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Poor furry looks like his onesie could not handle the thick diaper he is wearing :( Poor thing now he is standing there whit his diaper fully exposed and a big red face.

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Kenny Part 9

This story is written by Les Lea

On the TV a game show host was asking the contestants questions – they got all ‘whoopy’ and ‘excitable’ if they got the answer correct and more points were added to their score. As I sucked and sucked, what was happening on screen became less and less important and all the jibber-jabber seemed to meld into a childish game. The warm milk tasted so good and with auntie holding me tight, her hand gently stroking my bare leg as she fed me the bottle, I was in a very happy and contented place. Auntie started humming some long past tune that I vaguely remembered from when I was a toddler and I closed my eyes trying to work out what it was. The TV sound became a jumble of small noises and I suddenly found myself looking at the screen which had elves and fairies playing.

The fairy voices were all very musical and the elves were sort of giggly and conspiratorial, they were planning some sort of adventure. I recognised the music in the background, it was the same one that auntie was humming, and it made me happy that I knew it so I hummed along. I looked away from the TV and there was Kenny, on the floor, playing with some stuffed animals and wooden toys, like the ones the elves had on screen. He was dressed in a short pink onesie, which, like mine, hid a huge diaper and plastic pants… except his were pink like the pacifier he was vigorously sucking on. I took in the room. It was quite large with alternate colored walls of pink and pale blue, whilst the carpet we were sitting on was a very pale green. I was aware that I also had a paci in my mouth and as I searched around I could see three more cribs up against the walls. In one I could see Jake, dressed only in his diaper, which was covered with lemon-colored ruffled plastic pants, he also had a yellow paci in his mouth. He was watching Kenny and I play as we crawled around the room pushing toy cars or building up square wooden bricks. Again, this is what the elves were doing on screen. With the paci’s in our mouths we couldn’t speak but I understood every movement and noise that Kenny made, and he was the same with me. Jake was in his crib desperately trying to join us but the bars were too high and every time he pulled himself upright… he kept falling down on his well-padded bottom.


We were all babies. We were big babies but still babies and couldn’t form any words, although a look or a gesture seemed to be enough to make each other understand what we wanted. There were others in the room. One crib held a baby that was fast asleep, the mobile above its head tinkling a nursery rhyme, and another with a toddler who was crying, although we couldn’t actually hear a sound, trying to stand like Jake. He was rattling the side of his crib in frustration, which set Jake off to do the same but no one came. Meanwhile, Kenny and I were building a fort for our animals but every time he turned around, his foot would knock down what he’d just built… he was getting tired and frustrated.

The music on TV was very soothing and after a short while, we both curled up on the floor clutching our teddy bears and started to doze off. I took a look around and even Jake had settled down in his crib and I could see the mound of his yellow padded bottom in amongst the blankets. Everything was peaceful and the tinkling music took over any thoughts in my head. Kenny’s paci had dropped out but he was sucking on his thumb, hugging his bear and fast asleep. I crawled a bit closer and put my face up close to his. His breath was gentle as he sucked but then I did a strange thing. I pulled out his thumb, tenderly kissed his lips, put his thumb back in and settled down to sleep. I looked around for my paci and found it tied to a ribbon that was pinned to my onesie. I sucked on it, cuddled my own teddy bear and began to drift off.


I woke up as auntie turned off the TV. My bottle was empty and I had no idea what the time was but I knew it was quite late because she was leading me by the hand to my room. My movements were slow, partly because I was still a bit dozy and partly because of the thick diaper between my legs. She pulled back the sheet on my bed and I slowly clambered in still half asleep. She patted my well-padded bottom, thanked me for a ‘real nice time together’, tucked me in and kissed me ‘night-night’. It all seemed to happen in a blur but I was glad to be in my bed – safe and secure – and it wasn’t long before I fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

My eyes were closed for what seemed to have been only moments but, as the morning sunlight was brightening up my room, I realised, as my sight adjusted, it must be mid-morning. I was still yawning and stretching when auntie came in and wished me “Good Morning”

“Come on… get up… or we’ll be late for church.” She pulled back the sheet and, without asking, pulled the pop studs on my onesie apart to check my diaper. There was no point in arguing, as I said before, auntie is a whirlwind for ‘doing’ once she gets started. I was wet. I suppose the late night chocolate milk, delicious though it may have been, was a bad idea so late. Anyway, I hardly had time to take this fact in before my rubber pants were off and she was unpinning me.

“Auntie.” I tried to stop her busy hands. “We don’t really go to church… erm… I haven’t been since back home.”

She looked down at me as she took a wet wipe out of the canister and applied it to my groin. “I’m going… and I can’t leave you on your own so…”
My penis and bottom were clean in seconds and she showered powder all around and rubbed it in. She looked around and grabbed a pull-up and started pulling it up my legs. Again, it wasn’t what I wanted to wear if I was going to church, I wanted my normal briefs. However, half-way up my legs she stopped, looked me in the eye and seemed to read my thoughts.

“Sorry Si… just got carried away then. We are a bit late so, do you want the pull-ups or would you prefer something else?”

I was still laid out on my back with the onesie un-popped and feeling the cool morning air wafting around my naked groin.

“Something else please auntie.” I was about to point to my underwear draw but she nodded.

“I thought you might,” she said with a mischievous smile and grabbed a nearby triangle of material, lifted up my legs and pinned me into a new, fresh cloth diaper. I was frustrated but couldn’t find the words to tell her so but she saw me pointing to my underwear draw and went over to see what I wanted. Of course, there on top of my pile of briefs were the plastic pants. She retrieved and examined them before nodding as if in agreement with my choice, then swiftly added that finishing touch.


The cool plastic being pulled up my legs felt nice and my boyish anger fell away as she fastened the popper studs together. I thought… and then said… that I couldn’t go out dressed this way but auntie just wondered why.

“Well, I look like a baby…” Oddly, I was almost on the verge of tears so that would have completed the look but auntie was, as always, organised with the solution.

“Hang on there a moment.” And she disappeared from my room returning a few seconds later clutching something in her hand. “Try these.”

They were a matching pair of shorts that went well with the onesie except, they were blue with yellow cuffs around the waist and legs. She slipped them up my legs and then pulled me to stand up. Now it didn’t look so much like a onesie, just a t-shirt and matching shorts… sort of smart really. Also, when I looked in the mirror, they were quite loose so my diaper didn’t show that much. In fact, it actually felt very comfortable so I decided that if you didn’t know I was wearing a diaper, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell and before I knew it, I was being led by the hand to her car and we set off to church.

To be truthful I felt both nervous and naughty. The last time I’d been to church was when I was about 6 and a friend of mum’s was having her baby christened. The church was very old, the place was very sombre and everyone was very smartly dressed. It was quite a scary place for a youngster and I remembered I was being constantly told to be on my best behaviour. Now here I was, in the house of God and I was guiltily wearing a diaper… and no one but me, auntie… and I suppose Him… knew. It helped that this church was a noisy, happy-clappy place with loads of singing… it was all very colourful. I think auntie must have known I would like the idea of wearing my diaper in public and she held my hand most of the time to give me confidence. I’m not sure why it was giving me such a thrill, after all, I’d worn diapers to school and they could be seen by every other teacher and pupil. However, here in the church and amongst loads of strangers, there was no denying that the butterflies of excitement were flapping away in my stomach.


As the congregation sang hymns I looked around and noticed, over in a corner, a statue of an angel with wings. I couldn’t make out if it was a boy or girl but it looked very pretty and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was made out of white stone so the hair was very white, which made me think of Kenny. I wondered what he’d make of me dressed the way I was. I suspect that he would approve, even if my diaper and plastic pants weren’t that obvious. As it was, I unintentionally slipped my hand down the front of my shorts and slowly stroked the front of the onesie, which unfortunately prevented me from touching the smooth plastic. When I realised what I was doing I quickly withdrew my hand but not before auntie had spotted it. I’d been caught, in a church, fondling myself, I was sure there were parts in the Bible that the reverend would direct at me any moment. I was flushed, my heart was pounding and I felt sick. I began to worry that I’d be struck down when we got outside.

I was sure that auntie would say something but when it was all over, and we trooped from the building, she suggested we went to the diner for something to eat. I was still feeling guilty so anything to cover my embarrassment. Once there, and we were tucking in to our food, she asked me if I was enjoying wearing my protection. I wriggled nervously in my chair, the padding only added to the feeling of guilt… but I eventually just nodded to her.

I think she knew more than she let on although she still prodded me with questions… but I suppose the waffles, syrup and ice cream loosened my tongue and I found myself telling her all about Kenny.


Auntie Rose listened to everything I said, occasionally nodding, smiling or agreeing in my assessment of my friend. She thought he sounded a ‘brilliant’ friend to have and told me what a ‘supportive’ friend I was to do what I did so he wouldn’t feel as if he was the only one in diapers. It was as if she understood everything about me and I loved the fact that I could tell her anything and she would encourage me to explore my feelings.

“Si, you are an incredible boy.” She was staring deep into my eyes and touching my hand. “You are thoughtful and understanding… and…” she smiled, “a free spirit. Don’t lose that. No matter what any teacher … or adult says… don’t lose that.” Her face was beaming with pride but her words seemed very intense. “You are a long time old, don’t rush to be grown-up… enjoy the adventure of being a 10 year-old boy… it will be fantastic.”

I nodded. I didn’t know what else to do… I didn’t understand everything that she was saying and… I didn’t tell her everything. Like the first time I’d messed myself, or of me kissing him in my dream, or him sucking my thumb, or us rubbing ourselves against the mattress, or Buddy being spanked… although I felt I could have if I had wanted to.


It was getting late and she realised that Jake was supposed to be home soon and there were a few things she needed to finish off before that. When we got back to the house I went to my room to play on my Xbox, while she went to her room and I could hear the sewing machine being operated. I didn’t even think about changing clothes, these are what auntie dressed me in, so, that was going to be what I wore. Two hours later Jake was delivered back telling us what a ‘fantastic’ time he’d had. Apparently, they had camped out in the cellar where Mr Munroe had built a cushion castle, with tents around it and had devised games about knights and damsels in distress. Thanks to Jake, and his new onesie, that had turned into knights versus dinosaurs, which the kids enjoyed playing more. Thankfully, James’s father had provided a small chocolate fountain with marshmallows and fruit to dip into it and that had also been very popular.

Now I had my new outfit, and so he wouldn’t feel left out, auntie produced something festooned with racing cars she’d made for him to wear. He went off to try it all on and when he returned it fitted him really well. In fact, despite it being quite colorful and childish, I quite liked it myself but didn’t think I should mention that to auntie. Meanwhile, as he paraded around making ‘brummm brummm’ and ‘screeching’ noises of racing cars on a race track I noticed that it wasn’t a onesie like mine it was a separate t-shirt and shorts. As I examined the cars close-up, and complimented Jake on how fantastic (since the lake ‘fantastic’ had become the word I used for everything) he looked and how clever auntie was, I was quite pleased about the difference. She caught my eye and winked as if to say… I know what you’re looking for… but we have our own little secret. I loved my understanding auntie even more at that point.


I’d been in my onesie and diaper all day and it was beginning to bunch a little. I have to say that it had been a day like no other and I had experienced a thrill thanks to auntie’s encouragement and of course her clever work with a sewing machine. The phone rang and it was mum, she spoke to both Jake and myself and then to her sister but the outcome was that she wasn’t going to be able to make it back for another day or so. She said how much she was missing us but that we had to be good boys for auntie and make sure we had our clothes ready for school. This led us into telling her about the fantastic clothes auntie had made for us… and we couldn’t wait to show them off.

After auntie had put Jake to bed, got his school uniform ready and kissed him ‘night-night’, she came into my room. I was already out of my onesie and was just wearing my usual sleepwear of t-shirt and boxers. She asked if I had wet at all but I told her I’d been dry although I’d got a bit sweaty so I’d put the diaper in the wash basket in the bathroom. She then checked that I had my uniform ready and once it had all been accounted for, kissed me ‘night-night’ and turned out the light. As she closed the door she said how much she’d enjoyed our day together and how much fun she’d had, which put a smile on my face and whispered “So have I”.


After the weekend wearing diapers I decided that I’d wear my normal briefs to school but couldn’t wait to tell Kenny all about auntie and the onesie. It was lunchtime before I could get him alone, although I had noticed that his shorts weren’t as bulky as they had been recently… he was back to just a disposable and thin clear plastic pants. He still looked gorgeous and as we ate our sandwiches and drank our juice I told him about my fantastic present. He looked so pleased and said he couldn’t wait to see it, and suggested that we try to organise a sleepover soon so he could also wear his. He giggled as I told him about auntie getting me ready for church and putting a diaper on instead of my briefs. I told him about my fleecy, zip-up footed onesie that made me look like a rabbit and he thought I’d look brilliant wearing that… and perhaps he should start calling me the Easter Bunny from now on.

As our bare knees touched under the cafeteria table I wondered if I should tell him about drinking milk from a bottle and thought that Kenny is the only person I could, or would want to, tell that story to. He thought that Auntie Rose was a fantastic lady for letting me do all those things and being so encouraging. I told him about falling asleep as I sucked on the baby’s bottle and the dream that followed. He was overjoyed at being in my dream. He loved the idea of us playing together and the fact that we were babies. Juice almost came down his nose with laughter as I told him about how he accidentally kept kicking over the bricks he’d just built up. I took a deep breath and then told him about me giving him a kiss as he slept. He was silent for a couple of seconds then shyly said that even in a dream he liked the idea of that… he went on to say it was something he wanted to do to me as well.


There’s something about Kenny that just makes you want to please him. Our bare knees brushed against each other even harder and I felt a strange tingling in my shorts as I did so. It wasn’t unlike when I rub myself up against the mattress, and, like when that happens, I just wanted the feeling to continue. At the same time I desperately wanted to put my hand up his shorts leg and feel his plastic pants and stroke his disposable diaper but we were sat opposite each other and joined by other class mates who wanted to talk about a program they’d watch on TV on Sunday evening… apparently the ‘entire’ class was talking about it. Kenny and I were in a world of our own and hardly contributed to the conversation but the others enthused it was ‘the best thing ever’.

As the chatter continued all I could see were Kenny and the angel… and they were one and the same; it was Kenny’s face on the angel and now, in front of me, Kenny had wings. My imagination took over and I could see Angel Kenny, floating naked apart from his diaper, smiling down at everyone and calling me to join him. I can’t tell you how I felt at that moment but I do know that ‘fantastic’ doesn’t cover it. This beautiful boy is my friend, my best friend and… and… and… for some reason, I was starting to cry. I suddenly realised that everyone was looking at me and a concerned Kenny was holding my hand and asking if everything was OK. How could I explain the most beautiful moment of my life? How could I share that with anyone but Kenny? How could I get to the nurse as soon as possible as I realised my emotions had got the better of me… and I’d wet myself?

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 8

Chapter 10

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Waddle Cubs

Waddle CubsHaving a hard time getting down those stairs!!!

Order by GibsonScratch

Draw and above text by BabySteps


Walking the stars sure can be a hard time for a cub. It can be even more difficult if you are wearing a thick and poofy diaper like this two cubs do. But finely the manage to get down stars :)

But how is it going to be when they need to go back up again?

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Auntie Joan Part 3

This story is written by Les Lea

When she’d finished her ministrations and I tentatively got up, the feeling of my crotch wrapped in a fresh, clean and dry set of padding was so much nicer. The soft bulk seemed so natural and auntie said I looked a lot happier. I was but didn’t know that my pleasure could actually be seen. For the rest of the day I sat out in the garden letting the sun toast my legs, enjoying the attention of auntie (she continually applied sun-screen) as we sat and talked about everything.

I asked her for information on the school here in town, which I assumed I’d be attending, but she was surprisingly noncommittal about it. She said there were various forms but as yet had not sent them in so I didn’t have a school for the time being. I wasn’t sure if I should be pleased or not but auntie pointed out that I’d been through a very traumatic experience and she at least thought I needed some time to heal. The forms would be filled out when she thought I was ready and not before. There she was again thinking of what I might need and giving me time to sort things out for myself.


Auntie was very definite about some things, one of which was that I shouldn’t worry about using the diaper for what it’s designed for – pee and poop. I laughingly said I couldn’t imagine wanting to do either, although I had peed without knowing I was doing so. However, she said that if I did, it didn’t matter, just let her know when and she’d change me.
Part of me was horror struck at the very idea of pooping my pants, at my age it was a definite no-no and something I’d never done even at school; that would have been just too gross even for my touch of the rebel.

“Doodle’s pissed his bed… again.” Or a chorus of “He’s my Yankee Doodle Peepants” sang to that wonderful show tune, which never got boring… yeah, right. Those mocking voices of my school colleagues never really got to me because they were never said with any venom, just resigned acceptance. I obviously wasn’t the only bed-wetter in the place, as classy as it was.
In spite of this, and for some strange reason I wasn’t aware of, I was pleased that at least for auntie it wasn’t a problem.
I suppose because she dealt with little kids in diapers all day, the thought of poop and pee was of no consequence, no matter who it came from. I didn’t want to poop but considered that, as I was now wearing a diaper and plastic pants, perhaps getting to a toilet and taking the thing off, might be more of a problem than just doing it. I giggled to myself at that very thought.


As I was thinking about this the sensation of a little spurt of pee warmed my diaper and it felt nice. A moment later, and again what started as a little dribble, turned into a full surge. I went very quiet as my bladder emptied itself into my comfy diaper and thought I could tell that auntie knew just what had happened.
It was a weird sensation and I don’t just mean the warming of my crotch. No, there was a definite shiver of, er, something, sorry, I’m not expressing this very well but… when I peed myself my body seemed to be ‘happy’ about it. I wasn’t horrified, I wasn’t ashamed, I didn’t immediately excuse myself, I, I… I didn’t do anything except happily sit in my flooded diaper. Something else happened, I liked the slight rustling from the plastic pants as I shifted somewhat so that the pee could get absorbed more evenly by the disposable. It was as if I was helping my diaper do its work. Weird eh?


We carried on talking and after a few minutes, when I thought I’d managed to get through it without her realising after all; she informed me that I should probably have a change as sitting around in such dampness would cause problems later on. She asked me to come up to the bathroom in a few minutes and went off to do whatever it was she wanted to do. I rubbed the front of my shorts and examined the increased volume of the expanded diaper underneath – I found it strangely comforting. The mound made me look particularly sexless and at the same time emphasised my crotch, the thought of the wet diaper and plastic pants giving me a raging stiffy that I hoped to get rid of before I ventured up to see auntie.


The bath was full and she stood by its side armed with a loofah and various lotions and potions. I was surprised to see that the water itself wasn’t filled with bubbles but she helped me out of my clothes and asked me to wait a moment before getting into the bath. I didn’t need any help but she seemed determined to make sure I was safe so guided me through this simplest of tasks.
Yes, I can’t deny it, I was enjoying the attention.

After years and years of absolutely no familial contact I was obviously going to grasp at what was offered and luxuriate in the care and attention auntie was bestowing on me. At school we were often naked in front of one and other and the regular check-ups from the doctor, sports coaches and the intimate living conditions meant you simply couldn’t be shy around others.
Firstly auntie coated my body with a cream that left a glow to every part of my body it touched. She daubed a huge heap of the stuff onto my genitals and smoothed it in making sure every follicle was covered. Again I got that sexual feeling I’d had in the garden but tried to keep it from taking a hold, or stiffening up, whilst auntie was working ‘down there’.
“You’re being a very brave little soldier.”

She kissed the top of my head, though I wasn’t sure what I was being particularly brave about but thought maybe she was just humouring the situation as she would comfort a small child. It was nice and to be truthful, I felt like a little kid in her hands. She made me feel free to be me, and I was so grateful to be offered such freedom. Meanwhile, she continued to rub more and more lotion around my body and up into my arse crack.

That set my cock throbbing and I could also feel something else brewing deep in my balls. The warming balm made everything feel like it was glowing and that piqued and sensitized all my nerve endings. However, before it got too intense she started scrubbing my body down with the loofah and I saw that all my fine hair was coming off with it. Pretty soon she had removed all my hair and my genitals looked like I was a three year-old, except a bit bigger.

She sat me down in the water and then sponged the rest of my body to get rid of any excess cream. She shampooed my hair and asked if I’d mind if she cut it a little. I rather liked my long blondish hair but, as she pointed out, I’d probably suffer itchiness from sweating in the sun if I kept it too long. She’d been correct so far so I nodded. As she went off to get the scissors I examined my now hairless pubic area. It felt so soft and smooth and looked rather, special. I rubbed it lightly and the soft silky feel was quite a turn on but I doubted I could masturbate before auntie returned.


Moments later I was right, as she came in with a pair of hair clippers, and got me out of the bath to dry me down. Once I was thoroughly towelled she had me stand on a piece of newspaper as she set about cutting my hair. She was no bespoke hairdresser and styled my hair in the simplest way possible. She just ran the clippers from front to back on a setting that left me with a very short haircut indeed. The buzzing implement making short work of my long locks but in next to no time her task was complete. It was a dramatic change of image but auntie appeared pleased with her work no matter how much of a shock it was to me. Taking a damp sponge she removed any fallen hairs from my now denuded body and led me into the nursery.
“Sweetie, I think after today we’ll give your underpants a miss and settle on diapers for the foreseeable future. Is that OK with you?”
I was standing naked and she was fussing around my lower region seemingly pulling off stray and loose hairs. My silky cock was showing signs of rearing up again but my mind was begging it to go down I didn’t want auntie to think I was some kind of pervert.
“OK sweetheart, it looks like that,” she said gently flicking my cock, “is going to be a bit troublesome for you but, I’ll sort that out tomorrow, in the meantime, let’s get you into your bed time diapers.”

It was only around 6pm and I wondered if she was putting me to bed early for some reason.
“Is it bed time already?”
I asked nervously wondering if I was being punished for wetting in public.
“No Dean, it’s just, well, you’re all clean and tidy, so it seems silly dressing you again only to get you ready for bed again later on. Why do a job twice, you’re not planning on going anywhere this evening… er… are you?”
She gave me that cute, accusing mock look as if I’d been organising something on my own without discussing it with her first but of course I hadn’t.
“Noooo.” I shyly shrugged like a toddler would.
“So, that’s settled. I’ll get you ready and then we can spend the rest of the evening not having to worry about a thing as it’s already done.”


Of course auntie made complete sense and as she guided me in to the nursery I noticed the Disney duvet pulled back and ready for me to climb in. I was happy about that, as I didn’t really want to start and build my real bed just yet. I’d had such a wonderful sleep the previous night, so in a way, I was looking forward to sleeping there again. On the floor was set out a plastic changing mat, she said that I’d be too heavy for the one on top of the dresser where she changed the babies in her care, and set against that were a pile of diapers and stuff.
Her calming hands were soon covering my entire body in a slick of sweet smelling oil, her slippery fingers taking special notice of my recently sheared pubic area and bottom, where at her soft touch again I got those horny sensations travelling along my cock. Auntie took absolutely no notice and continued smoothing in the mollifying balm. To finish she sprinkled a cloud of even sweeter smelling powder over everything before reaching for a thick fabric diaper.
I was intrigued about how she had all this stuff that appeared to fit me so well.
“Well, I told you that occasionally we have older boys and girls who come to the nursery.”
I nodded that I remembered.

“I have to be prepared for most eventualities so I have diapers, plastic pants and various other items in large sizes that I hope would fit a teen boy or girl. As it is, over a number of years I’ve had clothing sent to me for approval from various companies (and grateful parents) so have stacks of old and new items that should cover just about any age group.”
She beamed that smile that brought the cross examination to a close, and in truth, it had answered all my queries.


All this had been said as she folded me into a double thick diaper and pulled a pair of nursery print plastic pants up over it all. I was a bit shocked at how childish it looked but before I had an opportunity to complain, she was pulling another cotton onesie, in the same print as the plastic pants, over my head and snapping it together under my crotch. It was very bulky, much bulkier than the previous night’s protection so wriggled about in it to try and get comfortable. The thing was – it was very comfortable – I was just making a show of the fact I was wearing it all. The other ‘problem’ was I actually loved the silliness and juvenile look I was now sporting. In my head I was a happy toddler, what I was wearing was of no importance, what was, the fact I was comfortable and HAPPY.

Auntie could tell immediately that I was in a place that I loved. She had read my mind and come up with something that I would never have asked for or knew I desired, yet here I was, ecstatic in my new childish outfit. Even though it was so early I was in two minds whether to crawl straight into bed but auntie had other ideas and we went downstairs for our evening meal in front of the TV.
After we’d fed ourselves I cuddled up next to her and we watched some programmes that I can’t remember. What I do remember was the joy I felt as she stroked my hair and patted my bulky bottom. After what felt like a lifetime of anger and frustration I’d eventually found what I hoped for, a family that loved me and a place I wanted to be. It’s so easy to drift off when you’re relaxed and I slipped in and out of sleep as auntie’s warm body and comforting caresses left me feeling utterly content. I don’t know what time I eventually climbed up to bed but, with auntie’s guiding hand, I slipped under the Disney duvet, was given my teddy bear and a feeling of serenity filled my body. I vaguely heard the rail being pulled up and clicked into position but I was so comfortable, and perhaps even in a state of bliss, that within moments I’d slipped into deep sleep.


I woke up and it was Sunday morning. Back in the UK, the entire school had to go to church and I didn’t know if auntie had similar leanings. However, just moments after my bearings had returned she came in like a breath of fresh air and slid down the rail.
“Morning poppet.”

This was a new term of sweet talk and I wriggled in pure pleasure on hearing it.
“I left you to sleep a little longer than usual, you looked like you could do with the extra hours but, there’s no rush for you to get up if you don’t want to.”
She looked at me and then around the room.

“You can stay and play up here if you want but come down and join me for breakfast when you’re ready.”
She was speaking to me as if I was a little kid and I didn’t mind. In fact, I giggled as I bounced teddy on my chest thinking about what exactly I planned to do.
She was like a whirlwind as she picked up various little bits and bats off the floor, drew back the blinds, kissed me and teddy as we lay curled up in bed and patted my padded bottom.
“We’ll get that sorted after breakfast.”

She smiled and was gone leaving me to stretch and wallow in my lovely warm bed. I had this strange thought that all the Disney characters on the covers had encouraged me to a peaceful night’s sleep so I was mentally thanking them all… one by one.


I reached below the duvet to feel the thick wadding and knew I was very wet. Once again I’d been so relaxed as I slept that getting up and going to the bathroom had never occurred to me. Actually, I couldn’t remember even knowing I had to go so, that was new. It hit me that with the rails up I might, in the dark, have trouble finding my way to the bathroom anyway.
No sooner had that thought entered my head than it was gone and replaced by the sight of a couple of toys that had been left out. I didn’t know if she’d done it on purpose but there appeared to be a train and racing car next to the diaper pail and their bright colours were beckoning me over. I eased myself up, the thickness of the padding making me roll rather the climb out of bed and over to the two models.

I caught sight of myself in the mirror and had forgotten just how short my hair now was. Coupled with the baby print onesie and the enormous padding I looked like the biggest toddler in the world. I was shocked but giggled at my reflection, the plastic pants gripped tightly to the top of my leg and could easily be seen bulging out under the onesie, thankfully it all matched so…?
I wasn’t sure ‘so what’ but the fact that it all co-ordinated pleased me as I admired my reflection. I hadn’t had chance to appreciate exactly what I looked like before, but now, well, I was a kid again. Everything about me gave the impression I was a big, incontinent kid. Auntie had given me, visually at least, the opportunity to be a toddler again. A shudder of excitement passed through my body as I deliberately sat down with a squish on my well soaked padded bottom.

I spent the next half hour or so pushing the toys around and making various noises not quite believing that I was enjoying playing, and playing on my own. I couldn’t remember ever having done this before, I know I must have at some point but, this just felt like an entirely new experience. Eventually I heard auntie calling breakfast was ready, so I reluctantly left them parked under my bed and slowly shuffled down stairs.


After breakfast she insisted, while she tidied around, and so I wouldn’t get under her feet, I go and play in the garden. I was still wet and dressed in my night time ensemble (see the British education filled me with words I never thought I’d use) and though I felt a bit nervous about doing so, I wondered into the morning air and immediately loved the feeling of being in an open space dressed as I was. The slight breeze caught my hairless legs and it felt cooling, I liked the feeling so much I thought it would be silly to ever have them covered up again.
I sat out and relaxed. The birds were singing and it was as if it was the first time I’d ever really listened to birdsong. I could hear other kids playing out in their own gardens. The occasional vehicle drove along the road out front and in the distance a mechanical sound, which I guess was someone mowing their lawn. I’m not sure why but all these sounds gave me the goosebumps as I looked down at my colourful childish onesie.

I began to think in terms of what it must be like to discover everything; sights, sounds, experiences, learning to walk, to talk, to recognise your parents, to feel loved. This was not what I expected when Auntie Joan said “Come and live with me” but I really felt like I was undergoing so much for the very first time. I was beginning to appreciate what auntie had said she could offer and as I spread myself in the sun, I wanted to start again.

A little while later auntie came out into the garden armed with the changing pad and all the accessories she needed. I was about to experience my first outdoors diaper change and felt a rush of excitement… things were moving on at such a pace.


I sat there in the lawned back garden wearing nothing but a fresh disposable and clear plastic pants. I felt like I just wanted to run around, scream, laugh and play, all of which I’m sure would have been OK but I detected that auntie wanted a more serious chat.
As always she could see that I was in my element but she had doubts.
“Dean, it’s very important to me that you are happy.”
I smiled in acknowledgement because I already was.
“But I don’t want you thinking you have to please me… because you don’t.”
I shivered a little bit confused she looked a bit serious.
“Don’t you like me dressed like…”
I stroked over the silky, glossy mound of my plastic pants.
“Of course sweetheart, I want you to be you more than anything else… but what I want has to be the same as what you want. I’d hate to take you down a path you weren’t happy about.”
“Well auntie, what do you want?”
Her serious face melted a little and a smile appeared.
“You are already giving me so much, even after such a short time together I feel much rejuvenated.”
I queried in a childish drawn out way.
She took a deep breath.
“I won’t lie to you Dean,”
She was thinking, her eyes sort of drifted off into a slightly different realm as she spoke.
“But in my imagination you are a sweet little toddler taking their first independent steps.”
She interrupted herself.
“Not that I don’t like you just as you are.”
I nodded and it was as if I’d given her permission to carry on with her fantasy.
“But… I like you in a diaper. I love dressing you in your protection. I even enjoyed the fact that you wet yourself at the mall…”
She obviously hoped this wasn’t something too far.

“Not that I wanted to embarrass you, or you to be embarrassed, it was just the thought I needed to protect my sweet baby boy. That he… you… needed me to make things better.”
I gave her one of my coy little looks, which I’m sure was pathetic but I wanted her to know I appreciated all she did for me.
“I see an opportunity to let you have something you’ve told me you never had, a proper childhood. I watch your reaction when you are around even the most juvenile things and I see an urge to be involved. I noticed at Rainbow. I noticed it in the nursery…”
She indicated the house behind her.

“I noticed how happy you are to be in a diaper and dressed as a toddler, all of which I love you for because, I have to admit it, you look so damn cute… and … more importantly, you look contented.”

She smiled and I wondered over to her. She patted my bulging bottom as we hugged each other tightly. She carried on but in a much dreamier voice.
“I want a boy who wants nothing more than to play and enjoy life, a boy free of any grown-up thoughts or worries, a boy who wants nothing more than to scream and charge around with other kids his age and build forts, live in his imagination and not worry about anything else. A young boy should not have any grown up worries and should only see his life through his own eyes, not blinkered by parents who try and guide him to their destination.”

I felt her words gathering in my chest. It was a strange sensation; several different emotions welled up inside, each competing with one another. One moment it was awful, then not too bad, then confusing, eventually any bad thoughts disappeared and I was elated when I whispered in her ear.
“I’ll be your little boy. I’ll be the best little boy ever.”
I saw her face beam with pride.

We cuddled in the garden, in the morning sun for quite a while as she simply stroked my padded bottom and kissed my head.
“OK… if you’re sure.”

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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Too much Pumpkin pie

Too much Pumpkin pieCauses tummy aches and full pants for Bobby…

Draw and everything by Bobkitty


Aww poor Bobby looks like he have ended up whit a painful tummy :(

But i sure think that it soon going to be all good again now when he have starting to put his diaper to some pretty good use.

No need to be blushing about that Bobby the diaper is made to handle things like that :)

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I think it’s bath time – barkyaanarki

Yes it sure seems like it is time to change that soggy diaper. It sure seems to be pretty soggy and it is kind of amazing that the diaper don’t have started to leak yet.

But at least he have some cozy time wearing that super soggy diaper between his legs.

[amazon_link asins=’B00NI5A2M0,B07BB38K13,B0762PKQ69,B0762N2HZJ,B0734BVYLT,B075646B65′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’abdl86-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’523698b0-fd79-11e8-93a4-675460645c35′]

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Onesie is too big – yggiToryM

Maybe the onesies is to big for you but it sure makes for some very good and super cute onesie photos here.

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Poopy Pamper Penguin Sammy

Poopy Pamper Penguin Sammy

Mommy look, when I poop my pants I waddle like a penguin!!!

Cats and text by BabySam

Draw by Catmonkshiro


Yes it sure seems you do little one ;) But maybe it is time to change that stinky messy diaper you are wearing into something clean and dry again :)

The room starting to get pretty stinky from your diaper ;)

It sure is a good thing that we have spare diapers :) It sure seems like you are still a long way to go before you manage potty training ;)

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