Curious Pup

Curious PupA little puppy explores a new pamper his babysitter just put him in. It’s not his usual brand!

A art reward for ? made by ChocolateKitsune


Exploring your new diaper sure can be a bit fun. Special if it is a diaper that you don’t have seen before.

And this sure seems to be one curious cub here that like exploring new stuff :) Even when it comes to his diaper :)

I only hope his babysitter have put him in a good diaper that is going to keep him dry and happy.

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When the cat caught the mice

When the cat caught the miceSeems Meowth is having too much fun to hand his captures over to the boss.

Draw and everything by Takinoue


Meowth sure seems to have allot of fun whit this two Pikachu. They on the other hand dont seems to have so match fun here :(

But Ashchu sure look kind of cute when he is nursing on that baby bottle. I sure wounder what he is thinking.

Pikachu on the other hand sure seems to be doing everything he can to be able to escape this.

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HOOMANDraw and everything by bolzan_the_twilight_guardian


Looks like we have two happy baby’s here relaxing. At lest on of them have a comfy of a nice pacifier :)

I think the one wearing a yellow diaper should be in need of a nice pacifier to be sucking on.

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Case of the missing detective

 Case of the missing detectiveHere you folks go! One helpless baby Pikachu

Original sketch by tato

Order by Rogeykun


Poor Pikachu looks like he have been force into complete care off Sylveon.

We can only hope he can manage to get some sort of message out that can help the others find him. But for now i hope that pacifier is giving him some comfort. He sure going to have allot of stuff to get use to now.

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Momma Bun

Momma BunOrder by ArtieCanvas

Draw by tato


Giggle looks like Nick Wilder is looking forward to his time whit the baby bottle :) Instead he get a pat and a friendly face :(

At lest he have his pacifier that can give him some nice comfort :)

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Luka Sits

Luka SitsLittle Luka sitting on her crinkle toosh being a cutie!

Draw and everything by AcidGrunt


Looks like someone decided to be sitting on here diaper butt and have a relaxing cute time whit Pacifier and plushy :)

This sure is a cute drawing but it seems like she is looking or watching something. What can it be?

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SOME SMALL CODING Order by avarios

Draw by LilChu


Poor Veemon it seems like someone have stuck him into this weird machine that trying to turn him into a baby again.

And from the information we receive in this drawing it seems like they are kind of close to succeed in that task.

Soon they are going to have a big baby Digimon on there hand to take care off.

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