admit that the cloth did feel nicer than the disposable. Kenny was excited now I was wearing the same as he was and stroked my rubber pants as I did the same to him. The silky texture being very compulsive, I don’t think either of us could stop fondling the material. I remembered to tell him about my discovery whilst rubbing myself up against the mattress and that we should give it a try. Unfortunately, the diaper was way too thick for our pee-pees (Kenny’s name for it) to be encouraged, even if it did feel nice I couldn’t achieve that shudder I’d experienced in my own bed. However, we fell asleep like we had before, a couple of diapered spoons, him with his padded bottom resting against my padded… pee pee.

Whenever I woke up during the night the sensation of our bodies together was just so comforting and right I happily fell back to sleep snuggling up close and stroking the front of his rubber pants. The material was warm, soft and super to touch… a bit like Kenny himself.


The morning arrived and once again I was awake before Kenny, who I’d begun to think would sleep all day if he wasn’t told to get up. I enjoyed a few moments of watching him as he dozed; his fine white/blond hair slightly dishevelled, his breathing gentle and slow, his eyelashes white and long, fluttering occasionally as he began to come round… if there are such things as angels, I bet they all look like Kenny.

He saw me looking and yawned a smile. “I love waking up next to you.”

I smiled back, who can resist being complimented but I wanted to get up and see the sights. “Is it OK to get up or do we have to wait for you parents to come for us.”

I felt his hand go to the front of my diaper. “Have you wet as well?”

I was about to say no when I realised I actually had and just didn’t know it. “Erm… yesss… erm… I suppose I have.”

Kenny seemed pleased and pushed back the blankets. The rubber pants had done their job because although both diapers were soaking wet, there were no leaks on the sheets. It was a first for me and I giggled guiltily at how easy it had been to be so comfortable and warm in bed that I didn’t want to go to the toilet. Having said that, I’m not sure I actually made a decision not to go… I just went in the diaper, so it was just as well that I’d been fitted with all that rubber shielding for the bed. We got up and pulled down our protective pants, the thick diaper material just sagged heavily between our legs. The white material was now pale yellow and we chuckled as we touched each other’s soggy mess, I couldn’t help but think that we’d been actually cuddling together in our wet diapers. The fabric on both of us was pulling down at our hips where the pins had gathered the sides and I thought there must have been a gallon of liquid soaked in… then I wondered if that was all.

I hesitantly let my fingers stray around the leg holes and was relieved that they found nothing, Kenny was the same… we were both just wet.


I was about to get dressed when Mrs Morrison reprimanded me for not putting oil and powder around my diaper area.

“Your mother will think we don’t know how to look after you.” She said as she grabbed the various bottles and canisters and before I could say anything she had me wiped, oiled up and dusted with baby powder.

I stood their naked wondering what to do next. Did Mrs Morrison have any special instructions? Did I have to wait to be diapered for the day? Thankfully, once Kenny was equally cleaned and powdered he just ran off to put his underpants, shorts and t-shirt on, which was my prompt to do the same.

With breakfast over we were let loose from the cabin and the area was wonderful, the view around the lake was simply spectacular. To me the sky had never seemed so blue and its reflection in the lake made it all very inviting. The morning sun was pleasantly warm as kids of all ages were already out playing; cycling, swimming, canoeing, rowing, throwing balls, fishing… there was just so much to do.

Kenny and I made our way to the little rowing boat that was moored at the end of the jetty, where Mr Morrison had already kitted it out with a couple of oars and lifesaving vests. We were made to put them on before he’d allow us to row out any distance and he gave us a brief lecture on water safety. Once he was sure we understood and had agreed to his rules, a “Yes sir” from me and “Yes daddy” from Kenny, we couldn’t wait to get underway.


We rowed a little way out and marvelled at just how huge the lake was. Looking along the shoreline we could see that there were about ten cabins near ours and other groups scattered at regular intervals. About a mile away was a camping ground with RVs and tents and there were individual large properties discreetly overlooking the lake from hillsides. To my young eyes, this place was a truly magical spot and I couldn’t wait to explore further. There were islands dotted around the lake and speedboats pulling water-skiers, it appeared that everyone had left the city to enjoy their weekend in some kind of activity.

The rowing was harder than I thought it would be but I pretended it was easy. As I rowed Kenny asked if I’d liked wearing a cloth diaper. I had to agree that it was nice and that I’d even enjoyed the thick rubber pants we’d had to wear. Kenny was smiling, as if he knew a secret, my secret. I wasn’t sure what that was but Kenny did. I thought it was strange just how much I had enjoyed wearing the rubber pants. A couple of days previously I’d admired them on Kenny when I first saw his bulging diaper and I had, in my own small way, become obsessed about owning a pair. The thought of wearing such an item when I was changed the night before had sent a thrill through my body and I think, waiting around to get dressed that morning, I’d sort of hoped we might be put back into them. However, charging around the lakeside, in and out of the water, I was glad I just had my briefs on under my shorts. A soaking wet diaper with all these other kids around might have been embarrassing.


Back on land and we joined in a very exciting volleyball match, which changed into a game of soccer, which became a swimming challenge. We didn’t stop until we were called for lunch by the clanging of an old iron cowboy dinner triangle. All the parents must have been busy while we were out playing because two large tables had been set out for us to eat as a community. This was fantastic (Kenny had been correct, everything was fantastic) men were scooping up barbeque sausages, burgers, chicken and steak onto big platters, bowls full of fries, salad and beans were set along each table. Huge bottles of soda and cola were attacked by us kids desperate to quench our thirst after such a hectic morning. Including the adults there were maybe thirty people eating, talking, joking, laughing… everyone seemed to be having a good time, even us kids were getting along fine.

As we ate I noticed a young mother with her two toddlers, well there was little girl about a year old and a little boy about 2 and she was holding their hands as they paddled in the water. What drew my attention was what they were wearing. The girl had a thick diaper, which was covered by blue plastic pants that had ruffles across the bottom, while the boy also wore a diaper, which was showing over his shiny plastic pants that had bright cartoon characters all over them. I found myself staring at them as they tested the water by dipping their toes in and then giggling at the temperature. Kenny noticed me looking and in return, he gave me that knowing look again. I think I turned bright red, if I didn’t then it sure felt like I had. It was difficult pretending that you hadn’t been staring when you’ve been caught red-handed but I tried to plead ‘not guilty’ by pointing out some ducks that had just landed on the water near where the family were walking and then quickly taking a bite out of my burger.

As Kenny watched and smiled I was trying my best to get the image of those two little kids out of my mind but it was difficult. It was a strange sensation when I suddenly realised I was jealous. Jealous of their diapers and their plastic pants, both of which I wished I could have and would have loved to have worn myself. Without a word being spoken I looked across at Kenny and knew, he knew and was happy for me.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 4

Chapter 6

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babysitting Rebecca

babysitting Rebeccashes not too much of a handful, until it comes to changing time!

Order by darth

Draw and above text by PaddedUlf


Yes it sure seems to be time for some changing time after this playtime. She sure seems to be one messy butt right now.

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Down the slide we go

Down the slide we goOf us both going down a lil slide together :)

Order by mikey-the-little

Draw by NazzNikoNanuke


Looks like they have some fun time on the slide together :)

They sure seems to have fun together and its always fun to share a good moment :)

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My 18th Birthday Part 6

This story is written by Les Lea

Gwyneth filled me in on what mom and dad were up to. Mom was receiving a very prestigious award, which was why she looked so elegant, and as a result she had to extend her lecture tour for an extra couple of weeks. Dad was still in Seoul working with the Korean’s on the firm’s latest development and that had also been extended. Once mom’s tour was over she was going to join dad in Korea for a little while before returning home. Gwyneth thought dad would be away for even longer than anticipated as progress had been slow at the new overseas suppliers.

“Well Benjy, it looks like you’re going to be with me for some time… hope you don’t mind?” She ruffled my hair and kissed the top of my head.

Meanwhile, I sat and listened to her fill me in on all the news but just wished mom had told it all to me instead of hearing it second hand. I was a still a bit angry at mom rushing here, there and everywhere for everyone else… but not me… and every time I thought about it my chest heaved and I was on the verge of tears.

I know not being clever disappointed everyone but I often felt that I didn’t matter that much to my parents, even though I tried not to be… stupid. However, I was also very aware of my little shorts and no matter how I sat (or stood) my diaper could be seen both at the leg holes and above the waistband. I’m sure mom and dad would both have thought I was being just that… stupid… if they could see me now. Despite Gwyneth choosing this very childish set of clothes I couldn’t be angry with her because… at least she was here for me… looking after me… helping me… and giving me what I needed. I burst into tears again but this time in gratitude and hugged my sister tightly.


I truly loved the dressing up games that Gwyneth had arranged. I loved the diapers more than I ever thought I would but I knew it couldn’t go on this way, least of all because I was due back at work in the morning. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to returning to a life of stacking shelves and cleaning up the car park but that was my job. It felt really weird sitting there dressed as I was and thinking of grown up stuff like work and I wriggled in the comfort of my thick protection wondering if I could get away with wearing it under my green uniform.

Returning to work had never been mentioned but after playing with my truck for a little while I thought I’d better bring up the subject. Gwyneth was deep in thought and fervently typing into her laptop. I wasn’t sure if I should disturb her when she was in her creative zone but I needed her to know. I anxiously hung around the kitchen door waiting for a suitable break so I could ask my question. She looked up.

“God, you do look so damned adorable,” and she beckoned me over, “what does my little Benjy want?”

Oddly enough I hadn’t planned on exactly what to say so when she put her arm around my shoulders and looked into my eyes I was still looking for the right words. I could see she was waiting so I first asked if she had found her story yet.

She let me go, turned to the screen and said. “Yes, I think I’ve got some ideas.” She then patted my bum. “I think you are helping in such a terrific way.” She didn’t say in what way. “I like you being here. I like having my little brother around. I like… well… I like your innocent and uncomplicated approach to life.”

This wasn’t what I was expecting and it threw me a little. I was living a life she had seen for me, a life she controlled and directed, a life, yes, I had to admit, I was enjoying. I loved being ‘little’ and I loved the fact that my big sister wanted me to be happy and have no fears about… well… anything.


Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask her. “Will all this finish tomorrow when I have to go to work?”

Standing in front of Gwyneth, looking like a toddler, I bet she could hardly believe her little brother even had a job but I needed to know.

There was a moments silence before she answered. “Do you want it to?”

I could feel the comfort of my diaper hugging me tightly, the plastic pants gripping my legs, the sweet little shirt with the duckies on and my tiny little shorts all screaming the same answer at me.


What I really said was, “I don’t know. I have to work. I have to prove to mom and dad I’m not entirely useless I have to…”

She gently pulled me into her bosom and whilst one hand hugged and stroked my padded bottom the other the other stroked my hair. It was a lovely soft embrace and I could feel her love and understanding as she soothed my sudden and unexpected tears.

I felt unable to cope. I didn’t want to have to make decisions; I didn’t ever want to make decisions again. I liked it just where I was. I liked living with Gwyneth more than at home where I hardly had anyone to speak with and spent my time watching TV and going to work (more to break the boredom than anything else). My parents hardly ever chatted or encouraged me about anything much and was left to my own devices in that big house.


This ‘little’ me was fun; I wasn’t when at home. This ‘little’ me had imagination; I appeared to have none when my parents were around. This ‘little’ me could have friends; and that’s what I wanted more than anything else. I wanted my childhood back and the chance to find those happy times all over again. Gwyneth had given me this opportunity, had identified clearly something I desired and offered it with no strings attached.

Without saying anything, I just knew that Gwyneth understood this and in her gentle embrace I also knew that was exactly what she wanted for me. Strip me down and start again. She may have been surprised at the speed I took to it all but perhaps that was down to the desperate need I felt.

“Benjy, I think you should have what you want,” she paused as my tears turned into hiccups and she patted my back, “and what you need right now is to be ‘little’… because… you are a sweet and completely different boy when you are… and I love it… and love you.”

My tears eventually dried up but Gwyneth still held me tenderly. I didn’t want to break away but I still didn’t have an answer.

“Can I please stay in my diapers with you and Teddy?” In my head it was a strong question but it came out as a childish, unsure whisper.

Gwyneth smiled. “I think that would be for the best. Don’t you worry about anything I’ll sort it out with the store manager. Your job now is to be a little boy who’s out to have fun and be happy.”

A shiver of relief and excitement ran through my body and I hugged my wonderful big sister even more fervently.


Gwyneth called me and said we were going out. Teddy and I had been having battles with our little cartoon characters which featured imaginary dinosaurs and dragons… I wondered if Gwyneth would get me some.

“Where are we going?” I asked as I eagerly rushed to my sister’s side as she grabbed her bag and car keys.

“I don’t want you to stay inside on such a lovely day so we’re off to the park.”

Although I was keen to go out myself I realised that the nearby park may well have people I know enjoying the sunshine and wondered what they might think of the way I was dressed. I’d gotten used to it now but thought my diaper would act like a beacon to anyone who wanted to mock or generally be unkind. Again any thoughts and doubts I may have had were demolished as Gwyneth grabbed my hand and led me out to the car. I didn’t want her to think I was scared of the consequences but I was.

I should have known my sister wouldn’t have put me in a situation to embarrass me as we drove for quite some time before we ended up at a park I’d never been to before. Once she’d parked up we got out and she opened the trunk to reveal that she had brought a picnic and in amongst the basket, blanket and chairs were a few of my toys and a ball. This was a terrific surprise and I smiled and helped her carry all the stuff towards a little picnic area where another man and boy were already sitting.


As we got closer I realised that it was actually Little Pauly and his dada. Pauly was wearing a huge monkey face on his white t-shirt and his little red shorts had monkeys climbing all around, all this was set of by bright red plastic sandals, which I thought looked fantastic and wanted a pair. Gwyneth and ‘dada’ greeted each other with air kisses and I was formally introduced to him.

“This is my little brother Benjy,” I shyly nodded at the man, “This is Pauly’s dada Mr Peak.”

“Erm, er, hello sir,” was all I could say as he smiled at me and let go of Pauly’s hand.

“I think we should let the little ones go and play… don’t you?” Mr Peak said to Gwyneth who nodded in agreement.

With that Pauly grabbed my hand and led me towards a little sandpit near the swings. He’d already started building a sandcastle and his bucket, spade, flags, toys and an assortment of other colourful shapes lay around.

His little voice encouraged me to start to build my own castle and it wasn’t long before I’d got the start of a huge complex going and Pauly was organising a road between the two buildings.

Like me, every time he moved his protection could be seen. Like mine, his shorts were very short and the pink plastic protection he wore to hold up his diaper was thick and shiny and once again I thought they looked fantastic and wanted some.


We were getting on really well. We giggled a lot as the entire sandpit became our kingdom where we were building villages and stuff everywhere. He’d even brought a couple of plastic dragons (I assumed from the castle he’d bought at the toys store) and it was brilliant as we got carried away and let our imaginations run wild.

We were called to eat and I noticed that dada spoon fed Pauly all his food. In between every fifth spoonful he held up the sippy cup for him to drink but, even with his Winnie The Pooh bib in place, he was a messy eater. His dada was continually wiping his face of sauce or crumbs but Pauly was enjoying the picnic and none of this bothered him at all.

We appeared to be the only people in the park and after we’d eaten we sat in the shade under a tree. Dada hugged Pauly and gently rocked him as he fell asleep for an afternoon nap but I was wide awake. I wanted to carry on playing on the swing or in the sandpit but Gwyneth said to I had to rest and I didn’t think I could defy her so, nestling in her arms I sat quietly and before long had dozed of myself.


I woke up to see Pauly in the middle of being changed. Right in front of both Gwyneth and me his dada had pulled down his shorts, unpopped his plastic pants and removed his soggy diaper. Like me Pauly had no hair down there, but there was a little piece of plastic locked around his pee-pee. I wasn’t sure what that was for but I suppose it kept everything neat and tidy. All through the process Pauly was sucking on a red pacifier that looked like it had a huge smile on it. That looked funny and I giggled as Gwyneth checked my diaper.
I was soaked without being aware of it so Gwyneth laid me side by side with Pauly and began my change. Being naked in the sun was a nice feeling but I wasn’t sure I wanted an audience.

However, I remembered the young boy at the mall and he had no worries about being changed in public, so I tried not to let it bother me. Gwyneth popped in my paci as she wiped and powdered me and within seconds I was wrapped in a new diaper with extra padding (I had wet a lot) and once the plastic pants had been pulled into place we boys were left to play on the blanket for a bit.

However, Pauly wanted to get back to our castles and he wandered over wearing no shorts. His dada sort of shrugged and continued his conversation with Gwyneth and I was allowed to join him. Wearing just our padding was revealing but neither of the adults seemed to care. Gwyneth thought the plastic pants should be enough protection from our diapers getting full of sand, so pretty soon we were left to play on our own whilst the adults did whatever it was that adults do. We were so into our game we didn’t even notice them.


We’d played for hours; swinging on the swings, building in the sandpit, chasing each other, kicking a ball about and we were both hot, sweaty and tuckered out when told it was home time. Pauly collected all his toys then together we jumped on our creations pretending we were giants in a mad, fun rampage of destruction that had us both roaring and laughing in equal measure.

Once our castles had been reduced back to sand Pauly rushed to his dada who checked him once more before being satisfied he was dry enough to travel. He helped him back into his monkey shorts and then, hand in hand, said their goodbyes and headed for their car. Gwyneth hugged me and asked if I’d had a fun day and I had to admit it had been super, in fact it had been super fabulous. Before I put on my shorts Gwyneth checked me but I was still dry. She tried to pull up my shorts but with all the extra padding that proved difficult so I was driven home wearing just my bulky protection. Every time we passed a truck I wondered if the driver could see into our car and know what I had on… and if he did, what he thought.


Once home I hugged Teddy and apologised for not taking him with us. He was still dressed the same as me so we just slipped back into our game where we left off. Meanwhile, Gwyneth had opened her laptop and was typing furiously. I was hoping that she had been inspired by our day out. However, time just flew by and before long she said it was time to have a bath and get ready for bed.

Whilst she bathed me we talked about the day and I said how much I’d enjoyed it. I told her how much I liked Pauly’s clothes, especially his red plastic sandals… and his monkeys… and his pink plastic pants… in fact everything. She asked if I’d noticed the little plastic thing on his pee-pee. I nodded so she asked if I knew what it was. I shook my head.

“Well, er, it’s there to stop him from, er, getting over excited.” I looked blankly up at her. “It prevents him from getting…” She was finding it difficult to find the words but in the end blurted out,

“getting hard.”

I looked surprised.

“His dada doesn’t like him to be anything but a toddler and doesn’t want him to have to worry about… grown up things…” she carried on explaining.

I think this must have been all part of the deep conversations they were having whilst we went off and played.

“Is it something you’d like?” I wasn’t sure if she was hopeful or wondering and to be truthful I wasn’t sure either, so I just shrugged and went back to playing with my toy boats.


After the bath Gwyneth diapered me up and pulled on my plastic pants. She was about to fit me into my footer when I told her I was too hot and pointed to Teddy, who was back sitting on my bed, and asked if I could I sleep like he was. Gwyneth seemed happy with this arrangement and gave me a bottle of strawberry milk to drink to help me sleep. She stayed with me until I’d sucked down the lot, chatting away about this and that and just before I was left to go to sleep she told me that her latest story was coming along nicely and she’d already written the dedication at the front. She said she had two and I had to decide which I liked best.




I thought for a moment and then said, “The second.”

I fell asleep happy and proud. It was only 7.15 on my bedside clock but I was out like a light it had been such a hectic day.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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