Lift me up

Lift me upDraven throwing her younger self in the air having fun on a nice summer day.

The dragon and above text belongs to Flare629

Draw by Blankie


This two sure seems to have a awesome and fun time playing around in this nice summer day :)

They sure are two happy furry right now.

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The All New My Partner Pikachu!

Engage with Pikachu like never before! 3 touch sensors let you and Pikachu communicate in a new and fun way. Watch Pikachu’s arms and ears move, his cheeks and tail light up or hear one of his iconic Pikachu expressions or sound effects. 2 modes of play creates over 100 interactions along with 20 sounds and expressions for you to experience! Gotta Catch ‘Em All!™ Suitable for ages 4 years and up. 3 AG13 button cell batteries included.

Seems like you could do allot of fun things whit this Pikachu toy :)

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Slippery Water Park

Slippery Water ParkJaberwocky is having a blast at his favorite water park with Tecwyn dragon who is watching over him. Good thing too because Jaberwocky tends to get carried away when having fun and doesn’t pay attention to what hes doing. In this case, water tends to be slippery. Jaberwocky almost found out the hard way by landing right on his rump. But Tecwyn was right there to save the day.

Furrys in this drawing Jaberwocky and Tecwyn

Draw by cubdrawer


Yes it sure was a good thing that Tecwyn was there to save the day otherwise things could have turn out really bad for this fox.

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Not again

Not again

Star fidgitted on the doorstep, trying to hide the blushing and failing miserably. She scratched at her upper arm looking down at the concrete step finding the floor exceptionally fascinating. Anything to avoid looking up at her superior. At almost 6 foot tall Star usually had to look up at him, but her normal five foot tall had been reduced to just one.

She’d been involved in an accident in the research department. Well she wasn’t sure if it was an accident or whether the experiment had been a success. One minute she’d been told to stand in front of a camera to have her photo taken and then one bright flash later she was suddenly reduced to the height of an infant. Well..not just in height, Her hair had reverted back to its natural colour, her womanly shape had been replaced by that of a chubby little kitten.

Thankfully her brain and co-ordination were still intact, as she stomped around the room naked demanding to be turned back, her words becoming progressively more profane as it became apparent that the technicians hadn’t exactly expected this to happen and currently hadn’t a clue how to reverse the procedure.

Which left Star in this current predicament. The Army base was no place for an infant, she had argued with her superior that she wasn’t an infant, and whilst he had agreed that her mental faculties were still there, her size meant she wouldn’t be able to carry out her usual duties so she was on suspended duty until they could either reverse the situation or it sorted itself out. Her Sergeant also refused to let her go home by herself and had made arrangements to deposit her back into the custody of her parents.

Star had argued until she was exhausted that this was a bad idea, pleaded and begged by the end of the argument that anywhere would be better than back with her folks, but as they were next of kin and star currently couldn’t fend for herself her pleas had fallen on deaf ears, she was abruptly shut up when she was told that she sounded just like the whiny little baby that she resembled. That had silenced her pretty quick and she just growled under her breath at being beaten.

So here she was, stood on the doorstep of her parents house, dressed in the smallest t-shirt the base could find with her dogtags tied round her middrift as a makeshift belt. She had refused being carried, she felt it important to show that she was capable of doing things for herself, but her paws ached having had to almost run to keep up with her boss’s steps. He rang the doorbell as Star obviously couldn’t reach, she could see him grinning as he did so, he was clearly enjoying this whole sideshow. Star gulped. This was going to be tricky to explain to Mum.

It wasn’t her Mum who answered the door though, Her Brother, Matt answered the door. Star didn’t think it had been possible but her heart plummetted further and her blush deepened. If Matt was here then his wife and two kids would be here too. She couldn’t see her nieces in this state. Oh god, if they got hold of her…

Matt took one look at Star’s Superior and then down at the blushing tot version of Star. Instantly he recognised her.

“Sis? Whoa!” Disbelief was quickly replaced by mirth as he hoisted the pint sized Star off her feet and held her at arms length. Star yelped in surprise at being hoisted into the air, so far everyone involved had respected her personal space, but she should have known her brother would have overstepped that boundary immediately.

“Put me down you dick.” She tried to kick out but she couldn’t reach him. He just smirked back.

“What the heck happened to you? MUM! Come quick. Star, she’s finally grown some.”

“Fuck off Matt, come on put me down, it’s been a.. really long day” She hung limp in his big paws, she felt fairly defeated, truthfully she felt exhausted and wasn’t looking forward to explaining to the family.

The smirk faded from his face as he realised he had overstepped the mark and he put the shrunk corporal back on her feet. He was about to apologise when Star’s Mum quickly followed by Stars two six year old nieces appeared on the doorstep. The two six year old kittens towered over her. Isabella and Katie squealed in unison and made a grab for her, Star involuntarily took a step back, almost hiding behind her superiors leg. Star’s Mum just stared in disbelief. It was Star’s superior who broke the spell.

“Lilyana Bryce?” He spoke with authority, Star’s mum simply nodded, not tearing her eyes off of the regressed lynx. “Ma’am we should probably discuss matters inside, if you please.”

Lilyana continued to stare, until getting angry by the situation, Star snapped “MUM!”

Stars Mum pulled her eyes off her daughter and snapped out of her stupor.

“Yes, of course, sorry, come in the pair of you.”

Ten minutes later Star sat on the sofa, She’d been put up there after she had refused help but hadnt managed to climb up on her own, her cheeks hurt from the amount of blushing she had done as Katie and Izzy had questioned their dad about where the new baby sister had come from and watched in horror as he had just explained that whilst the baby wasn’t their sister, she was a family member and that they would have to be careful if they played with her cause she was very small compared to them and then told them to go up to their playroom and play for now whilst the grown ups talked, which they’d done happily tearing up the stairs like a herd of elephants.

Star’s superior was explaining that she was being left in her mothers custody for the time being. After that initial shock, Star’s mum seemed to be taking this in her stride now, nodding and asking questions with a look of determination on the female cats face.

Star was grateful that her Dad was away from home on deployment right now and it also looked like Matts wife, Jess, wasn’t here at the moment. Star yawned and rubbed at her eyes. She felt so tired and she struggled to keep her eyes open, her head bobbed. She caught her mum looking at her all doe eyed and Star snapped awake. Nope. She needed to stay awake. Keep alert….Her head bobbed again, her eyes fluttered closed briefly.
“Little mite is all tuckered out. ” It was her brother who commented and she snapped herself awake again.
“Less of that bollocks. I’m still…me…” She snapped as she rubbed at her eyes and yawned again caught a look between her brother and mother as her head bobbed a third time, her superior grabbed his beret and stood as Stars eyes fluttered shut again. Just a small catnap. Nothing wrong with that.

When Star woke, it was in the middle of the living room, she was laying on a blanket she recognised from when Izzy and Katie had been little It was very soft and had elephants on it she’d also drooled all over it, She rubbed at her face trying to dry it off, she didn’t drool when she slept. Why was she on the floor? She then saw her outfit, the colour drained from her face. She’d been dressed in some of her nieces old clothes. A cute sun dress complete with…she poked her paw into the thick crinkly plastic. The panic welled up in her.
“MMMMUUUUUUMMM!” She yelled, tried to stand and almost fell back onto her butt, her head felt…Woozy.
“MUUUUUUUUM!!” It was Izzy and Katie who came into the room first again with the hyperactive squeals that only six year olds can reach, Star did topple backwards this time, the padding between her legs giving her ample protection from the short fall.
“NANA! NANA! THE BABY’S AWAKE!” The two kits ran up to the regressed corporal, and Star tried to back away as Izzy attempted to pick the lynx up under the arms. Star yelped, She didnt want to hurt her niece so just froze.
“Ah ah ah! What did I say, Izzy? No picking her up, remember!” It was her mum’s voice and Star suddenly felt herself drop to the floor again. Star squealed in surprise, normally she would have had the reflexes to make the short drop a relatively comfortable landing but she just crumpled in a heap, her padded butt up in the air. The two kittens giggled at the perceived infant as Star tried to pull herself back onto her feet, failing miserably. Katie patted Star on the head.

“Uh oh, baby felled down”

Fighting against tears in her eyes. She felt so clumsy. As if being dressed like an infant had somehow impacted her adult abilities.
Her Mum could see Star getting upset and banished the twin kittens from the room telling them to go play upstairs, but Star didnt hear the pair thunder up the stairs like last time as Stars mum closed the door. The adult cat then walked over and plucked Star up, settling the regressed corporal back on her paws. Star wasted no time in saying what was on her mind, her cheeks ablaze with embarrassment.
“MUM! What the flying fuck? Look at me? What did you do? I didn’t consent to this. Just because I look like a fuckin’ baby doesn’t mean you can dress me like this. I mean DIAPERS? Come on! We could have at least discussed it first instead of doing it to me in my sleep. We need to set some boundaries Jezzus FUCK!”
Suddenly Star was being held aloft walked over to the sofa and for a split second Star suddenly felt the thrill of fear, was she going to get a spanking for talking to her parent like that? She had never sworn at her mum before but her nerves were shot and her adrenaline was pumping so hard right now. Instead Lilyana sett the corporal on her lap and hugged her to her bosom, rocking ever so slightly.

“Anastasia, listen. We’re not going to explain what’s happened to you to Izzy and Katie, they wont understand, it’s easier if we just tell them you’re their cousin for now. So please try to humor them, they really want to play with their new baby cousin and well, if you keep them entertained you can think of it as part payment for me suddenly having to drop everything and look after you until this all sorts itself out. So I’d rather you just acted like a baby in front of them to stop any awkward questions. As for your clothes, you…soaked them. You fell asleep on the sofa and..well..sweetie you ….Had an accident. So I thought it safest to put you back in nappies for now. We don’t know what’s happened to you, but if you can stay dry then we can work that out later okay, but for the time being I’m not having you make puddles around the house. I found some of Izzys old clothes and luckily a few bags of diapers up in the attic and they fit. So thats better than what you were wearing before anyway.”

Star was speechless with shame. She’d pissed herself? Like a real baby? In her sleep? She couldn’t look her mum in the eye. She was mortified.

“S…Sorry Mum…” Suddenly Star was crying. Just the whole situation had been surreal and stressful and she let her Mum rock her as she sobbed her heart out. Eventually she quietened down, exhausted her Mum scritched her behind the ear as she was rocked. This was kinda nice. Star obviously wasn’t going to admit this out loud but the smell of her mother made her feel safe and she was glad she wasn’t suffering through this alone. Soon she was asleep again.

When Star woke again she was back on the soft blanket in the middle of the room. She felt really cosy and she giggled a bit, wiggling on the rug. She pulled herself up to a sitting position and chewed on her paw. Her tummy grumbled and she whimpered poking at it. Her brain was trying to tell her something but she didnt quite understand, she knew she needed something, or wanted something, she couldn’t see her mama and she burbled through her paw.

“Muaammama?” Her head felt fuzzy, like it was full of wool, really warm tingly wool, she watched as her crotch got warm, she didn’t understand, and that confusion suddenly scared her. She whimpered just as her two cousins came back into the room. They looked like they wanted to play with her but remembered the scolding they’d gotten a little earlier. Izzy yelled out

“NANA. The baby is awake again…”
“..And her diapee is soggy!” Katie added helpfully.

Star just sat there, not really understanding the words that were being spoken. She didn’t understand what she wanted but instead she just flopped backwards and squirmed on the blanket as her whimpering progressively got louder till the whimper tripped into a sob and suddenly she was bawling. Both Izzy and Katie pulled their ears down to stifle the noise.

Lilyana bowled into the room hearing her newly regressed baby daughter crying. She easily saw the soaked diaper and her two granddaughters looking panicked by the squalling baby. She instantly went into Mum mode.
“Don’t worry sweeties, she’s just soggy, nothing to be alarmed by. Maybe you can find a way to keep her occupied whilst I go get the supplies.”

The two children given a task were pulled out of their panic and without thinking Izzy and Katie knelt down by the crying baby.
“We can help!” Izzy started making funny faces at the crying kitten, but it was Katie who started jingling Stars dogtags she’d found, over the babys head that pulled the infant out of her crying. Star switched quickly from her bawling to giggling and cooing, trying to reach the new shiny things. She didnt know what they were but they looked good to chew and she wanted them, everytime they were almost in her reach they were pulled just out of her grasp and she giggled a response.

Lilyana was proud of her daughter, she had asked her to pretend to be an infant in front of her nieces but hadnt expected the corporal to get that heavily into the role, if Lilyana didnt know any better she’d say her little Anastasia was really a helpless little infant, it made her feel young and maternal again. She gathered the diaper changing supplies as she watched the two six year olds trying to entertain the baby. Lilyana felt great getting to dress her daughter back in her baby clothes again and play Mummy to a young child. Star had grown up so fast the first time round. Maybe this would be good for both of them.

Draw and everything by toddlergirl


Awww poor Star looks like she have a new life to get use to here. Wounder if things going to change or if Star going to stay like a cute little toddler for the rest off here life? It sure going to be one big change for everyone.


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Little Drummer

Little DrummerWhat’s better than to make your own music? Right, exactly… there isn’t.
So it seems a little bearkitty has tons of fun, drumming away on a pot with a cooking spoon.
And probably waiting for his little brother Kuraiko to join in soon.

This is a reward drawing to Ghostbear2k from airwolf1987

Above text by Ghostbear2k


Cubs sure love to make allot of noises special loud noises. So a cooking spoon and a pot sure make that kind of combination that a cub love to play around whit.

But i am sure that his parents or caretaker don’t like all this loud noises that he is making right now.

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Let’s play with the undies page 1

Let's play with the undies page 1Oh-oh…These two will be in deep trouble with the boss and Matt!

Anyways, Sammy and Shifty were playing video games, but they quickly got bored, so they decided to go play another kind of games …Like getting into The Boss’s room ,staying naked there and … put on Matt’s underwear over their heads!

Definitely those two will have their rear ends red and sore for a long while!

Cubs in this drawing belongs to ShiftyTheB737 and nelson88

Above text by  nelson88

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Shifty Dingo (Blinky Bill) © Yoram Gross Film Studio


Yes this two sure going to be in allot of trouble now. I dont think the boos or Matt is going to like that they are playing around whit the boss underwear. I Sure wounder how they come up whit this sort of games.

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For Reva

For RevaThis is a gift drawing for Reva_the_Scarf and it is made by ScottJames27


Looks like this two really love the outdoor playtime today today :) They sure are two happy cubs right now.

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The cute blushing wolf belongs to sparkypup!

Draw by Small_Circles


Looks like someones tummy decided it was potty time instead of playtime. Good thing the diaper is there to handle the messy accident :)

No need to blush little cub accidents can happen from time to time. And you was busy playing whit your block to notes the signal from your bowel.

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