Fucking Otters

Fucking OttersLiterally, with giant fat giraffe cocks, pumping yurika400 with that hot raffy spunk, with a mouthful of jizz to match, you can tell this pampered otter slut is enjoying his treatment, just look at that diaper tent, woof!

good think that diaper is extra absorbent, otherwise they might have a lot more cum to clean up.

The poor otter yurika400

Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24282520/

Poor Otter i dont think that he like the treatment that the giraffe is giving him but he dont seems to have any choice when he is bondage like this.

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My New Life in Diapers Book 8 Humiliation on the Court


Book Description

November 30, 2014

Petey is still at his mother in laws on vacation with Steph his wickedly seductive wife and two dominant sexy friends of his mother in law. Much trouble for Petey ensues involving plenty of forced diapering, adult baby humiliations and much more. And Petey soon finds that two pretty ‘friends’ show up a the party wanting to join in the humiliation fun! Introduction to a new humiliating business proposal for Petey. Concludes with a very humiliating tennis game involving Petey wearing the ultimate embarrassing outfit… Will he get the diaper change he so desperately needs?
This story is an ABDL story involving humiliating sexual situations between consenting adults all over 18 years of age. There are no children involved at all.
Please do not buy this book if you are wanting a story of loving tender ABDL fiction. Although there are a few tender loving scenes in this book, it is more dominant/submissive in nature containing many scenes of intense humiliation.
Includes scenes of
strap on sex
forced diapering and humiliating ABDL play
intense sexual humiliation scenes
oral sex
messy diapers


If you wont to order the e-book you can find it here.
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