Pants wetting

Kenny Part 19

This story is written by Les Lea

The dark damp patch was spreading down my jogging pants and I felt miserable and, just as mum turned to look at me, I burst into tears.

“Oh Si… come here,” I could tell she was sorry that I’d overheard her but she wasn’t angry, she just wanted to comfort me. “Come on sweetie… come and sit with me.”

Her arms were outstretched and though part of me was angry, another part was desperate to be held. I was still crying when mum folded her arms around me and gently pulled me into her bosom. I was wet, crying and feeling like a silly little kid but because mum was hugging me tightly I felt I could let out all my anxieties in an explosion of tears. I heard her ask auntie to go and fetch Jake so I was left with mum as she stroked my hair and made reassuring noises.

As I calmed down I became more aware of my soaked pants. My briefs had not stopped the flood in anyway and I felt the dampness was more shameful because I was in a public place.

“I’m sorry mummy.” I heard the word as soon as I’d said it, ‘mummy’, and thought that w,and we’ll chat about what has happened recently.”

Jake arrived with auntie and noticed, but didn’t make any comment, about my wet patch. It would have been so easy for him to get one-up on his big brother but, and this is how he was now continually amazing me, he actually had a look of sympathy on his face.

Back in the room the first thing was to get changed. It was getting late so we both shrugged off our clothes and got ready for bed. Jake was in his racing car pajamas that auntie had made for him, whilst mum and me were in her bathroom getting wiped and powdered. Despite feeling stupid and childish having mum clean me up and fit me into a night time diaper felt really nice. Being taken care off was lovely and although auntie was very good at it, I’d missed this closeness with mum.

Once I was powdered and padded and we’d climbed into bed mum began to explain what had been happening over the last few months. Apparently, her system for the bank had gone global and the firm were now making more and more demands on her time. Her bosses had been desperate for her to relocate again but this time here in the capital and had offered her a tremendous increase in salary and ‘benefits’. Two of those benefits were that they would pay for Jake and my schooling, at the city’s best (and private) academy, there would also be a huge house (with pool) but they wanted mum close by, should she be needed, as she was too important to be halfway across the country.

Mum wasn’t boasting, she was just telling us the facts and, if truth be told, I was getting a huge feeling of pride that she was so important to the company. She said that it had come down to the point where the travelling, and more importantly, missing us, had made the decision for her… we were definitely moving.


Just hearing those words ‘definitely moving’ stabbed me in the stomach. I knew we’d been expecting it but it still sort of hurt and I wasn’t only thinking of Kenny at that point. I was about to say something when Jake got up out of bed and hugged mum.

“We hate not having you around mum. We love auntie…” He had a brief thought, “Is auntie coming with us too?”

“I’ve asked her but,” she quietly replied, “Auntie Rose has her own life… but I hope so.”

After a few seconds he went on, “We want to be with you mum…” There were hugs and kisses all round while mum explained a few more things. In the morning she was going to show us the academy, which was to be our new place of learning and the proposed new home. By the time she’d finished talking to us, we were getting quite excited about… everything.

When Jake and I were left alone we chatted about all the changes that might be about to happen. There was no doubt that he was handling the information far better than I was but I was trying to keep positive for him, and more especially for myself, I didn’t want to get anxious and pee my pants in public ever again.


At ten the following morning a company limo came and picked the four of us up and took us on a quick tour around the city before heading off into the outskirts. It was a pleasantly sunny day but a bit chillier than what we’d come to expect in Oakwood. However, as the day progressed so did the temperature and the trip proved very pleasurable.

The house was fantastic. Each of our bedrooms was at least twice the size of the ones back home, in fact, everything was bigger and we had loads of space. The one thing missing though was that it didn’t have the empty space out back like Oakwood, although it did have a pool, which unfortunately was covered when we went to look. We all thought the house was impressive and I even noticed auntie ‘earmarking’ one of the backrooms as a possible work space for her sewing.

We spent quite some time at the new place and even had a meal in the garden, well it was half in the garden and half in the kitchen as it all opened out into one another. Sliding glass frames made access to different parts of the house easy and at times you felt you were outside when in fact you were inside. It was all fantastic and even better because we had a chef to make us our lunch and she provided some very yummy things Jake and I had never eaten before.


As we were tucking in to another tasty little tartlet auntie’s phone pinged. She flipped it open and smiled as she read something on her text. She then showed me the screen and I saw Kenny wearing a kilt standing next to his daddy wearing his… they both looked brilliant.

Auntie read out the message and adopted a terrible Scottish accent. “A wee laddie and his daddy in Highland pose”, which had us all laughing. They were standing in front of some historic castle and really looked the part but, despite my happiness at seeing Kenny again, I suddenly realised that being without him hadn’t set me off crying. Of course I missed him but there was just too much going on here and the pang of… er… sadness that he wasn’t here soon passed as we were whisked off to check out the academy.

To my eyes the building was like a castle. The drive up to the main hall took forever but the grounds were beautifully kept. We saw a few boys wondering around in their uniforms, which were very smart and… none of them were wearing shorts. Then I wondered why they were there, were they not on break as well?

We met the principal, who apparently was reading our reports from Oakwood and was saying that we were just the kind of students the Academy was built for. He asked one of the ‘House Supervisors’ to show us around the campus and it quickly became apparent it was a place where you could easily get lost. I mentioned the boys we’d seen in the grounds and he said that they were borders and were staying on over the break because they couldn’t go home for “…one reason or another.”

I panicked and a sudden chill ran down my back as I meekly asked mum if we were going to be borders as well. She hugged both Jake and me together. “As if I wouldn’t want my boys with me all the time.” I felt relieved but still had a doubt about this place.

“Is the uniform the same for everybody?” I asked the House Supervisor.

“Yes. From the age of 7, which are our youngest students, until 18, the uniform stays much the same… mainly it’s the tie that differs, but that shouldn’t worry you just yet.” He smiled pleasantly at both Jake and myself and nodded reassuringly to mum and auntie.

Jake piped up, “Do we were short trousers…?”

“Not in class. You can wear shorts for certain sports of course but we have a very strict dress code here and everyone follows it.” He seemed very proud of that fact.

Mum and auntie nodded as we continued our tour, which took forever.


After the tour the limo dropped us back at the hotel and we sat in the coffee shop discussing what we’d seen. The new big house definitely got the thumbs up but I was less than excited about the prospect of the Academy. Having said that, at least schoolboy grey shorts weren’t part of the uniform so, I suppose, on that count, it was good.

I hadn’t been wearing a diaper or pull-ups all day and was pleased that I’d got through all the excitement without any accidents and my briefs were still dry. However, I wanted to get all wet, and as we couldn’t use the swimming pool at the house, mum let Jake and me go for a swim in the hotels large heated pool. We didn’t even have to go back to the room to collect our things because auntie had packed them in her bag as a precaution, just in case we could have gone in the pool at the new house.

Mum and auntie watched as we boys joined a group of other kids in some very wet and splashy games. I think mum looked relieved that we hadn’t rejected her plan and in the quiet moments when it was just me and Jake, we had decided mum was more important than Oakland. Not that we had a choice but we thought we should be grown up about it.


The rest of the week was spent sightseeing, sometimes just with auntie (if mum had to go into work), and other times all of us, which was really good fun. I was surprised there was so much to see and do in the city and even liked the huge monuments to our country’s heroes. Jake particularly liked the dinosaur exhibition in one of the museums, whilst I liked the old aircraft in another.

By the end of the week were all exhausted but it had been a fun and exciting few days. We were returning to Oakland on the Sunday but we had one more social function to attend before that. Mum’s CEO was having a garden party for some of the bank’s ‘elite’ staff at his home. She’d laughed when she said ‘elite’ as if dismissing the idea but I was very proud that mum was among those who were chosen to attend.

The night before we were due to go to the party I was lying in bed thinking about what we’d seen and done and I thought of Kenny. I wished I’d had auntie’s cell there and then so I could look at the photo of him in his kilt but then I got to thinking about other things to do with me and him. At the Academy I’d been pleased that the school uniform hadn’t included grey shorts, or indeed any colored shorts, but now that depressed me. Wasn’t it the fact that Kenny couldn’t conceal his diapers and plastic pants under his shorts that had drawn us together? Wasn’t my fascination with, and his openness about, his problem the reason we’d become best friends? As I gave more and more thought to my mental images of Kenny in his padded protection I found myself, for the first time in ages, gently rubbing myself up against the bedding. I wasn’t aware whether Jake was asleep in the opposite bed or not I just found my thoughts, the movement and the happiness I always felt about Kenny, quickly giving me that wonderful sensation that electrified my body. My boxers were messy but I slept like a… like a… like a contented cat.


As we were getting ready to go to the garden party we were wondering what to wear. Auntie had made some fantastic new clothes but, after the night thinking about Kenny, I wanted to feel near to him so I choose the pink shorts. Not only that, but I put on a disposable and plastic pants just so I felt even closer to him. I was hoping that at some point on his visit to Scotland he’d worn my green shorts but then thought about him running around in a kilt and that made me smile. I also wondered if he’d wear a diaper under it… or even if it was allowed… as Kenny had mentioned in an earlier chat about Scotland that nothing was worn under the kilt. Still, as I pulled the shorts over my padding I felt happy and comfortable. Auntie had knitted us jumpers, so Jake had a navy blue one to go with his pale blue shorts whereas mine was pale blue and white hoops. Both mum and auntie whistled in appreciation when we presented ourselves to them in their room.

A limo came to collect us and Brian the driver also commented on how smart we both looked, which pleased us boys tremendously and I’m sure I detected some pride in mum’s and auntie’s eyes.


Mum’s CEO Marcus Hetherington’s home was huge and when we arrived the garden party was already underway. We were greeted by Mr Hetherington and his wife Martha who quickly whisked mum off to meet some important guests. There were a few other kids there and, as it was such a pleasantly hot day, the magnificent pool looked blue and most inviting. However, with my protection in place I wasn’t planning on doing any swimming. Mrs Hetherington insisted that we meet her son Marcus Junior, who was twelve, and we’d be going to the same academy as he attended. She was full of praise for the place and auntie nodded in agreement.

Jake and I were presented to a group of three boys, all older than us, but Marcus was undoubtedly the leader. They were dressed in the latest designer brands and I thought he looked like, and dressed like, a photograph I’d seen of a rap star recently; very trendy, loads of bangles and a bit of a sneer as he spoke. He obviously didn’t want anything to do with the other kids who appeared to be enjoying the pool and was more interested looking at his messages on his cell.

Mum wouldn’t let Jake and me have cell phones yet, she thought they were more of a problem than a help to kids our age. In fact, the school wouldn’t allow them to be used in their grounds and certainly, anybody who brought one risked the prospect of having it confiscated and not returned until the end of the year. Because his mum had insisted he speak and ‘play’ with us he begrudgingly said “Hi” but eventually, when his mother had gone, he just turned nasty.


He and his friends thought we looked like little babies dressed as we were, not even wearing one designer brand but ‘homemade clothes’. He and his mates laughed at us and jeered that, if we were going to be at the Academy, we’d have to change. He said how he’d take great delight in telling everyone about our childish clothes and that we would be his ‘bitches’.

I had no idea what he meant by that but it sounded awful however, Jake had got a bit annoyed by his attitude and, despite mum telling us to be on our best behaviour, he told Marcus that he looked like a reject from a New York ghetto. I don’t know where he got the information, or the nerve, from but Marcus and his mates got very angry. They crowded around my little brother and started pushing him around. I stepped between them and told them to “back off” but Marcus snarled as he pushed Jake to the ground. My little brother is no coward but I think even he thought better of getting up straight away. I bent down to make sure he was OK, he was but I could see anger in his eyes. I looked up at the three bullies and they all had smirks on their faces. In fact Marcus lifted my jumper with his foot, I thought he was about to kick me, but smiled even more and called his mates off. I saw him whispering to them as I pulled Jake to his feet and we went off to simply put some distance between them and us.


For the next hour or so it was all very nice. We had some barbequed food and found other kids to play with. Mum and auntie were both chatting with various people and she seemed much in demand. If we were around she would introduce us to her work colleagues and they would chat about… well… I’m not sure but I’m sure it was important.

At one point I was crouched down by the pool talking to one of the other kids when I noticed his expression change. A shadow had blocked out the sun and I turned and looked up to see Marcus and his friends standing behind me. I got up and I saw a huge evil grin split his face. He grabbed my shorts and yanked them down revealing my padded protection.

“Look here, we have a baby with us. Just a big big baby.”

After the incident on the bus with the bully I had vowed that I’d never let anyone embarrass me again so perhaps strangely, I wasn’t horrified at being exposed in this way. I just looked at him with contempt on my face and went to pull my shorts up.

“No,” he said preventing me, “babies only wear diapers.” He shouted and pleased that he thought he was humiliating me in front of all the kids in the pool and all the adults who were suddenly aware of what was going on. However, he hadn’t bargained on swift action. From nowhere Jake ran up to him and with all the effort he could muster shoved the smug Marcus, fully clothed, into the sparkling pool.

“My brother may occasionally wet his pants.” He screamed at the surprised floundering boy, “But you’re wet all over.”

It was surprising how a fierce little boy can scare anyone and Marcus’s friend snuck awkwardly away as a sudden round of applause became apparent. I’d never been more proud of my little bro but as he watched Marcus struggle in the water, I could see the way he was looking at him. It was a ‘don’t mess with me or my brother’ challenge and I think everyone got the message.

Suddenly I had auntie next to me pulling up my shorts and scooping Jake into her warm embrace. Mum arrived seconds later wondering what had gone on. Auntie explained and I suddenly found my own voice.

“He goes to the Academy.” I pointed to the soaked boy struggling out of the pool. “I don’t think I want to go to a school full of bullies.”


People rallied around mum and I overheard some members of the banking staff say that it was something young Marcus needed. He was such a spoilt little…. I didn’t quite get what the man said but the inference was that no one liked the little jerk (that was one of the words I did hear). I saw mum was embarrassed at such a commotion, and that her children were at the center of it all, and she went off to apologise to our hosts.

Mrs Hetherington was drying her son down and obviously very angry with what had happened. Mum wanted us to apologise for our behaviour but Jake just stared at the sobbing Marcus in an act of defiance. Mrs Hetherington wasn’t happy but begrudgingly accepted mum’s apology. When we returned to the party Mr Hetherington slapped Jake on the back, winked and told him in a very conspiratorially way that he could work for him anytime. He seemed overjoyed with what had just happened and the mood at the party was soon lifted as more drink and food were served and a DJ started up and got us all dancing.


Back at the hotel mum was subdued and obviously had some things on her mind. Jake and I had both said ‘sorry’ to her for causing a scene but that wasn’t what was bothering her. She said that she’d been talking to the ‘tech people’ at the bank and they had said that she could have new, up-to-the- minute technology set up at home so she could be instantly, and more securely, in touch with head office. She wasn’t sure why she hadn’t thought of this before (possibly because no one had offered her this option), but now it looked like we had an alternative to the move.

She’d said that she’d agreed the plans with her CEO, who, after the son in the pool incident, had a new respect for mum and her family and had even offered to find a newer, bigger house for us to move to in Oakland. The upshot was… we were not going anywhere… well not for the foreseeable future, or not until we finished school in Oakland. She would commute to the city when absolutely necessary but the rest of the time she would use what technology could provide. Even auntie had agreed to stay on and she was even thinking of setting up a small business.

That night I climbed into bed with Jake and hugged him. I was still happily wearing my padding as I tickled him and cuddled up as he giggled. I told him how brave I thought he was and how proud I was of my little brother… and we both agreed that Oakland was a far better place than the capital… even if the capital had dinosaurs and monuments.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 18

Chapter 20

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It’s Better in My Diaper Part 2

It's Better in My Diaper Part 2
There’s something a little different about Jabber recently… Not that Starbuck minds, of course! To him, it’s only natural to fill your pants when you’ve gotta go~

Granted, Starbuck’s pants are a little poofier and absorbent than Jabber’s…

Meanwhile, Jabber thinks this is all perfectly normal. Starbuck sees no need to correct him~

 Furrys in this drawing belongs to GibsonScratch and jabberdragon

Order and above text by GibsonScratch

Draw by CatMonkShiro


I Sure think someone needs to get back to wearing diapers again. Special during video gaming time :)

At least Starbuck is a good boy and where his thick poofy diaper during game time :)

They sure having one big clean up ahead here.

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Kolt’s Guilty pleasure

Kolt's Guilty pleasureThe Jock Unicorn Had just finished his last class for the day at college the 21 year old had been holding it in all afternoon and needed to go to the bathroom really bad. But this was his plan all along To hold himself till his bladder just could not hold it any longer. It was a fun little game he would love to play every so often and today was the day he decided to play it. The sophomore Jock walked down the hall and out of the building walking past all the busy students running about campus while he looked around for a privet place to be naughty. He headed down to the gym building quickening his pace as his bladder gave a critical warning a small amount of pee squirted into his paw patrol underoos only worn on days when he doesn’t have football practice and having to change in the locker room.
He stopped for a moment and grabbed himself hopping from one hoof to the other for a moment doing a little potty dance to regain his control. Standing there for a moment with one paw on his crotch gripping his sheath he softly whined a he was desperate now for release. He looked around and there were a couple of furs looking at him to witch he just gave a smile and nod before starting off again barely able to keep himself from releasing right there and then. He rounds the corner of the gym to the more shady side of the building that faced away from campus. He leans himself against the wall and looks down at his crotch his heart was racing and he could feel his bladder muscles already failing the only thing left to do was to let himself go and it would happen. He leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes in his mind repeating the little tease he remembers when he actually did have an accident when he was very young at school.
He let his crotch go and instantly warm Stallion piss splashed the inside of his underoos soaking them completely while the front of his jean shorts started to show a dark patch rapidly grow from his crotch down. A soft whine again escaped his muzzle as the voices in his head repeated ” Oh my gosh guys look Kolts peeing his pants.” the laughter from the kids on the playground from when he was 5 echoed loudly ” WOW he really is I guess he’s just a pee pants baby. BABY COLT! BABY COLT!.” the kids teased him for months afterwards asking if his mommy put him back in diapers. Then a sigh escaped his muzzle as half his bladder had emptied into his pants and the relief washed over himself like a wave while a puddle of shame formed at his pink hooves.
He continued to pee himself completely till his bladder was empty only then did he look down and let out a childish Giggle followed by a sarcastic “oopsie” as he stared at his soaked pants. His muzzle flush with embarrassment of the thought that he would now have to walk back to his Frat house in completely soaked shorts and childish underoos. Hope no one sees?! or maybe Hope someone sees!

Draw and everything by babylevithan


Looks like someone decided to play a special little game here.

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Kenny Part 2

This story is written by Les Lea

To begin with I couldn’t get used to wearing the diaper. It felt huge between my legs, the whole thing crinkled if I moved and my boxers, which I wore over them, were just too tight to be comfortable. I tossed and turned as I tried to explain my predicament to Kenny and he came up with a very simple remedy.

“Take off your boxers.”

I was stunned at the suggestion and thought I probably wasn’t allowed to do that with another boy in my bed but Kenny was smiling and convinced this was such an easy way to sort out my problem.

“All this protection might take a bit of getting used to,” he said, “I’ve had plenty of time to get used to them but it’ll probably feel better if you just wear the diaper.”

I cautiously pulled at the waistband of my boxers and eased them off. Kenny was correct as I immediately felt less restricted, although I was still nervous of being all-but naked in bed with my friend. In the darkness we spoke some more and he told me that when the weather was warm he often just wore a diaper to sleep in… especially if his parents were worried about his periods of wetting. I nodded in agreement now that I felt a little less uncomfortable. He then said that as a youngster, he often fell asleep in front of the TV and his dad would scoop him up, carry him to his little bed, undress him, put him in his diaper, kiss him goodnight and leave him to sleep peacefully. He looked at me with those big, all embracing eyes and giggled nervously when he added that he wasn’t always asleep.

I asked when his dad stopped doing that but Kenny grinned, shyly turned to one side and admitted he still did it. I was shocked that his dad seemed to be OK with his spells of wetting and having his son still wearing diapers, and if the truth is known, a bit jealous of having a father who would do that for his boy. He said at home he has various lotions, creams and powders rubbed into his diaper area to stop him getting a rash and although now he could do those things himself, he preferred it when his parents did it for him. He said that he loved it when his dad took charge like that… it was like being a baby again. He said that they chuckled a lot and his dad made it into a game but it seemed that both his mum and dad were happy to do what was needed for their little boy.

Again I was stunned but I didn’t doubt a word of what Kenny said; he had a problem and his family were keen to make as little fuss as possible as it was just a part of Kenny’s life and not some huge drama. ‘Drama’ that was another word he emphasised. It wasn’t a ‘drama’. He wet… so what? In the Morrison household it was something that happened, you dealt with it and then got on with life. It was only a drama if you made it one, so why not make it a fun part of life? Kenny said that with his dad’s job as a fire-fighter and his mum’s work as a nurse, both had seen people in really awful situations so they should be thankful for what they had… and, according to them, bed-wetting didn’t represent a trauma or a drama.

Eventually, with all my questions answered, we both drifted off to sleep… him snug in his pink pajamas and protection, whereas I was surprisingly now much more comfy wearing only a disposable covered with a pair of thick plastic pants.


I woke up in the early hours desperate for a pee. I didn’t want to disturb Kenny, who was fast asleep and, although I was wearing my protection, I really didn’t want to wet myself. It still felt a little strange having the diaper fitting me so tightly but I carefully climbed out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. It felt weird standing in there wearing a diaper and plastic pants as I pointed my little penis at the bowl and I wondered what my mother would think if she saw me. The thought of peeing in my diaper had crossed my mind but, even standing at the bowl in full flow, I didn’t think I could have filled my disposable in that manner. However, once I’d finished, that particular thought disappeared and I was glad I had emptied my bladder in the ‘proper’ way and felt grateful for the relief.

As I returned to bed I could just make out Kenny’s outline in the moonlight. He must have moved a little as the sheet had fallen away from him exposing his pajama pants making his padded bottom really evident. The top of his disposable diaper clearly visible somehow made him look younger than he actually was but I was just glad to have my best friend with me. I cautiously climbed in beside him, desperately trying not to wake him up and found myself having to curl up, almost in his arms, to find a space to get comfortable again. Wearing only a diaper and a t-shirt to bed couldn’t have been that bad as once again I soon dropped off to sleep.


I woke up first. My friend, who was still fast asleep, had his arm draped across my waist and was breathing lightly into my face. I took a few moments to appreciate the vision in front of me but I could hear movement downstairs and knew that mum must be busy getting breakfast ready… and the phone was ringing.

As I got up Kenny sleepily stirred, stretching his arms and legs out in a huge morning yawn.

“Morning.” I nodded as I slipped from our bed to look for my clothes.

“Mmymmm…” he responded as he wiped sleep from his eyes.

As I tiptoed to my dresser in search of clean underwear Kenny asked if I was wet? I knew I wasn’t but instinctively felt down the front of my diaper. “No… I’m dry.” I paused then asked, “How about you?”

He looked a bit guilty as he nodded. There were no wet patches on his pajama pants so I suppose the protection had done its job, although I could tell he was a little disappointed that I hadn’t wet myself in the night like he had… and oddly enough, I felt like I’d somehow let him down. I stripped out of my plastic pants and diaper and pulled on a pair of briefs and shorts ready for the day ahead and asked if he wanted to have a shower or anything first. I wasn’t sure what he needed to do or even whether someone needed to come and change him. At that moment there was a knock on my bedroom door and my mum asking to come in. She didn’t wait for answer.

“Ah Kenny… that was your mum on the phone… asking if you could stay with us today and tonight as both your parents are dealing with emergencies. Your dad is at a big blaze so won’t be home today and your mum can’t get anyone at the hospital to change shifts with her.”

He looked at me and I was happy to have him stay another night. We both excitedly nodded.

“Good, I’ll call her back…. I hoped you’d be happy to stay a bit longer…I knew Simon would be.” She was just about to leave when she noticed Kenny’s padding.

“Are you wet?” she asked sympathetically.

“Mmmm… just a bit… but I haven’t leaked.” He defended himself.

“That’s alright Kenny… I know you have…” she didn’t finish that part of her sentence. “Do you need help changing?”

“No thank you Mrs Hudson… I’m all right… mmmm… do you have any baby powder… I think I’ve forgotten mine.”

“Yes, yes, I think we still have some in the bathroom. Show him Si while I get on with your breakfasts and let your mum know you’re happy to be staying with us.” She exited as swiftly as she arrived but I could hear her rousing Jake as she went on her way.


I took Kenny to the bathroom and showed him where everything was. There was all kinds of stuff in the cabinet and I was about to leave him to sort out what he needed to use after he’d had his shower when he asked me to get him a clean disposable from his backpack. By the time I arrived back, he was naked and about to climb into the shower. He asked me to wait until he’d finished and I assumed it was to stop Jake from barging in on him whilst he was busy cleaning himself up.

I sat on the toilet seat clutching a fresh diaper and a clean pair of clear plastic pants waiting for my friend to finish. Lying on the floor was his slightly discoloured diaper and plastic pants and I bent down, lifted them to my nose and inhaled. I’m not sure what I expected. I remember when Jake was a baby that diapers, pee and baby powder were the main smells in the house, so I wasn’t sure if Kenny’s wet diaper would be any different. There was only a very light smell of urine but what really got me was that they were still warm… and for some reason… I found that very exciting as my friend happily splashed under the shower. It didn’t take him long and soon had himself clean and dry. He asked me to spread the disposable out on the bathroom floor, which I did, and he lay out on it.

“OK,” he said, “get the powder and sprinkle it over me.”

I was taken by surprise by the request but like everything else that Kenny asked me to do… I did. I knew roughly the area that needed the powder so I had fun sprinkling loads all over him. We laughed as it seemed to be going everywhere as he rubbed it in. Eventually, after I’d given the container a huge squeeze, which sent a huge powdery cloud over Kenny’s belly, we thought there was enough of a coating to do the job. He then showed me how to pull the disposable tightly up between his legs, pull the sides firmly together and make sure the tapes fitted correctly so as not to let it sag. He stood up and gave me a little show as he paced up and down the bathroom like a model showing me what a good job I’d done… well at least it didn’t fall down. He then pulled on his clean plastic pants and we headed back to my bedroom for him to finish getting dressed. Like me he wore only a t-shirt and shorts ready for another hot day of playing out in the nearby fields.

We went down to breakfast where Jake was already absorbed in a cartoon on the TV as he ate his bowl of cereal. Kenny, who was holding a plastic bag containing his wet diaper, asked my mum where the best place to dispose of it was. She smiled, took it off him and said that she hoped he liked pancakes. They didn’t seem to be a problem as we both wolfed down the entire pile she had made.


Jake was happy with the news that Kenny would be staying with us for another night – I think he was still quite curious about all this diaper-wearing business. As we played I noticed him looking up the leg of Kenny’s baggy blue-checked shorts as we climbed trees, crawled in the grass and generally kept ourselves amused for the day. I have to say that I peeked a few times myself so my friend’s loose-fitting shorts provided another type of entertainment for both me and my brother. If Kenny knew, he didn’t seem to mind… I guess he was used to it… and us… by then.

When we went in for lunch I noticed that mum hadn’t actually got around to getting rid of Kenny’s used diaper, so, while she was dishing out the food I sneaked it up to my room and hid it. I’m not sure what I planned to do with it but I just wanted to keep that little bit of Kenny around for a while longer. I remember thinking how naughty I was being and wondered if I got caught, what mum would do. Would she shout, be ashamed, maybe even disgusted? Would I be punished in some way? I didn’t know… all I did know was that I wanted that diaper.


In the evening, because we knew mum had some catching up to do with work and needed a bit of peace and quiet to get it all done, we all played on my Xbox and watched a DVD in my room before it was time for bed. It had been a hectic day and despite pretending we boys were up for a late night, we were all pretty tired and ready for an early night. Jake had gone off earlier to get ready whilst Kenny and I played a bit more on the Xbox but he arrived back minutes later in his PJs and wanted a last turn. As he played we went off to the bathroom to brush our teeth and wash-up before bed.

Normally Jake is quite good at the games we had but he just wasn’t on the ball this time and kept losing. He got a bit crabby and moody so Kenny decided to tickle him to try and cheer him up. We both attacked him and in moments had the little guy rolling around the floor giggling and thrashing around trying to escape our poking and wiggling fingers. Unfortunately, with Kenny sat astride his chest and tickling under his arms and me tickling his un-socked feet, Jake had a little accident and peed himself… just a bit. I watched as the damp patch on his PJs spread and I told Kenny to hold off his tickle attack.

Kenny turned to see what the problem was and once he noticed looked back at Jake and as he got off him said sorry. Jake looked down at his wet patch and wasn’t sure what to do; tell mum, go to his room or rush to the bathroom. However, Kenny was already on it by offering him one of his disposable diapers if he wanted one. Jake looked horrified at the very idea but didn’t say anything only shook his head and ran off to his room. He must have thought we were going to make him have to wear it. I heard him slam the door.


That brought things to a close for the night and we decided it was bed time for us as well. Again Kenny was first to strip out of his shorts and t-shirt, quickly wrap himself in the disposable he’d offered to Jake, pull on his plastic pants, pajama bottoms and t-shirt and was already in bed before I even got started. I slowly climbed out of my day clothes and as I was doing that, wondered if I should get a diaper myself. I hadn’t been offered one but I knew that Kenny was happy the night before when I’d put one on. However, this time I simply pulled on my boxers and t-shirt and slipped in beside Kenny.

Clambering in behind him gave me the opportunity to draw him into my chest. There was no doubt that Kenny was lovely to cuddle up with and it brought back memories of when my scared little brother used to come and seek protection from the storm. As I put my arm around his waist, Kenny scuttled back and sighed as we were now like a pair of spoons. I cannot tell you how comforting it felt as his padded bum rested against my privates. It was nice to be able to feel the thickness and slippery covering as we lay so close together. In fact, this was loads better than wearing a diaper myself. Feeling my best friend in his cushioned protection slowly rubbing against my thin cotton underwear… well, I was in heaven, although innocent of the fact that this was the start of my own sexual awareness.

After a few minutes Kenny did something totally unexpected. He gently found my hand that was hugging his waist, pulled it up from the sheet that was covering us both and very tenderly kissed it. Then he found my thumb with his mouth and began softly sucking on it. I wasn’t sure what to do but as I was cheerfully pressed up against my best friend’s diapered bum, and every little movement from him gave me a thrill, I fell to sleep content at being his pacifier.

Again I woke up first. My hand was down the front of his pajama pants and I was slowly and unconsciously caressing his thick plastic covering. It felt soft, warm and silky and I snuggled up even more to my friend. I looked over his shoulder and saw that he was now sucking his own thumb and appeared to still be very much asleep. After a few minutes I needed to go to the toilet and thought that perhaps, had I been wearing last night’s protection, I might have just gone in them. However, I was only in my boxers so that wasn’t an option. I didn’t really want to stop gently stroking the front of his plastic pants, it just felt so pleasant, but the need to pee became stronger so I had to make the break.

When I returned Kenny was sat on the bed, he was still half asleep but had a half smile on his face.

“What are you smiling about?” I gently queried.

He pushed his hand inside the plastic protection and smiled again.

“I’m dry… and had the best sleep I’ve ever had.” He yawned. “I think I like sleeping with you… you’re much better than my plushies.”

I nodded in acknowledgement, if I still had my plushies I would be sleeping with them as well. Unfortunately, Jake took them when he was a baby and eventually, everything I had became his, such is having a younger brother. As I looked around for what to wear I noticed that Kenny had already piled some clothes on the bed next to him. I saw his clothes on the chair so knew that those on the bed must be mine.

He looked across at me, stretched and then added. “Can we swap clothes today?”

I wasn’t sure what to say… it was an odd request but he seemed enthusiastic on the idea. Yet, despite my ‘Erms’ and ‘buts and ‘ahhs’, he’d swiftly removed his night time outfit and was immediately pulling on my briefs, t-shirt and shorts. He obviously felt confident enough about having had a dry night that he thought he didn’t need his protection during the day. I just shrugged my shoulders in acceptance and went to get a clean pair of briefs for myself. Before I could do anything he passed me his warm diaper and plastic pants and motioned for me to put them on.

I shook my head but he just smiled that huge smile of his and said: “Go on… you be me today and I’ll be you.” I wasn’t sure about that idea but he was already having me step into the partly open disposable. “It’ll be fun.”

He quickly fastened the loose tapes into place then picked up the clear plastic pants and again assisted me into them. I wasn’t all that keen on this development but he was laughing and having such a good time getting me in to the things… and besides… it was all happening so quickly I had no time to protest. Finally, he finished dressing me by pulling his t-shirt over my head and handing me his loose-fitting blue checked shorts.

We stood in front of the mirror looking at our reflection and I have to say, I liked the two people who were staring back. He had his arm around my shoulder and I thought he looked pretty awesome dressed in my clothes. There was another sensation running through my ten year-old body and it could have been running through Kenny’s as well, we were being a bit naughty, a bit daring and we had this shared secret. I think this brought us even closer together. The thick diaper didn’t appear to show much under his baggy shorts so I wasn’t worried when he patted me on my padded bum, smiled and said.

“Well ‘Kenny’ let’s go down for breakfast.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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Chapter 3

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Subliminal Baby Part 3

This story is written by Elfy

“What on Earth happened?” Karen said as she walked into Ritchie’s room.

Steven and his mom had driven home as soon as possible. As soon as they pulled into the drive Karen had hurried straight up to Ritchie’s room and Steven followed behind her. He pretended to walk into his bedroom but instead creeped up to his brother’s door and pushed his ear against it to hear what was going on.

“I was just playing… It was just like every other game…” Steven could hear Ritchie taking big shuddering breaths in between words, it was clear he was still crying, “And… And… I wet myself.”

They talked for a little longer with Steven eavesdropping on the whole conversation. Ritchie talked about how he had no control, how he didn’t know what was about to happen and about how scared he was.

“Do… Do you think Linda saw what happened?” He asked haltingly, his face going red.

“Honey, everyone saw what happened. If your girlfriend was in the crowd, then she must have seen it.” Karen said gently. This made Ritchie moan loudly followed by the sound of his desk being hit.

When Steven heard his mom say she was heading to the shop and she was going to bring home some heavier protection, Steven knew it was time to scurry back to his own room. Events had escalated almost beyond Steven’s control. He hadn’t expected things to go this far but Steven couldn’t stop himself from wanting to push it further. He was astounded that the subliminal messages were having such a profound effect, now more than ever he wondered how far he could push it.

Steven saw Ritchie walk past his door and head downstairs. Taking a huge risk Steven quickly ran into his brother’s bedroom. The computer was already logged in and Steven quickly found the folder containing the subliminal files. He deleted the message that was already there, hopefully fully implanted permanently, and changed it to a new message.

“Wearing diapers will sexually excite you.”

Steven typed the new message and quickly left the room whilst giggling to himself. Hearing his brother on the stairs he darted into the bathroom and pretended to be using the toilet, he did this because he knew Ritchie would be suspicious if he was around his room for another reason. Steven smiled to himself as he considered the irony of pretending to use the toilet as his brother headed into his room with ever decreasing toilet control.

As Steven walked back past Ritchie’s bedroom on the way back to his own room he saw his brother was already playing his game. The new message already being flashed imperceptibly and absorbed by Ritchie’s brain.

“Go away!” Ritchie yelled when he saw Stephen looking in. Stephen flashed a large toothy smile and sauntered back to his room.

Dinner that night was another quiet affair. Steven was pleasantly surprised that since Ritchie had become so withdrawn that his mom now spent more time talking to him. He didn’t know if it was a conscious decision or not but Steven noticed his mom had started treating him like a much more respectable adult recently.

“I bought you some proper diapers today, Ritchie.” Karen said offhandedly as they were eating. Steven, who hadn’t been expecting such a comment almost choked on the food he was chewing!

“MOM!” Ritchie shouted as he turned red and looked at his brother pointedly as if to say not to talk about it in front of Steven.

“Relax Ritchie. Everyone saw you wet yourself at the game earlier, it’s OK, nothing to be ashamed about.” The boy’s mom said, “There is nothing wrong with getting a little help.”

“I don’t need diapers…” Ritchie almost whispered. He sniffed loudly and looked down at his plate. Ritchie wondered whether he was ever going to be able to show his face around the football club again, he had humiliated himself so badly in front of everyone he knew. He still hadn’t got a text from Linda, he didn’t even know if she was at the match but she wasn’t normally this quiet for this long.

“Looked like you could have used them earlier.” Steven muttered to his brother.

Ritchie stood up suddenly with a face red from the accusation, even if it was true it was certainly not something he wanted to hear over dinner.

“Sit down and finish your dinner Ritchie.” Karen said warningly.

“But he-” Ritchie started before he was cut off.

“Sit.” Karen said.

Ritchie did as he was told and sat back down and started eating again. Steven could see his brother was blinking back tears and his face was still red.

Steven found it very cathartic to be on the other end of the taunting for once. He just wondered how far he could push things, as they ate their dinners silence fell over the table again. All three of them ate quietly for a few minutes before some food that Ritchie had on his fork suddenly fell off and rolled down his shirt.

“Do you need a bib as well?” Steven said in a quiet voice that only his brother, who was sitting next to him, could hear.

Ritchie, with emotions that were all over the place and always threatening to erupt recently, jumped to his feet again. This time he grabbed Steven by the collar of his shirt.

“Ritchie. What do you think you are doing!?” Karen had stood up too.

“He is taunting me.” Ritchie whined with a red face and a voice that suggested he was trying to hold back the tears.

Karen reached around the table and grabbed her oldest son’s wrist. She pulled with strength that it didn’t look like she had and forced Ritchie to stand in front of her.

Steven, who was now free after his brother was pulled away, stared open mouthed as he watched a scene that seemed so familiar to him. Last time he had been an unwilling participant, now it seemed he would be an interested observer.

“Mom don’t… please!” Ritchie cried as his mother pulled him down over her lap.

Without a word the boy’s mother began spanking Ritchie repeatedly. The sound of her hand hitting Ritchie’s pants was the only sound in the room for a while as both the boys were too stunned to really respond in any appreciable manner.

Then the sobbing started. As the spanking continued, Ritchie started kicking out his legs and Steven could hear sobbing as his brother lost control of his emotions. He did his best to hide the satisfaction he was getting from this turnaround from a few days ago.

“You. Do. Not. Bully. Your. Brother.” Karen said. Each word was followed by another spank that seemed harder than the one before.

“Mom please… I… I… Oh no…” Ritchie moaned from his mother’s lap.

Steven couldn’t immediately see what was happening, all he saw was his mother slow down and suddenly stop spanking. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open.

“Are you…” Karen started saying, “Oh Ritchie, No!”

Ritchie scrambled off of his mother’s lap and with horrified eyes he looked down at a wet patch that covered the front of his trousers, a long streak of the wet patch extended to the floor where a small puddle already began to form. He reached down and grabbed his crotch as if he could stop anything that was happening and ran through the living room and headed upstairs.

Steven had to work hard to keep a straight face at what he just witnessed. But he did sense an opportunity.

“Don’t move mum. I’ll get a towel.” Stephen got up and headed to a cupboard in the kitchen. Returning with a towel he began wiping some of his brother’s urine that had ended up on the floor.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” Karen said with a weariness that suggested she was at the end of her rope.

“Maybe he just doesn’t want to grow up.” Steven suggested. Steven felt like now was a good time to stir the pot a little bit.

“What do you mean?” Karen asked as she wiped herself with some paper towels that were nearby.

“Well, you have treated him like the man of the house since dad left.” Steven said as he stood up, a soaking wet towel in hand, “Maybe he is rebelling against it. Maybe it is subconscious… He can’t handle the responsibility and wants to be a kid again. He has certainly been acting like that.”

Steven watched as his mother stopped cleaning herself and looked into the middle distance. He could tell she was giving what he had said some serious thought.

That night Steven watched as, yet again, his mother walked along the landing and to his brother’s room. She was carrying another plastic bag in one hand and in the other hand was a large packet of adult diapers!

Steven snuck out to the landing and watched his mum walk into Ritchie’s room. Steven couldn’t watch this change as he heard the door slam shut and, rather disappointedly, he was forced to go back to his computer whilst all the excitement happened next door.

“Now Ritchie… After that little scene downstairs I don’t want you arguing with me, OK?” Karen said as she set her packages down next to Ritchie’s bed.

Ritchie nodded and looked at the floor, he had been playing his games but turned to his mother as soon as she came in. He felt defeated, wetting his pants like he had twice in one day. How could he deny that he needed heavier protection after his lack of control today.

“I… I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Ritchie said quietly as he walked over to his bed. The tears that never seemed far away these days threatened to overwhelm him again.

“It’s OK honey, we will take you to a doctor to get you checked up.” Karen said with a reassuring smile and a pat on the back, “But first we need to make sure you don’t leave puddles everywhere.”

Ritchie nodded meekly and laid down on the bed. He allowed his mother to remove his clothes and lay the diaper under him. He winced slightly as he lowered his butt on to the fluffy padding underneath him. After the spanking and the multiple wetting accidents Ritchie didn’t have the energy or mentality to resist, he just laid back and allowed his mother to diaper him like she did when he was a baby.

Ritchie felt a strange sensation as the front of the diaper was pulled up between his legs. To his horror he felt himself becoming excited and it was a relief when his mother covered up his crotch and taped the diaper closed. Ritchie was already embarrassed that his mother was diapering him at his age but getting an erection during the process was even worse, thankfully the diaper was closed before he had got significantly excited and his mom didn’t notice anything amiss.

When Karen left the room Ritchie examined his new underwear. He poked it a couple of times and heard a loud crinkling which caused him to wince again. Even when he rolled over to fall asleep every movement he made was accompanied by more crinkling. It would be impossible to forget about what he was wearing.

It took a long time for Ritchie to drift off that night. The diaper between his legs made it very uncomfortable for him and he woke several times through the night. It seemed like every movement he made caused him to either feel or hear his diaper and it would disturb his sleep every time.

When he finally woke up the next morning he did not feel rested in the slightest. The bed was dry again but this time Ritchie knew not to get excited and instead prodded his diaper. His heart sank, although he wasn’t surprised, as he felt the padding and realised it was soaked.

He started getting ready to pull the tapes off when he had a strange compulsion. His hand went back to the front of the diaper with the soft plastic over his crotch, it felt so smooth and nice. Ritchie moved his hand backwards and forwards slowly. Electricity shot through his body as the touching caused him to feel intense pleasure, his nerves seemed ultra-sensitive and it wasn’t long until he felt himself become very hard within his diaper.

His rational mind was telling him to stop, to remove the diaper and go about his day. His body was screaming to continue touching himself. The wet padding rubbing against him was overriding his brain. He became desperate for pleasure and soon the slow rubbing of the front of the diaper just wasn’t cutting it.

Ritchie looked around for some way to increase the sensations before he realised the pillows behind his head would be perfect. Ritchie sat up, now the crinkling was only increasing his feelings of pleasure rather than embarrassment. He positioned the pillows lengthways on the middle of the bed and straddled them.

Steven was sitting at his computer browsing the internet. He was bored but interested in what the day would bring. After quite a few of his fizzy drinks he felt the need to empty his bladder. He smiled to himself as he did a lot when he used the bathroom these days, his brother’s problems were always brought to the forefront of Steven’s mind at these times and it never failed to amuse him.

As he walked down the landing towards the bathroom he was stopped by a strange sound. As he passed his brother’s bedroom he heard a lot of crinkling.

Steven was unable to contain his curiosity and he carefully pushed the door open slightly, just enough to stick his head in. What Steven saw stunned him and made his eyes fly wide open.

Ritchie, naked except for his obviously soaked diaper, was on top of his pillows and quickly rubbing himself against them. Steven watched in fascination and amusement, he was very relieved that Ritchie was facing the other way and wouldn’t see Steven watching him.

Ritchie was humping his pillows like a man possessed. He was sweating and grunting and seemed to have no idea how loud his crinkling was and how he was being watched by his younger brother. Steven couldn’t pull himself away from the bizarre scene of passion in front of him, a scene that Steven knew he had caused with his subliminal messaging.

Ritchie started speeding up and grunting even louder as he grew closer to completion. His entire mind and body were consumed by the need to orgasm. He humped faster and pressed into the pillows harder.

With a loud moan and a grunt Ritchie thrusted himself forward and pushed himself over the edge. He twitched and jerked as he emptied himself into the front of his diaper.

Steven quickly ducked out of the room realising that Ritchie would soon notice if he stayed around. He headed to the bathroom and then back to his room, although the sights and sounds kept replaying in his mind, Steven was determined to not let anyone know what he had seen.

Ritchie slowly came down from his post climax high. He started feeling a lot of shame for what he had done, he didn’t know what had come over him and suddenly he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the diaper.

Tearing the tapes of the diaper Ritchie released himself from its wet and sticky confines. The surprisingly heavy diaper fell to the floor with a heavy thud and Ritchie, grimacing from the sight, cleaned himself up with some tissues and folded the diaper up. He promised himself that he would never do anything like that again, he was disgusted that he had allowed himself to do what he had just done in his diaper. He hated the diapers, the last thing he wanted to do was have fun in them.

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 2

Chapter 4

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Who is the baby?

Who is the baby?Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


That cat sure have a point in what she is saying here. But poor bunny seems like she have ended up wetting here underwear.

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Messy morning

Messy morning

Kohaku wants going potty in his bed

Kohaku belongs to thehidden

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


To me it looks like Kohaku wants to go back to be wearing diapers again. Special now when he decide to do something like this. I dont think his mommy is going to like this when she found out what he has done.

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