Morning Diaper

Morning Diaper“S-Star!! How’d you even… it’s so full!” o////o

“Heh… what’s wrong, dude? Do you still wanna change me?~” n////n

“Mmmm… Y-Yes…

The dragon and above text belongs to GibsonScratch

Draw by ShingekiSkunk


Giggle looks like someone is not use to handle this kind of soggy messy diaper change on a heavy wetter like Starbuck.

But that is something that he have to get use to if he wants to deal whit Starbuck`s diaper change.

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Onesie Cub

Onesie CubA little doodle I made yesterday of young Simba in a diaper and a blue onesie, shaking his hindquarters and doing a little dance.

Draw and everything by warpwarp1929


Looks like we have one super happy cub here :) Showing off his poofy thick diaper butt sure seems to make him very proud and happy :)

Cubs sure can make silly but super cute moves :) And whit a thick diaper it sure add that special sound and cuteness to it all.

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Diaperfur Comic: Max Capacity Comic pg 7

Diaperfur Comic: Max Capacity Comic pg 7This Comic is order by GibsonScratch and draw by Tropicana


Looks like someones diaper got allot more to handle. It sure seems like he got one big off relief when he could pop that onesie viden open.

Looks like all thought about a diaper change have vanish and instead thoughts about diaper play and masturbation have appear in this furry`s mind.

It sure most be one stinky soggy mess inside that diaper and playing around whit that is not something that you get a chance to do every day. He sure starting to look really horny now ;)

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Babyfur Comic: (Mad) Doctor Ato’s Crinkle-Along Blog

(Mad) Doctor Ato's Crinkle-Along Blog

Ato is trying to test some new upgrades for her Caretaking Robot K.1.T.T.3.N. she even dragged her younger baby sister Ail to help test out.

Unfortunately for Ato. K.1.T.T.3.N. seems to think she qualifies for a baby as well.

I’m sure after a good nap and a diaper change she’ll be back on the drawing board with another revision.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to PaddedUlf and leonxiii

Draw and above text by Neko_Neko_Diamata


Seems like Ato have made some terrible miss configuration on the Caretaking Robot K.1.T.T.3.N  :(

But it seems like Ato is filling the role as baby very well. She have already put here diaper to some good use.

I hope that we are going to see a new page of this comic. Should be nice and fun to see what is going to happen next whit here. I sure think its going to be even more blushing moment for Ato :(



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Onesie snapping – TinySnep

Poor furry looks like his onesie could not handle the thick diaper he is wearing :( Poor thing now he is standing there whit his diaper fully exposed and a big red face.

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Waddle Cubs

Waddle CubsHaving a hard time getting down those stairs!!!

Order by GibsonScratch

Draw and above text by BabySteps


Walking the stars sure can be a hard time for a cub. It can be even more difficult if you are wearing a thick and poofy diaper like this two cubs do. But finely the manage to get down stars :)

But how is it going to be when they need to go back up again?

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Too much Pumpkin pie

Too much Pumpkin pieCauses tummy aches and full pants for Bobby…

Draw and everything by Bobkitty


Aww poor Bobby looks like he have ended up whit a painful tummy :(

But i sure think that it soon going to be all good again now when he have starting to put his diaper to some pretty good use.

No need to be blushing about that Bobby the diaper is made to handle things like that :)

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I think it’s bath time – barkyaanarki

Yes it sure seems like it is time to change that soggy diaper. It sure seems to be pretty soggy and it is kind of amazing that the diaper don’t have started to leak yet.

But at least he have some cozy time wearing that super soggy diaper between his legs.

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