Pirate.exe Mieko finds out that if you keep downloading too many movies, songs, and games illegally, you may forget to check ALL of them carefully enough for virus’ before you click “Download”.

It’s fine though, he’ll have the next 5 years to think that over….Oh wait…Maaaayne noooot so much “THINKING” it over…


Order by mieko

Draw by Kit_Kiama

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28443471/

Aww poor Mieko looks like he have found one special program here that is hiding inside the things he have downloaded.

Looks like the virus is going to mental and age regress him back to a cub state. Only hope someone can tack care of him during this time.

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Time to relax……BUUZZZ!

Time to relax......BUUZZZ!Trying to enjoy a nice kid day when suddenly he gets a call from work!
Gotta grow up fast! XD

Raccoon dan_raccoon

Draw and text by Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24940345/

Poor Raccoon it seems like the work decided to destroy the cozy day in thick diapers that you had planed for yourself. I hope he be able to finish his work stuff quickly so he can go back to the diapers and pacifier again.

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Important Call

Important CallIt looks like Tera is busy talking on the phone. Who is he talking to? Well it’s a super important secret phone call :P

Tera and text by SwedeBrony

Draw by Yookey

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19610253/

Yes it sure looks like he have receive a very important call. Maybe it is from a friend that wont to ask him if he wont to come out and play.

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Phoning Mommy

Phoning Mommy“Bullies Get Beat” Part Two: Phoning Mommy

“Kyle Maddox Smith! Just what do you think you are doing young man!” scolded Ms. Mamoo as she picked up Dexter and tried to calm him down.

“Dexter was pushing me and wouldn’t leave me alone…” lied Kyle.

“Please Kyle, I saw the whole thing! You threw his toy and then YOU started to push him.” Said Mamoo as she comforted Dexter.

“And-and-and h-h-e c-called m-me names and pushed me an- and wasa meanie….! Whaa…” cried Dexter.

“Kyle! I am very disappointed in you. I know that we had a chat about bullying last week didn’t we?” asked Ms. Mamoo as she passed Dexter off to one of the other teachers.

“Yes. But, but, he was playin’ in the sandbox that I wanted to play in…” whined Kyle

“That’s no excuse to push, call people names, or bully and you KNOW that young man.” Lectured Ms. Mamoo as she grabbed Kyle’s paw and led him towards the school “I’m afraid I’ll have to give your mother a call this time.”

“Noo!…Please don’t call her!” pleaded Kyle as he was dragged inside to his classroom and sat on the naughty stool in the corner.

“Now you sit right here young man and wait until I get off of the phone with your mother. There will be no more recess time for you for one week.” Added Ms. Mamoo as she went to the phone on the wall.
Kyle sat there and pouted. He did his best to listen to the conversation that his teacher and mother were having but he couldn’t hear them on the other side of the room. Based off of the tone he could tell that it wasn’t a pleasant call.

“Ok, Cheryl. We’ll see you in a little bit.” Said Ms Mamoo to Cheryl as she hung up the phone.

‘See you in a little bit! Oh no!’ thought Kyle as he suspected that his mother was coming to the school.

“Kyle, your mother will be here soon so you just sit there and ponder over what you’ve done.” Instructed Ms. Mamoo as Kyle went back to pouting.

Moments later Caiden emerged from the bathroom in the classroom from getting his diaper changed. The fox led him back through the classroom and back outside. Before he went outside he passed his brother’s classroom and saw him sitting and pouting in the naughty corner. Caiden giggled to himself and followed his teacher outside.

-End Part 2

Dexter belongs to paddedringtail

Kyle, Caiden, Cheryl and the story belongs to tugscarebear

Art and Mamoo belong to tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19399679/

Yes it sure looks like Kyle is going to be in some very big trouble now. I think that we are going to see a very toasted butt pretty soon.

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