I woke up to being soggy – TrevorShep

Someone sure seems to have had a nice and peaceful sleep here. The diaper on the other hand sure seems to have been working overtime in order to keep your bed all nice and dry.

But it sure looks like its pretty close to its max capacity now. So maybe time to get up and have that diaper change?

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Def a record for me – yggiToryM

Someone sure have been drinking allot of fluid to be able to produce this kind of soggy diaper. Good think he decided to add to 2 ABU Power Ups to the mix. But it sure most be kind of nice to be wearing this squishy heavy diaper between your legs :)

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Peekabu, 2 Booster, new sox – yggiToryM

Looks like someone decided that one PeekABU diaper was not enough. But adding two diaper boosters to the mix sure going to help the diaper to keep the surrounding dry from your bladded accident.

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Random crinkles – yggiToryM

Looks like someone decided to play around a little whit his PeekABU before he decide to change it :)

It sure is nice to play around whit a soggy wet diaper in the morning :)

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This was a comfy night – yggiToryM

It sure looks like it was a soggy night to ;) Your diaper have not mage to get allot of sleep this night. It have been hard working keeping up whit your accident during sleep time ;)

But at lest you are a good boy and wear your thick diaper to bed :)

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One very soggy heavy morning – yggiToryM

Someone sure love to show us all the squishy heavy diaper that he manage to get :) Someone sure show us what a heavy wetter he is and way he still needs his thick diapers :)

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Leaking diaper boy – RicochetCurl

Yes it sure seems like it was a very bad move to do something like that :( Now he is standing there whit a super heavy diaper and a wet t-shirt.

Maybe now it is the time to be waddling away to change that diaper? I bet it going to start leaking more if he not decide to change the diaper :( And that is not going to be fun waddling away whit a dripping diaper.

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Heavy diaper – PamperPuppyroo

Looks like it was sure time for this diaper boy to be changing his diaper. It sure made a big noise when it landed on the floor.

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