Little Princess Pamper Packer

Little Princess Pamper PackerAsriel seems to have found some interesting hypnosis tracks and can’t stop listening.

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Yes it sure looks like the hypnosis tracks that he is listening on sure make him messy his diaper big time. It look to be a very stinky diaper that he is wearing right now.

He sure need to change it when he is done listening to the hypnosis track.

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Car Ride

Car RideI love my car naps ^^

Bazel and text by: Bazel

Draw by: wen


Aww Bazel look so cute when he is sleeping in the carseat whit nothing then a diaper and a t-shirt and he even have his pacifier close bay if he need something to suck on when he wakes up. But do he dont have any plushy friend that had tag along? Maybe it have its own carseat or it might have fallen down and is now sleeping or crying on the floor?

Hard to tell but he look weary cute and next time i order something from Wen i need to have something like this it look so cute.

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Hide my bone

Hide my bone
Hide my bone

Foxy is a happy fox today. He have find his new bone that his mother have give him and he have a new and cozy diaper that he can use. Foxy decide that he need to crawl away and hide this nice bone so no one else can find it. But the problem where should he hide it? Whit his toys? Inside his big mountain of plushy s? Or maybe he can hide it behind his diaper pail? No one should look close to that pail whit the smelly diapers that are stored inside.

Do you have any good suggestion on some good place there Foxy can hide his bone?

Draw by: familliar

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