Case of the missing detective

 Case of the missing detectiveHere you folks go! One helpless baby Pikachu

Original sketch by tato

Order by Rogeykun


Poor Pikachu looks like he have been force into complete care off Sylveon.

We can only hope he can manage to get some sort of message out that can help the others find him. But for now i hope that pacifier is giving him some comfort. He sure going to have allot of stuff to get use to now.

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Detective Pikachu Diapered

Detective Pikachu DiaperedSketch by Tato for Rogeykun

Coloring by warpwarp1929


Awww poor Pikachu looks like the only mystery he is going to be able to solve in this nursery is how he is going to be able to walk whit this poofy diaper. It sure going to be one big waddling walk.

But at lest it going to keep him dry and cozy even after multiply rewetting.

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Babyfur Comic: Changes for Tails Pg.3

Babyfur Comic: Changes for Tails Pg.3This comic is order by yoshiokaidamasayoshi and draw by ArtieCanvas


Awww looks like Tails have found out how relaxing it can be to sucking on the tumb during a diaper change :)

Looks like someone is back into a clean thick diaper in no time.

But what is going to happen next?

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Little Troubles – Jodie

 Little Troubles - JodieIt must be disconcerting being turned into a baby, only to have your older-then- you-used-to be self come in to babysit. And all the things she’s saying…does she know the future? Is she really me? Where are my friends? And where are my pants?!

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Yes it sure seems like someone have found herself in a special situation here. And one thing she dont seems to understand that someone times a caretaker can let the cub waddling around in only a t-shirt and the diaper if the temperature is right.

Giggle someone sure have one blushing face here over the situation :)

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Babyfur Comic: Changes for Tails Pg.1

Babyfur Comic: Changes for Tails Pg.1A regressed Tails is secured to a changing table. Some robot hands place a bonnet onto his head.

This comic is order by yoshiokaidamasayoshi and draw by ArtieCanvas


Tails sure looks way cuter whit this bonnet on his head :)

I sure wounder how he have ended up on this changing table and i bet he wounder the same thing.


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Bunkmate commission – Amotose

Bunkmate commission - AmotoseA little disoriented pup for amotose How did I get here? Why’s everything so big? And what is that smell??

The furry belongs to amotose

Draw by Reva_the_Scarf


Aww it sure seems like someone have a bit of a problem understand what have happen. He sure going to be pretty surprise when he look down and notes that he is wearing a diaper and that special smell is coming from him.

Someone sure seems to be in need of a new clean diaper here ;)

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Smell my Diaper

Smell my DiaperYou see Talia isn’t as innocent as you might think, she wears diapers too and when she is caught, she is then humiliated with fear kela would tell everyone, like this where kela is telling her to sniff her diaper XD.

well now you know so the sniffing was for nothing :P

what do you think?

Draw and everything by chuckybb


Poor Talia it seems like she is force to spend some time closer to the stinky smelly diaper that Kela is wearing :(

Wounder if Kela is going to force here to change he smelly diaper to? That sure going to be even more stinky and smelly.

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More Regression

More RegressionOrder and the furry belongs to Rogeykun

Draw by tato


This two sure going to have allot of happy and nice moment together :)

But for now i hope they going to have some nice sleep together and have some sweet dreams. The thick diapers that they are wearing is going to keep them good protected from any accident in there sleep.

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